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View "The Dark Crystal" in Boston this Saturday!

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by John Takis, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. John Takis

    John Takis Member

    Hey, folks! Wish I'd been able to give everyone more of a heads-up on this, but I just found out mere hours ago myself! I'm new to the Boston area, and while doing a local Yahoo Movies search, imagine my surprise when "The Dark Crystal" popped up! Yep, the Coolidge Corner Theater's "Midnite Movies" series this month is focusing on '80s fantasy films.

    "The Dark Crystal" was shown to a crowd of about 30 people tonight (Friday at midnight ... or would that be Saturday at midnight?) and will be shown again tomorrow at the same time. Here's my take on the experience.

    1. The audience -- seeing this film with an audience for the first time was just fantastic ... and this was a great crowd, because, while small, they were there because they knew and loved the film.
    2. The theater -- I swear, I thought I was sitting in the Muppet Theater! Huge screen, red curtains, the atmosphere ... all it lacked was a booth for Statler and Waldorf. I have a feeling I'll be giving this place a LOT of patronage.
    3. The movie -- WOW! The sheer SCALE of this film was amazing! I was noticing tons of things I'd never noticed, and dazzled by the sheer scope of it all. I've watched the DVD probably a dozen times or more, but this was something else!

    CONS (sort of):
    1. This was an ancient print, so there was lots of dirt. Color varied from reel to reel. I'm not complaining though ... the overall experience MORE than made up for it.
    2. The sound, while magnificent (except for a few drop-outs) was cranked up just slightly too loud. Still, better too loud than too soft. And while it was grating during fight scenes, or when the Skesis' are all screaming at each other, I appreciated the extra "oomph" during the Great Conjunction, and when Trevor Jones' awesome score is carrying the moment. I like to be overwhelmed by a film, and this did the job.

    In short: best $6 I've spent this summer!

    More info here: http://www.coolidge.org/s_ser_mid.html Hopefully some of you are close enough to Boston to make the pilgrimage and will get the chance to share this unique experience!

    By the way, my review of "The Dark Crystal" soundtrack appears in this month's issue of "Film Score Monthly." https://secure.filmscoremonthly.com/store/detailIssue.asp Still lobbying for a Muppet cover story. ;)
  2. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member


    Thanks for letting us know. There are quite a few people here in the Boston area who can hopefully come to the show.

    I'm sure it was a GREAT experience. I haven't seen this film on the big screen since it's original release in December 1982. There's something wonderful about seeing Henson's work in a large group with a lot of people. The energy and laughter in the air is quite contagious.
  3. scarecroe

    scarecroe Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the online Muppet fan community John :)

    Thanks for the heads up on this. I usually keep up with what's playing at the Coolidge and the *Brattle, but I hadn't heard of this. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that I'll be able to make it to tonight's screening though :smirk:

    *Since you're new to the area, you might also be pleased to check out the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge.

    I know Andy Dursin's in Rhode Island... it's good to have some FSMers in the area. I hope you enjoy it ;)

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