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Was Jim in Ernest Goes to Camp?

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by Vic Romano, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Vic Romano Active Member

    So I was looking at Jim's bio on IMDB.com when I come across that he iwas uncredited for a role as a minor in Ernest Goes to Camp. WHA?!?!? Now it's been awhile since I've seen that movie (of which I really enjoyed), but is this right? Can anyone shed some light on this!?!?
    He's also listed as starring as a "man on the phone" in the 1985 film "Into The Night". I never saw this, but did Jim have somewhat of an obscure acting career? (Aside from "The Cube" and "Timepiece").
    Any light on this would be super.
  2. Infinity Sirius New Member

    Perhaps it is another man named Jim Henson?
  3. Vic Romano Active Member

    But it's listed under Jim's bio... the Jim we know.
  4. Vic Romano Active Member

    Here's an interesting note: In "Ernest Goes to Camp"; it lists Jim uncredited as a "minor". Now like I said, I haven't seen the movie in a while BUT
    A Minor (as Jim is credited as being uncredited) is someone under the age of 18. Jim was clearly NOT a minor when this movie came out and I doubt he'd be able to pull that off.
    Whereas a miner is someone who digs for stuff.
    I am rully stumped here folks. Please post, even if you're as clueless as I am and have seen the movie recently. I may have to go to Blockbuster tonight and pay extra close attention.
  5. Infinity Sirius New Member

    Isn't that movie the one where everyone becomes gnome-like creatures? Maybe he helped with the costumes and he was just mis-listed.
  6. JaniceFerSure Active Member

    I really don't remember Jim being in Ernest Goes to Camp.For those of you/us who have seen it,there was the plot line to bring in a construction team to demolish the camp.Perhaps,Jim was part of the construction team.For those at MC who haven't seen Ernest goes to camp,here is a brief plot summary:

    A group of juveniles goes to Camp Kikaki.The clumsy Ernest(the late Jim Varney) has to care for them, although he doesn't even know how to take care of himself. The other children at the camp show enmity against them, but the group knows very well how to defend themselves. They do also help the Indian owner of the camp when a brutal mining corporation wants to tear down the camp to mine a rare mineral.
  7. Cantus Rock New Member

    Hmm...I'm going to have to check this out. I own the movie; I'll report back after a thurough watching. :)
  8. FISH'N'WOLFE New Member

    They meant miner, it's a simple misspelling. So I would keep an eye on the miners in the film Cantus.
  9. Cantus Rock New Member

    Ah, good call boss. I just now found my copy, so I'll probably take a look after work tomorrow night.
  10. Vic Romano Active Member

    I eagerly await your report Cantus!
    Good call Fishn'wolfe, although I'm willing to bet that IMDB may have gotten more wrong on this one then the spelling of a word.
  11. FISH'N'WOLFE New Member

    Yeah, most likely. But I am excited to see if Jim Henson really is in this.
  12. FISH'N'WOLFE New Member

  13. Ronald McDonald New Member

    IMDB isn't 100% trustable. They said Ronald McDonald was in Mac and Me in 1988. Well I wasn't born then. So I havent seen the Movie. I havent a clue.
  14. lowercasegods Member

    Actually Ronald McDonald was in Mac and Me. The whole movie was basically a big commercial for McDonalds and Ronald's House, so it's not too surprising.
  15. I never noticed that, but now that you mention it, it does make sense.
  16. lowercasegods Member

    Similarly, the 1995 film "Bye Bye Love" was also a big ol' commercial for McDonalds, though to a slightly lesser extent. Much of the film's action takes place at McDonalds, with a group of single dads taking their kids there on the weekends, and two of the main characters are McDonalds employees.
  17. Cantus Rock New Member

    Alright kids; I've now thuroughly analyzed this movie, fine-combing ever scene with miners therein. The only way Jim Henson is in "Ernest Goes to Camp" is if he was only shot from the back, or was very, VERY far in the background for the entire thing. Unfortunately, none of the miners are credited, so I couldn't cross-ref them. The only person that looks remotely like Jim (though there's no shortage of bearded miners, which made it a bit of a challenge for me), is this guy. Clearly not James Maury Henson:


    Perhaps I'll make this known to IMDB.
  18. Vic Romano Active Member

    Thanks for the update Cantus, I can sleep at night again. This was driving me mad!
  19. SlamPot New Member

    Very obscure muppet-related fact. In "Into The Night" Jim makes a short appearance. He's just a guy who is making a phone call when somebody grabs the phone away from him. John Landis loves to use famous people in cameo roles. In the same movie there is an announcement on an airport loudspeaker system asking for "Frank Oznavitch" - which is Frank Oz's real name.
    In another great John Landis film - the Blues Brothers - Frank Oz plays the grim-faced property officer in the opening prison scenes.
  20. Vic Romano Active Member

    Never saw "Into the Night" so that's pretty cool and I'll check that out. I knew about the Blues Bros. thing though and seeing it as a kid and saying, "Hey waitaminute, I know that guy!"

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