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We Bought It on Monday

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Huzza. Me likies the update very much.

    Scooter blowing up at the lawyer guy who clearly doesn't know what the heck his client wants done.
    "She's grown up", and then "she's certainly grown out", love that line. Er, does Jessica have a shot? Not rully cause you already said in this same section that Sterling's daughters aren't interested in Scooter and/or he's not interested in them. But since Amanda isn't in this particular vein of your Muppet ficverse, I just wondered.
    Applying male Muppet charm to the receptionist to get her to make sure Sterling gets the paperwork done. Do we know who this girl is? Sorry, I just like to be able to pick out all the potential characters in stories I read to identify them to myself later.

    Thanks for the new segment, look forward to more. *Leaves choc chip cookie.
  2. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Well good, cause me likey when I can actually update when I want.

    This scene has been in my head for weeks, so not sure if I was able to get everything that I wanted to, but I think I got everything.

    Jessica does NOT have a shot and next scene, Scooter is gonna explain why. I've been debating if I want to do a HIMYM thing, where future Scooter states that sometime later, he'd meet Amanda. It would be a tie in obviously with the other series, but I haven't decided yet.

    No, just random girl who happens to like the Muppets and is easily swayed when they walk into the office. You aren't gonna see her again; one time deal.

    So hopefully I'll remember what I had planned to do for Motocross and that Fozzie sword thing and I can get those out tomorrow at some point. I have a busy non working workday to work here. LOL
  3. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    So once again, I'm a little late, but here it is - Your Monday update! This is the conclusion to our trip to the lawyer's!

    The group made their way outside to their cars, which had dufully awaited them while they had been gone. “Let’s head to lunch,” Piggy suggested.

    “What for?” Fozzie asked, immediately shrugging out of his jacket and trying to get his tie over the collar of his shirt.

    “Because we’re dressed and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t go somewhere.”

    “I am hungry.”

    “Fozzie,” Gonzo sighed. “You’re always hungry.”

    “I can’t help it if I have a high metabolism,” the bear huffed. “That’s really the only reason I’ve been able to keep my girlish figure.”

    “If that’s your girlish figure,” Piggy began. “Then I’m built like a football player.”

    Gonzo sighed dramatically. “Are you trying to incite something?”

    “You know, lunch does sound great,” Kermit interrupted, instinctively knowing that he’d be stuck in the car with these people from there until they found somewhere to eat and he wasn’t sure he wanted the headache before his lunch.

    “Piggy, why don’t you ride with me?” Scooter asked, removing his jacket and swinging it over his arm.

    “Where we going?” asked Rowlf.

    “Well,” Gonzo replied. “We’re dressed, so the most appropriate place would be to go to the Flying Dog.”

    The group looked at the weirdo.

    “Don’t speak for the rest of the day,” Piggy said. “I’m thinking Smile; it’s quaint, it’s quiet, and there’s a two for one every Friday before four.”

    “I’m in!” Fozzie exclaimed.

    “Of course you are,” the diva muttered. “Follow me, boys, to the egress.”

    The sextet agreed to their destination and went their separate ways to their chosen cars. Piggy wasn’t naïve in any sense of the word; she knew that Scooter’s suggestion to have her ride with him with more of a council than that of actual conversation.

    “I can only guess that my invitation to join you was because you have something on your mind.”

    “Actually,” the assistant replied, beginning to undo his tie. This of course required that he take both of his hands off the wheel in order to do so and without a word, Piggy dufully grabbed the wheel in order to steady it. While the diva held the wheel, he also began to undo his the buttons on his sleeves and began to roll them up.

    “I just needed an extra pair of hands.”

    “You realize this is extremely dangerous and highly illegal.”

    “Gosh,” Scooter said, throwing a look towards the diva before taking the wheel back from her. “I wonder what person could taught me such an irresponsible driving method.”

    “The same person who will have your head should anyone hear about this little maneuver of yours.”

    “Ironically enough, Piggy my love,” Scooter chuckled. “It was actually not as bad as driving with Rowlf. Or Fozzie. Or Gonzo. This is probably one of those things that would actually keep me alive, cause you know, I have someone at the wheel.”

    “Seriously,” the diva replied, looking over at him. “How well do you think this meeting went? And by that, I mean after your big boy rant.”

    The page had the decency to blush, completely embarrassed over his outburst. “I think I may have terrified him,” he muttered. “I certainly didn’t mean to go off like that, but I really do hate that guy. I hate most of my uncle’s friends and business partners. I mean, you saw him; he still thinks I’m easily cowed like I was when I was a kid.”

    “Which you have clearly proven you are not.”

    “Thank you for the compliment,” he murmured. “Regardless of how you intended it.”

    “All in good cheer, dearheart.”

    “Anyway,” Scooter continued. “I hope I saw him that I’m completely serious about this. I know there’s ways in which split a company into different visions, even if we have to silent partner everyone except Kermit.”

    “You intend to keep Kermit as head?”

    Scooter looked at her. “Wouldn’t you?” he asked. “I mean, the publicity alone if someone should find out what’s happened…”

    “That all depends on how you show it, darling,” she replied.


    “Sometimes the best way to hide something,” Piggy began. “Is to so in plain sight. We could take the high road and subtly suggest that, after all of your years of hard work and dedication, that Kermit is bringing you on as a partner in Muppet Studios. Or we could allude to the point that the ‘fabulous five’ as they call us are now completely in control of the lot.”

    “Reporters aren’t just going to take that and let it go.”

    “That’s why you go around those…ever so helpful lawyers of your uncles and find some lawyers who are able to…cover a trail, so to speak.”

    Scooter had to think about that. Of course Piggy was right; if certain reporters learned about how this had come about, there’d be no end. While their fans always loved them and would always love them, they didn’t need the bad press, especially not if they planned on working on a new movie anytime soon. Any other person may have been a bit annoyed to be playing second to Kermit, Scooter was actually on the opposite.

    He never liked the scrutiny that came with the bad press they had gotten; though relatively minor, it was enough to make him shy away and hope for the good news to come around again. Sighing, he casually glanced at the pig next to him.

    “Good idea,” he said. “Means I’ll have to talk to our head of marketing.”

    “I hear she likes chocolate.”

    “I will keep that in mind.”

    “Do that.”
  4. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    Okay...I did really enjoy watching Scooter Muppet up and smack down the smarmy lawyer. And you've obviously thought a lot about the Muppet version of good and bad PR. The story as a whole is realistic...I'd just like you to PLAY more with it! Why so serious? I mean, yeah, you threw some snarky quips in there, and sure, I like snark...but this is the MUPPETS. Ridiculous things should be occurring about every 2.5 seconds (or less, with Gonzo in the room)! Just...cut loose and play more, is all I ask!

    Tiny grumble: STOP using the phrase "of the". I have no idea where you picked that up; never seen or heard anyone use it before. It's unnecessary and distracting from an otherwise good read. EDIT THEM ALL OUT before you post please!

    Not to kvetch. I do like your style. :)
  5. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    This last bit was because NMF didn't think I had enough humor in this fic. :p It's a bit dramatic, probably more of a dramedy than comedy, but to prove that I haven't lost touch with our motely bunch, I shall end this Monday fic on a high note.

    And even a day earlier.


    Three Days Later

    As promised – or rather, as threatened – Sterling Howard had papers drawn up that would effectively divide Muppet Studios into six different shares. That coming Monday morning, there were actually two morning meetings – the standard one that the Muppets usually had on Mondays and that of an additional one where six of the seven would meet with the lawyer in order to sign said papers.

    Howard had the foresight, or perhaps the presence for employment and financial survival, to have the documents list the other four as silent partners, effectively granting that Andrew Martin Grosse was added as a partner to the studio ownership. Luckily both Kermit and Scooter had keen eyes to see that Howard had granted more of a share to that of Scooter, but that only made sense, as the studios had been given to him by their original owner in the first place.

    The partnership looked good to all involved and was signed almost immediately. And, as a thank you for all of her hard work, Scooter made sure to bring four tickets to that week’s show for the receptionist who had helped them the weekend before.

    The ride back to the theater was driven in silence. As much as the young assistant seemed to hate Kermit’s new robotic valet, Scooter never the less agreed to sit in the car to be driven from the home of the frog and pig to that of the theater. Normally, they sextet would have arrived at a quiet and empty lot, however because of the theme of the current show for the week, extra practices were being put in for them to be ready for their guest star.

    The group didn’t expect them to have a ton of people, but enough that they would probably need to convene in Kermit’s office or even that of the main lot offices that were lined up at the front entrance.

    The 80’s robot parked in his normal spot, allowing the group to get out and start to head into the theater.


    Five of the Muppets stopped their movement and turned to look at the person who spoke, which just happened to be their resident comic.

    “What do we tell the others?” he asked.

    “Should we tell them?” Rowlf asked, looking at everyone else.

    “Absolutely not,” muttered Piggy.

    “Not being forthcoming is how we got into this mess in the first place!” Gonzo exclaimed.

    “Hey,” Scooter interrupted. “Let’s vote on it. All we need is a four-two split.”

    Kermit nodded. “Okay,” he whispered. “Rowlf?”

    “I say we tell them.”


    “No,” the diva stated, immediately. “Have you all forgotten where we work and who we work with?”

    “Noted,” the frog muttered. “Fozzie?”

    Fozzie hesitated a moment before letting out a sigh. It really was a tough decision and he almost envied the courage that Kermit had to tell them everything when he did. “We have to tell them,” he whispered. “Maybe not everyone, but…”

    The frog nodded before looking at their stuntman. “You know I gotta say yes, Kermit.”

    Again, Kermit nodded before asking, “Scooter?” only to have the page shake his head in disagreement.

    “Howard set up those papers so that I’m lead dog, Kermit,” the page whispered. “Final decision rests with me. What do you say?”

    Kermit sighed. His inner feelings were that they needed to keep this to themselves, least someone – like Pepe – started talking out of school, but he understood where the others were coming from; his initial decision of not telling them what he had done wasn’t because he didn’t trust them or that he couldn’t’ rely on them, it was simply that he didn’t want that burden placed on them.

    “We should tell them,” he said at last.

    “Okay,” Scooter nodded, reaching for the handle of the backstage door.

    “Hold on there, Junior,” Piggy stated. “You didn’t get a vote.”

    “Doesn’t matter,” he said, honestly. “In this case, majority wins. We tell everyone; the only thing we have to be worried about is exactly how everyone will take the news.”

    Steeling themselves, the group headed through the backstage exit.

    And entered into a world that seemingly and obviously did not exist when anyone of them was in the theater. Backstage was a complete and utter madhouse, much like it normally was on a show night, however this was not a show night.

    Several of the penguins had built a makeshift slide from the second floor landing to what seemed to be a large vat of – hopefully – water, while some of the musicians were sitting off to the side in an obviously philosophical conversation about the merits of music on the soul of the population; Pepe, the king prawn whose ego was twice as big as even Link Hogthrob and Piggy’s put together, came prancing by, wearing a pink and frilly tutu.

    So involved with this dance, the king prawn nearly missed the group of six who were starting at the scene with a mix of wonderment and annoyance.

    “Hello,” he replied, swallowing deeply. “Ju are probably wondering why I am dressed like dis.”

    As one, the group responded with, “No.”

    I’m actually wondering why we haven’t been committed yet,” Piggy muttered.

    “I am also wondering why I haven’t committed you yet,” replied Kermit.

    The king prawn quietly made his exit, leaving the group to survey the rest of the madness that was going on.

    “I think it be better if we kept this all to ourselves,” Scooter replied, eventually.

    The group nodded in tandem, agreeing that an announcement as big as the one they had would probably not work well in this case.

    “They aren’t as sophisticated as we are,” Fozzie commented.

    “Rizzo!” Gonzo exclaimed, seeing his best rat friend off to the side. “Are you about to risk life and limb by jumping into that vat of Jell-O!? Wait for me!” And with that, the weirdo was making his way towards his friend and said vat of Jell-O, stripping off clothing as he ran.

    “Yeah,” the diva drawled. “We’re always keeping it classy. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to my dressing room to contact the authorities.”

    Those remaining watched as she left, sending a karate chop to Link Hogthrob as he dared to stand in her way.

    “I should probably…”

    Kermit nodded, thankful that even with everything going on, Scooter still had the good sense to take care of the impossible and highly improbable. That’s why the frog had him and certainly why the young Muppet was in charge of all of this, at least on paper.

    “Did they just say that Miles Davis was better than Thelonius Monk?” Rowlf asked, his attention obviously attuned to that of the musical conversation taking place afar.

    “I’m going to be in my office,” Kermit replied. “Applying for a new position. I hear they’re hiring for the local mental health institution.” Looking around, he added, “I have a feeling that I’m more than qualified.”

    Just another Monday and just another day for the Muppets involved.

    And there you have it! The End! Of this story. Yes, there are more - tons more apparently - of the Monday series. And yes, I still have one outstanding story to do, so I'll be working on that during the week.
  6. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    Jello is always a good way to wrap up a story. :) Thanks!

  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    :rolleyes: Ju mean da penguins is always good for ending dese stories.
    :zany: *Holds up The End cue card.

    Aw, and I was looking forward to what you said about explaining why ;) and Jessica Howard, the lawyer's daughter wouldn't be a good pairing. Maybe for your next oneshot or Monday entry?
    Anyway, thanks for this installment, me happily awaiting what's next from your keyboard.
  8. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    *snaps* Sadly, that was supposed to be a part of the conversation with Piggy while in the car. He was supposed to mention that Jessica was as a big of a witch with a capital B as her chest size was and as you can see, I forgot to add that.

    That's what happens when I come up with these ideas on my way home from work. BUT there is good news, children, and that is now when I do, oh say a voice message through Evernote on my phone, it will actually record now.

    Why's that, Gina?

    Why, cause I got a new phone. Got a new phone, got new phone, yes I got a new phone. And yes, I did just sing that while typing it. This basically means that when I have an idea, I can do a voice recording of it, complete with dialgoue and it should/will show up in Evernote now, which is could cause it means when comes from my brain will then go to the page.

    Anyway....moving on. Obviously I have a little Motorcross story to work on and, with any luck, I'll be able to start the next story in our Pool Hall series, 5 Ball Cha-Cha!
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yay! :sing: We bought this studio...
    :flirt: We bought this studio on a mondaaa.
    :cool: We bought this studio.
    :D We bought this studio on a Moooon-daaaay!

    Been wanting to use that for the longest time, and now I can cause nows it's official.

    Memo to Gina: Please remember to include Amanda in next story. ;) no like being behind 8-Ball when he's gotten to 5-Ball. :ouch:

    *Leaves cheesecake squares. :insatiable:
  10. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    I applaud you for the cleverness of that.

    :) Cute. Cute song parody.

    Oh, no worries there, Big Kahuna! There will be plenty of Scooter/Amanda goodness in this next fic. It's a little more towards our little Scooter, but as you might remember from 6 Ball, he's just come to a big realization.

    Thank you for cheesecake! You know, I didn't use to like cheesecake and then....my mind was blown and I thought, "why hadn't I known about you before??"
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, cheesecake is one of those desserts that everyone should know/love. The guava paste squares Mom makes are kind of a point of pride for her.
    :insatiable: Me partial to her seven-layer bar cookies.
    I know, but those are only made during Christmas.

    *Waits for Motocross update.
  12. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Youre awrsome.

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