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What Disney/Muppet Pins Do You Have...?

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by dmoss, May 2, 2010.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Wow... You should consider joining the Pincast's IPLS roster and/or DIPLA FB group.
    Keep an eye out should you see any of the Nightmare Before Christmas 14 Tarot Card set from other traders/collectors or on eBay, that's the set I'm trying to haunt down, they're on www.pinpics.com as 58268-58281.

    Have a great ime Anthony.
    Muppet fan 123 and KermieBaby47 like this.
  2. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    Thanks friend! I know we'll have a blast.

    I'll try to keep an eye out for that set too, you know how expensive it might be? We're trying to keep to our budget for this trip, just cuz it's around Christmas, you know. As far as those clubs you were talking about, maybe I'll try to join the Facebook one, I just have to "like" it right? I'll see if I can find it in a search.

    Thanks again Ed! So, you said "wow" in your post, do I have a good collection or something? :) I've always thought it was pretty great, but I can only imagine how many pins the die-hards have, especially annual pass-holders, yikes! Lol.

    Cheers man,
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah... Compare yours to my near 20, but I <3 almost all the ones I've gotten so far. If you go to Pinpics, search for the user Numbervania and you'll see my collection to date.
    Yes, all you have to do to join the FB group is Like it... But you should check the threads there to find the five questions every IPLS member has answered and submitted to the Pincast's hosts, including myself to be a full-fledged member. If you do that and get your answers read on the show you're then entered for the RSC (Random Selection Contest) held every five shows (Episodes ending in 5 and/or 0). But you don't "have" to if you don't "want" to.

    And yeah, I know how expensive those babies can be. But then again, they wouldn't be my new Holy Pin Grails if they weren't hard to get.
    Thanks buddy and have a great time.
    KermieBaby47 likes this.
  4. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    So I've been updating my Disney Pin collection on PinPics, if you use this link: http://gallery.pinpics.com/mypins.htm then type in my username "Toughie47", you'll see my 2 pages worth of pins, 142 altogether! :D

    Only my pins are included, I might someday add my Son's & Wife's pins... I'm sure that'll add another couple of pages, lol.

    The Count likes this.
  5. Hubert

    Hubert Well-Known Member

    You know, I just realized that I have absolutely no Muppet pins at all. I'm going to have to go change that. *runs off to Ebay*
    KermieBaby47 likes this.
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Will check out your collection some time KermieBaby47. You should keep your wife's and son's separate, that'll get you three spots in the IPLS or DiPLA depending on which acronym they're using now.

    I haven't bought anything new in ages, would still like to get that 14-pin NBC tarot card set though.
    KermieBaby47 likes this.
  7. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Ed! I'll try that. ;) Do I just create separate accounts for them, or is there a way to create additional collections within my own account? I only JUST learned how to look up user collections, ha ha.

  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Well, the easiest thing to do would be to just check the box next to the pins your wife and son own and that way they become part of your pinpics collection. Or you could help/create the separate accounts for them and then they can each build their online pinpics collection the same way you've built yours.
    Hope this helps.
  9. Tomservo95

    Tomservo95 Active Member

    I am a pretty avid disney pin collector and I have many muppet pins but my favorite one is The Muppets opening day pin.

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