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What if the Fraggles had Silly Creature jobs?

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Janice & Mokey's Man, Jul 14, 2002.

  1. What do you think they'd do if they came to Outer Space and had to get a job like most silly creatures (except me, apparently) seem to have?

    Here are some possibilities:

    Red: swim coach

    Mokey: art teacher

    (maybe they could work at the same school---eat lunch together and everything! lol)

    Boober: run a laundr-o-mat with a "wait while you wash" cafeteria

    Gobo: cave tour guide (he could regail tourists with tales of FR)

    Wembley: maybe a personal assistant since he's so indecisive, and that way he'd have a "Gobo" to follow, lol

    Storyteller: librarian (of course)
  2. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry New Member

    What about traveling Matt? If the other Fraggles are living in 'outer space' like it's normal, what'll be left for him to explore?
  3. Hmmmmm...maybe he could go into the real Outer Space! LOL! :D
  4. radionate

    radionate New Member

    Ahem...... (Nate just sits and grins and waits for Byron to fidget as he knows what I'd post) :D
  5. Ernie101

    Ernie101 Active Member

    space fraggles? what a site!
  6. WemblinKate

    WemblinKate New Member

    Oh boy, Traveling Matt in real Outer Space, (shakes head )

    ::image appears of Uncle Matt pressing all the wrong buttons in a space shuttel causing massive malfunctions::
  7. Actually I have no idea what you'd post---LOL!
  8. radionate

    radionate New Member

    Ever seen the movie Working Girl?
  9. Nope.
  10. radionate

    radionate New Member

    Let me spell it out then.

    L-A-D-Y O-F T-H-E N-I-G-H-T
  11. :eek:


    My Mokey would never do that!

  12. radionate

    radionate New Member

    She'd put on that red light!
  13. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry New Member

    Are you talking about Mokey or Roxane?
  14. He better be talkin' 'bout Roxanne or whoever.

  15. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry New Member

    Isn't Roxane the name of the girl from the song that Nate was making a referance to?

    Only 89 more until I reach 400.
  16. WemblinKate

    WemblinKate New Member

    Yes, it's an 80's song, and it was in Moulin Rouge !
    What a great song, but I would never refer it to a Fraggle, 'specially Mokey!

    Roxanne, you don't have to put on that red light, Roxanne, you don't have to sell your body to the night!
  17. radionate

    radionate New Member

    Yes it was originally done by Sting. And if Mokey wouldn't I'm sure Janice might! :p
  18. FellowWLover

    FellowWLover Member

    That song was originally done by The Police... of which Sting was a member. I am sure those other two guys wouldn't mind the credit now that Sting has risen to fame and glory. :o
  19. radionate

    radionate New Member

    You are correct, it was the Police, of which Sting was a member. I'm sure they to are also pleased with the song being covered in Moulin Rouge, as it means more royalities for them when people start buying the original again!

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