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What materials can I use for a spyrofoam puppet's pupils?

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by shoo, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. shoo

    shoo New Member

    Are you talking about wiggly eyes such as these: http://cgi.ebay.com/Wiggly-Wiggle-E...main_0&var=&hash=item82630630cc#ht_2148wt_906 - or?

    Sorry, but I am just having a bit trouble understanding what you mean 100%.. heh.

    Edra, yep, I've contacted them and asked, but so far no reply yet... Thanks for that info, much appriciated.
  2. Animal31

    Animal31 Active Member

  3. shoo

    shoo New Member

    So...hmm...wait what? What backing and how do I get the...thing...inside the eye?

    Sorry for my bad understanding in english, but I am not sure what you mean.. care to elaborate yourself a bit more so I understand?
  4. Animal31

    Animal31 Active Member

    Best thing to do is to pick up your materials first, then go back over the information. I think it will make better sense once everything is in front of you :)
  5. shoo

    shoo New Member

    Amazingly enough, I found a shop that had 100mm customized christmas ornaments (went frenzy and bought them all!) that I can use as eyes for my costume!

    SO, what I would need now:
    1: PUPILS! What can I use for pupils? They must be oval shaped. I guess that cutting pupils out of a pingpong would do, or? What about mounting them to the eyes? Will they stick AND rotate/bounce properly if I just use 1x simple screw to mount the pupil for each eye? IF a pingpong ball won't do, then maybe a button with NO holes and then just make a hole on it myself..?

    2: Black screw. Hmm... I know this should be easy, but as you know, the thickness of the christmas ornaments isn't much... so it'd have to be a really SMALL screw that'd hold the pupil in place...

    Any suggestions here?
  6. larz

    larz Member

    Hobby shops that sell radio control planes and cars are a GREAT resource for all kinds of puppet hardware. And they carry tiny screws too!

    Good luck!
  7. shoo

    shoo New Member

    I see. But what exactly am I looking for, really..? Got any pictures?
  8. shoo

    shoo New Member

    Hmm... Now I am just missing the pupils and I am basically good to go to make new eyes to my costume.

    larz, you mentioned hobby shops with radio controlled cars/planes... Unfortunately, there are no such shops here. There are hobby shops, but they don't got pupil-materials.

    What material should I be looking for?

    I am trying to find some sort of light-weighted BUTTON that's flat and got no holes on it AND that's a bit oval-shaped. Do you reckon that would do the trick? The button would probably stay on the screw as well.

    Any suggestions?
  9. shoo

    shoo New Member

    UPDATE: I got some nice 100mm white xmas decorative balls, but they were too small! ANYONE got any idea where I could get like customized 150-200mm WHITE balls? Either stuffed or plastic?

    I've even found buttons to use for pupils, but it's not easy to attach them to the ball as the ball is hollow. It'd be way better if the ball would've been stuffed with something.

    The WHOLE idea is to create eyeballs with pupils that bounce just like on the real Cookie Monster, but even with the help from people here, I still haven't found a solution to my "problem"....

    Do you have any solutions for me, perhaps? Money doesn't matter in this case. I am willing to pay up if that's what's needed.

    ALSO, what is the best fur to use for making cookie monster gloves/hands? Got a link to a site where I can order the special blue fur, hmm?
  10. TheCreatureWork

    TheCreatureWork Active Member

    We have covered this before- I suggest doing a search on Cookie Monster Eyes and you should see all the answers you need. Sorry to sound like a meanie.
  11. shoo

    shoo New Member

    Sorry to sound a meanie back at ya, buuut.. I am not sure that you understand me completely...

    What I am looking for, is NOT eyes for a puppet, but for a fullbody costume. And yes, I've done a search through the forum without finding anything that can help me much, hence why I put up this thread in the first place. So yeah, I hope someone can help me, but yeah, I guess I'll have to look around a bit more..
  12. TheCreatureWork

    TheCreatureWork Active Member

    Find the Ornaments Here:

    1.) Using a Dremmel smooth the edges and cut the hook part off. Sand to a smooth finish. Also cut as hole the size of a loonie (Canadian dollar (1.5inch) from the sphere. Sand inside the eye as you are going to put the doll joint inside.

    2.) Now grab a doll joint and sand the inside flat surface. Insert the joint carfully into the Ornament- so that the joint faces out. You might have to use pliers and bend the joint plate back a bit.

    3.) Hot glue the joint to the Ornament. Inside the ornament.

    4.)Drill a hole into the ornament- where you want the pupil to go. You might have to place the eyes onto your costume.- mark the pupils with a marker. Drill using a bit smaller than your eye screws into the marks you just made. Sand the holes- just a bit.

    5.) Spray the eyes with White Spray paint- I recommend an eggshell finish as it provides a glossy surface but not too glossy- it is up to you.

    6.) Next, take the eye screw (size is up to you). Spray it black if it's not already.

    7.) Take black plastic vinyl (that is sticky on one side and stick it onto itself- Basically folding it in half so the sticky backing sticks to itself...folding it in half LOL then trace a circle and cut the circle using an exacto knife.

    8.) Knowing the diameter of the eye screw- measure and cut a hole from the black vinyl circle. I recommend not in the center of the circle as you won't get the spin you want.

    9.) Pass the screw through the black vinyl hole and at this point check out the "SPIN" factor. If it is too loose or too tight adjst the hole.

    10.) Place the screw into the hole you drilled in the ornament and carefully screw it in.

    11.) Attach the eyes to the Costume using the doll joints.

    Done :)
  13. TheCreatureWork

    TheCreatureWork Active Member

  14. TheCreatureWork

    TheCreatureWork Active Member

    Look no futher then. :))

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