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What would your figure line be?

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by uncle deadly333, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. mine would be .....
    series 1 kermit(banjo and coffee mug)
    miss piggy(hand mirrior and foofoo)
    fozzie(hat, rubber chicken, and joke book)
    gonzo(camilla, horn, and cannon)
    playset: muppet labs with bunsen and beaker

    series 2
    rowlf( piano)
    dr teeth( keyboard)
    floyd( guitar)
    janice( guitar)

    series 3
    zoot( sax and music stand)
    animal( drums and drum sticks)
    lips( trumpet)
    sam the eagle ( podeium and american flag)

    series 4
    statler and waldorf 2 pack( chairs and tomatos)
    sweetums( robin and penguin)
    scooter( clipboard and bullhorn)
    swedish chef( spoon and japaneese cake)
    playset: muppet theater with crazy harry and lew zeland
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  2. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    Here's All My Figures List

    Big Bird (bag of birdseed, Radar the Teddy Bear, and picture of Mr. Hooper)
    Oscar (trash can, shoe, fish, apple core, can, broken umbrella and Slimey)
    Sherlock Hemlock (Watson, hat, magnifying glass, and flashlight)
    Ernie (banana, rubber duck, trumpet, soap dish, lunchbox, letter e and pot)

    B&E's Living Room w/ Bert (2 chairs, TV, table, B sculpture, lamp, radio, & photo frame)
    Exclusives: Pajama Bert & Ernie (beds, pillows, bottle caps, bugle, book, and oatmeal)
    Mega Figure: Oscar the Grouch (trash can, lid, Slimey)

    Super Grover (helmet, cape, telephone booth, & first aid kit)
    Elmo (roller skates, baseball cap, football, & tennis racket)
    Cookie Monster (cookies, jar, tea cup, letter C, & plate of cookies)
    Frazzle (half eaten chair, half eaten table, chain, half eaten book & ripped news paper)

    BB's Nest w/ Snuffy (suitcase, book, ball, rubber duck, trampoline, mailbox, bust, & nest)
    Exclusives: Chef Cookie (hat, mixing bowl, cook book, cookie sheet)
    Mega Figure: Bert (Bernice, bottle cap collection, string of paper clips)

    The Count (organ, bats, black cat, top hat, numbers, & candelabra)
    Prairie Dawn (brown piano, vase of flower, clipboard, & sheet music)
    The Amazing Mumford (hat, magic table, magic wand, pineapples & duck)
    Forgetful Jones (hat & his horse Buster)

    Restaurant w/ Waiter Grover & Fat Blue (Tray, sandwich, towel, table, chair, menu, & soup) Exclusives: Pajama Count (ghost, record, sheep and books)
    Invisible Mumford (magic cabinet) Mega Figure: Count (Bats, Black Cat, Top Hat)

    Dingers (bellhop hat, Letter X, record, & brick wall)
    Telly Monster (computer, tuba, triangle, Freddy and book)
    Herry Monster (comb, Hercules, manhole cover, 2 weights, and a dumbbell)
    Lefty the Salesman (hat, board game, letter O, and number 8)

    TV Studio w/ Guy Smiley (cameras, podium, microphone, clock, and red car)
    Exclusives: Tux Guy Smiley (mirror, Guy Smiley lunchbox, & microphone)
    Mega Figure: Ernie (Rubber Duckie, banana, trumpet)

    Grover (letter g, suit case, teddy bear, flute, picture of mom, train set, & rubber duck)
    Two head monster (brick wall, pillow, Record, and telephone)
    Roosevelt Franklin (pointer, map of Africa, book, eraser, & desk)
    Dr. Noble Price (rain machine, socks, and notebook)

    Spaceship w/ Martians (moon base, book, computers, fan, & telephone)
    Exclusives: Pajama Grover (bed, blanket, nightstand, pillow, & alarm clock)
    Mega Figure: Grover (block tower, letter G, teddy bear)

    Biff (lunchbox, hammer, jackhammer, helmet, and letter J)
    Sully (lunchbox, saw, sledgehammer, helmet, and wooden piano)
    Zoe (Mimi, juice, and Rock)
    Honkers (brick wall, clock, letter H & record)

    SST exterior w/ Barkley (bone lamppost, mailbox, fire hydrant & basketball hoop)
    Mega Figure: Cookie Monster (two cookies, cookie jar)

    Series 1
    Kermit (log, coffee mug, bicycle, and banjo)
    Miss Piggy (hand mirror, picture of Kermit and hand mist)
    Seymour (elevator tower, magnetic bellhop's hat)
    Bean Bunny (teddy bear, cake, carrots, stage light spotlight lamp, & bunny hole)
    Muppet Labs w/ Bunsen (Gorilla Detector, Clock, Steel Bunny, Growth Pill, & Chemist Item)

    Series 2
    Fozzie Bear (rubber chicken, teddy bear, joke book, and a banana)
    Dr. Teeth (hat, keyboard, music sheet and stand, and cheesecake)
    Bobo (hat, security desk, donut box ,Talking Sandwich)
    Dr. Bob (gurney, sheet, chainsaw, mallet, penguin patient)
    Playset: Veterinarian's Hospital Nurse Piggy (operating table, gas mask, Foo Foo)

    series 3
    Nurse Janice (chicken patient & wheel chair)
    Pepe (lunchbox, stage hook, seafood platter, & candy cell phone)
    Stuntman Gonzo (cannon, cape, and a chicken)
    Sam Eagle (Book of Ethics, American Flag, Podium)
    Playset: The Swedish Kitchen with Chef (every thing from each skit)

    Series 4
    Robin (bed, root beer, blanket, & pillow)
    Clueless Morgan and Mad Monty (barrel & pirate flag)
    Johnny & Sal (Cake, Bananas, Record, microphone, stool)
    Animal (bongos, drums, drum sticks, & vegetables)
    Playset: Electric Mayhem Bus w/ Lips (trumpet, lava lamp, and lunchbox)

    Series 5
    Scooter (clipboard, clapperboard, takeout drinks & comics)
    Floyd Pepper (guitar, amp, microphone, and hat)
    Sweetums (club)
    Walter ( Kermit t shirt, lunchbox, & newspaper)
    Playset: Pigs in Space w/ Piggy (video screens & lunch box)

    Series 6
    Link Hogthrob (alien, scale model of the ship, and a magazine)
    Julius Strangepork (mamma bot, ray gun and a dissolve gun)
    MTI Piggy (treasure chest, gold ware)
    Clifford (sunglasses, tapes, director's chair, TV monitors, and guitar)

    Series 7
    Crazy Harry (dynamite, plunger, gunpowder & bomb)
    Statler (cigar, book, Avocado & first half of the balcony)
    Digit (computers, keyboard, and light set)
    Big Mean Carl (Squash, baseball bat & cue cards)

    Series 8
    Waldorf (wine, tomato, carrot, & second half of the balcony)
    Janice (guitar, amp, tambourine, and hat)
    Rizzo (cheese, director chair, milk, pizza)
    Purple tux gonzo (a Xmas carol book, trumpet, candy, plunger, teddy bear & egg)

    Series 9
    Fozzie's Mother (banana cream pie, Snowman, and Picture of Fozzie Bear)
    Mulch (pair of garden clippers, jar, & bag of fan mail)
    Beaker (beakers, bananas, Book, Paperclip,& cream)
    Zoot (saxophone, bell, a music stand and sax case)

    Series 10
    Lew Zealand (fish, bucket, and penguin)
    Phil Van Neuter (table, chemistry items)
    Beauregard (mop, bucket, broom)
    Newaman (phone, Desk, Backdrop, Glasses)

    Series 11
    Uncle Deadly (Organ, Ghost, & skull)
    Marvin Suggs (muppephone heads, stand for the heads, mallets)
    Pops (Gaffer Cat, Chatter teeth, Window, clipboard)
    Spamela Hamderson (robe, hair-dryer, & a picture of herself)
    Play set: The Hispaniola w/ MTI Lew Zealand

    Series 12
    Rowlf (piano, rose, and music sheet)
    Jim Henson (Kermit puppet, banjo, and director chair)
    Ma fiama (hat, pan, sauce, & canolis)
    Penguins (fish, top hats & 5 storage crates)

    Reporter Kermit (hat, microphone, camera)
    Stepping out Piggy (top hat, makeup, purse)
    Blown up Beaker (broken lab breakers & bomb)
    Tux Fozzie (top hat, comedy glasses, whoopee cushion & dummy)
    Tux Rowlf (top hat & grand piano)
    Beach Pepe (ball, surf board, tropical drink, chair, magazine, & suitcase)
    Modern Gonzo (Camilla, stage manager headgear, megaphone)
    Steppin’ out Animal (half eaten cake, drum sticks, snare drum)
    MTI Kermit (Wheel, hat, Polly Lobster, Sword, safe)
    MTI Fozzie (scale model of the ship, and a scroll)
    Scrunched Face Kermit & Angry Piggy (Soda Can & Javas)
    Walter Kermit shirt (watch, Kermit plush, book, & CD)
    Sam Arrow (map, bible, a bag of flour, and seaweed)
    Pajamas Animal (Bunny, Cereal, TV, and teddy bear)
    MTI Gonzo (Exchangeable arms, Margarita)
    Tux Dr. Phil (glass of eggnog)
    Usher Scooter (3D glasses, popcorn maker, popcorn, tray, large soda drinks, poster & flashlight) Vacation Animal (camera, bongos, hula skirt and hat)
  3. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Well-Known Member

    Series 1:
    Kermit(megaphone, director's chair, coffee mug, desk)
    Miss Piggy(mirror, vanity)
    Fozzie Bear(microphone, glasses, chicken)
    Gonzo(cannon, helmet, cape)
    Rowlf(piano, candle, bust of bethoveen)
    Animal(drums, lights)
    Scooter(pizza box, clipboard, skateboard)
    Walter(shrine to kermit)
    Series 2:
    Sam the Eagle(podium, presidental banners)
    Swedish Chef(meat cleaver, spiked hammer, rolling pin, mixing bowl and its attachments)
    Pops(reception desk, fly swatter, reading light)
    Lew Zealand(magnetic base, fish bucket, swordfish)
    Rizzo(mozzarella, provolone, macaroni and cheese)
    Beauregard(mop bucket, mop, wet floor sign)
    Series 3:
    Zoot(saxophone, saxophone case, music stand)
    Crazy Harry(tnt barrel, stick of dynamite, bombs)
    Clifford(sunglasses, microphone, director's chair)
    Series 4:
    Janice(guitar, amp)
    Bobo the Bear(suit and tie)
    Robin the Frog
    Johnny Fiama(microphone)
    Marvin Suggs(muppaphone base, mallets)
    Series 5:
    Phil van Neuter(laser beam ray)
    Sal Minella
    Beaker(test tube)
    Uncle Deadly(cauldron)
    Floyd(guitar, amp)
    Bunsen(test tube)
    Newsman(news desk and red phone)
    Statler(chair, score card, and tomato)
    Waldorf(chair, score card and tomato)
    Pepe the King Prawn
    Muppet Monsters:
    Beautiful Day Monster
    Big Mean Carl
    Mean Mama
    Luncheon Counter Monster
    Timmy Monster
    Gorgon Heap
    MTI Muppets:
    Angel Marie
    Mad Monty
    Spotted Dick
    Old Tom
    One Eyed Jack
    Muppet Canines:
    Afghan Hound
    Baskerville Hound
    Muppet Whatnots:
    Louis Kazzagger
    Mildred Huxtetter
    Fleet Scribbler
    Bobby Benson
    Miss Piggy wannabes:
    Spamela Anderson
    Annie Sue
    Miss Mousey
    Miss Poogy
    Kermit Inposternators:
    Lenny the Lizard
    Pit Orchestra:
    Green Frackle(Gloat)
    Trumpet Girl
    Nigel the Conductor
    Jim Henson Hour Muppets:
  4. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Mix the scale/articulation/look of the 1978 Fisher Price figures, the 2003 Jack in the Box figures and the amazing 2011-2013 Star Wars Muppet figures. And make ALL of them. Star Wars style(as in, Kenner and Hasbro has made every single Star Wars character...and then some)

    All of them. Clifford, Mildred, Pops, Benson, Luncheon Counter, Behemoth, etc.
    All in 3 3/4 -4" articulated scale.

    The fact this isn't happening makes me sad.
  5. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member


    Series 1:
    Kermit (scarf, coat, megaphone, bindle, log, bush, coffee mug, bicycle, lily pad, director chair, & banjo)
    Miss Piggy & Bean (carrot, teddy bear, vanity, candy, stage hook, hand mirror, & hand mist)
    Beaker (file cabinet, 30-volt battery, cords, rat, radioactive crystals, dartboard, book, & Paperclip)
    Mahna Mahna & 2 snowths (lava lamp, lunch box, record, telephone booth, magazine, & Javas)
    Playset: Lab w/ Bunsen (Gorilla Detector, door in a jar, Clock, Steel Bunny, Growth Pill, & Chemist Item)
    Ex:MTI Beaker & Honeydew (cannon, spot croc, gunpowder, angle Marie, calico, & real old tom)

    Series 2:
    Fozzie (rubber chicken, teddy bear, whoopee cushion, comedy glasses, & banana peel)
    Dr. Teeth & Zoot (hats, sax, sax case, bell, music stand, keyboard, album, & cheesecake)

    Crazy Harry (dynamite, plunger, gunpowder & bomb) Bellhop Pepe & Seymour (luggage, elevator tower, bell, desk, manual, bellmen cart, hats)
    Playset: Kitchen w/ Chef (rolling pin, cleaver, spike hammer, sausage, saw, wrench, spatula, & spoon)
    Ex: Vaudeville Pepe & Seymour (hats, feather, easel, pointer, diagram, joke book, & microphone)
    Ex: Tux Fozzie (dummy, rubber duck, pie, squirt flower, microphone, top hat, bunny and joke book)

    Series 3
    Gonzo (X-ray glasses, golden gonzo,brick, chicken plush, Camilla, telescope, plunger, teddy bear)
    Animal (TV, teddy bear, half eaten table, cake, Bunny, drums, drum sticks, & chair)
    Scooter (China food, pizza box, skateboard, radio, head set, clipboard, clapperboard, soda, & comic)

    Johnny & Sal (Record, canolis, microphone, picture of Ma, pants presser, bananas, stool, cake, & books)
    Playset: Mayhem Bus w/ Lips (mini bus, stool, case, microphones, Speakers, amps trumpet, & lunchbox) Ex: Stunt Gonzo (wheel brakes, tire, anvil, mallet,motorcycle, ramp, helmet, cannon, cape, & chicken)

    Series 4
    Rizzo (mousetrap, root beer, hot dog, milk, manhole, cereal, cheese, fridge, pizza, trash can, TV)
    Bobo (cupid, badge, podium, tie, sandwich, lunchbox, clipboard, nightstick, chips, hat, desk, & donut box)
    Pepe (tape, cell phone, walkman, fan, lunchbox, Pepe toy, magazine, cards, soda, hot dog, & table)
    Rowlf (record player, asparagus, bowl, bench, bust, check list, pen, candelabra, piano, record, & bone)
    Ex:MTIGonzo & Rizzo (wacky glasses, Billy bone’s sea chest, pirate chicken, Margarita, & star fish)
    Ex: Tutu Pepe (castanets,Tiara, fairy wand, fairy dust, ballet shoes, nutcracker, & playbill)

    Series 5
    Janice & Floyd Pepper (tambourine, guitars, amps, microphone, and hats)
    Clifford (lava lamp, director's chair, sunglasses, tapes, TV, guitar, magazine, stereo, soda, & record)
    Blind Pew & Black Dog (Gunpowder Barrel, Black Spot, Sword, and Gun)

    Lew Zealand (3D glasses, Boomerang fishes, swordfish, small mouth bass, & bucket)
    Playset: backstage w/ pops (popcorn, penguins, cat, chatter teeth, radio, telephone, posters, & clipboard)
    Ex:MTIKermit (Helm, Desk, hat, old tom, Dead tom, Sword, & safe)

    Series 6
    Statler (plant, playbill, card, tennis racquet, cigar, book, Avocado, eggplant, & first half of the balcony)
    Waldorf (TV, teacup, playbill, wine, Squash, eggs, tomato, carrot, & second half of the balcony)
    Clueless Morgan, Polly Lobster, & Mad Monty (Margarita, rat, pick, shovel, sword, barrel & pirate flag)
    Walter & Chip (Penguin, microphone stand, popcorn,suit case, tape, book, camera, & newspaper)
    Ex;MTISam & Piggy (Vegetables, treasure chest, gold ware map, bible, bag of flour, and seaweed)
    Ex: BeachClifford & Kermit (lemonade, fish bowl, Penguin, hammock, Easter Island head, & hat)

    Series 7
    Robin (wishing well, picture of Kermit, octopus, 3 steps, yo-yo, backpack, book, stool, teddy bear, & bed)
    Sweetums (suitcase and club)
    Digit (satellite dish, wires, Waldo, the purple Extreme, computers, keyboard, & light set)
    Newsman (anvil, phone, Desk, Backdrop, Glasses)
    Hispaniola w/ MTI Fozzie & Lew (oars, treasure, rowboat, scale model, scroll, & Walleyed Pike)
    Ex: Modern Gonzo & Nude Rizzo (Chickens, Fruit, rat poison, megaphone, clipboard, record, headset)

    Series 8
    White shirt Rizzo (hat, trunk, talking food, vending machine, wacky glasses, boxing glove on spring)
    Sam Eagle (top hat,quill, robot Lincoln, sparklers, U.S. Constitution, Book, American Flag, Podium)
    Uncle Deadly & Big Mean Carl (cauldron, bats, Organ, Ghost, candelabra, & skull)
    Marvin Suggs (Muppet vegetables, muppephone heads, wall, mallets)

    Ex: Frog Scout Robin (campfire, Eggplant, backpack, merit badges, trunk, camp book, & trail mix)
    Ex: Scout Master Kermit (marshmallows, hat, fishing pole, backpack, manual, binoculars, & eggplant)

    Series 9
    Sal, Robin, & Penguin (banana, cake, lemonade, fish bowl, book, & yo-yo)
    Spamela (robe, hairdryer, picture, Penguin, ice cream, soda, octopus, & backpack)
    Beach Pepe & Gonzo (lobsters, menu, towel, ball, surf board, tropical drink, chair, magazine, & suitcase)
    Reporter Kermit & Gonzo (newspaper, camera, 2 hats, press card, bellhop Rizzo, suit cases & photos)
    Playset: Stage w/ Beauregard (extinguisher, dust pan, rats, mop, broom, blue rubber duck, ladder, & wall)
    Ex: Tux Animal, Floyd, Dr. Teeth, Zoot, Lips, & Janice (drum, 2 guitars, saxophone, trumpet, & organ)

    Last Figure in the Line:
    Pajama Kermit, Robin, Rizzo, & Gonzo (4 beds, cereal, Baab, newspaper, & picture of Kristina Donnelly)
  6. wembleyfraggle

    wembleyfraggle Well-Known Member

    Fraggle Rock playsets!!!
    1. Gobo in Doc's Workshop (W/ Maps, back pack. Trachcan with Postcards)
    2. Mokey in Mokey and Red's bedroom (W/ Paints. Easel. Lanford.)
    3. Wembley in Gobo and Wembley's room (W/ Spare Banana Tree shirt. Doozer Sticks)
    4. Boober in Boober's Hole (w/ Clothes line, cooking and laundry utensils like spoon, pots, basked, rock soap, radish and Perfect Blue Rollie)
    5. Red in Great Hall w/ Fraggle Pond (w/Radish Bar, Tuggatails trophy, Cotterpin Doozer,
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  7. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Well-Known Member

    Here's what non muppet figure lines I would be interested in seeing:
    Crysta(with Batty Koda)
    The Road to El Dorado:
    Tulio(with sword, map, and gold)
    Chel(with South American stained glass piece)
    Tzekel-Kan(with stone pot)
    Miguel(with machete)
    Cortez(with wooden prisoner shackles)
    Sinbad(with sword)
    Eris(with dagger)
    Proetus(with sword)
    Marina(with Sinbad's dog)
    Quest for Camelot:
    Kayley(with staff)
    Devon and Cornwall
    Sir Ruber(with removable gloves)
    Garrett(with sword)
  8. BobbyBenson64

    BobbyBenson64 Well-Known Member

    what im working on right now is a continuum of the palisades line rather than a rerelease but hears mine

    series 10 (1)
    Dr. Bob w/t Screaming frackel (windmill in your mind)
    Sal w/t Robin (3 variants)
    Baby Kermit w/t Baby Piggy

    I haven't really work on accessories but I have thought of some limited editions

    Stepping out Staler and Waldorf
    Wonder Pig
    Thog (mega figure)

    and playset

    Bear on patrol Office w/t Patrol Link Hogthrog
  9. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    Well here's mine Series 10 :super: (if Palisades was still around)
    Sal the Monkey & Robin:bananas,teddy bear, stool, prop crate, and cake
    Digit: Yellow Extreme, remote, Waldo, wires, keyboard, and computer
    Scarecrow Kermit: poles, hat, corn stalk, corn, crow, and jack o lantern
    Walter:candy selling box, record, book, tapes, and radon Muppet stuff

    Repaint Sal & Tux Robin: top hat, soda cans, record player, & Kermit picture
    Dracula Kermit:bats, ghost, skeletons, rat, pipe organ, candelabra, & coffin

    Boarding Home w/ Pajama Pepe (newspaper, chair, cards, table, and fishbowl)
  10. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    If Palisades was able to continue their Muppets line, series 10 would be out long before Walter was introduced. Just saying

    And, if I'm not mistaking, series 10 was planned to have Sal, Baby Kermit and Baby Piggy, Gobo Fraggle (since at the time of course, Muppets and Fraggle Rock were under the same ownership) and Uncle Deadly, whom we were lucky enough to get as an exclusive.
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  11. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    D'oh, I forgot about series 10 of the Muppet, but I wonder if and who were going to be in and made in series 15, because I reading the list of Muppets who were going to be in series 10 - 14, but here's the list.

    Series 10
    Baby Kermit with Baby Piggy
    Dr. Bob
    Sal Minella (in three variant colors with Robin and Penguin pack-ins)
    Uncle Deadly (released separately)
    Gobo Fraggle with a Doozer (Special Test Figure)

    Exclusive: Tuxedo Statler
    Exclusive: Tuxedo Waldorf

    Series 11
    Baby Gonzo with Baby Rowlf
    Nurse Janice
    Bobo the Bear
    Louis Kazagger (in two variant colors)

    Exclusive: RoboBuster Bunsen
    Exclusive: RoboBuster Beaker

    Series 12
    Baby Scooter with Baby Fozzie
    Nurse Piggy with Bean Bunny
    Mahna Mahna with The Snowths

    Exclusive: Vacation Animal
    Exclusive: Super Gonzo and Rizzo
    Exclusive: Wonder Pig
    Exclusive: Vacation Swedish Chef
    Exclusive: Super Statler and Waldorf

    Series 13
    Patrol Link Hogthrob
    Dr. Teeth 2
    Clueless Morgan
    Rat Pack

    Exclusive: Tuxedo Sam the Eagle

    Series 14
    Reporter Gonzo
    Swamp Kermit
    Seymour and Pepe
    Randy and Andy Pig

    Exclusive: Fozzie as Squire Trelawney (with Mr. Bimbo)
    Exclusive: Holiday Kermit with Robin the Frog

    Unknown Dates
    Kermit Scarecrow
  12. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    If memory serves me right too, I remember reading an article when Palisades first were making the Muppets figures that no characters from the Jim Henson Hour were to be included (of course, Clifford was the host of Muppets Tonight, so he was ok). Which, of course would of meant no Digit.
  13. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    I know that Bean Bunny was going to be made, Waldo and Digit were getting so much request on the old palisades forums.
  14. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    Yeah but Bean Bunny, like Clifford, was also featured in other Muppets productions. It was characters that were only featured on the Jim Henson hour that for whatever reason they said wouldn't be made, like Digit and Leon for example. I don't remember what the reasoning was, if it was a copyright thing or what, but I remember reading that on the Palisades website way back when the line was first introduced.
  15. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    A new update list:super:

    Series 1
    Kermit (desk, mug, director chair, megaphone, clipboard, banjo, headset, crate)
    Miss Piggy & Bean (Foo Foo, teddy bear, vanity, mirror, mist, carrot, balloon)
    Bunsen & Beaker (tubes, table, book, cabinet, clock, burner, robot Lincoln)
    Mahna Mahna (snowths, record, lunchbox, record player, soda, lava lamp, Patina)
    Ex: Blown up Beaker (w/ sharpen bananas, paper clips, rat, and broke tube)

    Series 2:
    Fozzie (hat, buzzer, whoopee cushion, chicken, glasses, teddy bear, book)
    Dr Teeth (hat, script, speaker, piano, tambourine, album, walkman, radio)
    Crazy Harry (dynamite, plunger, fireworks, gunpowder, & bomb)
    Bellhop Pepe & Rizzo (fries, manual, bellman cart, luggage, hats)
    Ex: Tux Fozzie (dummy, rubber duck, banana peel, joke flower, pie, hat)

    Series 3
    Gonzo (Camilla, horn, teddy bear, plunger, candy, brick, mallet, anvil, tire)
    Animal (drums, drum sticks, bunny, TV, cereal, chair, album, teddy bear)
    Scooter (pizza, clipboard, headset, skateboard, coffee, lunchbox, backpack)
    Johnny (microphone, rat, cannolis, record, pizza, photo of ma, record player)
    Ex: Stunt Gonzo & Boppity (motorcycle, cannon, helmet, target, chicken)

    Series 4
    Rizzo (TV, jellybeans, pizza, soda, cheese, mousetrap, trash can, trunk, cereal)
    Bobo (hat, tie, desk, fan, mug, sandwich, box w/ donuts, clipboard, TV, lunchbox)
    Pepe (lunchbox, teddy bear, soda, pizza, table, magazine, hot dog, cards, towel)
    Rowlf (piano, candelabra, songbook, bust, bowl, bone, leash, hat, vase of flowers)
    Ex: Suit Bobo (honey bear, chips, newspaper, remote, coffee, radio, sandwich)

    Series 5
    Janice (guitar, hat, sunlamp, magazine, smoothie, album, tanning board, lawn chair)
    Clifford (guitar, soda, teddy bear, shades, director chair, cell phone, magazine)
    Blind Pew & Black Dog (gunpowder, calico, sword, old tom, real old tom, spotty)
    Lew Zealand (fishes, bucket, popcorn, 3D glasses, paper towel, penguin)
    Ex: Scarecrow Kermit & Mo (hat, crow, corn, angel Marie, manual, jack o lantern)

    Series 6
    Statler & Waldorf (chairs, playbill, scorecard, 3D glasses, popcorn, TV, veggies)
    Floyd & Zoot (guitar, saxophone, hat, cases, speakers, albums, jukebox)
    Walter & Chip (newspaper, suitcases, headset, tape, crate, penguin, clapper)
    Clueless, Monty, & Polly (sword, gun, dead tom, treasure chest, map, rat)
    Ex: Chili Pepper Gonzo & Gary Cahuenga (trunk, penguin, guitar, cheese, record)

    Series 7
    Robin (teddy bear, lunchbox, coloring book, crayons, photo of Kermit, trunk)
    Sweetums (club, crate, suitcase, bucket, tree, rubber duck, Christmas star)
    Digit & Zondra (manual, computers, keyboard, Waldo, hammer, wires, remote, TV)
    Lips (trumpet, speaker, album, lunchbox, lava lamp, Java, baseball diamond)
    Ex: Scout Robin & Kermit (manual, trunk, backpack, binocular, trail mix, eggplant)

    Series 8
    Swedish Chef (bowl, cleaver, spoon, radio, penguin, chicken, cake, fruit)
    Sam (podium, American flag, book, constitution, clipboard, penguin, Mr. Rudd)
    Deadly, Behemoth, Shakey Sanchez, Droop, & Gloat (organ, ghost, skull)
    Uncle Lenny, Luncheon counter, JG, & Beautiful Day (club, flowers, rat)
    Ex: Usher Scooter (soda, candy, cup, 3D glasses, popcorn, poster, flashlight)

    Series 9
    Sal (bananas, cake, orthopedic book, planner, coat, record, box of cannolis)
    Spamela(picture of herself, hairdryer, cooler, towel, Nigel, robe)
    Pops (chatter teeth, TV, coffee, newspaper, desk, gaffer, guest book)
    Big Mean Carl & Pink Frackle (carrot, bunny ears, bat, squash, bunny, & tie)
    Ex: Tux Sal, Robin, & Penguin (banana, cake, lemonade, fish bowl, book)

    Series 10
    Phil & Mulch (tape, caged monster, mail, eggnog, gargoyle, jar, brain, cabinet)
    Andy & Randy (Zippety, sandwiches, headsets, tapes, boom mike, TV, phone)
    Beauregard (hat, mop, rubber duck, anvil, harmonic, fridge, rat, bucket)
    Sweater Vest Gonzo (camera, photos, clapperboard, clipboard, fedora, coat)
    Ex: Pajama Kermit, Robin, & Gonzo (cereal, Baab, newspaper, table, toaster)
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  16. Waiter Grover

    Waiter Grover Member

    Long time reader of this forum here's my Fraggle Rock line.:smirk::dreamy::coy::sigh::excited:

    Series 1
    Gobo w/hat, guitar, maps, stacks of postcards, backpack, lantern, & Ditzy
    Red w/trophies, posters, rumble-bug, radish bars, ribbons, hammock, & flute
    Doozer Pack w/Doozer-sticks, blueprints, tools, & Doozer-construction
    Convincing John w/singers, hat, cane, melon, & Flying Batworm

    PVC set: Gobo, Red, Boober, Wembly, Mokey, & Uncle Matt

    Series 2
    Boober w/basket of laundry, socks, radishes, stick, harmonic, pot, book, & rag
    Wembley w/Cotterpin, trike, yo-yo, shirt, basket of radishes, ladder, & melon
    Doozer Pack w/Doozer-sticks, tools, & Doozer-construction
    Murray w/guitar, Tumbrell Doozer, Doozerstick Bridge, & canteen

    Set: Trash Heap w/Philo & Gunge

    Series 3
    Cantus w/pipe, Inkspots, Wrench Doozer, Doozer-tower, & music-rock
    Mokey w/Lanford, dairy, easel w/portrait, brush, radishes, & watering can
    Doozer Pack w/Doozer-sticks, vehicles, tools, & Doozer-construction
    Brio w/Balsam, Hammerhead Doozer, Doozerstick tower, drums, & castanets

    Mega: Junior w/radishes, club, salt & pepper shakers

    Series 4
    Matt w/postcards, backpack, gnomes, hat, notepad, pen, mailbox, & map
    Sprocket w/bed, bowl, ball, slippers, postcards, & Fluffenella
    Doozer Pack w/Doozer-sticks, tools, & Doozer-construction
    Brool w/ Crosscut Doozer, Doozerstick Bridge, banjo, & satchel

    Mega: Pa w/crown, cage, & radishes

    Series 5
    Swimsuit Red w/Flange Doozer, ladder, towel, banners, & pool
    Large Marvin w/box of crackers, water bottle, radishes, & Feenie
    Doozer Pack w/Doozer-sticks, tools, vehicles, & Doozer-construction
    Storyteller Fraggle w/books, lamp, table, bookcase, stack of books, & chair

    Mega: Ma w/knitting needles, pie, & radishes

    Series 6
    Sidebottom Boober w/Whoopee Cushion, cap, staff, mask, dartboard, & darts
    Pebble Pox Gobo w/bed, tea, Doozer, & Doozer-sticks
    Marlon w/Wignut, Fraggle-horn, pebble, & Doozer-sticks
    World Oldest & Henchy w/throne, walking stick, & history book

    Ex: Detective Red w/magnifying glass, radish bar, & Doozer

    Series 7
    Pebble Pox Wembley w/bed, tea, Scoop Doozer, & Doozer-sticks
    Trash Heap Mokey w/painting of Batworm, thimble-bugs, & Rotary Doozer
    Doozer Pack w/Doozer-sticks, tools, vehicles, & Doozer-construction
    Fire-chief Fraggle w/Architect, hose, ladder, & Doozer-construction on fire

    Ex: Tux Matt w/hat, melons, drinking glass, and bottle of Whoopee Water

    Series 8
    Uncle Gobo w/Begoony, cactus, walking stick, & map
    Sir Blunder-Brain w/sword, shield, helmet, compass, & Doozer
    Mean Genie w/hat, lamp, floating stand, wishing well, & sack of coins
    Vacation Matt w/Doozer statue, stick, Doozer-sticks, radishes, & compass

    Ex: Retro Gobo w/ guitar, greaseberry leaf, 1st postcard, & Doozersticks
  17. LaRanaRene

    LaRanaRene Well-Known Member

    Series 1:
    1. Kermit with Robin, a desk, a banjo, and a log
    2. Miss Piggy with Foo-Foo and mirror
    3. Rowlf with a piano and a Beethoven bust
    4. Scooter with Digit and clipboard
    5. Gonzo in a removable tuxedo, a sweater, and a daredevil (both of which you can put on him), a cannon, and Camilla
    6. Muppet Show stage playset with sign and Beauregard
    Series 2:

    1. Fozzie Bear with mic and Irving Bizarre
    2. Walter with rats (Rizzo, Yolanda, and Bubba)
    3. Uncle Deadly and Bobo
    4. Lew Zealand and Pepe the King Prawn with barrel of fish
    5. Chip and Marvin Suggs with computer and Muppaphone.
    6. Muppet Show backstage with Hilda
    Series 3

    1. The Electric Mayhem (Dr. Teeth, Floyd Pepper, Janice, Animal, Zoot, Lips) with their instruments and Clifford
    2. Johnny Fiama with Microphone and Sal Minella
    3. Big Mean Carl and Behemoth (both with open mouths to put small characters in) with Bean Bunny
    4. Sweetums and Frog Scout Robin
    5. Dr. Bunsen Honeydew with Beaker and potions
    6. Pigs in Space playset (can put in Muppet Show stage set) with Link Hogthrob and Julius Strangepork
    Series 4:
    1. First Mate Piggy with two Swinetrek members
    2. Skeeter (Muppet Show Comic Book version) with Bill the Bubble Guy
    3. Sam the Eagle with a podium
    4. Statler and Waldorf with George the Janitor
    5. Phil Van Neuter with Mulch and Droop
    6. Muppet labs set (can fit into Muppet Show stage set) with Quongo
    Series 5
    1. At the Dance set with female blue Loudmouth whatnot, Wayne and Wanda, and Tuxedo Kermit
    2. Mildred Huxtetter with pink piano
    3. Thog with Mahna Mahna
    4. Muppet Newsman with desk, background, and Snowths
    5. Tuxedo Rowlf with Tuxedo Baskerville and Beautiful Day Monster
    6. Veternarian's Hospital set (can fit into Muppet Show stage set)
    Series 6
    1. Dr. Bob, Nurse Piggy, Nurse Janice, and Muppet announcer
    2. Angel Marie, Clueless Morgan, Mad Monty, and Polly Lobster
    3. Crazy Harry with the push down bomb thingy
    4. The Swedish Chef with pots and a shrimp
    5. Taminella Grinderfall with Shakey Sanchez and Angus McGonagle
    6. Swedish Chef cooking set
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  18. Blue Frackle

    Blue Frackle Well-Known Member

    Palisades already hit the ball out of the park with the Muppets, so I don't really see the point in speculating on those.

    I really loved the way Palisades included two popular and two obscure characters per wave, and by the time of about wave 5 it balanced itself out.

    muppetspot2, I really like your stuff. Figures of Harvey Kneeslapper, Sherlock Hemlock, Lefty... dear God. Don't forget Don Music as well. :D I wonder how deep Palisades would've went with their SS line, because I feel like it had more characters than The Muppet Show, but something tells me pretty deep since there were already rumors of a Roosevelt Franklin figure as early as wave 2.

    My only complaint about the Palisades Muppet line is how they released Stunt Gonzo, Tuxedo Rowlf and Sam Arrow before their regular selfs, but this was pretty much the greatest action figure line ever, right? No Muppet-bias even included.

    Here's my SS wave 1:

    Kermit (reporter's jacket, mic)
    Ernie (letter E, rubber duckie, brick wall)
    Cookie Monster (cookie)
    Captain Vegetable (carrot, celery)
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  19. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    Well thank you, Blue Frackle I actually been working on a better list than my old one still has Fan Faves but, no "risky" muppets as Lefty, Don, Harvey, & others I can't remember. I will still have fan faves like Forgetful, Biff, Herry, Hoots, & others.

    PS:You might want to switch out Ernie's E for a D. ;)
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  20. Waiter Grover

    Waiter Grover Member

    I might replace Mean Genie floating stand with a glass of radish beer.

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