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Which Muppet are You Most Like

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by Gelfling Girl, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. JanicesMainDude

    JanicesMainDude New Member

    20% Floyd - Laid backness
    20% Aminal - "Woman! Woman!"
    10% Statler/Waldorf - Sarcasm and love of heckling
    20% Kermit - As far as work ethic, Im usally the go-to guy
    10% Cookie Monster - I love to eat
    10% Oscar - In the mornings, not a morning person
    10% Sam the Eagle - Love America

    how did I do, Gelfling Girl?
  2. Gelfling Girl

    Gelfling Girl Active Member

    Yeah, that seems fairly accurate, but less Floyd, more Animal. ;)
  3. Kiki

    Kiki Active Member

    For me... I'm a mixture of Fozzie (I'm persistant and I try to make an effort with things, I also find it hard when telling people off), Gonzo (*lol* I am very much like him. I give things a shot, I'd like to think that I'm open-minded, obscure things appeal to me and many people *do* find me a little on the quirky side), Wembley (I'm flexible and I try to get along with everyone. I also find it very hard to make decisions. *cough*Libra*cough*), Mokey (I like art and writing, but generally-speaking I'm concerned about the feelings of others- I'd like to think so, anyway. I probably do, but just too much) and Rizzo (I can be cynical and extremely sarcastic).
  4. MeepMeepBork

    MeepMeepBork Member

    I think I'm a combination of...

    Gonzo - I am a weirdo. Always have been. I have some pretty weird mannerisms, and I'm passionate about certain things that most people just don't understand (my Muppet obsession, for one :D).

    Fozzie - I love to make people laugh, and some people actually do think I'm funny while others just shake their head.

    Kermit - When I get frustrated, I let it build to the point where I explode. But after one little outburst, I'm back to my normal self.

    Scooter - When I got my first job at an ice skating rink when I was about 13 or 14, I remember being just as eager and energetic as Scooter (I think I ever slipped up one time and called my boss "chief" ;)). Not much has changed. I still work at that same rink, with more or less the same attitude, and I'm still "the kid" around there. Also, I've noticed, while rehearsing with my theatre troupes in high school and college and in the community, that I love to watch the craziness unfold, without always getting involved in it (I swear, every theatrical production I have ever been a part of has been just like The Muppet Show backstage. Maybe that's why I love theatre so much. :D). And whenever I'm not acting, I'm often called upon to serve as a gofer.

    Zoot - Most of the time, I'm pretty laid back and quiet. But when I start talking, I start talking.

    Rizzo - Sarcasm is just another free service I offer.

    Statler and Waldorf - I love to heckle. 'Nuff said.
  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I feel like I am like just about every Muppet. I often feel like Kermit, in that at times I feel like I'm more logical than everybody else (resulting in me getting annoyed), and at times I feel like Sam the Eagle in that I may feel moralistic but everybody esle doesn't seem to see eye-to-eye (not even logical Kermit-types). And at times I feel like Fozzie, making jokes that others may not care to hear. And there are the times I feel like Gonzo. And I even feel like those who don't have any apparrent personality, like Lips or Doglion.
  6. Sweedums

    Sweedums New Member

    I think that's why the Muppet's are loved by so many.They are so human.I couldn't say who I am the most like.Maybe.....30% Gonzo. Just weired and feel don't like I belong any where.30% Fozzy the bear. I like to make people laugh.30% The great Mumferd. My love for Magic.10% Animal. Good heart but not easy to understand..01 %. I don't remember his name but the guy with the boomerang fish.
  7. beatnikchick300

    beatnikchick300 Well-Known Member

    I'm a bit like Janice and Rizzo (total granola chick, but also a super-sarcastic big eater).
  8. beakerboy12

    beakerboy12 Well-Known Member

    I'm a mix of Gonzo, Fozzie, Rizzo, Pepe, and Floyd. I'm sometimes weird and crazy like Gonzo, not making much sense at times. Like Fozzie, I love to make people laugh. Also like Fozzie, the jokes don't always make sense. I'm sarcastic like Rizzo too, while I'm like Pepe because of my love of money. And I'm like Floyd, cause' I love to sing!
  9. Sweedums

    Sweedums New Member

    I would have to say......25% Gonzo. Just weird and wanting to belong.25% Fozzy. Enjoy making people laugh.25% Mumford the Great. My love for magic.15% Animal. Good heart but not easily understood.10% Sweedums, Good heart but a bit of a temper.
  10. Pug Lover

    Pug Lover New Member

    I would say I'm most like :).Gentle and sensitive.Easily intimidated.Level headed.Stand my ground.
  11. HeyButtahfly

    HeyButtahfly Well-Known Member

    Annie Sue Pig. It seems like every time I've thought it was my time to shine, there's always been a larger-than-life girl who stepped in front of me and hogged (pardon the pun) the spotlight for herself. I've never gotten to be a Miss Piggy, for better or worse.
  12. beakerfan76

    beakerfan76 Member

    I have a reputation of being a younger Statler and Waldorf. I heckle a lot.
    I'm also kinda like Dr. Teeth with his "out there" persona and his music skills.

    That said, I can do plenty of Muppet impressions.
  13. Lil0Vampy

    Lil0Vampy Member

    I'm probably:

    30% Zoot- I'm pretty quiet, sleep alot, tend to zone out, and when I do talk, it's usually random and has nothing to do with the topic c:
    30% Rizzo- One person told me this, and it took me a while to realize they were right. I tend to play straightman to my best friend (A combo of Gonzo and Lips) and I'm very sarcastic.
    20% Cookie Monster- :D okay, I have to admit it. My love for food, especially sweets, is a big part of my personality, as well as my gut :/
    10% Johnny Fiama- I was told this because I'm a singer, and I love Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. I personally don't see it, but oh well.
    10% The Muppet Newsman- XD I love watching the news, and I honestly get hit in the head alot.
  14. CountFan1998

    CountFan1998 Active Member

    I think I'm....

    :), because I'm gentle, sensitive, and can really blow my top, rarely.

    :concern:, because, in short, I'm weird. I also like to do crazy things.

    :o, because I like to make people laugh. But, however my jokes don't stink!
  15. Frozann

    Frozann Member

    A combo of those:

    - Miss Piggy. I'm a lot like her in appearance, and, sometimes, temper.
    - Kermit/Scooter, because I'm either leader either leader's first mate.
    - Marvin Suggs, jokingly, because I work with my dogs in a way Marvin does (not literally and not really!)
  16. Gloria85

    Gloria85 New Member

    I'm most like Mokey Fraggle.
  17. ilovemusic

    ilovemusic Active Member

    I'm most like...
    *Zoot. During a disco at my school (it was 10 pm) I fell asleep...
    Also, I am always sleeping during the lessons...
    And I always wear a hat like his.

    *Fozzie. If I tell a joke... you know.

    * Miss Piggy. If someone into my class isn't nice to me, i'll hit him... "HIYAAAAAAA!"
  18. Gonzo's Hobbit

    Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    I think it depends on my mood. Today I felt like Kermit when he gets majorly stressed. I'm very much like that at times. I can be in charge and lead others by inspiriation but when something starts going wrong I have a tendancy to freak. (I know Kermit doesn't do that too often but when I get that way I thnk of when he gets that way.) Other times I'm just like Gonzo, wild crazy and weird (but if you look you can see a method to my madness) Many a time I feel like Wembley Fraggle (especially that seen in "the Beast of Blue Rock" when he closes his eyes and then throws himself into a wall. My thoughts tend to do that to me at time) I'll let y'all know more when I think of other things.
  19. GoboDeadly95

    GoboDeadly95 Active Member


    Well, I'd like to say Gobo. However, I have to say I'm an intersting cross between Gobo, Wembly, Mokey and Scooter. I've been told I dress and look quite a bit like Scooter and I play the role of go-fer often between my family and friends. Gobo because I like to think of myself as brave and I'd be crushed if I was unable to help and protect my family and friends forever and ever. I've also been told I have a knack adventure and leadership. Wembly mostly because I am THE singlr most indecisive [sp?] person on earth. I also have a tenency to really need people. Mokey because well I'm a poet and dreamer who loves taking care of people and I do like to think my advice is good. Oh and according to my mom I have a Sam the bald eagle glare when I get really mad at someone. :attitude:
  20. Son of Enik

    Son of Enik Member

    In the eyes of others as well as myself, I am most like Sam Eagle. I believe that order must be kept, no one should forget their manners and when people are being unruly in my presence I get very frazzled. Besides all that, I am very patriotic too.

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