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Which ones are worthwhile to buy?

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Princeton, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. Princeton

    Princeton Guest

    I have Burlesque :sleep: and :boo: and that's all, which is really embarassing. Anyway, I would really like to start a collection and was just wondering if you guys had any recommandations. Thanx!!!!!!
  2. caper

    caper Well-Known Member

    Buy the Top 6:

    Kermit (Standard)
    Ms. Piggy EB exclusive with long hair
    Fozzie (Standard)
    Gonzo w/ Camilla (Standard)
    Scooter (Standard)
    Rowlf (Standard) Coming Soon w/ Playset

    Then Buy the Electric Mayhem:

    Dr. Teeth (Standard)
    Floyd (Standard)
    Janice (Standard)
    Zoot (Standard)
    Animal (Standard) w/ drum set
    Lips (Standard) Coming Soon

    Then finish it off by buying:

    Prof. Bunsen (Standard)
    Beaker (Satndard)
    Rizzo (Standard)
    Lew Zealand
    Sam the Eagle (Standard) Coming Soon
    Pops w/ Gaffer Coming Soon
    Swedish Chef w/ White shirt Coming Soon

    Then if they make it buy:

    Lubbock Lou
    Annie Sue
    Lewis Kazagger
    Gonzo w/ sweater vest from Muppets Take Manhattan

    If they do make them then buy:
    Crazy Harry
    Muppet Newsman

    Then if you have time buy:
    Waldorf and Statler (Standard)
  3. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    What about Johnny and Sal? Can't leave them out. Johnnys sculpt ALONE! :)
  4. rexcrk

    rexcrk Well-Known Member

    Uhhh, all of them are worthwhile of course! :D :halo: but seriously

    my favorites are Kermit (regular), Gonzo and Camilla, Dr. Teeth, Swedish Kitchen playset, Johnny Fiama, Rizzo, Sam the Eagle from Muppet Treasure Island and Scooter.

    I gotta wish you good luck in your figure hunting. I was unfortunate that I started too late and missed Bunsen, the Electric Mayhem stage w/ Animal, Floyd, and Zoot. Fortunately I was able to get Scooter, Rowlf, Crazy Harry, and Lew Zealand from amazon.com. My story is that I saw the Muppet figures when they first came out and I was like "Hey, those are really cool, but I don't wanna get involved w/ another collection" but I picked up Gonzo 'cause he's my favorite character. Then when series 4 came out I saw Sam and, MTI being my favorite Muppet movie, I got it. Then I was like "Ok, I gotta have all these!" and got as many as I could find from the older series. Now I'm only missing Bunsen, the Electric Mayhem stage w/ Animal, Floyd, Zoot, and the Pigs in Space characters (if I find them cheap I'll get them, but I'm not really interested in them).
  5. Raech

    Raech Well-Known Member

    I am writing this as if money is an issue.

    Naked series 1 Kermit
    Suncoast long hair Miss Piggy (only exclusive that is a must)
    Dr Bunsen
    Dr Teeth (I had to have the whole band if you don't then pick the ones you like if any)

    Series 2 Scarf and hat only fozzie bear
    If you like Crazy Harry and find him on clearance like I did, go for it.
    Floyd Pepper (I want whole band
    I got this Gonzo from series 2 out of fear that no other would come out (purple suit one is better it has Camilla and she and he rock)

    Series 3 Scooter
    Lew if he is on sale and/ or you have a fondness to him as I did (still bought on clearance)
    I bought this Rowlf for the piano & bust, but Naked Rowlf with the upcoming back stage set will be the ultimate to me, though less points of articulation.

    I skipped Sam the Eagle from MTI but may get him on sale later (better articulation) but I am buying naked Sam. And I may customize him so he doesn’t look MTI (his hat comes off).

    I bought Link and Dr Strange Pork cos I had to have the whole Piiiiiiiigg iiiiiiin spaaaace! thing. It was my favorite skit.

    Regular jacket Rizzo (only buy repaints or exclusives if you like them best). Only if you are a fan. I love the rats.

    All of series 5 for me (Janice –regular, Pepe he is very fun, Gonzo and Camilla a MUST) (newsman only if he spoke to you on the show. He did me).

    series 6 two words Statler & Waldorf!!!! These guys are a must. Trust me they are very satisfying in their Victorian chairs.

    I passed on Fozzie (officer bear) from this one and passed on Clifford. He never appealed to me on MT.

    Series 7 I bought Beaureguard cos I think he will look great in the backstage playset and I was won over by the mop pail and mop (I was shocked that was the reason I was gonna pass on him).
    Johnny Fiama (not a huge fan at first then I saw the figure. One of my favorites now.
    Need inspiration see the Christmas movie again. I went for Pinstripe though I had a hard time picking just one of the 3.
    Ok Robin's props almost won me over (picture the campfire to do the Muppet Movie campfire scene) but I hate Robin so I passed (wavered when I found he fits into the trunk he comes with but passed. Passing on this Kermit. Not into the MTI figs.
    Only Sam MTI was tempting.

    Next series Naked Sam (as I said a must) I do admit to preferring shifty eyed (I may re paint normal eyed to shifty to save $$$.
    Marvin Suggs cos the Muppaphones are cool. Violence and cute all wrapped into one.
    The other two (Dr Phil & usher scooter) I don't care for.

    In my opinion all 4 of the play sets are a MUST so far 5th will be backstage.
    If you are not into Pigs in space (PIS) then skip this set. Though you can still buy Link and Dr Strange pork cheap they are fun, and they can be played with backstage or anywhere since muppets went all over.

    Beaker and his set are very fun
    Swedish Chef and his set also VERY fun
    and who doesn't want to beat drums with animal?
    PIS hasn't come yet but since they are my fave from the show wooohooo for me.

    Only exclusive you HAVE to have is glamour piggy from Suncoast.

    Though I wish like heck I had the Lobster Banditos from the S Chef excl. it was too much $$ for me. (Pout)

    Series 9 probably only get POPS for me for in the backstage playset.

    Base it on playability and your favorites. If one calls to you like Johnny did me get it and play with your toys!

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