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White Tux Rowlf & Holiday Kermit

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by LooseJello, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. LooseJello

    LooseJello New Member

    Sorry about the multiple posts but I cant edit subject headings in the old one.

    Ok so I am looking to get rid of my collection still. Need money and most importantly, need space. I have tons of references on another heavily populated board (Simpsons).

    Everything is MOC / MIP
    WTR and HK are in hand and looking mighty fine.

    Make an offer, we'll work something out.

    Bunsen Honeydew
    Dr. Teeth

    Crazy Harry
    Blue-Shirt Floyd
    Red Shirt Floyd

    Blue Shirt Vacation Fozzie x 3
    Red Shirt Vacation Fozzie (loose)
    Long Haired Piggy x 2
    Crash Helmet Gonzo

    Red Shirt Zoot
    Yellow Shirt Zoot

    White Tux Rowlf
    Holiday Kermit
    Invisible Beaker
    Invisible Spray Fozzie
  2. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Is it presumptuous of me to offer $10 on HK and $20 on Invisible Beaker?
  3. dubb311

    dubb311 New Member

    I will give you 5 dollars each for both gonzo's
    and 6 for both zoots each. Please email me and let me know dubb311@aol.com
  4. LooseJello

    LooseJello New Member

    I am looking to make at least cost back, so no can do on any of ya'lls offers.
  5. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    what was your cost on the items then? YOu might re-list everything with a "starting at" price and accept bids on items here?
  6. dubb311

    dubb311 New Member

    Yeah don't say make me an offer and than say I want cost tell us what cost is. The Invisible beaker cost is 20, HK was 20 and you must be implying that you want ebay cost. So 55 for Inv. Beaker, 50 for HK 150 for White get real. We are real collectors not scavengers from ebay. Thanks any ways. You should state that in the beginning.:confused:
  7. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    I'm still interested to see what you're asking prices are, so I'll wait for the list.

  8. LooseJello

    LooseJello New Member

    Whoa whoa who take it easy Dubb311... we've dealt with each other before, so calm down. Cost = Retail for things like regular series figures. As for the exclusives make at least a reasonable offer. Jebus, and actually my exclusives costs vary... and as they are exclusives make an offer, I would most likely go below going ebay rate. You don't have to get so defensive about it. And I doubt ebay buyers are "scavengers" they are collectors too. I am gonna auction it off on ebay one of these days as I get no reasonable offers here.

    What I paid for for these figures
    IB = $50
    HK = $60
    WTR = $23

    Obviously on the exclusives I would like more, that's just the way it goes.

    Lastly, it would do yall well to email me, as I had not turned on email notification, that way we could actually get to the dealings.
  9. Luke

    Luke Active Member

    Well needless to say, for someone on here you got robbed on the first two !

    You might want more for the exclusives but seeing as you couldn't even manage to get them at a decent price yourself you'll have a hard time finding schmucks here for any 'dealings' !

  10. dubb311

    dubb311 New Member

    Sorry if I sounded cranky. I would be interested in the WTR if you are selling it for 23 please let me know. That I can do or something close. Please respond to me at dubb311@aol.com Thanks sorry
  11. DigitalBohemian

    DigitalBohemian New Member

  12. dubb311

    dubb311 New Member

    I would give you 50 for the WTR
  13. DigitalBohemian

    DigitalBohemian New Member

    Ok then. I'll pay $55 for WTR.
    I feel like I'm on some kind of twisted eBay game show.:o
  14. dubb311

    dubb311 New Member

  15. DigitalBohemian

    DigitalBohemian New Member

    Whatever dubb will offer you I'll offer you more...
  16. dubb311

    dubb311 New Member

    What ever Bohemian offers I can offer better and quicker and smoother and sweeter and I will even throw my dog and mother in.

    J/k I am interested please email me if you want, but if you want to sell it to Digital that is fine to. I already have one, but I like one sealed and one to play with.
  17. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Active Member

    I'm actualy looking for another REG Dr teeth and Reg RED Floyd, I'm gonna check a few stores first though. i want to buy anoher reg Kermit and piggy too..all gifts for people who like the characters, besides kermit, cause i wanna make a custom fig of him;-)

    Zack)Rowlf the, what no Dr. Teeth repaints?;-)j/kDog.
  18. DigitalBohemian

    DigitalBohemian New Member

    Have pity on me. I'm a poor boy who doesn't even have one... :(
  19. Towson26

    Towson26 New Member

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