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Who remembers Grouchytown?

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Splurge, May 29, 2002.

  1. Splurge

    Splurge Member

    I originally posted this about a year ago, but new members are always showing up, etc.

    We all know about Grouchland, of course. Been there, done that. But about decade before Grouchland there were episodes about Grouchytown, I think a two-part series at least. They were so hilarious, the kind you go out of your way to see more than once.

    One episode deals with Oscar taking grouches from Grouchytown on a tour of Sesame Street, and they act in disgust on how nice everyone is. One grouch in particular ignores Oscar's precaution about wearing a hat to protect him from being patted on the head. It was either a Richard Hunt or a Marty Robinson grouch who plays this ever-suffering grouch, moaning in agony "He patted me on the head!!!"

    The other episode was probably a continuation - Oscar took Bob on a tour to GrouchyTown which was the polar opposite of Sesame Street, with a break-it shop and one ultra-nice woman who lives there. (I think it was Carol Kane, I've recently learned.) But Bob kept embarrassing Oscar with his niceness and singing and the two of them were told to leave. Poor Oscar.

    It's probably a long shot, but does anyone else remember either of these or even have caught them on video? I'd love to see them again and wonder if they have been run on Noggin?
  2. matleo

    matleo Active Member

    I remember the one where Oscar and Bob og to Grouchytown. Don't think I saw the first one. I remember Carol Kane and the Break-it shop, but little else.

  3. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    I remember parts of it, especially Carol Kane (wasn't she the woman who played Latke Gravas's wife on "TAXI"?) I think a series of clips were in a montage during a song she sang on that episode were shown on the ABC special about 7 or 8 years ago.
  4. GrouchFanatic

    GrouchFanatic Member

    Grouchytown was actually shown in episodes 2648 & 2899 (a rerun of 2648) & 3 residents, Velma, Otto & Worby were introduced in episode 2538, all of which have pages on the Muppet Wiki
  5. GrouchFanatic

    GrouchFanatic Member

    The name of the long suffering Grouch is Worby

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