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Winter holiday themed fanfics

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Slackbot, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. Slackbot

    Slackbot Well-Known Member

    There are plenty of fanfics based on Winter holidays. Wouldn't it be nice to have a thread for them? Wouldn't it be a stroke of genius to create a thread in which people can plug their favorite holiday-type fics with a link and a description? No, no, no need to thank me.

    Anyway, please plug holiday-themed fics here with a link and a description. Please don't post the actual story here, just a link. And do feel free to plug your own fics, which is just what I'm doing.

    I've written two myself. Although Christmas is gonna be the major holiday represented, mine are based on The Festival of the Bells, which Fraggles celebrate on the winter solstice:

    Trials and Tintinnabulations: an epidemic sweeps Fraggle Rock right before the Solstice. Cam Boober save the colony with the aid of an unlikely "angel"?
    This story is available as a message board thread, and I have also made an illustrated, downloadable E-book version.

    The Minstrel's Path: This is me biography of Cantus the Minstrel. Chapter 23 is an expanded rewrite of the classic episode The Bells of Fraggle Rock, this time from Cantus's point of view.
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  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Since you asked so nicely, here are a few I'd like to promote myself.

    One More Letter
    Author: Arianne (Muppetfan44).
    Summary: When the Muppets return to Claire's home for the holidays in Letters to Santa, Kermit tries his best to fulfill one more letter's Christmas wish.

    Christmas Stars Glow Brightest (A fanfic one-shot)
    Author: Matt (Beauregard).
    Summary: A nice little bit of Christmas cheer sent by the Muppet Theater's resident janitor/handiman to their leading lady pig.

    MiniBook 1: Magical Moments (A One Shot Christmas Story)
    Author: Beth (redBoobergurl).
    Summary: Taking place in the Rowlf's Stories fanfic series, Rowlf the Dog and his fiancée Wanda the Cat experience their own version of the traditional Gift of the Magi.

    Another Very Merry Muppet Family Christmas Story
    Author: Bob (superboober).
    Summary: This is what happens when A Muppet Family Christmas gets expanded to include more Muppets all arriving at Grizzly Farms for the holidays. Throw in the theft of the famed Baseball Diamond by a cast of Muppet villain all-stars and you've got something truly epic.

    Author: Catherine (Ruahnna).
    Wrapping Up
    Summary: Kermit should have known better than to sneak downstairs to peak at what Piggy left him beneath the Christmas tree.
    Scrooge Revisited
    Summary: Following up after the ending of The Muppet Christmas Carol, Scrooge does his best to prove he truly has changed and holds the spirit of Christmas in his heart every day of his life.

    Bittersweet Christmas
    Author: Claudia (BeakerSqueedom).
    Summary: A Christmas moment shared between the daredevil artist and the diva of the Muppet Theater.

    Minibook 1: Tidings of Comfort and Joy
    Author: Kris (newsmanfan).
    Summary: Taking place around Muppet Family Christmas, we find out how the Newsman was able to join the Christmas celebration.

    And here are a couple of my own fics to contribute to the cause.
    A Muppet Family Gathering
    Basically this is my own version of a sequel to A Muppet Family Christmas involving not just Muppets, but people I've come to consider friends from my years on the forum at the time the fic was posted.

    December Delights
    From my Calendar Oneshots, this was a little bit of wintery fluff written for myself but meant to be enjoyed by those who followed the series.

    There are other fics I could plug, but I'll let their respective authors come and do that themselves. Happy holidays.
    *Leaves a few coffee chocolate 1 cookies for Kim and Jan.
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  3. Slackbot

    Slackbot Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the cookies and the recommendations! This is just what I was looking for. I'll check some of these out. The fics, not the cookies. Well, of course I'll check those out too. Ah, Jan? Mind leaving me one of those?
  4. AlittleMayhem

    AlittleMayhem Well-Known Member

    I'm actually in the process of writing my own Christmas story this year, although whether I'll get it done before Christmas is entirely vague at the moment.

    Besides that, I did write this quick oneshot a couple of years ago;

    Thankful Heart
    In which Skeeter gets more than just the holiday spirit during Christmas.
  5. AlittleMayhem

    AlittleMayhem Well-Known Member

    Double posting for more self promoting;

    Sam's Family Christmas
    Sam loves and hates Christmas for many reasons. Most of which he'd rather not talk about. But one Christmas Eve, he is forced to face those reasons head on and question what is really family to him, whether he likes it or not.
  6. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    So Slackbot, I know you said there's no need to thank you, but I firmly disagree. I feel the need to lavish praise upon you. This is a brilliant idea.

    A Gift
    A cute little one-shot that has something to do with a six-ounce frog and a harmonica. Not really specific to the holiday season, but very much in that mood.

    Christmas Cheer
    As the Muppets prepare for Christmas, Animal finds himself questioning the existence of Santa, and it's up to everyone else to help him find his holiday spirit.

    A Cup of Kindness
    A random stranger stuck in an airport on Christmas Eve finds herself welcomed with open furry arms into the mayhem that is the annual Muppet celebration of the holidays.
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  7. Slackbot

    Slackbot Well-Known Member

    Thanks to everyone who plugged their and others' fics. This will be quite the useful reading list!
  8. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    I've read most, if not all of these stories before, and I've loved them all! I'm bumping this because I thought it might be a useful resource to others, particularly some newer authors. Plus, who doesn't love Christmas?
  9. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    Here's mine:
    Another Muppet Family Christmas: Your favorite Muppet characters from The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock and a few new friends visit Grizzly Farm for the holidays again, but when one member of the gang is missing in the middle of a snowstorm, will the holiday be merry?

    I'd like to write a Fraggle Rock holiday fanfic someday, but I don't have any ideas yet.
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