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World of Disney (featuring The Muppets)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by muppetwriter, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Not just on FanFiction.net, but also on a site called Disney-Dreams.net (which is WoD's initial "birthplace", lol). I'm glad that MC will be in sync with the other forums after I post the next chapter, because it'll be less confusing that way while I'm posting them on the three forums. ;)

    Oh, and thanks for spoiling everyone on what happens next, Count! LOL! :p jk
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Well, if you hadn't posted Ch 21 there wouldn't have been anything to spoil. So take that. :attitude: J/K.

    Seriously dude, please post more though.
  3. GonzoLover85

    GonzoLover85 Well-Known Member

    Ya, I'm with Count.
    I normally don't like fan-fics, I have a hard time getting into them (sorry to all you other writers out there) but for whatever reason I'm sucked right into this story.

    I don't know whatever happened to make me like this so much, maybe it's your subtle Lost references that are getting me. Who knows; whatever happened, happened. ;)
  4. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    GL, that was an awesome reply! I actually enjoyed reading your comment so much that I forwarded it on the official Facebook page for the story earlier! Thank you so much! Whatever is engaging you into WoD - and I know for sure it's got to be both the LOST references and the plot - I hope it continues as I get new chapters posted soon! :)

    Chapter Twenty-One: Realm Zone – 1992​

    A bright sun bore down on Joanie as she awakened from her unconscious state. Slowly, she sat up and looked around to see where she was. Much to her immediate shock, she was in the middle of a barren desert, miles and miles of dunes as far as the eye could see. Panic quickly struck her as she cried out into the windy atmosphere, “Is there anybody out there? Hello!”

    Of course, there was no answer.

    The situation was becoming far more terrifying than she could have ever imagined; unfortunately, it was no one near as terrifying as her other problem: she had no idea who she was. As hard as she tried, she could not remember. She was not even certain how she arrived in that desert, wearing nothing more than a bright tie-dye t-shirt and bell bottom pants (not much protection from the windy, sandy atmosphere she was currently in). All she knew was how scared she was and that her headache was killing her.

    Just when the young redhead (a result of her previous “adventure”) started to believe all hope was lost for her, she heard the neigh of a horse close to her. She turned her head in its direction and spotted a darkly clad stranger riding on horseback, heading right towards her. A hopeful smile appeared on her face, believing her luck to have finally been looking up. What she did not realize was the stranger was in actuality Jafar, the demented sorcerer from the land of Agrabah; however, to Joanie, he was a blessing.

    Once Jafar neared her location, he brought his horse to a full stop, allowing her to approach. “Thank goodness you’re here! I was beginning to think I was going to die out here!” Joanie exclaimed.

    Jafar and his pet parrot, Iago, glanced up and down at her, noting the strange clothes she wore; they were like nothing he had ever seen before. “Who are you, young lady?” he asked.

    “I honestly don’t know.” Joanie hopelessly said. “I just…woke up here…in the middle of nowhere…without a single clue of whom or where I am.”

    Jafar eyed her a little more closely, a grin emerging upon his face. “I might be of some service to you,” he said while reaching into a sack latched onto the right side of his saddle and pulling out a dark beige cloak that he tossed to Joanie. “Here, take this. It will be nightfall soon and the desert isn’t much kinder in its climate then.”

    Joanie looked at the cloak in her hands and smiled to Jafar. “Thank you. You’re a very nice man.”

    In response to that compliment, Jafar’s grin widened with glee.


    Joanie traversed across the desert on horseback with Jafar and Iago until night had arrived. She was more than thankful when nighttime came and felt how cold the desert became. The cloak Jafar provided was working well against the harsh climate, keeping her warm the entire time. During the ride across the desert, Joanie wondered where exactly Jafar was taking them, yet she did not dare to question him after saving her life.

    When they arrived upon a large dune, Jafar stopped his horse and waited. Within moments, another rider appeared on horseback, coming straight for them. He stopped and immediately jumped off his horse. “You…are late,” Jafar told the man.

    “A thousand apologies, o patient one.” The man remarked before he noticed Joanie with Jafar. “May I ask who your ‘friend’ is?”

    “She is no concern of yours, Gazeem.” Jafar dismissed. “Your only concern should be of the item I have requested you to bring.”

    “Ah, yes. My half of the medallion.” Gazeem said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a golden object that was peculiar in design. Jafar reached out to take it from him, but Gazeem yanked it back and said, “Ah, ah, ahhh! The treasure!”

    Suddenly, Iago leaped from his perch on Jafar’s shoulder, squawking as he flew by Gazeem and callously snatched the item from Gazeem’s grasp. He brought it to Jafar, who pulled out his own half of the same medallion. “Trust me, my pungent friend. You’ll get what’s coming to you.”

    “What’s coming to you! Awk!” Iago squawked.

    Joanie watched with interest as Jafar brought the two halves of the medallion together, creating the design of a scarab. It then glowed in its golden hue and flew directly out of Jafar’s hands. The effect scared their horses, nearly knocking Joanie off the one she shared with Jafar. They watched it soared across the night atmosphere, briefly illuminating the dunes it traveled above.

    “Quickly, follow the trail!” Jafar exclaimed, motioning for his horse to chase after the flying medallion. He chased right after it with Gazeem and his horse following close behind.

    The glowing speck of light that was the scarab medallion traveled far across the desert until it reached another large dune (larger than the one the group departed from) and separated into two on its own. The halves plunged into the dune, leaving only two glowing points of light remaining on the dune. When Joanie, Jafar, and Gazeem arrived at the scene, they were all shocked to see the dune suddenly rise up and transform into the giant head of a lion with the glowing points of light serving as eyes for the manifestation.

    Out of everyone in the group, Jafar was the most ecstatic upon witnessing the startling sight. “At last, after all my years of searching…The Cave of Wonders!”

    “Awk! Cave of Wonders!” Iago squawked.

    “Groovy!” Joanie uttered, even though she had no idea what the word meant.

    Jafar then directed his attention back to Gazeem and instructed him, “Now remember…bring me the lamp. The rest of the treasure is yours, but the lamp is mine!” Jafar sounded very intent and direct on his instructions, which were clear as a bell to Gazeem.

    The pint-sized peddler made his approach to the mouth of the lion, which formed as the entrance to the cave, chuckling greedily with every step he took. Just as he reached the entrance, he was unexpectedly blown away when the cave roared upon speaking. “Who disturbs my slumber?”

    The deep, dark tone of the cave’s voice brought chills down Joanie’s spine as she listened – never before having seen or heard anything like it, much to her very limited knowledge. She nervously looked on as Gazeem boldly addressed the cave. “It is I…Gazeem…a humble thief.”

    The cave eyed Gazeem sternly and stated, “Know this…Only one may enter here…One whose worth lies far within…A diamond in the rough!”

    Gazeem turned back to Jafar, who motioned for him to move forward into the cave. The peddler appeared very apprehensive about entering the lion’s mouth, taking heed of the words put upon him by the lion itself. Was he really this “diamond in the rough” the mystical creature requested him to be? Only one way to find out…he moved one foot inside the cave, planting it down. After a brief moment, nothing happened; consequently, Gazeem was relieved and continued on his trek.


    Then came another roar from the lion – it knew he was unworthy of entering the cave. Quickly, Gazeem turned and attempted to run away from the cave; unfortunately, the lion’s mouth slammed shut directly over him. The doomed peddler disappeared within the dune, as it collapsed back to normal. All that remained the sudden turn of events were Joanie, Jafar, Iago, and the two separated halves of the medallion.

    Having been knocked off the horse and into the sand, the three beings emerged from separate areas and brushed off the sand covering their bodies. Joanie was stricken with horror from the scene that occurred, screaming to Jafar, “What was that? What just happened?”

    “That, my dear, was an example of the enchantment that surrounds the land of Agrabah.” Jafar revealed. “Does it terrify you?”

    “Heck, yes, it does!” Joanie answered. “But, at the same time, it also intrigues me as well. Does this stuff happen to you all the time where you’re from?”

    Jafar grinned. “Yes…this ‘stuff’ does occur more often than normal – mostly due to my practice in the arts of magic.”

    “Wow. I’d really love to see more of what you can do.”

    “Then come with me to Agrabah and I’ll teach you.”

    Joanie smiled on his offer. She then heard Jafar’s horse neighing nearby, trying to get out from some sand its feet were buried beneath. Running to the horse, she left Jafar alone with Iago, who retrieved the two halves of the medallion for his master and took his place back on Jafar’s shoulder. What happened next could only have happened when no one else was near: Iago spoke to Jafar in plain English. “In case you’ve forgotten what just happened due to the beautiful redhead we’ve picked up…we’ve got a huge problem here! That Gazeem jerk couldn’t even step one foot into the cave! We’re never gonna get a hold of that stupid la…!”

    Jafar interrupted Iago’s ranting by simply pinching his beak shut and calmly stating, “We might have discovered the solution to our problem, my feathery friend…in the form of our new ‘beautiful redhead’ companion. If we can mold her into the perfect sorceress, we might not need a ‘diamond in the rough,’ but just a simple…loophole.”

  5. GonzoLover85

    GonzoLover85 Well-Known Member

  6. Bannanasketch

    Bannanasketch Well-Known Member

    I need to catch up on my reading! So far, I'm up to Chapter 14 but I'm going to keep reading! I think this is an amazing story with some stuff that you can only get away with in fanfiction. :)
  7. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Chapter Twenty-Two: Time Zone – 2010​

    “So…you two ladies are from Baton Rogue, and you’ve never seen any frogs like Robin and me there?” Kermit inquired to Joie and Gina.

    Joie shook her head and answered, “Nope…not one. And you’ve never seen people like Gina and me there either?”

    Robin shook his head also. “Nope.”

    “Well, what does that mean?” Scooter asked.

    “It means that the two ladies are from a parallel universe.” Bunsen stated. “It’s the only reasonable deduction, considering the differences between spots. While Kermit and Robin are aware of a Baton Rouge, Louisiana with members of their family, Joie and Gina are simply familiar with people who can…er…alter their facial appearances drastically.”

    Gina frowned at the Muppet scientist. “Well, you were the one who asked for a demonstration.”

    “Yes, but I did not expect to need a change of underwear afterward.” Bunsen sheepishly remarked.

    “Wow!” Bean exclaimed. “Isn’t this amazing? We have people from another time and people from another dimension all under one roof. It’s like a great science fiction movie!”

    Stargate, okay.” Pepe uttered.

    Meanwhile, Beaker typed a few keys into the computer and a loud, brief buzzing sound emitted from the Magic Gateway. Once it passed, he meeped to Bunsen, pretending to dust off his hands.

    Bunsen turned to Beaker, seeming a little amazed. “Beaker, you fixed our radiation issue?” His assistant meeped a happy response. “Splendid, Beaker!”

    “Does that mean ya’ll can fix them?” Clifford asked, gesturing to Ciciley, Kimberly, and Meagan, who were still acting as if they were Princess Jasmine, The Mad Hatter, and Cruella De Vil.

    “And also get Joanie back from wherever she is?” Robin added.

    “Well, yes and no.” Bunsen answered.

    The others looked very confused, leading Kermit into asking, “Yes and no to which parts?”

    “Yes, I can bring Joanie back; no, I cannot fix your friends… not yet, at least.” Bunsen clarified. “I can pinpoint Joanie’s current location through the computer. Now that Beaker and I have corrected its functions, finding her and her mother will be much simpler now.”

    “Well, she’ll be ecstatic to hear that, once we get her back.” Kermit said.

    Clifford seemed a little offended of how the older Muppets seemed to negate the other situation at hand. “Now, wait a sec! Let’s try and focus on the here and now, man! Three of our friends think they’re Disney characters, not to mention Tracy is lying on the floor over there, still unconscious! Maybe we can try and focus on all of this for a minute before we…”

    “Hey, buddy!” Scooter yelled to Clifford. “Our friend is in trouble, too! She’s probably in bigger trouble than any of your friends ar…”

    “Hey, hey, no need to blow our tops, guys.” Bobo quickly interjected. “We’re all just trying to do the right thing here.”

    “That’s right.” Fozzie agreed with the other bear. “Standing here arguing isn’t going to help our friends.”

    Observing the scene, Joie whispered to Gina, “Weird how the bears are the cool-headed ones in all of this.” Gina concurred with her sister’s sentiment with a simple nod. Joie then stepped forward and spoke out to the Muppets. “Hey, I’ve got an idea. Since half of ya’ll wanna help this Joanie chick, why not send that half out through this little machine of yours, while err-body else stay here and do their thang?”

    The Muppets pondered over Joie’s idea, finding the marvelous logic in it.

    Kermit smiled and stated, “Excellent idea. We’ll take a vote on who stays and who goes. Everyone who wants to go and find Joanie, raise your hand, flipper, or paws.” Robin, Fozzie, Gonzo, Scooter, Kermit himself, and even Bobo all raised their arms.

    Rizzo glanced surprisingly at Bobo. “You wanna go into dah insane machine?”

    “Hey, everybody else gotta chance. Can’t I have one?” Bobo remarked.

    “I want to go, too.” Bean spoke up, raising his paw. “Going into a world based on Disney sounds pretty cute.”

    “Trust me, amigo. Once jou go in, it won’t seem so ‘cute’.” Pepe warned.

    Kermit nodded and lowered his hand along with the others. “Then it’s settled. We’ll go and find Joanie, while the rest of you take care of things here.” He then turned to Bunsen and asked, “Can you send us to Joanie’s exact location?”

    “Not precisely, Kermit,” Bunsen elucidated, “but I can place you within the closest proximity of the world she’s in.”

    “Well, that’s good…I think.” Kermit remarked.

    Joie smiled upon witnessing the vote amongst the Muppets. “I might get in on this myself. What about you, Gee? You gonna chill here or go with us?”

    “No, thanks.” Gina cautiously answered. “I’m happy stayin’ right here ‘til ya’ll get back. I’ve got no problem holdin’ down the fort while you’re gone.”

    “Suit yourself.” Joie acknowledged before walking to the Magic Gateway and observing it. “So how do ya’ll work this thing?”

    Bunsen pressed the button on the computer that achieved the newly repaired door to the Magic Gateway’s chamber. Joie reflected from the surprising action, as were Clifford, Bobo, and Bean. In response to Joie’s inquiry, Bunsen instructed, “You simply step inside and the machine takes you across time and space to your requested destination – in this case, an area called…” He slightly adjusted his glasses while gazing upon the computer screen. “…Agrabah.”

    The ears of Ciciley (Jasmine) perked when she heard the name of the location. “Agrabah! That is my home!” She went to Joie, grabbing her arm and pleading, “Take me with you! I must get back to my father – I’m all he has left!”

    Joie was not entirely sure of what to do; she gazed towards Bunsen, hoping for some type of suggestion.

    “Let her go with you.” Bunsen recommended after careful thought. “Perhaps actually being in the world could snap her out of this persona.”

    Shrugging with an uncertain grin, Joie told Ciciley (Jasmine), “Sure…of course you can come.”

    Ciciley (Jasmine) smiled and appreciatively said, “Thank you.”

    “C’mon. Let’s go.” Robin anxiously beckoned. “The longer we spend time here, the more danger Joanie could be in.” The little frog sighed and added, “I really hope she’s alright.”

    Realm Zone – 1992​

    The Sultan’s palace stood majestically at the center of the enchanted city of Agrabah, its structure practically glistening under the bright morning sun. In the back section of the palace was a beautiful garden, complete with an equally beautiful fountain that had sparkling water flowing through it. Sitting by the fountain was a young princess named Jasmine, daughter of the Sultan, who stared long and hard at her reflection in the water. However, Jasmine was not staring at herself in admiration of her magnificent beauty, but rather because something was entirely amiss. Even though it was Princess Jasmine in the reflection, the thoughts and feelings she possessed belonged to Ciciley Thomas.

    Ciciley could not figure out how it happened. One minute, she was standing in the basement of the Muppet Theater and hearing a weird buzzing sound; and, in the next minute, she was standing in the Sultan’s palace as Princess Jasmine. Undoubtedly, the strange occurrence was courtesy of Bunsen Honeydew’s machine, which experienced yet another “hiccup” that sent Ciciley not only out of her own dimension, but out of her own body as well. Not that she was carrying any serious qualms over it; she actually enjoyed being one of her favorite Disney princesses…for the time being.

    A low, heavy purring sound was heard close to her, and she quickly noticed Rajah – Princess Jasmine’s pet tiger – slowly moving toward her. To Rajah, Ciciley was Jasmine and treated her as the princess. Ciciley did her best not to fear the tiger, since he had to be Princess Jasmine for the sake of those in the world she was trapped in. Doing her best not to hesitate, she softly stroked Rajah on the head, which encouraged the gentle tiger to purr even more.

    Ciciley smiled and said – in Jasmine’s voice, “Good tiger. Nice tiger.”


    It was the Sultan.

    Ciciley turned her head at the moment she heard his voice to see him enter the garden area, looking very giddy at the moment. Once he saw her sitting with Rajah by the fountain, he exclaimed upon running to her, “Oh, Jasmine! There you are! There’s something I must tell you!”

    She smiled, knowing exactly what she was going to say before he even could say it. “I know, Father. I know. You have another suitor for me to choose to marry. But I’m not going to choose him, because I’m not truly in love with him, and Rajah will just scare him off.” Rajah seemed delighted by that last part, smiling as Ciciley said it. “So you can just send him away, because I know my true love is still waiting for me out there…somewhere.”

    The Sultan stared at her with a perplexed look upon his face. “Erm…well…I s-suppose that would be one thing to tell you, if there was a suitor coming today…but I’m afraid there isn’t.”

    The confusion then turned to Ciciley upon hearing what the Sultan told her. “Really? Then what did you come to tell me?”

    “I’ve come to tell you about Jafar and the woman he is courting.”

    Ciciley reacted with surprise and worry. Events were not transpiring at all like they originally had in the story, which left her to believe her involvement in it was altering things. Then again, Ciciley was only involved as Princess Jasmine…not as herself. Something was definitely wrong – that much was certain to her.

    “Uh…who did he choose, Father?”

    “Someone quite magnificent.”

    All heads turned to the doorway leading into the garden to see Jafar (with Iago perched upon his shoulder) with a figure standing close behind him in the shadows.

    “Princess Jasmine…Your Majesty…I present to you, my new bride…Dawn!”

    Out from the shadows appeared a young redheaded woman wearing a burgundy outfit that was very alluring yet intimidating in nature, complete with a midriff and a belt buckle with a unique skull design. She looked like nothing Ciciley had ever seen in the Aladdin mythology before – and she literally was not. This “Dawn” character was completely new to the story, and she was the very reason these new events had transpired. However, Dawn was not an unfamiliar figure to Ciciley; on the contrary, she knew exactly who she really was.

    Dawn was in actuality Joanie Navarro!

    “Greetings, Sultan.” Dawn said with an empowering voice that Joanie was never known for carrying. “It is a pleasure to be in the presence of you and your beautiful daughter.” She looked to Ciciley and bowed to her.

    Ciciley gazed upon Dawn/Joanie in total disbelief, seeing the shocking appearance and persona that her mother was taking up. Whatever Jafar had done to her, it was far from pleasant.

    Realm Zone – 1989​

    Brandy stood in one place and fiddled with the holographic displays projected on her wristband, while Sean paced back and forth on the beach, trying his best not to scream out anything offensive to her. Noticing how distraught he was, Brandy told him, “She’s alright, Sean. Really, she is. She’s only lost maybe seventy-eight percent of her brainwaves, while the other twenty-two percent is still technically Ariel’s.”

    “Oh, wow. Thanks. Makes me feel a lot better.” Sean said in great sarcasm.

    “Hey, I’m not seein’ you come up with any ideas, Da…!”

    She quickly stopped herself before she uttered something that she was not supposed to. Sean caught her mid-blunder and stopped pacing long enough to curiously glance at her. There was an awkward moment of silence between them, and then Brandy calmly changed the subject.

    “Look, the best part is that we know where she is. All we need to do now is go there and find her, which is what you’re about to do right now.”

    Sean reacted to her instruct with confusion and offense. “Wait! Wha…? Me? Well, what will you be doing?”

    “I’m going to get Bella and Michelle.” Brandy informed while reading some information from her wristband. “According to my readings, they’re in the Winnie the Pooh realm. Why they are, I have no idea; but I’m going to get them, and you’re going to find Joanie.”

    “Wait a minute.”

    “We don’t have a minute, man! Every second counts!”

    With that established, Brandy pushed in bits of information onto the small holographic keypad above her wristband. Before he could try to say another word, Sean’s form engaged in reanimation and vanished from the beach. Once he was away, Brandy keyed in another bit of information on the display and deployed herself to the same process, disappearing within only seconds.

  8. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Chapter Twenty-Three: Realm Zone – 1992

    The Sultan was so thrilled by Jafar’s new “bride” that he canceled any plans he had for arranging a meeting for a suitor with Jasmine (Ciciley) and dedicated the rest of the day to celebrating and getting to know Dawn. The woman who Ciciley personally knew as Joanie Navarro was sharing dinner with her, Jafar, and the Sultan, sitting on the floor around a table decorated with the finest Arabian tableware. Ciciley was in no mood to eat anything in front of her; she was squarely focused on Dawn, trying to figure out what had become of her mother. Was it an effect of the unusual mishap that occurred with Bunsen’s machine – similar to what happened with her?

    “Jasmine, is there anything wrong, my dear?” The Sultan questioned.

    Ciciley snapped out of her focus and looked to the Sultan, appearing slightly off-course. “I-I’m sorry?”

    “You haven’t touched your dinner since we’ve sat down.”

    Ciciley looked down upon the meal – a piece of roasted pork with a few chopped vegetables – made with the greatest delicacy she had ever seen (only the best for royalty). She smiled and picked up her fork, poking into one of the vegetables. “I’m fine, Father. I was just…admiring Jafar’s new bride.”

    Jafar grinned with wicked satisfaction. “Yes, she is rather wond…”

    He stopped as soon as he turned to Dawn and noticed what everyone else suddenly noticed along with him: Dawn brushing her hair with her fork. It was the most peculiar thing Jafar and the Sultan had ever seen; Ciciley, on the other hand, had seen it done before by Ariel in The Little Mermaid. Not only was Joanie taking on an entirely different persona, but she was mimicking actions done by another Disney character. Ciciley could not help but to be a little amused, yet she maintained caution to stay focused on whatever was happening.

    After giving her hair a good brush with the fork, Dawn cleaned the strands of red hair off of it and used the utensil to eat her dinner next. Jafar was bemused and disgusted by the bizarre action. Clearing his throat and trying to regain constitution, he continued, “Yes, she is rather…wonderful.”

    Ciciley figured it was time to finally get to the bottom of the mystery. She asked Dawn, “So…how long have you and Jafar known each other?”

    “We are soul mates, Princess Jasmine.” Dawn remarked. “From our perspective, Jafar and I have known each other for centuries. You might call it…reincarnation.”

    Her words sounded incredibly symbolic to Ciciley, as if Joanie somewhat knew what had happened to her. Ciciley hoped that she did, or her solution to this problem would be met with much difficulty. “Well, I’m certainly happy for you two.” Her words were forced with mocked delight; she had to sell the moment long enough to throw Jafar and the Sultan off. As far as Ciciley was concerned, no other characters within that realm had anything to do with the matter.

    “So when shall the wedding be, Jafar? I-I mean, that is to say, should I prepare a ceremony for the people of Agrabah to attend?” Sultan suggested, sounding very giddy and nervous all at once.

    “There is no need, Your Majesty.” Jafar rejected. “Dawn and I shall hold a private ceremony in your throne room…tomorrow!”

    Ciciley was taking a sip from her cup at the moment the sudden proclamation was made, and she choked on the red liquid, coughing loudly before everyone. Greatly concerned, the Sultan looked to her and asked, “Jasmine, are you all right?”

    Gasping for air, Ciciley answered in a low voice, “Fine…Father.”

    A loud boom sounded from outside the palace, and everyone turned to the nearby window to see dark clouds emerging from the horizon, lightning streaking out from them. “Oh, dear,” the Sultan uttered, “there is quite a storm on the approach.”

    Dawn’s bright blue eyes focused hard on the stormy clouds as she quietly added, “And someone’s coming with it.”

    “What was that, my bride?” Jafar curiously asked.

    She looked away from the window and to Jafar with zero emotion showing on her face. “Nothing, my love. Nothing at all.” Even Jafar was slightly struck cold from the emotionless stare she was giving him. For a brief moment, he began to have doubts about this young woman he found in the desert, brought to the palace with him, and committed to showing her the dark arts of sorcery. Once a girl who had no memory of herself, she was suddenly finding a personality all on her own.

    Ciciley observed the exchange between Jafar and Dawn; she knew something was up, especially from the weird statement that Dawn muttered. Who was coming with the storm?


    The fierce storm loomed over the desert regions outside of Agrabah. Intense winds blew through the area, kicking up large portions of sand. Lightning streaked across the sky, emitting brief flashes of light over the dim atmosphere. Any close observers would see that it was no regular storm; it was more intense. Certain bolts of lightning were close to the ground, striking bits of sand.

    Finally, one giant bolt of lightning hit one particular dune, creating an eruption of sand. However, sand was not the only thing that erupted from the impact; human and Muppet bodies soared as well. Kermit, Scooter, Gonzo, Fozzie, Robin, Bobo, and Bean arrived at the scene with Joie and Jasmine, all of them wearing hooded Arabian cloaks. One other was added to the fray as well, and that was Sean, wearing his own cloak. Everyone was scattered not very far from each other over the sandy plain.

    Joie was the first one to get to her feet, but it was quite a chore in doing so. She felt dizzy and her vision was slightly hazy. Once things started to come in focus, Joie looked across the plain to see Sean get to his own feet; a huge smile suddenly grew on her face upon seeing him. “Bro!” she exclaimed, running directly to him. Taking him by total surprise, she tackled him back to the sand and practically squeezed the life out of him. “I oughta kill you for makin’ Gina and me worry so bad about you!”

    Sean fought to get air back into his lungs. “You’re…doing…a good job…of that…already!”

    Joie let go of him and looked into his eyes; unfortunately, that was when the smile faded from her face and a heavy frown emerged. “You ain’t my lil’ bro!”

    “Really…what gave it away?” Sean asked, albeit with a hint of sarcasm.

    “You have brown eyes; he has one blue and one green.” Joie gazed upon Sean with confusion and slight interest. “Who are you, man?”

    “My name’s Sean…or, to you, ‘Sean of Earth Prime’.”

    “Yeah, I’ll stick wit just ‘Sean,’ thank you.”

    As the two of them got to their feet, Sean shook his head in disbelief and uttered, “Man! How many of you are there?”

    “Huh?” Joie exclaimed.

    Before Sean had a chance to explain, he and Joie heard the others moaning as they sat up. The first person Sean noticed in the group was Ciciley (Jasmine). He ran to her as she got up and asked, “Sis! Cici! Are you okay?”

    “Cici?” She said, looking up at him. “My name is Jasmine. But I am okay, just…a bit stunned.”

    Sean stared at her, looking completely baffled, until Joie cleared things up for him. “Uh, yeah. She’s been flipped by this radiation or somethin’ from that lil’ lemon-headed dude’s machine. She thinks she’s Princess Jasmine.”

    “Oh, boy.” Sean lowered and shook his head in distraught. “The same thing happened to my mother, who is the reason I’m here right now.”

    “You mean Joanie thinks she’s a Disney character, too?” Robin inquired, listening in on the exchange from a couple of feet away while being checked upon by his uncle.

    Sean nodded. “At least she did before being sent here. According to Brandy, she’s lost at least seventy-eight of her brainwaves, which can only mean she has partial amnesia.”

    “Who’s Brandy?” Bean asked.

    “Yeah, and what does ‘amnesia’ mean?” Bobo added.

    Seeing the two Muppet characters, Sean reacted in great displeasure. “What’re you two doing here? Do you have any idea how dangerous it is to even be in this place?”

    “Well…Pepe did try to tell us that.” Bean sheepishly said.

    “And you didn’t listen to him?”

    Bobo and Bean responded to that question with bizarre expressions, which led Sean to rethink whom he was talking about.

    “Oh, yeah. Right.”

    “Well, we’re all here anyway,” Scooter indicated, “so we might as well just stick together as much as we can.” He then stared up to the stormy skies and added, “We’ll definitely need to, if we’re gonna escape this horrible storm.”

    The others looked upward as well, seeing the storm that appeared somewhat unnatural. Sean looked back down to ground level and saw the endless miles of dunes surrounding them. “There’s no way we’ll be able to find Agrabah in the middle of all this.”

    “I’ve traveled these deserts with my father in our royal caravan many times in the past.” Jasmine revealed. “I know exactly how to get us there. Follow me.”

    The group did as the princess requested and followed her lead. As they had done so, Joie grinned and muttered, “Glad we brought her along after all.”


    With Jasmine leading the entire way, the group arrived in Agrabah a lot sooner than anticipated. Upon their arrival, Sean urged the Muppets to cover their faces with the cloth from their cloaks to avoid unwanted attention from Agrabah residents. However, as they walked down one of the many streets within the enchanted city, hardly many citizens filled it. All of the residents were taking shelter from the approaching storm, which was the strongest one they had ever seen. Some of the residents, who were considered to be part of a lower class (known as “street rats”), were not able to take proper shelter; instead, they hid in the nearest secluded alley, bundling together to stay warm.

    Jasmine looked on at the families – many of them large in size – forced to be on the street during the fierce storm; she felt like crying at the dismal sight of them. “This is horrible. These people shouldn’t have to be outdoors in this.”

    “Those poor children.” Bean observed along with the princess. “Pepe was right, Bobo. This isn’t cute. This isn’t cute at all.”

    “We can’t turn back now.” Kermit stated, pointing to the Sultan’s palace, which towered over all of Agrabah at the edge of the city. “Joanie’s got to be in there.”

    A large boom sounded from the sky, alarming the group.

    “Well, let’s move, before this storm gets any worse than it already is!” Sean suggested, urging the group to move down the street much quicker than before.

    The group rushed down the street, passing through several residents rushing to their homes to hide from the storm. When they finally approached the massive double doors of the palace, they were met by the lawful hands of three palace guards – two standing at opposite ends of it and one at the center. The center one was the tallest and most muscular, speaking with a tone of authority while addressing the group. “Halt! No one is allowed in the palace without permission – especially no street rats!”

    Jasmine stepped forward and addressed the tough guard. “Captain, you will let us inside.”

    The captain guard laughed. “By whose order?”

    “By order of me…Princess Jasmine!”

    The guards instantly busted out in laughter, pointing to Jasmine, whose persona did not appear to show through the form of Ciciley. Joie, seeing no point in trying to convince the guards of the truth, decided to take matters into her own hands. Moving faster than the naked eye, she charged at the captain of the guards and pinned his body against one of the doors. With fierceness in her voice, Joie demanded while face-to-face with the captain guard, “Let us in or I’ll bust you to pieces, dude!”

    Before she knew it, Joie heard the sound of swords being unsheathed from left and right. Looking both ways, she noticed that the other two guards were pointing Arabian swords at her head. The captain guard arrogantly laughed, pushing Joie away from him and drawing out his own sword. “You’ll regret threatening me, street rat!”

    Scooter shook his head with a groan, telling Joie, “You had to go with the ‘direct approach,’ didn’t you?”

    “Hey, it don’t work wit err-body, okay?” Joie remarked.

    Before the guards could take action on the group, two small, red objects flew in from above and hit the two regular guards upon their heads. Another one soon appeared and struck the captain square in the face, splattering its contents all over his eyes and blinding him in the process. Taking advantage of the distraction, the group ran from the guards, moving away from the palace, much to the chagrin of Robin. “Wait! What about Joanie?”

    “Right now, I’d be much more concerned about us, Robin!” Kermit exclaimed.

    Not before long, a young, barefoot street urchin wearing a purple vest, white pants, and a small red fez appeared from the corner of a nearby alleyway just as the group approached. With him was a small and slender brown monkey wearing a red vest and hat with red at the top and purple at the bottom, observing the scene along with his human friend. Once the group was within earshot, the young man exclaimed, “Hey! Over here!” They stopped in their tracks and noticed him beckoning for them to follow. “This way!”

    The group followed the young street urchin into the alleyway, which was dim enough to seclude themselves from the pursuing guards. As soon as they saw them pass by and continue down the street, unaware of their location in the alley, they knew for sure they were in the clear. Fozzie sighed in relief and showed his gratitude for the young man’s kindness. “Wow. Thanks, pal. You did us a huge favor back there.”

    “Yeah, you really saved our skins and the hairs on them.” Gonzo added.

    “I speak for all trillion of mine.” Bobo uttered.

    The street urchin chuckled at the silliness in the gratitude that was shown to him. “No problem. I outran those guys this morning. You’d think the Sultan would hire better help these days.” He then extended his hand to Sean and said, “Name’s Aladdin. And this is Abu.” He gestured to the monkey on his shoulder, who screeched a happy greeting.

    Sean, who was already familiar with the street urchin at the moment he saw him, shook his hand before gesturing to himself and the others. “I’m Sean and these are my friends Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Scooter, Bobo, Bean, Robin, and Joie.”

    Aladdin waved hello to the group, but he centered his focus on one particular person within it – Jasmine. However, it was not the Jasmine who Aladdin was supposed to have met, but rather an avatar of sorts. Approaching her, he said with an enchanting whisper, “And who is this?”

    Jasmine smiled at the way he was staring into her/Ciciley’s eyes. “My name is Jas…”

    “Ciciley!” Sean exclaimed, stepping right in between the two, his tall frame blocking Jasmine from Aladdin’s sight. “She is my sister…and she’s a little crazy.” He circled his finger around his ear for emphasis.

    Listening to Sean, Jasmine grinned, clearly seeing how he was trying to stick her with an identity that was not her own. Of course, after the mishap with the palace guards, she knew it was probably for the best. Still, Jasmine was quite enthralled with the young street urchin who they just met. Aladdin’s bravery was unlike any the Princess of Agrabah had seen before.

    “Well, it’s great to have met you all. You seem like decent people. That’s why Abu and I helped get you out of that jam with the apples we threw.” Aladdin stated, sharing a high-five with his monkey friend. “Why did all of you try to get into the palace anyway?”

    Sean knew that he could not reveal too much to Aladdin, so he made up the best lie he could think up. “Well, uh…we’re not from around here. We figured it wouldn’t hurt asking for…directions?”

    The others shook their heads in disgust – it was the worst lie anyone could ever make up.

    “You’ve gotta be a total idiot to buy that one.” Scooter whispered to Kermit, and the frog nodded heavily in agreement.

    “Well, that makes sense to me.” Aladdin remarked, surprising everyone – including Sean himself. “But you really shouldn’t be out in the middle of this crazy storm. Abu and I have a place not very far from here. You all can take shelter there.” Abu screeched his displeasure with Aladdin’s offer, but Aladdin simply ignored all of it.

    Sean masked gratefulness, doing his best to politely refuse Aladdin’s offer. “Oh, well, I don’t think…”

    “We would love to.” Jasmine stepped around Sean, making herself visible to Aladdin as she accepted the offer on behalf of everyone. She shot a dirty look at Sean, who did not seem very pleased.

    “Great! This will be a lot of fun!” Aladdin said with a smile.

    “Yeah,” Sean muttered, faking enthusiasm. “It’ll be a real blast.”

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    "Good grief the comedian's a bear!"
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    Chapter Twenty-Four: Realm Zone – 1977​

    The sun was warm and bright as it hung in the sky over the Hundred Acre Wood – it was the warmest and brightest Bella and Michelle had ever seen a sun before, which was saying quite a bit considering how cloudy it was most of the time where they lived. One thing that reminded the two young women much of home was the beautiful countryside they were passing through the area. It was such a wonderfully exuberant atmosphere that neither of the two sisters could help but to soak it all in. At one point in their trek through the land known famous by the Winnie the Pooh stories, Bella dropped to the soft grass and moved her arms and legs around, making an angelic figure in the grass.

    “Oh, Michelle! We could stay here forever!” Bella happily exclaimed, her heart glowing dark blue.

    Michelle smiled and giggled, her heart glowing a lighter shade of blue. “I know, Bella; but you know how Brandy would feel about that.”

    Bella stopped making her angel and sat up quickly with an alarmed expression upon her face. “Oh, no! I totally forgot how she’ll be able to find us! We’re supposed to be in the Jungle Book world.”

    A nervous hand went to Michelle’s mouth as she made the same realization. “You’re right! I didn’t think about that! Oh, Bella, what’re we gonna do?”

    Bella stood back up and comforted her nervous little sister. “It’ll be alright, Michelle. Brandy is one of the most intelligent girls we’ve ever met. When Sean went missing for days, she was right there ready and willing to help us out. She knew exactly where to find him.”

    “Yeah, but it wasn’t really him.” Michelle contradicted.

    Bella let out a deep sigh, her heart shined a fainted shade of orange. “I know, but you have to believe our real little brother is out there somewhere.”

    Michelle smirked. “I will never forget the day he showed up at our doorstep, only a few days old. He was so soft and tiny – I couldn’t stop holding him. I never wanted to put him down.”

    Bella giggled. “Me, too. I never held a baby as beautiful as him.”

    “When he opened his eyes for the first time, I was the first person he saw. Me…his second oldest sister.” Tears began to fall from Michelle’s eyes; her heart shined a light purple hue.

    Soon Bella was tearing up as well, an effect of the same deep reminiscing that Michelle was experiencing. “His first word became my one and only nickname. That little mouth of his opened when he looked at me and said, ‘Bell-uh.’” She closed her eyes, letting the tears stream down faster, and smiled. “Bless his heart. I wish I could see him right now.”

    “Me, too.” Michelle quietly uttered.

    The two sisters stood together and wept until…

    “Hey, you two!”

    Their heads turned and spotted Brandy standing a few feet across from them, her black attire a heavy contrast to the bright, sun-filled atmosphere of the Hundred Acre Wood. She did not look very happy at the moment she found the two sisters, although they were quite pleased to see her. Bella and Michelle practically ran to Brandy and gave her a huge hug, much to Brandy’s immediate surprise.

    “Oh! We’re so glad you found us!” Michelle joyfully exclaimed.

    “We didn’t think you would ever find us!” Bella said with just as much zeal as her sister.

    Brandy did not return their hugs; she simply just stood stiffly and factually muttered, “You two have only been here for five minutes.” Of course, this fact completely went over the two girls’ heads, so Brandy pretended as if she said nothing on the subject. “Guess if there’s one good thing to come from this it’s that the headbands can enable subjects to transport to another realm just from thinking of one.”

    “We were being chased by Shere Khan.” Michelle informed. “We both thought the best place to be was here in the Hundred Acre Wood.”

    Looking around at the cheery atmosphere, Brandy nodded and said, “Excellent choice. But we can’t stay here, ladies. I have some people to save and a timeline to protect.”

    Bella curiously looked upon Brandy, seeing a bit of anxiety on her face. “Have you yet to tell Sean that he’s your…?”

    “No!” Brandy hastily said. “And neither of you are going to tell him either.”

    Michelle shook her head negatively. “But it’s not fair for him to not to know…”

    “I’m not going to risk altering the past and ruining my future like that, Michelle!” Brandy retorted. “Now, seriously, can we please stop talking about this and go find…”

    She stopped talking when something small, yellow, and obese fell right in front of them and landed in some large bushes near them. It completely took the three women by surprise, and Michelle opened up the bushes to reveal a familiar bear that was “stuffed with fluff” and often described as being “a bear of very little brain,” tangled in branches and looking very distraught – even a little lost in thought. Bella and Michelle instantly let out one long “Aww” upon discovering the Winnie the Pooh in the bushes. Brandy rolled her eyes and moved her fingers through her long black hair in frustration.

    Looks like we’re going to be here a lot longer, she despairingly thought.

    Realm Zone – 1992​

    Sean rolled his eyes and moved his fingers through his short black hair in frustration while standing in Aladdin’s home, where Aladdin was practically flirting with Jasmine, who was still carrying the mask of his sister. He tried not to look at them too much as they sat by the gaping hole in his home that revealed a gorgeous view of the Sultan’s palace. Both Aladdin and Jasmine were reenacting the very conversation they had during their first time together in the film – the only notable difference was Aladdin being enthralled by Ciciley’s appearance and not Jasmine’s. The thought of it all truly bugged Sean, and this was pretty clear to Joie as she approached him.

    “Dude, are you okay?” She asked.

    His back facing Aladdin and Jasmine, he whispered to Joie, “No, I’m not. That’s my sister he’s ogling over.”

    Joie seemed a little confused from his comment. “Can we still say ‘ogling’ in a cartoon environment? ‘Cause there is a few ‘PG’ words I’ve been wantin’ to say since we got here, man.”

    Not listening much to Joie, Sean muttered his thoughts out loud, “Where is Brandy? She’s the only one who can fix this problem.”

    “Maybe she ran into traffic?” Joie sarcastically presumed, which only got her a cold stare from Sean. Joie innocently raise her hands up and said, “I’m just tryin’ to cheer you up, bro. I can still call you ‘bro,’ right?”

    Sean sighed and answered, “Yeah, sure…whatever.”

    Joie nodded and smiled. “Look, I’m sure this isn’t as serious as you’re makin’ it out to be. I mean, he’s just a cartoon character. He’s not real.”

    “I’m having a hard time believing that, considering how I was almost killed by the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, nearly eaten by Kaa in The Jungle Book, got sand in my shoes while walking on a beach for hours in The Little Mermaid, and almost got my throat cut here in Aladdin.”

    Hearing his long, harsh remark, Joie was almost at a lost for words until she said, “Well, at least you’ve still got your health.”

    Sean scoffed at her words. “And you want to know what the worse part of it all is?” He turned, faced her, and added, “I’m still trying to figure out how you fit in.”

    Joie squinted in confusion at his words and tried to ask what he meant by it until her opportunity was taken by Bobo, who looked out the large hole in Aladdin’s home and shouted, “Hey, it’s Princess Jasmine…or, uh, the real Princess Jasmine, I think?”

    Everyone looked out the window along with Bobo and saw the figure that resembled the Sultan’s daughter strolling down the street and wearing a cloak to hide her identity. To Sean, Joie, Bean, and Bobo, she looked like she was repeating the part of the story in which she escaped from her father’s palace; to Kermit, Scooter, Gonzo, Robin, and Fozzie, she was a total stranger; to Aladdin, she was just as much as a sight to behold as the other Jasmine; to the other Jasmine, she was an imposter brought upon by dark magic.

    Whomever or whatever she was, Sean was curious enough to know that he rushed out of Aladdin’s home immediately. Within seconds, Sean was on the street and face-to-face with the young woman. At the moment she saw him she smiled and joyously said, “Sean!”

    He took a step back, alarmed that she even knew his name, considering how they had never met – not counting the cast members at Walt Disney World.

    Seeing how shocked he was, the young woman who looked like Princess Jasmine stated, “It’s me, Ciciley.”

    Sean should have been even more confused at that point, but her statement made a ton of sense to him. He suddenly realized that Jasmine and Ciciley had in fact switched bodies – a possible form of reanimation. The only reason that theory came to mind was how he witnessed it firsthand in the realm of The Little Mermaid with his mother and Ariel. If Brandy was there to witness it, she would say how much of an “amazing breakthrough” it was; of course, she was not there, leaving Sean with quite a mess on his hands.

    Before Sean could ask what happened to his sister, she rushed right to him and quickly said, “Let’s not start worrying about what happened to me and instead worry about what’s happening to our mother.”

    Sean did not like the sound of what she was telling him. “What do you mean? Where’s Joanie?”

    Ciciley nodded her head toward the palace. “In there…but, Sean…she’s not herself at the moment. She’s taken on this whole new personality – thinks she’s this sorceress named ‘Dawn’. And she’s going to marry Jafar tomorrow.”

    “What?” Sean yelled in shock.

    “Who’s Dawn?” A voice said from behind them, and they turned to see Aladdin coming out of his home with Jasmine, Joie, and the Muppets.

    Jasmine stormed towards Ciciley and angrily said to her, “A better question is who you are and why you have taken my body?”

    Ciciley was slightly taken aback of the fact that she was staring at her own angry face; it had to be just as bizarre for Jasmine to stare at hers as well. She stammered for a reasonable explanation to the Princess of Agrabah, but all that came out was total gibberish. While Ciciley was having difficulty talking to Jasmine, Sean looked to the sky and noticed how much more violent the storm was becoming. The sky was literally exploding with fire; it was no longer plagued with lightning.

    “You see it, too?” Joie said, standing beside him and looking to the sky as well. “What is goin’ on up in here?”

    “I don’t know, but we’ve gotta fix Cici and Jasmine and get out of here before…” He stopped once he looked down the street, not very far from where all of them were standing, and spotted a dark figure dressed in burgundy accompanied by a large group of palace guards. They were staring directly at the group with devilish grins upon each of their faces.

    Seeing them, Joie knew the group was in trouble, yet she still bothered to ask in curiosity. “Who’s the chick?” She was clearly referring to the sinister-looking redhead dressed in burgundy, leading the pack of guards.

    “I wish I really knew right now.” Sean responded.

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    Chapter Twenty-Five: Realm Zone – 1977​

    “Think, think, think.” Pooh sat and muttered to himself after being helped out of the bush that he fell into while trying to climb up a honey tree. “Oh, bother. There was something or someone that I was trying to think about or think of…but I’m forgetting.”

    Bella and Michelle stood before Pooh, observing his moment of pondering and murmuring amongst each other of how “cute” and “precious” the Pooh bear was to them. Hearing of his dilemma, Michelle knelt down to be face-to-face with him and asked, “What was the last thing you were thinking about before falling from the tree?”

    “Oh, that’s easy.” Pooh said with a chuckle. “It was honey.” He looked up at the tree he had fallen from and pointed to the very top. “I could smell the honey when I was close to it; but, unfortunately, being a bear with very small arms, I couldn’t reach it.”

    “Bless your heart.” Bella sadly said. “I’m sure we can help you get it.” She turned to Brandy, who was sitting upon a rock nearby and fiddling with her wristband. “Brandy, don’t you have something that could help Pooh get his honey? With all of the wonderful tools you have, I’m sure there is something you could pull…”

    “May I speak with you girls for a moment please?” Brandy looked up and said without giving Bella a chance to finish her statement. From the stern way she spoke out her request, the sisters knew they were in trouble – both of their hearts glowing a pinkish color. They walked over to Brandy as she stopped fiddling with her wristband and heard her give them a strict reprimand. “You two realize that, by interfering with the story of this dimension, you’re not just putting the status of this world at risk, but our world as well.”

    “We know, Brandy,” Michelle acknowledged, “but…it’s Winnie the Pooh.”

    “We both grew up on the stories.” Bella mentioned. “Our mother used to read them to us when we were little, and we read them to Sean when he was little. It’s sort of a family tradition.”

    “So you can understand us being so excited to be here, don’t you?” Michelle asked.

    Brandy looked left and right, seeing the great pleasure in the faces of the two sisters. It was the happiest she had ever seen them since discovering them in their realm and involving them in this bizarre expedition of hers. After a long, deep sigh, she got up from the rock that had been stinging her bottom for nearly an hour and walked over to Pooh, who was still in thinking mode. “Uh, Pooh?” she said, feeling just as awkward conversing with a Disney character as she did in the Little Mermaid world. “You still want that honey from the tree?”

    “Oh, yes. More than anything.” Pooh remarked. “But I don’t wish to fall from it again.”

    Punching in a few holographic numbers on her wristband, Brandy commenced in building a schematic of Pooh’s physique. A holographic readout popped up from her wristband that noted Pooh’s height and body mass index, as well as analyzed the length and width of the honey tree. Once the array of information was inputted into the wristband, a translucent blue beam shot out from the device and placed an aura around Pooh, turning the bear from yellow to a greenish hue. He giggled from the tickling sensation Brandy’s aura gave him as he floated to the very top of the honey tree. Once he reached the hole that he got near in his previous attempt at climbing the tree, Pooh reached right inside and scooped up all the honey he wanted, putting it in his mouth.

    Pooh sang with delight as he treated himself to the honey: “Hum dum de dum, hum dum de dum! I’m so rumblee in my tumblee! Time to munch an early luncheon! Hum de dum dum!

    Over the entire time Pooh was enjoying the honey from the tree, Bella and Michelle were watching with delight and feeling proud of Brandy for helping the bear in the way she did. The two sisters then noticed how she was inputting some other information into her wristband, which – from looking at the holographic readout – appeared to be coordinates for another Disney World. Becoming worried of this, Michelle asked, “We aren’t leaving now, are we?”

    “No, I am.” Brandy said. “You two deserve a break, so I’ll leave you here until you’re ready to go back. I’ll go and look for Sean and Joanie.”

    Bella and Michelle both smiled and unanimously said, “Thank you, Brandy!”

    “No problem. Just make sure you catch that little dude in twenty minutes – that’s when the aura will wear off.”

    Michelle and Bella nodded in affirmation of Brandy’s warning while she departed from the Hundred Acre Wood in a bright flash.

    Realm Zone – 1992

    A dark alley within the city of Agrabah suddenly grew bright as a ball of sparkling gold energy emerged within it. It transfigured into a human form and finally merged into Brandy herself, donning a black, hooded Arabian cloak. She looked at herself, impressed by her new threads, and shut off her wristband to conserve its energy. Gazing around the new scenery, she was shocked from the sight of the unnatural storm that was happening above the city, fiery explosions erupting from inside the dark gray clouds. Something was very wrong, and she had to guess it was because things were happening in the realm that were not supposed to be.

    All of the sudden she heard a loud scream close nearby; it was the scream of a young woman. It was soon followed by the voice of Robin the Frog. “Let us go! We didn’t do anything wrong! Joanie, what’s happened to you?”

    “My name is Dawn, creature! And you and your companions will keep silent if you know what is best for you!”

    The voice of a character that Brandy was unfamiliar with sounded powerful and sinister, yet it was recognizable to Brandy. Slowly moving down the dark alley, Brandy peeked around the corner to see what was taking place in the area. In the street, a group of palace guards were guiding some beggars toward the palace. Amongst the beggars was Aladdin and Jasmine, but a closer glance revealed Sean, Ciciley, Kermit, Robin, Fozzie, Gonzo, Bobo, Bean, and a woman whom Brandy did not recognize. They were all led by a dark, menacing figure that – much to Brandy’s immediate surprise – was Joanie.

    “What the heck…?” Brandy muttered to herself.

    Knowing she had to get to the bottom of whatever was going on, Brandy switched her wristband back on; it was a risky move, considering the very little power left in it. What Brandy did next only endangered that small power even more. She activated a “stealth mode,” turning herself invisible in a matter of seconds. Using her invisibility as an advantage, Brandy closely followed the group as they traversed to the Sultan’s palace. Not a single one of them detected her presence, which was good news for her – as long as the wristband was retaining power.

    When the group arrived in the throne room of the palace, they were greeted by a surprised Sultan and Jafar. “Jasmine!” He exclaimed with a mixed reaction of joy and worry.


    However, it was not the Princess Jasmine that approached the Sultan and hugged him, but rather it was Princess Jasmine as Ciciley performing the action. It generated some bewildered reactions from the others, noticeably Jafar, the palace guards, Ciciley (in the guise of Jasmine), and especially the Sultan. Watching this, Brandy guessed right away that yet another case of reanimation had occurred between Princess Jasmine and Ciciley Thomas. She knew that this had to be a result of Bunsen Honeydew’s primitive machine, much like with Joanie.

    Before circumstances became even weirder than they already were, Sean pulled Jasmine away from the Sultan. Free from her grip, the Sultan approached the woman who he thought was his actual daughter, Ciciley. “Jasmine, are you alright? Dawn said she discovered you’d left the palace. Why?”

    “Fath…” Ciciley could not longer play this charade any longer; the situation had become too dire to do so. “Look, dude…I’m not your daughter. My name is Ciciley and that…” She pointed to Jasmine. “…is what I look like! Your real daughter has switched places with me for some bizarre reason or another!”

    The Sultan glanced back and forth between Ciciley and Jasmine, his head practically spinning from the rapid gestures it was making. “Wh…What? Is t-this…sorcery?”

    “Indeed it is, Your Majesty,” Dawn said, “but I can rectify it.”

    “You can?” The Sultan uttered.

    “You can?” Both Jafar and Iago repeated.

    Without saying a word, Dawn let actions speak louder than words. She gestured for the guards to place Jasmine and Ciciley side-by-side with each other and then walked right in front of them. Placing her hands on both of their heads, Dawn shut her eyes and focused long and hard. Brandy, quite the disbeliever of magic, observed the scene with little interest; however, what she had seen next made that interest grow to the point of suspicion.

    Both Dawn’s hands and the eyes of Ciciley and Jasmine glowed in an intense white hue. It was not long before Dawn’s eyes started glowing as well. The transaction lasted for only a few seconds, and everyone observing the scene as it took place did so with looks of awe and even fear. After it was done, the glowing stopped and Dawn calmly stepped back from the two women. Ciciley and Jasmine held their heads in hand and groaned, squinting hard.

    Sean cautiously approached Ciciley and asked, “Cici…are you okay?”

    Ciciley looked down at the marbled floor they were standing on and saw her reflection on its surface. It was the reflection she was used to seeing in the twenty-three years she had been alive. She smiled and looked to her brother as she exclaimed, “I’m me again!”

    “Hooray!” Bean cheered.

    “Mazel tov!” Bobo yelled with applause.

    Jasmine went to her father and embraced him again – this time as her true self. “Oh, Father! I’ve missed you so!”

    “I am not sure what has happened, Jasmine, but I am certainly grateful to see you back.” The Sultan then glanced to Dawn and added, “You are in my gratitude for bringing my daughter back to me.”

    “You can start by allowing Jafar and I to wed here in your throne room…now!” Dawn requested.

    The request was met with much surprise from everyone in the room, including Ciciley, who was part of the conversation that took place earlier on the subject. “You said that you were going to hold it tomorrow,” she said.

    “That was a conversation that you had no place in!” Dawn told Ciciley, right before she ordered the guards. “Take them to the dungeon!”

    “Oh, this is some…”

    The woman who Brandy could not recognize was quickly silenced by the captain guard when he struck her upon the back of her head, knocking her out instantly. She felt into the waiting arms of the guard as he and his men led the prisoners out of the throne room. Aladdin showed some resistance against the guards, screaming to the Sultan, “But we didn’t do anything wrong!”

    Hearing his cries, Jasmine quickly told her father, “He’s telling the truth! Father, you cannot let them be committed for nothing like this!”

    “They held your daughter against her will, Your Highness.” Dawn stated. “Such action should be met with crude punishment. I am simply keeping your daughter safe from the evil forces we are dealing with.”

    The Sultan seemed at a loss for words. “B-But…they don’t appear evil…especially not those two bears and frogs.”

    Dawn moved in closer to the Sultan and Jasmine, glaring into both of their eyes with a hypnotic gaze that plagued hers. The blue hue of them began swirling rapidly, causing Jasmine and the Sultan’s to do the same. Brandy watched closely and carefully, along with Jafar and Iago, as another display of magic (albeit dark magic) took place before them. “There is nothing to worry about here. You will focus on the wedding for Jafar and me. Is that understood?”

    “The prisoners are no longer our concern.” Jasmine mindlessly said.

    “Your wedding is more important.” The Sultan stated in the same manner. “We shall hold it here in the throne room without any further delay.”

    Seeing what just occurred, Jafar and Iago grew scared and cold.

    “I think your new ‘girlfriend’ has surpassed your level of freakiness, Jafar.” The parrot commented.

    Jafar swallowed hard and admitted, “I fear you are correct in your presumption, my friend.”

    The situation had the same effect on Brandy; but, unlike Jafar and Iago, she intended on doing something about it. As quickly as possible, she pursued the guards and followed them as they took Sean and his friends to the palace’s dungeon. If she was going to set things right in this world, she was certainly going to need their assistance to do so. With power from her wristband fading fast, she would need to resort to “old school” tactics…something she did not take much excitement in doing.

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    Hmm... And here I thought Brandy would bring Bella and Michelle with her into Aggrava uniting all parties.
    At least Jazmin and Cecily have been switched back, that's 1 down... And a whole other mess left to go in the desert dunes before even thinking of going back to 2010 to then delve into 1961 England and/or Wonderland for the others.

    We're getting to that point when Jafar freed Aladdin to get to the Cave of Wonders, wonder how that little escapade will work itself out given that there's a black betrothal to bust up beforehand.

    Oh yeah, more please!
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    I was going that route until I realized that the reason they're in the 100 Acre Wood was to get away from danger and to go back into it in the Aladdin realm would make their reason for being there in the first place kind of pointless. Plus...I have a bit of a surprise for you Muppet Central readers in the next chapter. Bella and Michelle aren't quite done in the world of Winnie the Pooh yet. ;)
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    *Presses button for Charlie Sheen soundbyte... "Bring it."
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    Sorry, folks. It'll be some time before I get another chapter up, so bear with me if you can. :o

    In the meantime, if you're checking on the official Facebook page for the story, you'll see news of a sequel that I'll be writing this summer; unfortunately, I don't have any plans to bring back the Muppets, mostly for the reason that the sequel takes place within an entirely different continuity from this story.

    Of course, this story isn't done yet, so you have plenty more chapters to enjoy your favorite characters (and I promise more familiar ones will be showing up in upcoming chapters). ;)
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    We eagerly await your triumphant return....
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    Thanks, GL! I'll try to get a chapter in this week if I can. :)
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    Been a long time - great to come back to this story after a LONG hiatus! Sadly, this one ends on a sour note, so brace yourselves...

    Chapter Twenty-Six: Realm Zone – 1992​

    Joie woke up with a snore, saliva trickling down from the right side of her mouth; she was heavily groggy, but she was able to recall what happened before losing consciousness. In an attempt to move her arms, Joie quickly realized that they were pinned to the wall that she was sitting against. Her arms were held above her head, forcing her to glance up to see her wrists shackled to the wall. Joie tried to budge through them, but she did not have enough strength to break through, still feeling very groggy.

    “It’s no use.” A voice near her said, and she found Sean and the others sitting around her, shackled to the wall in the same matter – with the notable exception of Robin, Bean, and Abu, whose small bodies were shackled from the neck down. “They’ve got us clapped good in these.”

    Joie seemed rather furious to find herself in such a position, using that fury to free herself with another mighty attempt to break through the restraints…still no avail. “Argh! This is my worst nightmare, man!”

    “It’s like a dream come true!” Gonzo enthusiastically said.

    Joie shot a puzzling stare to the weirdo and his statement.

    “We’ve got to get out of here.” Ciciley uttered. “We’ve got to stop that wedding!”

    “What does it matter? It’s just the Sultan’s royal vizier and some strange girl.” Aladdin remarked.

    The street urchin’s depiction of Joanie greatly offended both Sean and Ciciley. “That ‘strange girl’ happens to be our mother, dude!” Ciciley retorted, much to the sudden disbelief of Aladdin, who said not another word afterward.

    “So, uh…how exactly are we getting out of this dungeon?” Fozzie asked.

    No one answered immediately because no one was absolutely certain.

    “I wish Sweetums were here.” Robin said. “He would just break through our shackles and get us out of here in no time.”

    “If Animal were here, he would eat through them in less time.” Scooter added. “Then again, Animal would eat through the whole palace!”

    Joie grunted again, clearly on a mission to break through the shackles entirely by herself. Noticing her futile attempts, Sean told her, “Knock it off, Joie. You’re going to hurt yourself doing that.”

    “Shows…what…you…know!” Joie exclaimed between grunts. “If…you were…my real…brother…you’d know…how strong I am…under…PRESSURE!”


    After one intense tug, Joie’s shackles popped loose, much to everyone’s surprise. With a hearty chuckle, the heavily confident young woman told her companions, “Lesson Number One – never doubt mah skills!”


    Soon after Joie made her confident statement, the shackles holding the others popped loose just the same without a hint of budging from them. The high confidence in Joie quickly dropped. “Okay…so I’m not the only one apparently.”

    Within seconds, a figure suddenly materialized at the center of the room, shocking everyone. Sean’s shock subsided, however, as soon as he noticed that the figure was in fact Brandy. Trying to control his frustrations with her tardiness, Sean exclaimed, “Where have you been? I ought to kick your butt right now!”

    “What did I do?” Brandy innocently inquired.

    Watching how calmly Sean addressed the woman who just appeared in the dungeon, Kermit asked, “You know her?”

    “Yeah, this is the ‘Almighty Brandy’ whom I’ve been blathering on about for hours.” Sean replied.

    Brandy waved to the group with half of a smile. “Nice to meet ya’ll.”

    Ciciley glanced carefully at Brandy’s face, seeming to have recognized it a little, even though she had never met the young woman; she reminded her much of someone that she already knew. She continued staring at her face while Sean helped her up and said, “We’ll share intros later. Right now, we’ve got a wedding to stop.”

    “There’s a secret entrance over here.” Brandy indicated as she moved to a section of the cold stone walls of the dungeon and pressed against it, opening a secret passageway. When the others saw a grassy plain beyond the opening, they knew that Brandy had just revealed a secret passageway out of the dungeon.

    Watching Brandy show the way out, Joie grinned with amusement. “Oh, I’m lovin’ this girl already.”

    As the group followed Brandy out of the dungeon, Ciciley pulled Sean aside for a moment and quietly asked him, “Sean, does your ‘friend’ remind you of anyone we know?”

    “We don’t have time for a chat, lil’ sis.” Sean remarked. “Maybe we…”

    “She looks exactly like our mother…and even a little like you!” Ciciley exclaimed, still keeping her voice down so that the others could not hear.

    Sean’s focus went away from their current situation to what Ciciley just told him, raising a curious eyebrow. “What?”

    Before the conversation could have gone any further, the main topic of the conversation – Brandy – stepped up back into the dungeon and beckoned the two siblings. “Hey, c’mon, y’all! Get a move on!” As she summoned them, Sean got a good glance at Brandy’s face there and then, and he realized that Ciciley was right – Brandy had features that were a combination of himself and Joanie, but mostly the latter. Since meeting her in the ice cream parlor in Orlando, he had never really noticed until that very moment.

    Refocusing on their task, Sean did his best to take his mind off the subject and follow Brandy outside of the palace with Ciciley. The group ended up near the front staircase leading to the Sultan’s throne room, which had a more beefed-up security with at least seven guards standing at attention near the doorway. Kermit’s face cringed once he noticed the guards. “Well…so much for taking the front door,” the frog disapprovingly said.

    “Can’t we go in the same way Brandy came into the dungeon?” Robin inquired.

    Brandy checked the power levels in her wristband – a red holographic “Warning” display projecting above it. Shaking her head, Brandy informed the others, “We’ll have to go into this one cold, I’m afraid. I’ve barely got enough juice to get us back to reality.”

    “Great.” Scooter said. “Easier to get out, but harder to get in.”

    Joie smiled while coyly popping her fingers. “Ya’ll have gotta start takin’ initiative!” She then moved away from the group and headed towards the staircase. Joie was as fast as a cheetah, climbing up the gigantic staircase in less than a minute. Once she reached the top, she confronted the palace guards head-on, taking each one down with a marvelous display of Muay Thai hand-to-hand combat. The others could barely keep up with her moves because they were so quick; not even Bruce Lee could match them.

    All of the guards were down in a few seconds, and the entrance to the palace left a clear path for the group, which Joie gave the “O.K.” on with a smile and wave. Having watched the unbelievable moves that Joie displayed, Sean turned to his sister and the Muppets and said, “Where did you find her?”

    “Don’t look at me – I just met the chick.” Ciciley said.

    The team moved swiftly up the staircase and joined Joie at the top before entering the palace. Moving further and further into the complex, the redder and hotter things started to look and feel. Arriving in the throne room, the group was met with a startling sight – Jafar and Dawn standing side-by-side near the Sultan’s throne with the Sultan himself acting as a minister and Jasmine, standing close nearby, acting as a bridesmaid. There were torches lit all around the room, granting an intensely hot atmosphere that made even Jafar sweat; however, it was more fear into his sweating than heat.

    The sight made Sean, Ciciley, and especially Robin very unsettled. “Please tell me someone has a plan,” Sean said through gritted teeth.

    “Plain and simple…crash the wedding!” Joie boldly stated while smacking her right fist into the palm of her left hand.

    Joie rushed into the throne room, running directly toward Jafar and Dawn. Sean tried to call her back, but she was already within a few feet from the “couple” before it was too late. When it seemed as if Joie’s brash plan would have worked, Dawn – appearing to have sensed her presence long before she made a move – turned her sights away from the Sultan and focused on Joie with an outstretched arm. Joie suddenly froze in place and then hovered six feet in the air before Dawn; with one slight gesture, the wicked shield of Joanie Navarro sent the young woman flying across the throne room and smacking her into a wall.

    Once Joie was out of the way, Dawn soon noticed her companions standing at the entrance to the throne room. Briefly turning to the Sultan with a cold stare, she uttered, “Pause.” And on that single word, the Sultan froze from his duties as minister, standing where he was and staring off into space. Dawn then briskly strode her way to Sean, Brandy, Ciciley, Aladdin, Abu, and the Muppets in a manner that was clearly threatening.

    In a panicked state, Brandy handed something over to Sean and said, “When you get the open opportunity, put this over her head!”

    Sean glanced at the object she had given him and noticed it to be one of her headbands – the same one, in fact, that they got Joanie to wear when she took the persona of Ariel. Remembering the consequences to having the device worn by Joanie last time, Sean negatively shook his head. “No way! That’s what got us into this mess in the first place!”

    “You’ve gotta trust me on this!” Brandy pleaded.

    “LOOK OUT!”

    Fozzie’s warning came just as the group noticed Dawn tearing away a chunk of the floor telepathically and hurling it towards them. In just the nick of time, the group dodged out of harm’s way, letting the chunk of marble and earth wedge into the entranceway and blocking any possible exit. While in the process of saving his own life, Sean lost his grip on the headband and let it rolled across the floor, stopping near the unconscious Joie. As he got to his feet to retrieve the item, he heard the screams of Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Bobo, Scooter, and Bean nearby. Turning his head, he noticed Dawn using her telekinesis to juggle the six Muppets in midair – the only Muppet whose screams were of joy turned out to be Gonzo’s.

    “Ha, ha, ha! This is so cool!” The weirdo shouted.

    “Glad to see one of us is having so much fun!” A disgruntled Scooter cried.

    In the midst of her “fun” with the other Muppets, Dawn was soon confronted by Robin, who begged with teary eyes. “Joanie! Please don’t do this! This is not you!”

    Unfortunately, Dawn did not answer to the name of her true self; however, she did take notice of the tiny frog’s presence in the throne room and used more of her unimaginable power to send him into the air just like the other Muppets – except he went even higher. Robin’s small frame floated forty feet into the air and practically touched the ceiling; he cried for Kermit the entire time he was in the air, unable to move or stop himself from going any higher. It seemed in Dawn’s mission to try to get the frog higher than he was, as Robin’s form repeatedly smacked against the ceiling until the small frog fell unconscious from the blows.

    Seeing what Dawn was doing to Robin, Brandy grew very angry; she turned to Aladdin, who was picking himself off the floor after having dodged the chunk of floor, and made a command. “Follow my lead!” The two then worked together in running towards Dawn, who was distracted from the Muppets she was controlling, and tackled her to the floor, pinning her down.

    Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzie, Bobo, Scooter and Bean – who were all only a few feet from the floor – fell and landed atop of one another. Robin’s unconscious form fell its forty-foot distance from the ceiling of the throne room, his body moving lifelessly through the air. Ciciley, quickly taking notice of the tiny Muppet’s plight, had positioned herself beneath his falling form with her hands cupped. Within a flash, Robin fell comfortably into Ciciley’s hands like a catcher with a baseball. “Gotcha!” Ciciley said with a smile, but that smile soon faded once she realized that the small frog was not moving at all. “Robin?”

    Meanwhile, Brandy and Aladdin were forcibly keeping Dawn pinned down to the floor. In doing so, Brandy cried to Sean, “Get the headband! Do it now!”

    Sean went to the object as it continued sitting beside the unconscious Joie; unfortunately, before he had a change to grab it, someone else got their hands on it first. To Sean’s dismay, Jafar was the one who had retrieved the item before him, glancing upon it curiously. While watching Jafar with the headband, Sean heard two heavy thuds and turned to see Brandy and Aladdin lying far away from Dawn at opposite sides of the throne room; he could only assume that she hurled them aside with another display of her remarkable power. The powerful woman then stoically got back on her feet as if nothing ever happened.

    Sean’s attention was redirected back to Jafar when he heard the character address him in a very desperate manner. “Tell me…will this device stop her?”

    It came as a surprise to hear Jafar ask such a question, but seeing how terrified him and Iago were on Dawn somehow made sense to it. Sean nodded his head in response to his question and uttered, “Yes…it will.”

    Jafar wickedly smiled, gazing upon the headband once more. “That’s all I need to know.”

    At first, Sean expected Jafar to throw the headband to the floor and smashed it with his staff, or something to that extreme. Instead, the royal vizier hid the item behind his back while approaching Dawn, who turned to face him with the same emotionless face that she had been masked with the entire time. “My love…seeing the way you have disposed of these cretins has allowed me to see how much we really are meant to be together. With our combined powers, I believe we shall rule Agrabah and possibly even the world!”

    “I am pleased you see so, my love.” Dawn said.

    “Of course, a ruler such as you deserves her own crown.” On that cue, Jafar revealed the headband in his hand and easily placed it atop of Dawn’s head. Dawn did not make any sudden moves; she kept herself open to the trap without even knowing it to be one.

    Brandy weakly sat up just in time to see the transaction take place. As soon as Jafar had placed the headband over Dawn’s head, Brandy touched a section of her wristband that activated a function with the headband itself. Once activated, Dawn began screaming immensely in agony, falling to her knees while clutching the sides of her head. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, exposing total whiteness in her eyes. The headband electrically sparked gold all around Dawn’s head, making it unsafe to be touched even by Dawn herself – who made that attempt only to send sheering pain to her fingertips.

    Soon the painful action ended and left Dawn collapsing to the floor; however, she did not fall unconscious afterward. She rapidly blinked, her eyes searching for some sort of familiarity, and finally found the lifeless Robin lying in the hands of Ciciley. A look of terror appeared over her face – the first sign of emotion that she had displayed for some time – and her eyes even welded up with tears. A remorseful voice emerged from within the young woman upon uttering the name of the tiny frog. No longer was she “Dawn;” she had reverted back to her true persona of Joanie Navarro.


    Flashes shined through the windows of the palace before a chunk of the ceiling broke free and fell to the floor, scattering debris everywhere; thankfully, no one was in the way of it. The Sultan and Jasmine awakened from their hypnotic states, looking around to see the palace crumbling around them. Tremors soon emerged and sections of the floor had risen and lowered unexpectedly. Jasmine had nearly fallen victim to another piece of the ceiling that had fallen until Aladdin rushed to her aid and saved the princess.

    “Are you okay?” The street urchin asked her.

    Enthralled by his heroism, Princess Jasmine said with a smile, “Yes…thank you.” Her lovely smile made the street urchin equally charmed; unfortunately, the chaos around them brought the moment they shared to an abrupt end.

    “Brandy! What’s going on?” Sean asked.

    “It’s coming from Bunsen’s machine.” Brandy responded. “It’s ripping this reality apart because of the instability!”

    Her explanation on the occurrence greatly confused Sean. “Instability from what?” He then seemed to figure it out for himself before she had a chance to answer. “From us? We’re causing this?” He shook his head negatively and added, “This has never happened before! I mean…”

    “Nothing can ever happen the same way as before when we interfere.” Brandy stated. “That should’ve been the disclaimer to Bunsen’s machine.”

    Hearing Brandy, Sean turned to Joanie, whose experience in the realm was the greatest of the changes created within it, becoming a character that was not supposed to have existed there. His eyes then shifted to Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu, Sultan, Jafar, and Iago – each of whom would never witness their fates happen the same as it had in the animated feature. Even though they were fictional characters, their genuine fears made it feel as if they were real people watching their lives come to an end altogether.

    “Is there anyway to stop it?” Sean asked Brandy with a sense of hope for the characters.

    Brandy shook her head in response. “I’m sorry. There’s nothing I can do.”

    She then punched some holographic letters and numbers projected from her wristband and engaged the reanimation sequence, taking her, Sean, Ciciley, Joanie, Joie, and the Muppets out of the realm. As he watched all of their bodies beginning to disappear amidst the chaos that was unfolding in Agrabah, Sean watched the Aladdin characters hopelessly watch their world crumble around them. The experience gave a new insight on what it was that Bunsen had created – a machine that creates life from fiction…and is also capable in taking it away as well. The notion brought a great deal of fear and anger over Sean as he and the others disappeared from a world that ceased to exist after their departure.

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    Yay! New chapter!

    Okay, so let's recap...

    1 Joanie turned back to her own self.
    2 Brandy, Joie, Sean, and the Muppets reunited with Joanie.
    3 The Muppet party returned to reality... Right?
    4 Aggraba dissolved into nothingness.

    Yep, the Kingdom Hearts feel's still present. Worlds that have been dissolved into nothingness, I'm thinking that side effect might have something to do with the fact that the Evil Queen has both Diana Navarro and Snow White and Belle as hostages. The only little detail is that Jazmin's another Princess of Heart. Maybe she'll be spared the fate of the others only to rematerialize as a prisoner as well?
    And let's not forget that Sean and the Muppets have to use Bunsen's or Brandy's inventions to go back to the Hundred Acre Woods to pick up Bella and Michelle, and then trek into 1960's London as well as Wonderland to help his other two sisters revert back to their normal selves.

    Thanks for this, hope for more soon.
    BTW: I read your Ghostbusters fics and anticipate Dead End. If you need a Beta to help you with 'em, LMK. :scary:

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