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Your Sesame Street video ideas

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by minor muppetz, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Do any of you have ideas for Sesame Street videos, and what sketches to include? what would you like to include on such videos?

    If you work for Sesame Workshop or Sony Wonder, and you are not allowed to take suggestions (although i don't think we would mind, though), then it may be best for you not to read this.

    Here are what kinds of videos i would want. For some, I will list four bonus sketches for the DVD releases. I will not list any specific plots. For non-songs/ sketches with on-screen titles, the titles are guesses (that hoepfully you would be able to know what I am talking about).

    A Transportation Video
    Going For a Ride
    Bus Stop
    Forty Blocks from My Home
    Grover The Taxi Driver
    Ernie loves his boat
    I'm a Little Airplane
    grover The Flight Attendant: Fat Blue needs to be warm
    Wheels On My Feet
    Let's Go Riding In An Automobile

    Body Parts
    I've Got Two (if not a segment from the show, then a newly-filmed sequence)
    One Fine face
    Two heads Are Better Than One
    kermit and grover talk about teeth
    What's My part?: Foot
    I Have Feet
    Kermits lecture on Legs
    Elmo and Whoopi Goldberg: fur, hair, and skin
    Kermit talks about hair
    Grover gives kermit ears
    Everythings coming up noses
    Bert sneezes his nose off
    Monsterpiece Theatre: Twin Beaks
    I Love My Elbows
    I lost my elbows
    Think of your Fingers
    Hand Talk
    bonus segments:
    Ernies Barber Shop
    Proffessor Hastings lecture on parts of the body
    Big Round Nose
    Grover the tooth brush salesman

    The Best of Monsterpiece Theatre
    Chariots of Fur
    Gone With The Wind
    The Sound of Music
    Twin Beaks
    One Flew Over the Cukoos Nest
    the King and I
    The taming of The Shoe
    waiting For Elmo
    the 39 stairs
    Guys and Dolls
    Bonus Sketches:
    Me, Claudius
    little house on prarie
    the old man and the C
    dances with wolves

    what do you think? what are your ideas? I'll post more of mine later.
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member


    here are some more of my ideas.

    the best of the count
    the first day of school
    the count meets madin two
    sesame street news: the count counts the three little pigs
    the batty bat
    the count sleeps at ernie and berts apartment
    the count counts cookie while cookie monster eats them
    grover the waiter: the count counts hotdogs
    count up to nine
    Miami Mice: the count needs to go to the space station
    squeel of fortune
    cocanut counting man
    the song of the count
    bonus sketches:
    beat the time: the count
    the count hires ernie to be his operator
    number of the day: six (six feet under)
    the count counts ernie and berts block pyrimid

    the best of herry monster
    I can't help it
    kermit x-rays herry
    monsterpiece theatre: chariots of fur
    herrys family song
    herry and john john count to 20
    monsterpiece theatre: guys and dolls
    Talkin' Love
    I can sing when you sing
    bonus sketches:
    The Addition Game
    Up and Down (1990s version)
    we'll do it together (if it exists as a skit)
    grover spreads herrys alphabet secret

    Cookie Monsters Food Hotline
    Breakfast Time
    captain breakfast
    Grover the waiter: bacon and eggs
    tellys lunch
    ernie and bert share grape juice and pizza
    everyone likes ice cream
    ernie buys an invisible ice cream cone
    cookies are a sometimes food
    grover the waiter: hamburger
    carrot do's and don'ts
    the banana sketch
    A Loaf of bread, a Quart of Milk, and a stick of butter
    cookie monsters first cookie
    dinner for nine
    Share (with elmo and zoe)
    Hey Food
    Elmos World: food
    bonus sketches:
    fat blue eats at pizzaria dos
    healthy food (original version)
    ernie and bert share jellybeans
    the ladybug picnic
  3. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Sesame Street Job Fair
    The people in your neighborhood
    Grover the waiter: poetic memory
    what's my job?
    ernie and bert go to the jungle
    grover the hot dog vendor
    Sesame Street news: Dr. Nobel Price invents a piano
    Grover the elevador operador: only five people can fit
    ernie and the ice cream man
    Harvey Kneeslapper and the mailman
    Grover the tooth brush salesman
    Lefty attempts to sell ernie a stop sign
    Grover works at a shirt store
    bonus sketches:
    grover the firefighter
    grover the waiter: alphabet soup
    ernie and the mailman
    We Coulda

    Sesame Street Television
    The Birdland Jump (live broadcast from birdland)
    Ernie, bert, and herry battle for the TV chair
    Monsterpiece Theatre: Upstairs, Downstairs
    Miami Mice: Kermit interviews the mice
    big bird and snuffys vaudville bumpers (shown throughout the video)
    A New Way To Walk (music video)
    Ernie removes H items from the TV
    The World Wide World of The World
    The monster who ate the television set
    Sesame Street News: the six dollar man
    Ernie and Bert watch sneak peek previews
    Mad (music video)
    Dangers no Stranger (music video)
    What's My Part?: Nose
    Dr. Feel Meets dr. Phil
    The Adventures of Super Grover: broken bag of groceries (action series)
    The Add'ems family (sitcom)
    Wet Or Dry (sign off show)
    Bonus Sketches:
    Sesame Street News: Don Music rewrites twinkle Twinkle, little star
    Monsterpiece Theatre: twin beaks
    Beat The Time: Grover
    Guy Smiley takes his studio audience out to lunch
  4. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Outdoor Activities
    Somebody Come and Play (with Ernie)
    two-Headed Monster: Zoo or Playground?
    keep the park clean for the pigeons
    Wheels on my feet
    I'm a Little Airplane
    Ernie and Bert go fishing (the one where Ernie keeps catching fish)
    Cookie Monster at the carnival
    On vacation with Guy Smiley
    I wonder about the world above up there

    Learning About Shapes
    Shapes in my Room
    Kermits lecture on round things
    Kermits rectangle lecture
    it's hip to be a square
    the triangle is right
    drawing shapes on-screen
    cookie shapes
  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    some more

    The best of Ernie and Bert 2
    The banana Sketch
    Here fishy fishy fishy
    ernie puts a pan on berts head
    Ernie makes a clay sculpture of bert
    pigeons on parade
    ernie and bert share jellybeans
    one and one make two
    ernies q game
    caveman days: caveman bert makes a window
    things that I remember

    The Best Of Kermit On Sesame Street vol. 2 (althouhg unlikely to be made)
    We're Alive
    Sesame Street News: The Tortose and The hare
    Grover gives kermit ears
    kermit demonstrates next-to
    being green (version with leena horne)
    sesame street news: First day of School in History
    If I were
    My Pollywog ways
    kermit draws a K
    Miami Mice
    Monsterpiece Theatre: Gone With The Wind
    Sesame Street news: Pinnocchio
    Kermit and grover demonstrate long and short
    A Song from Kermit
    kermits lecture on feet
    I Wonder About The World Above Up there

    the best of Sesame Street News (also not too likely)
    The Tortose and The hare rematch
    the count counts the three little pigs
    Cinderella at the ball
    Humpty Dumpty
    alice in wonderland
    elmo comes up with new games
    whistle whistle little bird
    dr. nobel price invents a piano
    the pied piper
    two trees
  6. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    More Monster Hits
    Furry Happy Monsters
    We'll Do It Together (if this exists as an actual sketch)
    Share (version with Elmo and Zoe)
    Monster In The Mirror
    I want a monster to be my friend
    Up And Down
    Five Monsters In My family
    I Whistle a Happy Tune
    I can't help it
    Proud of me
    You Tickle Me

    Singing With Pride
    If I Were
    Just happy To Be Me
    Proud To Be A Cow
    Wonderful me
    Being Green (with Leena Horne and Kermit)
    Proud of Me

    Feelings (hosted by dr. feel)
    feeling good/ feeling bad
    I'm Sad Because I'm Happy
    Sesame Street News: the big bad wolf blows down the three little pigs houses
    proud of me
    ernie wants bert to pretend to be angry
  7. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Sesame Street Game Shows
    Beat The Time: Elmo
    The Crying game
    The addition game
    What's My part?: Foot
    Here is your life: oak tree
    the anything in the world prize game
    squeel of fortune
    the triangle is right
    bonus sketches:
    beat the time: the count
    the remembering game
    what's my part?: nose
    pick your pet

    letter request live
    the sound of the letter a
    harvey kneeslapper: do you know where i wanna b?
    kermits z lecture
    the way u does
    what's my letter?
    cowboy x
    would you like to buy an o?
    my favorite letter
    h items on tv
    bonus sketches:
    kermits w lecture
    x marks the spot
    lefty sells a u
    harvey kneeslapper: wanna c?

    number request live
    let's sing a song of one
    jazzy spies 8
    the number painter 13
    pinball number count 4
    five people in my family
    herry and john john count to 20
    high 12
    one and one make two
    bonus sketches:
    let's sing a song fo 3
    country 3
    monsterpiece theatre: the 39 stairs
    jazzy spies 7
  8. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    My SS video ideas:

    *Best of Oscar the Grouch
    *Celebrities on SS
    *SS cartoon collection
    *Collection of sketches w/ Jim`s characters

    ...and in one video, they could have 4030 1/2(SS4DMM)as bonus footage.
  9. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    What is 4030 1/ 2 about and why would you want it as a bonus feature?
  10. pollick529

    pollick529 New Member

    I got one:

    Sesame Street Rocks The House :

    Cluck Around The Clock
    Put Down The Duckie
    Honk Around The Clock
    Count It Higher
    Lam Ba Ba
    Eight Balls of Fur
    Rebel L
    Do Wop Hop (With Kermit)
    Yellow Submarine (I think it was one of the early sketches)
    Born To Add
    Cereal Girl
    The Beetles: Letter B
    The Beetles With Cookie Monster: Hey Food
    Danger's No Stranger (music video)
    Wet Paint (music video)
    The Word is No (music video)
    Healthy Food (With Cookie Monster)
    Me Want To Munch You, Munch You
    Co-Operation Makes It Happen
    Barn in the USA
    Listen To The Bell
    I've Got A New Way To Walk
    ABC Disco
    Get Along (I think it's called "Leblingslied" in German, I'm not sure if it's the right tune though)
    Little Jerry and the Monotones - Mad
    Rock N Roll Readers
    The Happiest Street In The World

    That's the best I can think of! :D
  11. pollick529

    pollick529 New Member

    I'd like to add to the list:

    What's That Sound?
    The School Game
    What's Prarie's Problem?
    Here Is Your Life: Operating Room (I can't remember who's getting the reunion)
    Here Is Your Life: Bowl of Fruit Painting
    What's My Letter?: E
    The Fairytale Newlywed Game

    Anyone else got suggestions? :concern:
  12. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I was just re-reading my list, and I can't believe that I forgot to include Mystery Letter, which had Cookie Monster, Don Music, and Sherlock Hemlock.
  13. pollick529

    pollick529 New Member

    I forgot to add "Roosevelt Franklin's Days of The Week" and "Has Anyone Seen My Dog?"

    This would make a good video for fans of old school Sesame! :D
  14. Krazedmuppet

    Krazedmuppet Active Member

    my old favs were always

    Oklahoma (with forgetful jones and Kermit)
    and Rapunzel
  15. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    that mention of "old-school Sesame" gives me an idea for a collection...

    Old-School Sesame vol. 1: everybodys favorite characters
    The banana Sketch
    Near And Far
    I've Got two
    The ballad of Casey McPhee
    Big Bird meets Little Bird
    kermit demonstrates the concept of next to
    grover the waiter: hamburger
    lefty sells ernie an empty box
    four furry friends
    big bird and a girl demosntrate big and little
    sesame street news: cinderella at the ball
    rosevelt franklins days of the week
    beat the time: grover
    the count and cookie monster count and eat cookies
    harvey kneeslapper: keep an I on my hat
    ernie makes a clay sculpture of bert
    full of rhythym
    grover the elevador operador: five people at a time

    old-school sesame vol. 2: cartoons and more!
    Pinball Number Count #5
    two toucan two-steps
    billy jo jive (any sketch)
    jazzy Spies #8
    ernies sandbox game
    grover the firefighter
    the number painter #10
    the king of 8
    the queen of six
    the nobel osrich
    cookie monster eats ernies drawing of an x
    cowboy x
    wanda the witch
    baker #5
    buddy and jim change a lightbulb
    what's my part?: nose

    old school sesame vol. 3: the alphabet
    cookie monster alphabet
    letters in street signs
    grover spreads herrys secret alphabet
    ernie writes a story
    james earl jones recites the alphabet
    the alphabet song with leena horne
    rosevelt franklins alphabet
    lefty recites the alphabet
    grover the waiter: alphabet soup

    old-school sesame vol. 4: let's count
    baker #1
    one and one make two
    country three
    five people in my family
    the number painter #6
    jazzy spies #7
    penny candy man
    baker #9 :sympathy:
    ten tiny turtles
    pinball number count #11
    the ladybug picnic
    i just adore four
    the joys of counting
    think of your fingers
    herry and john john count to 20

    old-school sesame vol. 5: let's sing
    rubber duckie
    a very very special letter
    the ballad of casey mcphee
    a song from kermit
    everybody eats
    high, middle, low
    rosevelt franklin counts
    has anybody seen my dog?
    the opposite song
    two g sounds
    i can't help it
    i love trash
    the song of the count
    everybody sleeps
    what's the name of that song?
  16. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    What is 4030 1/ 2 about and why would you want it as a bonus feature?

    Its actually Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic, a 3-D(or in this case, 4-D)show being aired only at Universal Studios Japan. Basically, it was made in the US a few years ago, but never aired there. Anyway, they dubbed it in Japanese, as they did with all the attractions from the American Universal theme parks. Anyway, about the show...

    In the preshow, we see a bunch of SS Muppets in a projection room putting finishing touches on their movies for the Sesame Street Film Festival. Only two trailers are shown, The Count`s The Counting Kid Counts Again, which starred The Count as a cowboy who counts things, and this all took place in the Arbor area. The next preview to be shown is Prarie Dawn`s Pretty Space Ponies, which was filmed at Prarie`s house and it had her, Zoe, Telly, and the Two-Headed Monster pretending to be the `Space Ponies`. But then the projector breaks! Everyone leaves but Elmo, being the only one left in the theater, has an idea that they can still have a Film Festival by using their imaginations to make their own movies Okay, part 2, theres the SS logo and Big Bird appears in it, saying You all look great in your 3D glasses! Then the Twiddlebugs appear with the number 4 and the letter D. Big Bird comes out of the Subway station and sings `Welcome to Sesame Street`, or something like that. He then walks over to the 123 apartment and sees Ernie, Bert, Cookie, Grover, Telly, and Zoe, all looking depressed, and they tell why. Then Elmo appears riding on his tricycle and bumps into a crate next to Oscar`s can and the audience feels the crash effect on their seats! Oscar pops up(I think he might have liked that). As soon as everyone is there, the `imaginary film festival` starts. Each character takes turns on imagining their movie. The characters who imagined their movies are: Grover, Ernie and Bert, Cookie, Oscar and Elmo(not separately but together, same with Bert and Ernie). Surprised that Big Bird and Zoe didnt get to make their own movies, but ah well. Anyway, heres the order: Grover imagines hes a coyboy, a firefighter with a Muppetized firehose that shoots water at the audience, and then Super Grover...and he gets hit by a huge boudler that pops out of nowhere. Ernie and Bert imagine that theyre in a desert, a bathtub(in their home maybe?), and then the ocean floor, where Ernie plays fetch with a dogfish and a purple octopus sneaks behind Bert and grabs him but doesnt want to hurt him, but rather, do the tango. Cookie Monster imagines a monster movie called Cookie Monster vs Monster Cookie, which starts with a huge article on a newspaper with a picture of Cookie Monster on the Empire State Building, and AMs start screaming but Cookie says that the `monster` is behind them! And so they all turn around and see a huge cookie flying like a UFO squirting chocolate all over. Cookie tries to defeat him but no matter how hard he tries, he cant. So he pretends to just give up and walk away, and the huge cookie flies over his shoulder and Cookie smashes him into pieces...and sucks them in like a vaccum cleaner. And then, Oscar and Elmo. Oscar imagines a story of what happens when the street gets turned into a dump inhabited by trash-loving insects(actually the Pesties)that crawl under your legs! And also there are 5 stinky, singing socks that sing I Love Trash. The sky turns gray and rain falls on peoples heads(Oh and in one scene Grover is reading a newspaper and on the front theres a picture of Oscar frowning. Maybe Oscar is playing the character whos caused all this I dont know) Anywho, from there, Elmo comes up with an ending to that, with party decorations, balloons, and whatnot...and I think everyone decides that theyre done with imagining their movies and they go back to Sesame Street, and from there, the audience gets to step through the screen and theres a replica of the SS set. And there`s all the Muppets-Cookie, Ernie and Bert, Oscar, Grover, Big Bird, Zoe, Elmo, Count, Prairie and Telly, all back on the same old street, all being interviewed by a lavender female AM Muppet(who I think is, like all the movies they imagined, is a figment of their imagination). This was pretty much like a Season 33-34 episode because it had 3 parts that took place on the street and all connected to one big storyline.

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