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Your Thoughts: Breakfast with Bear

Discussion in 'Bear in the Big Blue House' started by hehehe, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. hehehe

    hehehe Active Member

    I'm surprised that Muppet Central doesm't have "Breakfast with Bear" on its front page! (Granted, "The Muppet Show" and "Fraggle Rock" box sets are bigger, but..) Has anyone seen it except me? I'll post a review down here:
    Pros: The reactions of thekids are great, and you can tell that when Bear visits a house, it is not scripted. Looks to me like they go to a house, turn the camera on, and let Bear and the kid do their stuff. The new songs are great as well.
    Cons: Each show seems to be the same-- Bear goes into the house, wakes the kid up, and they do the "Morning Mambo." Then they go downstairs and have breakfast. (complete with the "Breakfast Time" song) Then they go back up to the kid's room and "Get Ready." Then they have time for some play before the child heads off to their day. Now, the breakfasts are differnt, and Bear goes to a new house each time, but it's the same structure each time. Bear's actual show is really only about 10-15 minutes in length, as the show is really some intertestinals between episodes of Charlie and Lola" and "The Wiggles." It's also on way to early for kids: 7 am/6 central! They should push it to 8.
    I know it seems like I'm harping on it, but I think it's well done. they just need to add a little more variety to it, is all. I'm still gonna watch it until they run out of new ones.
  2. a_Mickey_Muppet

    a_Mickey_Muppet Well-Known Member

    hey gang,

    I FINNELLY watched it this morning (thursday june 23, 05) and taped it. It was... Okay the only thing that bugged me was it's just four Bear segments and a bunch of cartoons.The whole thing adds up to What? twelve and a half minutes of Bear material?!? I know i know its for Pre-schoolers, but it may be awile again b4 I see it (on my days off i like to sleep in til 9am) :)
  3. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    We have been enjoying it along with our nine month old. The music is great and really catchy, especially the theme song. Noel is wonderful as always.

    In the future though, I'd love to see some special guest appearances with some other Bear characters hear and there. Bear could bring Tutter along one day. Or maybe even Bear could be sick or something and Tutter could do the show for a little change up. A little more variety in the presentation would be nice too, but they are probably trying to teach kids about routines in the mornings.

    One other thing, I know the majority of dads work outside of the house, but I would like to see some dads along with the moms and the kids.

    Seeing Bear in the real world is fabulous. The Muppets always look great outside. It just makes them that much more believable.
  4. not what I had hoped for

    The Bear segments are OK, but unlike BITBBH, overall, it just seems like an avenue to package up segments of other shows. In contrast, I especially loved the newer BITBBH episodes focusing on Tutter. They had a lot of personality and energy. And they had a cohesive story line, as opposed to a short attention span promoting hodge-podge of various shows.

    I bet the Breakfast with Bear show is a lot less expensive to produce than BITBBH. Maybe that is why they went to the new format. I don't think Breakfast with Bear will stand up to repeat viewings like BITBBH does. And I have a feeling that the Breakfast with Bear shows that we see today are essentially similar to what we will see later. I'm going to give it a few more days and then take it out of my season pass list on Tivo.

    Bring back Tutter! If I had my druthers, he would have his own show (Mouse in the Big Blue House?!).
  5. superfan

    superfan Well-Known Member

    Go into toughpigs.com and click onto My Week:Breakfast With Bear.
    Funny, detailed and pictures included.
    (we need a Bear emoticon! Poor Tutter's crying!)
  6. I kinda like Breakfast with....! I love the catchy song the most. I think it should also be longer with more bear and the other characters. Espeacially Pip and Pop. Tutter is kool too.
  7. Javajunkiemom

    Javajunkiemom Member

    :confused: I would just like to know where I send in an application for this show. I am sure they have tons of people apply but I would love to send one in for my DD.....If anyone know PLEASE tell me!! :smirk:
  8. BEAR

    BEAR Well-Known Member

    What? Too lazy finish off the sentence with the word "Bear"?! ;)
  9. Javajunkiemom

    Javajunkiemom Member

    "One other thing, I know the majority of dads work outside of the house, but I would like to see some dads along with the moms and the kids. "

    They do have an episode with a Dad....the part we caught was when he helps his daughter spread cream cheese on her bagel....I persoanally love it. It is all about teaching routines but also about how no matter how different we think we are we all start our day out the same way....get up, get dressed, eat, start our day....
  10. superfan

    superfan Well-Known Member

    If Breakfast With Bear ever tried to do a show with me, poor Bear would be struggling to keep pace as I walk 40 minutes to work at 630 in the morning..."Amy (pant pant!) you need breakfast! (pant pant!) Can we stop at Tim Horton's please? (pant pant!)"

    With my daughter, he'd have better luck as it's as easy as a bowl of ceral and some strawberries!
  11. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if the regular BITBBH show still comes on?

    Probably just the DVD's now (which I might have to pick up for my future kids). I wonder why Disney isn't putting as much effort into this awesome Preschool show as they are The Muppets?
  12. a_Mickey_Muppet

    a_Mickey_Muppet Well-Known Member

    yeah they still show it on Disney channel on weekend ONLY at 6:30am tho! ;)
  13. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    Oh cool, thanks!

    I'll hafta set up a timer, at least I'll have 1 episode a week. Better than nothing.
  14. GmaRJM

    GmaRJM New Member

    Breakfast with Bear

    My great grandson, Korben, is 4 years old and handicapped. He is on 24-hour oxygen and is striving desperately to catch up to being 4. Right now, he operates on about 3, but keeps up with the older cousins in every way. There has been times he has woken up in the morning and ran to the window to see if Bear was coming to his house. He has even learned to eat banana, blueberry pancakes so he can have them with Bear (and his diet is extremely limited - due to have been on stomach feed for most of his first 2 years). Bear going to these homes is the greatest this - but, then, I may be Bear's biggest and oldest fan at 65 years of age. I love the whole thing with Bear. . .it is ingenius and should never go off the air. We will continue to watch Bear even if it is in rerun. . .never can get too much of Bear. Korben has a few videos of Bear and he knows most of them line for line as they are spoken. But, the idea of Bear coming to see him. . .brings him to the window every once in the while.

    Thanks for Bear

  15. superfan

    superfan Well-Known Member

    Oh my, that was very touching. You're so lucky to witness those little miracles that so many of us take for granted. Sounds like the little one's a real trooper. Amazing what kids can do.

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