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Your Thoughts: Final Bear in the Big Blue House Episodes

Discussion in 'Bear in the Big Blue House' started by Phillip, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. gothmuppets

    gothmuppets Member

    awww i really liked this one... even tho i have no kids.. guess im a kid at hear.. giggles.. hope its re-runs will play..
  2. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    I didn't come to know Bear until the show was already off the air, but boy, is he a cutie. My young daughter likes him, but everyone in my house know that, if it is muppets, it's my thing! I borrowed several from the library and we were very charmed. Watching Bear dance would cure ANYONE's bad mood, and the systematic formula and character development were very nice. I'm sorry I missed it, and look forward to picking up the videos as we go. (I almost always find them if I hit the thrift stores and yard sales, which are big business around here.)
  3. gothmuppets

    gothmuppets Member

    it must still play cause im watching it now on the disney channel here which is 51 here, glad they have re-runs..chuckles
  4. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Oh! Reruns would be nice, for those of us asleep the first time thru!
  5. unclematt

    unclematt Well-Known Member

    I guess Bear never really did it for me
  6. cherrypotion27

    cherrypotion27 Well-Known Member

    Bear in the Big Blue House

    Although I'm mainly a fan of classic Muppet stuff, I'll admit I do have a soft spot for Bear. A 7 foot tall teddy-bearish grizzly who is sweet and caring, and an awesome singer and dancer to boot? What's not to love about that? My neice Tamika introduced me to Bear, and I loved him from the start (I even have a Disney Store Exclusives Bear plushie to prove it). I love seeing him do "The Bear Cha Cha Cha", and his performance with Pip and Pop on the song "Otter Love" is excellent.

    "Or maybe you smell this good all the time"- Bear (one of my fav Bear quotes):) :D
  7. spcglider

    spcglider Well-Known Member

    I never drew any sort of distinction between classic Muppet stuff and Bear.

    The show always ALWAYS lived up to the classic Muppet standards for me as a viewer. That's right... ME. I don't have kids. But I watched the show every chance I got and bought the videos when they became available.

    Bear and the whole gang were charming from start to finish without trouncing into the smarmy territory that other kid's shows go to. It is so very rare that a show can present a message that bolsters children's self image so deftly. Honestly, I think Bear belongs right up there in the same pantheon with Fraggles.

    Of course, this "bears" little to do with the potential evil Disney Co. could wreak upon Bear. Pun intended.

    I swear, Muppets will ultimately prove to be the uncontrollable problem child in the Disney stable. They just WILL NOT go quietly into that great vault. And Disney Execs just can't wrap their bottom-line brain around that. All of the Jim Henson properties are just "different animals". They simply cannot and WILL NOT be stuffed into the standard Disney cubby-hole money making formula. That's not how they were cultivated. It's like expecting a banana plant to grow well in Nova Scotia. It just won't work unless you give the plant what it needs : the environment it was adapted to.

    And at the risk of falling off my "beat a dead horse soapbox", I gott asay that the problem isn't just that the Muppets won't adapt to the Disney formula... the MUPPET FANS won't either. As soon as you try to make the Muppets become a "Disney" property, you change the very essence of what they are and how they appeal to the fan base. And keeping the old fan base while welcoming new fans to the fold is EXACTLY HOW ANY PROPERTY THRIVES.

    Real Disney properties follow the Disney traditions... they're locked up every so often for ten years to allow a whole new audience to grow into them.

    Is it so hard to see that Henson properties should be allowed to function within Henson Tradition?

    I'm sorry, folks. I tend to rant once I get started. I apologize for monopolizing.

  8. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Well-Known Member

    Bear is gone? Last episodes? I grew up with that fellow. ;_;

    Aww well it's kind of appropiate seeing as it has been on for so long.

    <3 you Bear in the big blue house! XD
  9. Kerri

    Kerri Active Member

    the voice you recognize....

    my 2 year old always has "Sprout" on pretty much all day. The Good Night Show, which is now hosted by "Nina" has had other hosts in the past... the one before her was this guy "Leo"... and I... knew that voice, but didn't make the connection...

    so one day my husband Patrick's in the dining room when Leo comes on and starts talking, so my husband says to me from the other room "oh, you're watching Bear in the Big BLue House again, huh"? to which I said no... he comes in the room and peeks around at the TV and sees this "Leo".... and it dawned on us both at the same time OMG it's BEAR! So... now when we watch BitBBH... we're just thinking of Leo who hosted SPROUT for a while.... funny, though, how we discovered it!
  10. APRena

    APRena Well-Known Member

    This board isn't NEARLY as active as I thought it would be, but I have to say I love Bear. I watched it every day, up until a few years ago when they even stopped "Wake Up with Bear" at like 5 in the morning...

    I still remember all the songs, the animated words and stuff that used to appear on screen, Shadow. I miss this show. :cry:

    (Adorable, appropriate smiley...)
  11. usmman928

    usmman928 New Member

    Bear will be missed

    Yes! that is terrible that they have quit Bear in the Big Blue House. My 6 year old use to watch Bear on Disney Playhouse. He use to laugh and giggle when Bear would sniff the screen. One of the greatest thing off of Bear was the otters singing L-O-V-E Love its Otter Love! :super:
  12. ohtherain

    ohtherain Well-Known Member

    I miss Bear so much. He had one of the best shows ever on Playhouse Disney and now he's gone. Makes me wonder what Noel MacNeal is doing these days, now that Bear is over. My favorite characters were probably Luna and Pip and Pop.
  13. DreeRAWRScooter

    DreeRAWRScooter Active Member

    watched it everyday when i was a kid. good times, good times. ya know, with the bear in the big blue house, out of the box, and PB&J... yeah, now there's no playhouse disney. kinda liked disney when i was little but now that playhouse disney, the old cartoons, and all that old disney is gone, i only like disney pixar. otherwise, disney's gone down.
  14. sesamestreetcha

    sesamestreetcha New Member

    They are still putting out some good kids books. They are basically just epsiodes in book form, but my kids all love them. Great images.

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