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Your Thoughts: Muppet Whatnot Workshop on The Today Show

Discussion in 'Muppet Appearances' started by Phillip, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    I think Bobo stole the show!
  2. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    It sounded like Steve.
  3. wes

    wes Well-Known Member

    Bobo was a little random a throw back to muppets tonite, it was a shameless 30 minute plug for the what nots thing, pretty cool.

    I wonder how much it cost for them to block that much time on the show, oh nevermind I just remembered there owned by Disney never mind.

    Money talks!
  4. zanimum

    zanimum Well-Known Member

    Credits, according to Muppet Wiki

    According to the article on "The Muppets Take Over Today" on Muppet Wiki, it was. Here's the cast list, as established over there:

    * Bill Barretta as Bobo the Bear, orange featureless Whatnot, Bubba
    * Fran Brill as Muppet Meredith
    * Tyler Bunch as Muppet Willard, green featureless Whatnot
    * Stephanie D'Abruzzo as Muppet Ann, blue featureless Whatnot, director
    * Eric Jacobson as Miss Piggy
    * Dave Goelz as Waldorf :sleep:
    * Noel MacNeal as Muppet Al
    * Joey Mazzarino as Muppet Matt, rat :shifty:
    * Steve Whitmire as Kermit the Frog, Statler :boo:, Big Mean Carl, Muppet Lenny
  5. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    I'm glad that got Fran Brill involved i thought that was great, she is such a talent and hasn't been used with the Classic Muppets for quite some time. This was also a great chance to get some of the Newer Muppeters out there and in the spot light. The writeing was spot on for all the Muppets. It also was great to still see the Muppets doing some adult humor. I was really glad to see them use some Muppet monsters and rats, and did you notice they used Rizzo with the long hook from Muppets.com? That was preety cool as well.

    Oh did anyone esle see when Kermit was walking towards the Piano that you saw the top of Steve's head for a split second! He quickly lowered Kermit down to where his head was out of shot.
  6. TheJimHensonHour

    TheJimHensonHour Well-Known Member

    I slept in and didnt get to see it, I hope it ends up on youtube.
  7. ploobis

    ploobis Well-Known Member

    I taped it that morning and after watching it again, I can hear Steve in Carl.
  8. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Well it will be interesting to see who does Carl in letters to Stanta! Oh you know what i just thought of I think i know the prefect person to do Janice, Fran Brill! If she can get her voice a little deeper then i think she would almost have it.
  9. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

  10. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Man what a nice surprise this was. This is how I always imagined a "new" Muppet show. Hip, live, in an open time square sort of studio(like Total Request Live MTV), with segments on the street and even some improv. I loved how from beginning to end, it felt like it's own Muppet show complete with a storyline. Just so irreverent and fun.

    And man, Big Mean Carl, a Muppet from Mopatop...so random and obscure! I love when they throw in totally random or obscure characters(like the use of Jim Henson Hour characters in Muppets From Space and other things) If they were to ever bring back Digit, that'd be just too much.

    This is just another major sign that we are on the horizon of a massive paradigm shift for the Muppets in their glorious full fledged return after two decades.

    (sadly the build a whatnot has gone from $90 to $130, as well as they have backed new orders til February)
  11. TheJimHensonHour

    TheJimHensonHour Well-Known Member

    Hah man oh man! That was good! So much going on, I love the controll room most of all it was like a mix of muppets tonight and the Jim Henson hour, And I agree BRING DIGIT BACK!
    This is great though seriously, the Muppets are making a strong come back now.
  12. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Yea i kept thinking though out the whole half hour that it was like the Jim Henson Hour or Muppets Tonight. Do you think that they may be getting ready to put these great shows out on DVD? Man that would be so awsom!
    I really didn't think even after the New York Times thing that the Muppets would make as big of a comeback as the thing said. Now oh wow now I'm starting to see Wow!

    The Muppets are Comming back!
  13. Nick22

    Nick22 Well-Known Member

    i watched it! i thought it was funny. i was also wondering if some of the faetures we saw (like the purple body,pink body, and all the hair used) were going to be upcoming features. maybe thats why it isnt online................. cause there adding new stuff.................maybe
  14. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Could have said it better. Loved the storyline, the shots of the control room(Carl never looked so good, and I dig that new Muppet director) Definite MT meets JHH meets even something new.

    This but but a prelude to the glorious rennaissance/real comeback weve been waiting two decades for that shall finally unfold next year and into 2010.
  15. muppetwannabe

    muppetwannabe Member

    Hey! well I recently checked out from the library Muppetshow season 3! it was so good. I loved the dance with Big Bird and Leslie Uggams. The Alice Cooper show kinda scared me though. I wish that Fraggle rock would release season four. I mean who is going to buy the full series if they already have the first three seasons. That is almost pointless. Does anybody know if John Denver and the Muppets our Christmas together was ever released on DVD or Video. I have the cd but would love to see the show.
  16. Wiseman

    Wiseman Well-Known Member

    Went to Whatnot workshop

    I took my kids to see the Whatnot workshop, didn't buy any though, money was tight. I thought that we were actually gonna get to play around with parts kinda' like at the Mr. Potato Head display at Manhattan's Disney Store and make and unmake our Muppet whatnots using velcro. It was still fun to watch someone from the lab make one for the demo that was being put on by the puppeteer working the department.
  17. ryhoyarbie

    ryhoyarbie Well-Known Member

    I saw clips of it on youtube. I thought it was cute/funny. I liked Statler and Waldorf's advice to Obama.
  18. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

  19. Kermieuk

    Kermieuk Well-Known Member

    Great to see, who was the character in the control room, loved him.............or her.

  20. muppet baby

    muppet baby Well-Known Member

    oh yes please someone let me know if the entire half hour can be downloaded i was unbale to know about this becacasue i had to be off the forum for a while do to being sick and also i was out of town when also when it was on the Today show on 11 13 it would mean so much to to me to see this . I love the muppets so much .

    thanks so much

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