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Your Thoughts: Muppets' Oz CD

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by a_Mickey_Muppet, May 17, 2005.

  1. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Ok people. I have the CD in my hands. Brace yourselves for my thoughts...

    Cover art...Hmm...old photo's mainly. Funny Sweetums' pic he's not quite right..sheesh...I am pretty picky, huh. ;)

    First off. Kansas....I had no idea SHE was Kansas. She sounds very....pop musicish. Well, no problem. I had no idea that the songs would sound quite like this....hmmm..well....intriguing.

    Nice words though. 6/10

    "Where my brain should be there's a cavety...." *sniff* I have shivers going through me totally. Well, I say that's awesome. I love this one song. Gee, Steve really is Jim today. He sounds like Jim's kermit. Wow! Cool! Wow! I love this song! "Stage fright...!" "A shrimp that shimmies." I'm with you.... 8/10

    Piggy sounds like the Muppet's From Space Piggy. But she's cool, just a teeny bit off. Johnny? It says Dr Teeth on the Cover! Johnny is the coolest though! "The Witch is in the Hoooouse!" "I don't forgive, I never forget!" "Watch Out!" "On a bad day I'll send you into years of theropy..." Ouch! Don't like the music...but then I never liked Rock...That ain't no Electric Mayhem backup singing....Naaaaahhhh.... 7/10

    Calling the...oh, sorry. it's over...

    And it's Ashanti again....Nope. Don't like it...oh well. Bet people will like it, just not me. It is, however, a good life. "GOOD LIFE! GOOD LIFE!" Not animal...oh well...(Gosh I am SO picky!!!) 7/10

    Ahh! At last! Muppety music...for just a moment, then it went MFS-ish. Speak, speak, come on, come on Dr Teethy-friend! Speeeeeaaaaaaaak! I wanna hear your new vocie...7/10

    And now it's the Muppet Show! The clearest version of the song, I've heard. Cool...Fozzie Bear has a joke...no Stadler and Waldof joke! Cool... *dong!* 10/10

    Mahna Mahna! 10/10

    Bein' Green....I never cared for it. 8/10

    Rainbow Connection. Nice clear version. Better than the one I have on my computer. I'll give it 10/10

    Lady of Spain (Theee Soong!) 6/10 because I don't like it. :p

    Halfway down the stairs...heard it before...9/10

    What Now My Love. Never heard it before...It's a nice delecate song 10/10

    Tenderly. I love it...especially Dr Teeth's nice voice! Ooh yeah! But is that Janice? Hm.....Nahhhhhh! 8/10

    Happy Feet....oh how exciting...heard it before...don't care for it anymore. :p 7/10
  2. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Ok, ok, okkkkkaaaaaaaaaaay!

    I figured out what is wrong with "Tenderly" Louise Gold is singing in the "TENDERLY"

  3. MWoO

    MWoO Well-Known Member

    Tenderly likely came from the first season. I believe she played Janice then. If not her, some other female performer. Richard did not take over until season 2. He also didn't have Beaker until season 2 which was when he was created. He really only had Statler and Scooter.
  4. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    *gasp, gasp*

    How could I not know that! Thanks for the help Mwoo.
  5. No1MuppetFan

    No1MuppetFan Well-Known Member

  6. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Just links to the online material, such as the music videos.
  7. Skekayuk

    Skekayuk Well-Known Member

    Its more likely to be Erin Ozkar singing Tenderly. Louise Gold wasn't involved with TMS Season 1! - she only joined part of the way through (actually quite near the beginning) of Season 2, after Erin Ozkar left.

    Hope that helps
  8. No1MuppetFan

    No1MuppetFan Well-Known Member

    That's hardly worth mentioning as a supplementary feature. I thought something like a making of? :confused: Oh well, Thanks for your help Beau :)
  9. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    I like the CD, but the only problem that I have is that I found the Muppet's 25th Anniversary CD the same day:zany:. So I was treated to the same songs... twice. Oh well still like the Oz music. Love "When I'm with you" and "The Witch is in the House." Still like the 25th anninversary better than Oz, but bought them both. Also bought Mega Gonzo for $9.99:D.
  10. That Announcer

    That Announcer Well-Known Member

    Yup, that is Eren Ozker singing Janice's part on Tenderly. Richard Hunt was the one who gave her the "like-wow" personality.
  11. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Well-Known Member

    Ha, me too. Although I really wanted the Mwoo CD, mostly just for "Halfway down the stairs", I settled without it and bought the 25 years CD instead. What can I say? It was cheaper and had more songs. I also found Muppets from Space on DVD the same day, on sale. :D
  12. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I KNEW there was something wrong with the song!
  13. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    did anybody notice that the song "halfway down the stairs" had kermit and robin listed as the singers on the tracklist even though kermit only introduced it, but he also introduced "what now my love', yet the track listing only lists miss piggy?

    I think it is weird that this album features the entire first season theme song as heard on the first album, but the parts related to the first season opening (fozzies joke and kermiot introducing the record) were cut from muppet hits and the 25th anniversary album. it would have been more appropiate for muppet hits to have kermit refer to it as the first ever muppet show cast album (muppet hits take 2 had parts that referred to that as the second muppet show album), and fozzies joke about george the janitor seems weird to hear on a soundtrack fro the muppets wizard of oz (since most people might not know who fozzie was talking about, and it might have been better for george to be mentioned in the anniversary album).
  14. Skekayuk

    Skekayuk Well-Known Member

    Incorrect tracklistings, especially ones that don't include characters who are certainly on them occur on several of the compilation albums. And yes there have been various instances where bits got chopped off on these compilations. Which do make things sound a little strange.

    I've also noticed that on some of the later albums there have been occassions where some of the puppeteer's have not been credited in the sleeve notes, despite being very obviously present on the albums. For example the 25th Anniversary album not only left out Louise Gold , but even managed to omit Jerry Nelson's name from the cast list!
  15. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Well-Known Member

    Yeah, actually I noticed that too. He's in at least half of the songs, too.
  16. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Hey, here's a thought. In the song "What now my love" Why do they have half the Miss Piggy intro from a different song, but leave out the SYFFITF....
  17. Skekayuk

    Skekayuk Well-Known Member

    At least he is duly credited on at least one fan webpage for the album (the one of LG's fansite).
  18. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I don't think any performers go uncredited in this soundtrack, but there are several uncredited performers in the anniversary album: jerry nelson, louise gold, john lovelady and kathy mullen, as well as charles grodin and diana rigg, who speak in "hey, a movie!".

    the muppet hits albums only list the performers from the first two seasons, but not steve whitmire (who sang in "hawian war chant") or kathy mullen (who sang in "cocanut").

    the cast listing for "songs from the street" does not list "matt robinson as gordon in 'i've got two'" or "steve whitmire as kermit the frog in 'ev'rybody be yo'self'".

    oddly enough, it seems like all albums with the song "trees" list it as sung by wayne and wanda, but wanda doesn't get any lines in that song.
  19. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    my review

    I think the soundtrack was okay. Not the best or worst album ever. it is better than the Muppets from Space soundtrack, and Muppet Hits Take 2, but it isn't as good as Muppet Hits. here are my thoughts on each of the songs:

    Kansas: as a stand-alone song, it is okay, but as a song in a muppet movie, it isn't that good. of course, it would have been out of place for the muppets to be in this song, since it is at the beginning of the movie.

    when i'm with you: I really like this song, and I see it as a future muppet classic.

    The witch Is In The House: this also looks like it will be a classic muppet song. however, the track listing is misleading. it is credited as sung by miss piggy and dr. teeth & the electric mayhem when it should have said "miss piggy with johnny fiama & the flying monkeys". after all, the electric mayhem doesn't even sing in this song. I am not sure if Disney wanted to use the electric mayhem as a selling point by including their name on as many songs as possible, or if disney didn't think johnny fiamas name could sell an album (which would be ridiculous, considering marvin suggs and the muppaphones have their names on this album, and there are many well-known characters listed).

    calling all munchkins: this is a good short song sung by the rats. at least the muppets get another song in the movie, but the other muppet songs are better.

    Good Life: i think that this song is better than kansas.

    naptime: it is wierd that the whole song is instrumental. the title would make more sense with dr. teeth and animal occassionay saying "Naptime".

    The Muppet Show Theme: the fact that the first season theme is used might be a good sign that this theme will be on the first season DVD collection. let's hope so. it is the first time in a long time (probably since the first muppet show album) that fozzies joke and kermits record introduction were not cut.

    Mahna Mahna: one of the best muppet show numbers ever. I always liked this song, but perhaps another classic should have been included.

    being green: a classic kermit the frog song that is appropiate for this album. I was surprised that this song wasn't included in either of the muppet hits albums.

    the rainbow connection: kermits other most famous song, which also fits in with the wizard of oz.also the only song on this album not from the muppets wizard of oz or the muppet show.

    Lady of Spain: I like marvin suggs, and i like this number, but I think they should have included another marvin suggs song, like witch doctor or yes, we have no bananas. also, on this album, the song begins with marvin suggs saying "tuning up". how weird.

    halfway down the stairs: one of my favorite serious muppet moments. robin has a nice voice. out of all of the previously-released muppet show songs not on the 25th anniversary album, i am glad that this one is included.

    what now my love?: it is weird how the introduction is edited. originally, miss piggy threatened kermit into introducing her, but in this album, the introduction begins with kermit saying "ladies and gentlemen, miss piggy", and miss piggy says 'what a surprise!". miss piggys reaction to the introduction does not make sense without her threat.

    tenderly: one of my favorite electric mayhem songs, but I wish they would have included "atom bomb", "boogie in the barnyard", "don't blame the dynamite" or "rockin' robin" instead.

    happy feet: I like this number, and i like kermit, but i think it might have been better to have included something with rowlf (like "you and me and george") or scooter ("six string orchestra") instead.

    I give this album 3 stars out of five. :eek:

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