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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by LipsGF4Life, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Hey! Sorry if I haven't written up a forum in FOREVER!!!! Heres a forum all 'bout Zoot's li'l sister, Zoe. Zoe is only 20 years old. When she visits her older brother and the band, Zoot discovers something different about her. Read along to find out.

    Zoot ran inside the house with a happy grin on his face. He'd never been this happy ever since him and Leah were together. In his hand, was a letter adressed to him. He raced down to the kitchen to find Janice making breakfast, Dr.Teeth helping out, and Leah just sitting there with Lips and Delores in between her and Floyd. "Woah, Zoot! Take it easy!" Dr.Teeth said while trying to flip the pancake. "EASY! EASY! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Animal bellowed. Zoot panted and took a seat next to Leah. "Sorry guys. I'm just happy 'cause I just heard from my li'l sis." Zoot said as he kissed Leah on the forehead.

    "Man, I didn't know you had a little sister." Floyd said.

    "Like, yeah. Whats she like?" Janice asked.

    Zoot thought about his little sister more. "Well, her name is Zoe. She had cancer as a kid. But she stopped at the age of.....uh.....ten? I think. Anyway, after her cancer was out of her, she and I started to hang more. Till' one day, she left to live with her boyfriend in Florida. I missed her. Then I met all of you, then Leah." he said. "Man, it must've been very tragic for your sister to leave you and when she had cancer." Dr.Teeth said. Zoot nodded. "What kind of cancer did she have, anyway?" Leah asked curiously. "Lung cancer. I think." Zoot replied, "She was lucky to keep her hair." "Like, what did the letter say, anyway?" Janice asked. Zoot shrugged. Floyd laughed, "You didn't even read it?"

    "No. When it said, 'Zoe' on the envelope, I just had a happy moment!" Zoot yelled while smiling.

    Zoot opened the evelope and took out the letter. "Does anyone read cursive?" Zoot asked. Leah giggled, "I do." She took the letter from Zoot and read:

    Dear Zoot,

    Missed ya bro! I keep hearing about you on TV of the Muppet Show. I'm so proud of you! Anyway, some things have changed since I left with Udon to Florida. Speaking of Udon, he and I broke up, and I have even more bad news. My cancer kind of came back....and of course, I somehow, became blind. I don't know why, but, I'm still kind of scared......Juruso is writing for me. I still can't see the paper....I still can't see the paper or my own writing. Theres a nurse that has to follow me to wherever I go. It kind of sucks. But she wont be soon. I'm taking a helecopter ride to California to see you for a week or two. I can't wait to see you and the band!!! Though, I might not be able to see what you look like again, however. I can tell the voices. I'll see you when I get here!

    Your sister,

    PS: This is Juruso's handwriting!!!

    Zoot was shocked once Leah was done reading the letter. Her cancer came back and she's blind! "Oh wow...." Janice mumbled, "Like Zoot, I feel rully terrible." "So do we." Dr.Teeth added. Leah laid a hand on his shoulder and hugged him. "At least, she's coming over to visit." she said. That made Zoot smile, his girlfriend knew how to cheer him up.

    The next morning, Zoot crawled out of bed, he was so tired. Though, he was excited to see Zoe again. "ZOOT! C'MON DOWN!" Dr.Teeth called from downstairs. "I'm comin'! I'm comin'!" Zoot said as he ran downstairs to the livingroom. He saw the band waiting for him at the breakfast table. Though, he didn't see Leah anywhere. "Where's Lee?" he asked. Floyd was helping Lips set the table, "She had to work today." Floyd said. Lips nodded. "She said that, like, she wont be home till' noon." Janice added. Zoot plotted down on the table, he looked at the clock on the microwave, it said, 9:30 a.m. Leah will be home in 3 hours. Delores came downstairs with her silver, silky robe, she was holding Animal's chain. "Hey Floyd, you missing someone?" she asked. Floyd laughed, "Oh Animal, what am I gonna do with you?" Animal laughed while Floyd took the chain from Delores.

    Suddenly, the band heard a helecopter sound coming from outside. "Dang, what is that?" Dr.Teeth shouted in anger. Lips peeked out the window. He turned to the band and yelled, "Look!" The band looked out the window, there was a helecopter outside in the yard. Then, Zoot remembered the letter. Zoe said she was taking a helecopter ride to California! "Guys! Zoe! She's here!" Zoot yelled with a grin. The band kept looking out the window. They saw an aqua figure come out of the helecopter. She jumped out along with her luggage. The helecopter flew off and the smoke had cleared. Zoot saw his little sister.

    Zoe was a 20 year old muppet. She had light-aqua skin; her hair was short and blue. A light purple fore-head band was around her forehead. Her nose was smaller that Zoot's, and yellow. Zoe's eyes were half-open like Leah's. Only her eyelids were an olive color and her pupils were grey and white. She had black retangle glasses on. She was wearing a green and black-striped shirt with a dark blue sweater to go under. She had a brown-heart necklace. She had navy blue jeans with brown sneakers. Her smile was short like her brother's.

    Zoot charged outside into the front yard. He didn't care that he was in his pajamas. He grabbed Zoe and pulled her close. "Zoe, I missed you." he said. "Z-Zoot? Is it really you?" Zoe asked. Zoot replied with a yes. "Ok good, uh...remember when I said that my lung cancer came back?" she asked. Zoot nodded, then letted go of her. "Oh sorry." he said. "Its ok." Zoe said with a smile. "I missed you too." she replied. Zoot took her hand, "C'mon sis, I'll let you meet the gang." he said as he led her inside.

    As Zoot laid Zoe's luggage on the floor, the band saw Zoe. Animal charged to her, "WOMAN! WOMAN!" he exclaimed. He was about to jump on Zoe. Luckly, Floyd grabbed his chain and yanked back. "DOWN ANIMAL!!" Floyd yelled. Animal came back to Floyd. Zoot turned to Zoe. "Sorry. You'll get used to Animal." Zoot said. Zoe came out of behind Zoot, she was still shy. The band saw Zoe. "Guys, this is Zoe." Zoot greeted. Zoe, again, hid behind Zoot in shyness. "Hey, babe, its ok, we don't bite." Floyd said, "Though Animal might though, but you'll be ok." The members came up one at a time and met her. When it was Animal's turn, he just licked her face that made Zoe giggle. She ruffled Animal's hair with Zoot's help because she couldn't see. Janice took her luggage and took them to the guest room.

    Around 12:03, Leah came home. Her pony-tail was drapped down, her uniform was torn a little and she was panting. The band took notice with a shock. "Woah! What happened to you?" Delores asked. Leah sat down on the couch next to Dr.Teeth and Zoe. "There was just a new shipment of Lobsters. I fell in the crate and Georgina splashed hot water all over me." Leah said while burying her head. Zoot took Leah's hand, and gave her a hug. Then, he looked at Zoe. "Oh right," he said, "Zoe, theres one more person you haven't met yet." Zoe stood up and walked towards Zoot, she was struggling due to her blindness. "Lee, this is my sister, Zoe." Zoot said. Leah took Zoe's hand. "Hi...." they both said to eachother. Dr.Teeth laughed silently to himself. Zoot gave Leah a peck on the cheek. "Is she your girlfriend, Zoot?" Zoe asked. Zoot again, replied with a yes. Leah smiled. Janice came up behind her. "Like, c'mon Lee. Lets get you some warmer clothes on. And posibly a shower." she said. Leah laughed and followed her upstairs. Zoe turned to her big brother and smiled. "You're gonna love it here, Zoe." Zoot said as he and her shared a half-hug. Zoot did it gently this time.

    Part 2 Comin' soon! By the way, when it says that its written cursive, the website doesn't have cursive font. So, others writing will do. Hope you enjoyed the first part!
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  2. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Yay! Part 2! Srry for the wait!

    Zoot helped Zoe unpack everything in the room she was staying in...which was in Leah's room, but Leah didn't mind sleeping with Zoot for a week or two. Zoe was happy to be with her second oldest brother, I mean, Jeruso was so helpful to her. However, Zoot was always there for her when she needed it.

    So, both Zoe and Zoot were having a conversation on something.

    "So, how many years have you and Leah been dating?" Zoe asked as she sat at the edge of the bed. Zoot laid down on Leah's beanbag. "Oh a long time," Zoot replied, "I'm guessing about....uh..um....three? Maybe four years." Zoe sat there with her eyes widened in shock.

    "You sure?" Zoe asked, "Bro, I know you always often forget almost everything." Zoot sat up in outrage. "I do not!" he said, "That ain't true!" "Oh yeah?" Zoe asked, "How old are you?" Zoot placed his fist on his forehead to think, "Uh, ten?" he asked. Zoe bursted out laughing and laid on the bed.

    "Ok, ok...easy sis. Don't wanna let you breathe too hard." Zoot said as he helped her up.

    "Ok...(gasp; wheeze)...Zoot? Can you hand me my oxygen stuff, please?" Zoe asked as she placed her hand on her chest.

    Zoot did a quick nodd and grabs a oxygen tank and mask and hands them to Zoe. She placed her mask over both her mouth and nose and starts to breathe in and out. After a few seconds, she letted the mask come off.
    "You feel better?" Zoot asked, he placed his hand on Zoe's shoulder.

    Zoe nodded.

    "Good." Zoot replied, leaving a smile on his face.

    "Hi." said a tired, scratchy voice. Zoe and Zoot looked up to find Leah, in her fluffy, orange robe. Her hair was frizzy and dry and a little straight. Leah's voice sounded like she just lost her voice. Leah looked very tired.
    "Hi, hon. You feelin' ok?" Zoot asked, "You look like you just woke up or somethin'." Leah giggled softly.

    "No. After I got out of the shower, Jan felt my forehead and told me I have some fever. I feel worse as of right now." Leah said mumbly. She sat next to Zoe and held one of her stuffed cats that she found on the floor.

    "Well, its gettin' late. (to Leah) C'mon baby, lets get you to bed. I'll get you some OJ, k?" Zoot said.

    Leah nodds.

    Zoot turns to Zoe. "You better get some sleep too, sis." he said, "You need rest." Zoe giggled. "Ok, goodnight, bro." "Gnight, Zoe" Zoot replied.

    Zoot and Leah lur out of the room quietly after Zoe was in bed. She placed her glasses on the nightstand. She laid awake worried, she was hoping her blindness would bother the Electric Mayhem...maybe Leah.....or even Zoot! She was hoping Zoot and the rest of the gang wont mind. As every thought came in Zoe's head, Zoe managed to fall back asleep.

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  3. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    For MuppetLuver2000...

    Here's the 3rd part!

    Leah woke up the next morning, looking weaker than ever. Zoot was laying in her bed and spent the entire night. Leah knew she was sick, but she was going to have to force herself back on her feet and try to go to work. She quietly, without waking Zoot up, changed into her uniform. She kissed Zoot on the cheek and left the room quietly.

    When she got downstairs, Dr.Teeth and Lips were up. Lips was helping Dr.Teeth make breakfast. Dr.Teeth took notice of Leah. "Yo Lee. You..uh...up for a quick bite before leavin'?" he asked. Lips kept looking at Leah as if she were sick, which she was.

    "Sure, I'm up for some." Leah replied, trying to talk in her normal voice over her scratchy throat.

    "You feelin' ok, Lee? You don't look too good." Lips asked as he pulled a chair open for Leah.

    Leah nodded. "I'm alright. Just tired, that's all. Didn't get that much sleep last night."

    "Looks like it's just more than that." Dr.Teeth said while laining an arm around Leah's shoulder. "You don't sound too good, either."

    Lips handed Leah a hashbrown and Leah grabbed her purse. "Look, I know you two are saying I look sick. " Leah said, in her scratchy voice. "Well, I do, but I have to suck it up. I'm gonna try to make sure I don't look that sick in front of my boss." She started to leave the room, "I'll try to be back by noon. I'll see you guys later."
    The door closed without a single word from Lips or Dr.Teeth. "I doubt she would come home around nine." Dr.Teeth said. Lips shook his head. "Nah, I believe her, man. If she can try to pull it off, I'm sure she'll be ok." They both shrugged and went back to set the table.

    Zoot woke up, knowing Leah already went to work. He got up and went into Leah's bedroom where Zoe was awake. "You were waitin' for me, huh?" Zoot asked as he sat next to her on the side of the bed.

    "Yeah, how else do you think I could try to walk downstairs blind." she asked.

    Zoot chuckled, "Good point. C'mon, I think the good doctor made breakfast."

    The two went downstairs to see if anyone was up. Dr.Teeth and Lips were still downstairs. Janice just woke up, along with Delores and Floyd. Animal was next to Floyd, nudging his knee. He wanted to walk. Floyd looked at Animal and laughed. "Ok, buddy. Let me change real quick and we'll go on that walk I promised." he said. "Ok." Animal said.

    Lips sat next to Delores, who was half-asleep. Lips looked up and saw Zoe and Zoot walking towards him. Zoe sat next to Delores, she felt weaker a bit. Though, she felt fine.

    LATER ON...

    Around nine or so, Leah came home. Her friend from work, Kerline, brought her home.

    "Thanks again for bringing me home, Kerline." Leah said.

    "No problem." Kerline replied, in her female Kermit-the-Frog voice, "I hope you feel better soon."

    "Thank you." Leah said.

    Kerline left the house. Leah went into the livingroom to see if anyone was around. Better yet, some were. Dr.Teeth was sitting on the couch, along with Lips and Delores playing some CLR. Floyd and Janice were going against eachother in a Mario Kart Wii game (Janice was beating him). Zoe was upstairs with Zoot and Animal doing something.

    "Ha! Like, I can't believe that I beated you, hon!" Janice said. She was playing as Princess Peach while Floyd played as Mario. Just as Leah figured. "Aww, you just got lucky." Floyd said.

    "...hey..." Leah said in her sore voice.

    Janice and the others turned to Leah. Dr.Teeth stood up and wrapped his arms around Leah, hugging her. "Man, that boss of yours saw ya?" Floyd asked. Leah nodded. Janice took Leah's hand. "Like, c'mon, sweetie. Let's get you upstairs..." Janice led Leah upstairs and past her room, where Zoe, Zoot, and Animal were resting. Leah left to Zoot's room and layed herself under the covers. "Like, don't worry, Lee. I'm sure you'll be ok."


    Zoot was getting ready for bed, Leah was laying on one side of the bed. Zoot heard what happened to Leah at work today from Janice. Zoe heard too, she felt bad. She wanted to help, but Zoot didn't want her to get sick.

    "...your sister, is she ok?..." Leah asked as Zoot crawled into bed.

    "Yeah, she's got to wear that mask for a little while, now." Zoot replied.

    "I hope she ain't sick like me now." she said worried.

    "Nah, she's ok. Don't worry 'bout a thing, babe. Go to sleep." he said as he kissed her forehead. Leah nodded and went to sleep. Zoot went back to sleep too.

    Meanwhile, in Leah's room, Zoe layed on the bed, with the mask overtop her mouth. She tried to go to sleep, but she just couldn't. She wanted to help Leah. Every thought she tried to think more of made her fall asleep. Soon...everyone was asleep.
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  4. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Awwwww! Poor Zoe! I wonder how her condition is faring. I mean what a great story you're doing, Leah. I cannot wait for more story.
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