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ZootyCutie's TMS Outline-Pom Pom and The Poopsmith

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ZootyCutie, May 27, 2007.

  1. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Well-Known Member

    To celebrate 100 fabulous posts here, I'm gonna write an outline with Pom Pom and The Poopsmith. Season 5 style yet again!

    Cold Opening
    The guest stars don't have much to say.

    Theme Song
    Gonzo's horn makes Pom Pom's bubbling noise.

    Opening Number
    The Electric Mayhem sing the song "Tequila", and all of the members get a chance to sing.

    Waldorf: Heh, a song that only uses one word.
    Statler: If only they could subtract that word. That would be perfect.
    (they laugh)

    Janice and Miss Piggy try flirting with Pom Pom, though they don't know if they should take his comments as compliments or insults.

    Swedish Chef
    The Swedish Chef get The Poopsmith's help in making "The Poopsmith's you-know-what cookies".

    Statler: You kow, The Poopsmith has something in common with this show.
    Waldorf: What's that?
    Statler: They both stink!
    (they laugh)

    The Electric Mayhem make the mistake of sampling the cookies, and end up sick in their dressing room.

    UK Spot
    A Whatnot Mermaid sings to a male Whatnot the song "Kiss the Girl"

    Dressing Room
    Still sick in their dressing rooms, and now in their pajamas, The Electric Mayhem sing "Virus Alert".

    Gonzo attempts to hang from his nose on an adantium bar ten feet off the ground while playing "Aura Lee" on his trumpet. The problem is, the bar isn't true adantium.

    Dressing Room
    Pom Pom and The Poopsmith give The Electric Mayhem get well cookies. The problem was, The Poopsmith made them again.

    Closing Number
    With Pom Pom on stand up bass and The Poopsmith on saxophone, they create the "Honeysuckle Rose" song from the UK spot of the Harry Belafonte episode.

    Pom Pom and The Poopsmith are joined by Kermit and The Electric Mayhem, who are still in their pajamas.

    End Credits
    All of the pit orchestra, except Nigel, Rowlf and Trombone Lady are still in their pajamas.

    Waldorf: You, know. We should really ask The Poopsmith for the recipie of those cookies. It could keep us away from next week.

    Zoot's Final Note
    Zoot weakly plays the bum note.
    ConsummateVs likes this.
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I thought that Tequilia was an all-instrumental song. What's the one word?
  3. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Well-Known Member

    All they say is the word tequila.
  4. Muppetfity888

    Muppetfity888 Active Member

    I image Kermit would like freak out when he hears about band beings sick.:

    Scooter: Chief!

    Kermit: Not now Scooter. Cue the Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem number.

    Scooter: But I'm got some bad news chief. The Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem are sick.

    Kermit: with horrifed shock face as he look at Scooter. "What?! They sick!? How they got sick? They were fine!"

    Sooter: They ate the Poopsmith cookies.

    That would script what Kermit would freak out.

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