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Muppet Collectibles

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The Muppet Show Annual (1977, UK)

Published 1977 by Brown Watson. Hardcover, 58 pages.

The first Muppet annual (released only in the UK) includes a biographical "Meet the Muppets" section, several Muppet Show comics, a "Kermit in London" section, pictures, puzzles, and activities. Lots of nice photos of first season characters and the Muppet monsters are included as well.

The back cover includes a rare shot of Jim Henson surrounded by other Muppet characters.

The Muppet Show Book (1978)

The Muppet Show Book (1978)Published 1978 by Harry N. Abrams, Incorporated. Layout and illustrations by Tudor Banus. Painted illustrations. Hardcover and paperback, 190 pages.

This is a fantastic picture and script book, based on sketches and songs from the first two seasons of "The Muppet Show". The illustrations are very faithful to the characters and the series.

This book is a must-have for Muppet fans. Highlights include: Mahna Mahna, Pigs in Space, Vet's Hospital, the Swedish Chef Battles Lobsters, Lady Wrestlers, Piggy Tries to Make Kermit Jealous, Muppet Labs, and the Pigs Take Over the Show.

The paperback version has "The Muppet Show Book" logo on the front cover and a Blue Frackle in the lower right-hand corner.

The Muppet Show Annual (1978, UK)

Published 1978 by Brown Watson. Hardcover, 58 pages.

Not unlike the second season of the series, the second Muppet annual is very nice as it shows the enormous character depth that emerged since the first annual. Included in this book are multiple comics, sections on the Electric Mayhem, the brightly colored bird Fletcher, Annie Sue, and all the regulars.

The Muppet Movie (1979)

The Muppet Movie (1979)Published 1979 by Harry N. Abrams - Peacock Press/Bantam Books with the Muppet Press. Book adaptation by Steven Crist, from the film script by Jerry Juhl and Jack Burns. Photos. Hardcover and paperback, 118 pages. Also released in paperback by Bantam Books.

A book adaptation of "The Muppet Movie", overflowing with color photos from the film. It tells the whole story, scene by scene, including all the song lyrics. It is a must have for fans.

The book features some pictures of scenes cut from later releases of the film. For example, Statler and Waldorf are sitting at a table drinking coffee at the El Sleezo Cafe.

Waldorf: Did he say his jokes were rare?
Statler: Yeah. That's because they're not well done!
Both: Ho, ho! Hehe! Urf, urf!

Muppet Annual No. 3 (1979, UK)

Published 1979 by Grandreams Limited. Hardcover, 58 pages.

The third Muppet Show annual has the same content as the book Muppet Madness published in the United States. By this point, the Muppets popularity was unstoppable worldwide.

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