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•07/01 - Dark Crystal Pop Vinyl Figures: Jen, Kira and Fizzgig, Aughra, The Chamberlain Skeksis and UrSol the Chanter

•05/03 - Jack White and The Electric Mayhem: You Are The Sunshine Of My Life Vinyl

•05/03 - Sing It Elmo DVD with 2 Full Length Episodes

•04/01 - Diamond Select Muppet Figures Series 1: Kermit, Robin and Bean, Fozzie and Scooter and Gonzo and Camilla

•03/01 - The Cookie Thief DVD



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Muppet Collectibles

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Muppets! Muppets! Muppets!: The Best of Muppet Magazine (1986)

Published 1986 by Derrydale Books with the Muppet Press. Edited by Katy Dobbs. Designed by Gail Segerstrom. Principal photography by John E. Barrett and Aaron Rapoport. Photos and some comic stories. Hardcover, 96 pages.

Included are a selection of features and interviews from the first three years of Muppet Magazine, which was published from 1983-1989.

Miss Piggy interviews Olivia Newton-John, Dr. Julius Strangepork talks to Isaac Asimov, and Fozzie talks to Weird Al Yankovic. Other highlights include: Bunsen Honeydew's Muppet Labs notebook, Gonzo starring in a comic-strip parody of E. T., and postcards from Muppet Summer Camps.

Jim Henson: From Puppets to Muppets - Taking a Trip (1987)

Published by Dillion Press. Written by Geraldine Woods. Hardback, 54 pages.

This is a small, short, but interesting biography of Jim Henson. It is a little out of date, but it features information and pictures not usually shown.

The Best Babysitter in the World (1987)

Published 1987 by Scholastic Inc. Written by Marilyn Kaye. Illustrated by Lauren Attinello. Storybook. Paperback, 48 pages.

This is one of a series of Scholastic books made especially for beginning readers. It has very accurate illustrations of the characters and the story is good as well.

In this book, Fozzie babysits Robin.

booksmixedup.jpg (19110 bytes)Kermit's Mixed-up Message (1987)

Published by Scholastic Inc. Written by Joanne Barkin. Illustrated By Lauren Attinello. Paperback, 32 pages.

The Muppets fear that the show won't go on, when Scooter misunderstands Kermit during a phone call. So everyone goes crazy sprucing up their acts in an attempt to save it.

Jim Henson: Muppet Master (1988)Jim Henson: Muppet Master (1988)

Published by Lerner Publications Company. Written by Nathan Aaseng. Hardback, 40 pages.

This is another interesting biography of Jim Henson. For some reason, though, it seems to be more well known than From Puppets to Muppets. Both are neat if you can find them.

Miss Piggy and the Big Gorilla (1988)

Published 1988 by Scholastic Inc. Written by Marilyn Kaye. Illustrated by Lauren Attinello. Storybook. Paperback, 32 pages.

Miss Piggy is worried when she hears that a gorilla has escaped from the zoo. The gorilla catches Piggy and eats her alive. No, I'm just kidding.

Gonzo the Great (1989)

Published 1989 by Scholastic Inc. Written by Marilyn Kaye. Illustrated by Lauren Attinello. Storybook. Paperback, 32 pages.

Gonzo doesn't get enough respect at home, so he joins the circus to become Gonzo the Great.

Jim Henson: Creator of the Muppets - Reaching Your Goal (1989)

Published 1989 by the Rourke Book Company. Written by Rita Petrucelli. Illustrated by Luciano Lazzarino.

A biography of the puppeteer whose remarkable creations, the Muppets, have found success in television and other media. Includes advice on setting and reaching goals.

1975-1979 1980-1984 1985-1989
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