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Posters and Wall Decorations
Muppet Collectibles

Hallmark (1977)

Hallmark produced a series of wall decorations in various sizes.

Kissy Kissy!

Here is a full-figured (sorry Piggy!) posable Miss Piggy that you can put up on your wall. From the bottom of her high-heels to the top of her head she's 28 inches tall with posable arms and legs. In her right hand she's holding a fan that says, "Kissy Kissy!"

Scandecor (1978)

The Muppet Show

Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Rowlf, Scooter and Dr. Teeth in foreground, Gonzo in "Muppet Show" logo in background.

This poster is 20 inches by 28 inches.

Pig Power

Miss Piggy, dressed in a white karate outfit, and thrusting a purple-gloved fist into the air.

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem

Dr. Teeth, Animal, Janice, Floyd and Zoot enjoying their music, with an "Electric Mayhem" logo high above.

Pigs in Space

Captain Link Hogthrob, First Mate Miss Piggy and Dr. Julius Strangepork gaze into the unknown, with the logo and the Swinetrek flying above

Kermit and Fozzie

Kermit and Fozzie pose with Fozzie's arm around Kermit, logo on top

Variety (1978)

Muppet Show wins an Emmy

This is an original, 11 by 15 3-page, fold-out, brochure, that was a supplement to Variety Magazine. A great display piece for the true fan. The brochure shows many of the guest stars that appeared on the popular show during the first two seasons.

Muppet Movie One Sheet (1979)

All the Muppets are featured piled into a car driving down the highway with picture of Kermit and Miss Piggy above them. Kermit says to Piggy, "Frankly Miss Piggy, I don't give a hoot."

A similar picture of the Muppets in Fozzie's Studebaker was also featured on the cover of the "The Muppet Movie" UK album. This is the rarer and more sought after one sheet poster.

Here's another one sheet variant that included the Michael Frith drawing similar to the original soundtrack cover. Kermit and Miss Piggy are in a rowboat below a rainbow with pictures of the various guest stars in the film at the top of the poster.

Below Kermit and Miss Piggy's boat, the poster says, "More entertaining than humanly possible!"

National Geographic Society (1979)

Cast Photo & Behind the Scenes

This is a fold up Muppet poster from National Geographic which was included in a National Geographic World magazine.

The front has a first season picture of the Muppets and the back side has several great photos and text about "Muppets behind the scenes." It measures 20 inches by 31 inches.

Scandecor (1979)

Bogen County Miss Piggy

Scandecor produced a number of Muppet Movie posters, including one of Miss Piggy in her beauty-queen outfit, as she first appears in "The Muppet Movie." She wears a tiara and a cape, holding a bunch of flowers and looking dreamily at the camera.

Anyone for a Swing?

Miss Piggy, eloquently dressed, is playfully riding in a swing while many frogs serenade her down below. However, Kermit is no where to be found.

The poster measures 24 by 36 inches.

Going for a Ride

After Kermit's bike ride was one of the most memorable scenes from "The Muppet Movie" this poster was produced to appeal to those fans. Kermit is waving as he rides his blue bicycle.

Hallmark (1980)

Hallmark produced a series of wall decorations in various sizes.

"Go, team, go...or I'll break all your arms!"

Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie, Rowlf, and Dr. Teeth stating what they like most about school

Scandecor (1980)

The Muppet Show

An enormous cast photo onstage at the Muppet Theater, including Gonzo in the "Muppet Show" logo hanging above the stage, all the main characters, Statler and Waldorf in their box, Annie Sue hanging from a trapeze, the band, Link Hogthrob, Marvin Suggs, and audience members watching.

American Library Association (1980)


Kermit is reading a book while Miss Piggy is standing on a stack of books wearing a pettycoat. No doubt Kermit and Piggy studied together while in school.

This poster was also made available as bookmarks and bookplates.

Art of the Muppets (1980)

This great poster is an expanded version from the cover of "The Art of the Muppets" book. It features Kermit, Yorick, and Cookie Monster along with a variety of Muppet props and collectibles through the first 25 years of The Jim Henson Company.

Hallmark (1981)

Hallmark produced the following wall decorations.

"I'm looking for someone to steal my heart away!"

"The Star Is In"
"Happy Hallowen"
with Miss Piggy's "Kissy-Kissy" mix
"My needs are simple...my wants are extremely expensive!"
"Another day, another chance to be utterly stunning!"
"Behind every good woman there's a great left hook!"
"I don't expect star treatment... I demand it!"
"To err is human...but to really mess things up, you need a computer!"

In 1981, Hallmark also had a Muppet star mobile in many of their stores. This mobile featured three different sizes of stars surrounded by a yellow border with hollywood lights. The stars form a huge Muppet mobile.

Large Stars (18 inches)

  1. Kermit in a black tux holding a top hat and white cane
  2. Miss Piggy in a lavender dress with white boa and a little purple hat

Medium Stars (12 inches)

  1. Dr. Teeth
  2. The Swedish Chef
  3. Fozzie Bear

Small Stars (10 inches)

  1. Animal
  2. Gonzo blowing a horn
  3. Miss Piggy in a purple and black zebra print dress with heart-shaped sunglasses
  4. Kermit wearing a cowboy vest and hat with a red hankerchief and a sheriff's badge
  5. Fozzie Bear with a blue and red cap

The Great Muppet Caper One-Sheet (1981)

The movie poster with Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie and Gonzo bursting out of a newspaper, with headlines announcing various crew members.

Similar to the original album cover.

The Great Muppet Caper Poster Magazine (1981)

Published 1981 by Paradise Press.

This is a giant Kermit and Miss Piggy poster book. When fold it out you can read about the movie "The Great Muppet Caper", which is printed on the back of the poster. There are lots of neat still photos from the movie, that surrounds the text, kind of like a newspaper.

This is a rare item as it was only sold at the theatres that originally showed the film.

Hallmark (1982)

Hallmark produced the following wall decorations for 1982.

"Recess is my favorite subject... after lunch."

"Love is a noble madness."
"You have to study to be a star...and, of course, be ravishing."
"Hooray for Weekends!"
"School is cool!"
"Give me an 'A'... or else!"

Muppets Take Manhattan One-Sheet (1984)

The movie poster with Kermit and Piggy in shiny top hats above the Manhattan skyline. This is one of the weaker one-sheet posters.

Similar to the original album cover.

Miss Piggy's Poster Book (1986)

Published by Muppet Press with Derrydale Books. As told to Louise Gikow. Paperback, 23 pages.

This giant poster book contains 22 glorious full color photos of that glamorous pig, Miss Piggy. There is a very clever introduction as well as captions for each of the posters by "Moi Herself". The book photographically covers Miss Piggy's entire career from high school cheerleader to magazine cover girl. Some of the photos can be found in Miss Piggy's previous calendar work and in the Kermitage Collection. The cover features Miss Piggy in the unforgettable Cosmopolitan parody pose with the enormous hair.

Muppet Christmas Carol One-Sheet (1992)

The movie poster featuring Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Robin, Rizzo and Bean in the sky above as Scrooge (Michael Cane) walks through the London streets.

Similar to the original album cover.

American Greetings/Carlton Cards (1993)

The following Valentine's Day posters were made by American Greetings.

  1. Kermit and Piggy poster, illustration of Kermit and Piggy in a heart
  2. Kermit and Piggy poster, illustration of Kermit and Piggy as a prince and princess
  3. Muppet Valentine's Day coloring poster: Black-and-white poster of the Muppets constructing a huge Valentine heart, with stickers to decorate the poster

Western Graphics (1994)

These parodies were also featured in Kermit the Frog's 1996 Advertising Parodies calendar.

Kermit Clein
(Calvin Clein Parody)

(Gap Parody)
Pigtoria's Secret
(Victoria's Secret Parody)

Western Graphics (1995)

These parodies were also featured in Kermit the Frog's 1996 Advertising Parodies calendar.

Forrest Green
(Forrest Gump Parody)

Kermit Letterfrog
(David Letterman Parody)
Guess who?
(Guess Parody)

American Library Association (1996)

READ: Fall in Love with Books

Miss Piggy dresses as Cleopatra, with Kermit as Marc Anthony, reading a stack of books in this promotional poster for America's libraries.

Western Graphics (1996)


Kermit lies on the beach, showing off his washboard abs. A bottle of "Amphibia" cologne is pictured at the bottom, with the caption: "Amphibia: Pour homme, femme et frog."

Muppet Treasure Island One-Sheet (1996)

Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo and Rizzo pose on a stack of pirate's treasure, with the ocean in the background and Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver, pirates and pig warriors appearing in the sky behind them.

Bus Stop Poster

This same poster was also released in "Bus Stop" size, measuring a huge 4 feet by 5 feet.

Day Dream Publishing (1996)

These parodies were also featured in The Muppet Parody Calendar: The Sequel.

Meet the Mupples

Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Animal are picturedin black-and-white in a "Meet the Beatles" parody.

Swine Trek II: The Bath of Pig

Kermit and Gonzo are startled to see Miss Piggy taking a shower in the Swine Trek transporter room.

Posters a la Miss Piggy (1997)

Published 1997 by Grosset & Dunlap. Photos. 8 posters.

Ooh la la! Jewel stickers turn eight 11 by 17 inch photographic posters of Miss Piggy and the Muppets into classic works of art. Decorate them any way you want and hang them in your room.

American Library Association (1998)

Building a Nation of Readers

Kermit, Piggy and Rizzo, dressed as construction workers, build a tower out of books in another promotional library poster.

Western Graphics (1999)

Funky Frog

Kermit poses against a psychedelic background.

Muppets From Space posterMuppets From Space One-Sheet

The picture on this poster was taken from the roof of the Muppet Boarding House, and has Gonzo being sucked up into a spaceship. The text reads, "SPACE... it's not as deep as you think."

Kermit has one of his legs, and Rizzo has the other. They're trying to keep him down. They're flanked by Piggy (her hair is okay--dominatrix outfit with buckles and straps and a velvet skirt) while Fozzie and Animal are on the other side of the roof.

Bus Stop Poster

This same poster was also released in "Bus Stop" size, measuring a huge 4 feet by 5 feet. The larger "Bus Stop" poster has a nice glossy covering and can stand on its own.

Starline (2001)

Muppet Show 25th Anniversary Poster

This anniversary poster is the same as the Muppet Party Springbok puzzle, except Henson replaced Piggy's head with a new version. If you look at the picture closely, it almost appears as if her head is "floating" above the others. The Muppet Show anniversary logo was added at the top of the poster.

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Section compiled by
Cindy Chapman and Phillip Chapman

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