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Watches and Clocks
Muppet Collectibles

Picco (1979)

Kermit Watch

This is the 1979 original and official "Kermit the Frog", Jim Henson Muppet watch by Picco. It has a green striped cloth band, and is shown in the original plastic case and box.

Miss Piggy Watch

Piggy is pictured lounging in a lavender gown, the gown tapers off into a sort of mermaid tail. It has a purple and white striped cloth band.

Fozzie Bear Watch

Here is everyone's favorite funny man, Fozzie Bear. Performing as usual Fozzie is holding his hat in his right hand and a white cane in his left.

Animal Watch

Animal is wildly playing his drums with his left arm bent over his head and the other arm down below. His legs are up in the air towards his right as only the wild Animal can do.

Picco (1980)

Swedish Chef
Illustrated Wall Clock

Kermit and Piggy
Illustrated Wall Clock

Kermit Desk Clock
Miss Piggy Illustrated Watch
Miss Piggy Sailor Watch

Timex (1980)

Kermit Desk Clock

Thie Kermit clock has the frog sitting in a director's chair with a big yellow star in the background. Kermit's legs are resting over the arm rest on the chair.

Lorus (1981)

Miss Piggy Watch

Lorus released this woman's square watch staring a standing Miss Piggy with outstretched arms.

Timex (1982)

Kermit and Piggy Watches

Kermit's watch features him sitting beneath a rainbow with his legs resting up in the air. Miss Piggy's watch has her in a pink dress also relaxing. Watches were released in green and pink boxes, respectively.

Casio (1988)

Kissy Kissy

This mini-alarm clock has illustration of Piggy and Kermit about to kiss on the face with a big heart behind them. Piggy hopes the alarm does not go off before she gets her kiss! The background is black with white numbers.

A Frog on Time

This illustrated mini-alarm clock has a picture of Kermit lounging. His flipper is in the air and he is waving. The background is blue with yellow numbers on the clock.

Lorus (1991)

Kermit Head Watch
Kermit Signature Watch
Miss Piggy Watch (red or pink band)
Miss Piggy
Signature Watch
Miss Piggy Marilyn Monroe Watch

Hope Industries (1993)

Digital kids' watches, small plastic PVC-type figure on the outside of the watch snaps up to reveal the watch face.

Kermit Quartz Watch

Kermit is waving hello. You flip Kermit up to reveal the time in digital format. The band is a plastic yellow with some illustrations of Kermit on it.

Miss Piggy Quartz Watch

Miss Piggy is lounging back, probably dreaming of her frog. You flip Miss Piggy up to reveal the time in digital format. There is also an interchangeable purple rhinestone. The band is a plastic pink and white beaded jewelry style.

Lorus (1994)


Kermit Looking
at the Moon

Kermit Face

Genender International (1998)

All of these watches are marked "Kermit Collection," and come in a special silver "Kermit Collection" by Genender International, Inc. Some of these watches also came with a small Igel Kermit doll.

Kermit Faces Watch

There are a total of 7 faces on this watch, 4 on the face in varying sizes, all at different angles, and three more on the second hand. Then the numbers 1-12 are in their usual positions above the second hand, so none of the numbers are obscured by the faces. This one has a white watch face, gold trim, and a brown leather band.

More Kermit Faces

These watch features four Kermit faces at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions. No numbers are on the watch, just the faces on a white background. This one has a silver trim with a black leather band.

Thinking of the Gang Watch

Kermit Thinking of the Gang Watch

This watch has a brown leather band, silver trim, and white background. Kermit is in the foreground, his left arm up in a kind of a "Hi" kind of wave. He's where the numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6 are on the watch.

Above his head to the left (where the numbers 10 and 11 would be) is a cartoon cloud, like he's thinking, with the bubbles going from his head to the cloud. Behind the watch face is a rotating second hand-disc. On the disc are: Rizzo, Animal, Piggy, Fozzie, and Gonzo, each rotating through Kermit's thoughts once a minute.

Fozzie Bear Watch

This classy Fozzie watch includes the famouse bear holding a bunch of bananas against a blue background. The text in the middle of the watch reads "Wocka Wocka".

Ladies Kermit Watch

This ladies Kermit watch feature a green leather band with a beautiful silver Kermit charm attached to the watch. Like the other watches, this also included a nice metal box for storage and a display stand.

Miss Piggy Watch

Purple metallic watch, with illustration of Piggy posing in glamorous purple dress. She's facing a little sliver of opening in the watch, and a spinning disk underneath spells out three Piggy sayings: "Don't touch my frog!", "You treat, moi eats.", "Where's the ring?" The band is deep purple suede.

Image (2001)

Muppet Show Anniversary Watch

Available at MuppetFest, this limited edition Muppet Show anniversary watch features the familiar show logo with Kermit and "25 years" underneath. A fine, dark leather band and collector's case is included.

Fossil (2002)

Muppet Show Anniversary Watch

In celebration of the Muppet Show's 25th Anniversary, this watch features the cast on the multi-layered dial. The face of Kermit is a molded piece and Jim Henson's signature is imprinted on the layered crystal. Includes a stainless steel case and a leather strap with green constrast stitching. Comes in a polyresin retro TV as packaging. Limited to 2000 pieces.

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