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Dolls and Puppets
Muppet Collectibles

1958-1969 1970-1979 1980-1989
1990-1994 1995-1999 2000-2009

Eden Toys (1995)

Eden had announced that they would be releasing plush versions of Statler and Waldorf, however, they were never produced.

Animal Doll

He has a red and yellow shirt, brown pants, and "collars" at wrists and ankles.

Miss Piggy puppet with Red-and-White-Spot Dress

A puppet version of the 1993 doll with limited mouth movement.

Fozzie Puppet 

A puppet version of the 1993 doll including brown hat, and pink-polka-dotted tie.

Toy Biz (1996)

The Toy Biz Treasure Island dolls come in 12-inch and 15-inch versions.

Kermit as Captain Smollet

Kermit's wearing a black captain's hat with silver trim, red sash, black pants, and a silver sword. He comes in 2 sizes, 12-inch and 15-inch.

Miss Piggy as Benjamina Gunn

Piggy's wearing a leopard-print dress with purple-and-white feathers on her head and at the waist. She comes in 2 sizes, 12-inch and 15-inch.

Applause (1996)

Applause exploded unto the scene when they got their Muppet license and released six different Kermits in 1996. All of the Applause Kermit dolls are a fluorescent bright green.

Kermit Body Puppet

This Kermit has poseable arms and legs. He is 18-inches. Applause's body puppet is similar to the 1993 Eden Toys Kermit body puppet, but with more stuffing in the head and poseable arms and legs. The stuffing in the puppet's head really belongs in his body. Eden got it right, Applause didn't.

In 1996 Family Fun Magazine named Applause's Kermit puppet, collectible "Toy of The Year".

Kermit Poseable Doll

Kermit was released an an 18-inch, 12-inch, and 7-inch frog.

The 12-inch and 7-inch Kermits are especially accurate. The 7-inch one has a sewn-up mouth.

Kermit as Captain Smollet Doll

This is a poseable Kermit doll with blue captain's hat and yellow trim. It comes in two sizes, an 18-inch and 15-inch. Applause's Treasure Island Kermit only wears a hat, unlike the Toy Biz Kermits.

Avon (1996)

Muppet Treasure Island Plush Finger Puppets

The four Avon Treasure Island finger puppets were sold only through the Avon catalog.

Kermit has a blue captain's hat, white shirt, red scarf and belt. Piggy has a pink and yellow shirt with feathers. Animal is wearing a black sailor's hat, yellow shirt, and red sash. The Pig Warrior has his tusks, and blue and red feathers.

Applause (1998)

Talking Kermit Doll

The talking Kermit doll said three phrases, including "Hi-ho, Kermit the Frog here", "I'm feeling a little green today"and "Where is Miss Piggy?".

Piggy Doll

Applause continues its doll line with Miss Piggy. She has a cloth face and eyes. Her hair is actual doll hair and is generally unruly. Piggy is wearing a black dress with a belt around her waist. Miss Piggy exchanges her purple gloves for more trendy leopard print gloves.The doll is 18-inches high.

Animal Dolls

The Animal doll was made in three versions. The two 18-inch dolls are the same, but the snowboard doll has a "US Snowboard Team" logo printed on the shirt. The snowboard doll was produced to commemorate Animal being the mascot of the 1998 US Olympics Snowboard Team. The 12-inch Animal is just a smaller version of the larger doll.

32 inch Kermit Doll

There was also a huge, 32-inch Kermit doll, similar to the 1994 large Eden doll.

Kermit Christmas Musical Plush

Kermit has red and white earmuffs, striped scarf and mittens, and he plays the Rainbow Connection.

Igel (1998)

Small Kermit Doll

The 7 inch Kermit was packaged with the Kermit Collection watches made by EM.TV & Merchandising.

Giftware International (1998)

Muppet Plush Backpacks

Even though these are all backpacks, they're not real good for carrying a lot of things, so they make much better plushes instead. These full-body plush backpacks include: Kermit, Fozzie, and Rizzo. Plush backpacks of Animal and Gonzo's heads were released as well.

Applause (1999)

Miss Piggy Doll

This doll is a smaller, much more successful version of Applause's 1998 Piggy doll. Piggy's head is vinyl, with a smiling expression and a short bob haircut. She wears a black dress, with leopard-print gloves and belt buckle.

Walt Disney World (1999)

Muppet Vision 3D Beanbags

In 1999, Walt Disney World added a few items to their Muppet Vision 3D store, specifically this set of Muppet Beanbag dolls.

Walt Disney World (1999)

This set inclues: Kermit the Frog beanbag, Fozzie Bear beanbag, and the Bean Bunny beanbag. While Bean and Fozzie look good, notice the hideous expression on Kermit's face.

Igel (1999, Germany)

In 1999, Germany's Igel began releasing a full line of Muppet characters.

(available in 20, 35, 45, and 65 cm)

Lifeguard Kermit
(35 cm)
Farmer Kermit
(35 cm)
Winter Kermit
(35 cm)
(35 cm)
(35 cm)
Gonzo in space suit (35 cm)
(35 cm)
Kermit hand puppet
(35 cm)
Miss Piggy hand puppet
(35 cm)

Beanbags were released of Kermit, Miss Piggy, Animal, and Gonzo.

Small plush characters with keychains also included: Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and Animal.

Statler & Waldorf

One of the biggest highlights of the Igel line are the first ever plush dolls of Muppet hecklers, Statler & Waldorf. And they were definitely worth the wait. These are musts for your collection.

Incredible detail has been given to the beautiful craftsmanship of these dolls even down to Waldorf's triple chin and Statler's hawk-like nose. Waldorf is wearing a brown three-piece suit with a light blue shirt and a brown tie with a flowery pattern. While Statler comes in a blue pin-stripe suit with a light blue shirt and blue dotted tie. Pictured is the original release of these dolls. The box was redone in 2000 and there were slight changes to the dolls such as eye color and clothing.

Also in 2000, Igel released a red plush couch and also two red chairs for fans to pose their Statler and Waldorf dolls. There is nice detail in the red fabric and stitching on the couch and chairs. Statler and Waldorf first appeared sitting in two chairs in the 1975 pilot, "The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence".

Tyco (1999)

Magic Talking Kermit Doll

doll_talkingkerm.jpg (5199 bytes)

This is the only Kermit doll ever produced as part of a Sesame Street doll line. It's a special doll produced  for Sesame Street's 30th Anniversary, honoring Kermit as "Sesame Street's #1 Guest Star!" and honoring Henson for his contributions to educational television. This doll was produced as a one-time co-production between the Children's Television Workshop and The Jim Henson Company (which owns the rights to Kermit).

The doll is bright green, with a slightly furry texture, and his collar is made from a light green velvety fabric. A plastic "30th Anniversary" Sesame Street badge is attached into his collar, and a "Jim Henson" signature is stitched into the bottom of his left foot. When you  press his stomach, he opens his mouth and says, "Hi ho, Kermit the Frog here. Everybody sing!" Then he sings the opening lines of "Caribbean Amphibian," following it with a "Ribbit ribbit!"

When you press his mouth closed, he'll hum the song, and you can alternately press his stomach and his mouth to hear bits of the song sung or hummed. If you press his foot, he'll sing the entire song. Press one hand and he'll say "Ribbit ribbit!" Press the other hand and you hear the sound of a buzzing fly - which he can "catch" with a slurping sound when you press his stomach. This doll is perfect for collectors and Kermit lovers, with lots of neat special features.

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1958-1969 1970-1979 1980-1989
1990-1994 1995-1999 2000-2009

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