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Dolls and Puppets
Muppet Collectibles

1958-1969 1970-1979 1980-1989
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Fisher-Price (1981)

Dress-Up Kermit and Piggy Dolls

Fisher-Price (1981)The Dress-Up Kermit and Piggy dolls are well-made and had outfits that were sold separately. The Dress-Up Kermit doll came in his Muppet News trenchcoat and brown hat. The Dress-Up Miss Piggy doll came with a purple and silver-spotted gown with matching turban.

Dress-Up Outfits

A red sleepwear outfit for Kermit was sold separately featuring red-and white striped pajamas and cap along with a red velvet robe.

Miss Piggy's extra outfits included a garden party gown (a white-flowered dress with big hat), a sailor suit (red and white suit with white hat), and a "Pigs in Space" outfit (silver and blue jumpsuit with gloves and boots).

Gonzo Beanbag

The Gonzo beanbag is about six inches tall. He wears a shiny white daredevil outfit, and his legs and feet are covered with a shiny red fabric. He has a bright red cape.

Because he was released a year later than the other beanbag dolls, he is more rare than the others and can be quite difficult to find in good condition.

Fisher-Price (1982)Fisher-Price (1982)

Dress-up Gonzo Doll

Fisher-Price's final Muppet doll was an addition to the Dress-Up collection. Gonzo was strangley not included in the original doll line, and the Dress-Up doll is the only full-sized Gonzo that Fisher-Price ever produced.

Dress-Up Outfits

There was an additional outfit for the Gonzo Dress-Up Doll, "Admiral of the Fleet". It features Gonzo in a purple stunt suit. Kermit and Gonzo's clothes are interchangeable.

Additional outfits for the Kermit and Piggy Dress-Up Dolls included a white ballet outfit for Piggy and a western cowboy outfit for Kermit.

Applause (1987)

In 1987, Applause released a set of beautiful puppets to coincide with the new Muppet storybook special, "The Tale of the Bunny Picnic".

Bean Bunny Puppet

The Bean Bunny puppet is really cute, just like Bean! He has a red vest, blue scarf and a happy expression.

Great Grandmother

Great Grandmother has a nice face with little plastic glasses, a purple kerchief over her head and ears, a knitted tan shawl, a flowered dress, red-and-yellow striped stockings, and black shoes.

Bean's Sister Twitch

Twitch has a beautiful pink dress. She loves pansies and pickled parsnips and pink dresses. She's the perfect companion for a little girl...or a big girl who hasn't forgotten the magic of bunnies.

Bean's Father

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Post Cereal (1988)

Swedish Chef Promotional Doll

Another extremely rare and sought-after doll is the Swedish Chef doll made by Post Cereals as a promotion for Croonchy Stars, the Swedish Chef cereal. He could be ordered for $19.99 directly from Post Cereals.

This is the first Chef doll ever produced, and it's marvelous. He's a soft doll, with plastic head, hands and feet. He's wearing his white chef's hat, with a pink bowtie, blue striped shirt, red checked pants, and a white apron that says "The Swedish Chef." A wooden rolling pin and spoon are attached to his hands.

Dakin (1988)

This is Dakin's line of "Jim Henson Presents" dolls and puppets.


Do you know more about this collectible? If so, fill out our help form and we'll update this item. We need to have a description and picture.


Do you know more about this collectible? If so, fill out our help form and we'll update this item. We need to have a description and picture.


Do you know more about this collectible? If so, fill out our help form and we'll update this item. We need to have a description and picture.

Direct Connect (1989)

Direct Connect's line of Muppet dolls includes some good and some not so good. The Miss Piggy Fantasy Dress-Up Dolls are three really nice poseable plastic Piggy dolls in different outfits.

Wedding Day Piggy is in a white satin dress with a lacy veil
Princess Piggy wears a sparkly blue dress and silver tiara
Party Dress Piggy in a pink-and-black dress with a boa

Muppet University Dolls

The "Muppet University" dolls include Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Rowlf, Gonzo, and Animal. Kermit is wearing a "Muppet University" sweatshirt and sweatpants. Fozzie's got plastic eyes and a weird plastic mouth set in to a plush head. Piggy is wearing a pink poodle skirt. Rowlf is a good likeness. Gonzo's got a bright expression on his plastic face and wears a white shirt, blue-and-gray vest, and gray pants. Animal is holding a drum.

1958-1969 1970-1979 1980-1989
1990-1994 1995-1999 2000-2009

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Chad Garner (Fisher-Price Gonzo Beanbag)

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