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Dolls and Puppets
Muppet Collectibles

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1958-1969 1970-1979 1980-1989
1995-1999 2000-2009

Mattel (1990)

Learn-to-Dress Fireman Kermit

Kermit is dressed as a fireman, with a red fireman's hat and red-and-yellow coat. His accessorizes include tie laces, belt buckle, zippers, buttons, snaps, and sticky fasteners. Kermit's hat has a yellow K on the front.

Learn-to-Dress Nurse Piggy

Piggy has "Miss Piggy, M.D." printed on her white cap. Miss Piggy has really curly hair. Her facial expression is a good likeness on the doll. She's wearing a white dress with pink pockets and lots of buttons, laces, zippes, snaps, and sticky fasteners.

Hamilton Gifts (1990)

It's Showtime!

The "It's Showtime" set is excellent. It includes a 15-inch Kermit and 18 inch Piggy with plastic heads and soft bodies sold through gift shops and available at MGM Florida for a short-time in the early nineties.

Kermit's has a black tux on, with pink bowtie and cummerbund and a long black cane attached to one hand. Piggy's wearing a long pink satin dress, with rhinestone necklace and bracelets. Piggy's hair is in long spiral curls down below her shouldars.

At the time, Hamilton Gifts announced that they were producing Fozzie and Animal "Showtime" dolls, but there is no evidence that they were actually produced.

It's Christmas!

Using similar molds as the dolls above, Hamilton Gifts released this set of Santa Kermit and Miss Piggy as Mrs. Claus. Kermit is wearing a Santa hat, black belt, and a red suit with white trim. While Piggy is wearing a red dress with white trim, red shoes, and of course her signature purple gloves.

Hamilton Gifts (1991)

Poodle Skirt Piggy

The Hamilton Gift's poodle skirted Piggy is a 10-inch doll with plastic head and soft body, with nice hair.

Kermit's Green Machine

Kermit's "Green Machine" is a small 9-inch doll with a plastic head and soft body, dressed in a black leather jacket, a white undershirt and dark blue jeans. "The Green Machine" is stitched into the back of the jacket in green text. Notice his flippers showing through at the bottom.

Direct Connect (1991)

Toytoons Set: Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Animal

Direct Connect continues its Muppet line. The "Toytoons" is a set of good 7-inch dolls with plastic heads and soft bodies.

Included in this set are Kermit, Miss Piggy in a dark purple gown, Fozzie in a yellow shirt with blue pants, Gonzo in a red-and-gray checked vest, and Animal in a red vest with brown pants.

Plush Set: Kermit and Fozzie

Direct Connect released a plush set in 1991 including Kermit, Fozzie and possibly others.

Hasbro/Child Dimensions (1992)

Classic Kermit

Kermit is a plain plush 17-inch frog with plastic eyes. A couple Muppet rats adorn the box while eating grapes playing off the "Classic" theme of this doll.

Miss Piggy

This 15-inch Miss Piggy is wearing a pink dress with lavender spots and white lace trim, a matching hat and scarf with a pearl necklace.

Walt Disney World (1992)

Walt Disney World made a line of six dolls to tie in to their "MuppetVision 3-D" attraction. Many of them are very well-made, with Kermit and Fozzzie being the less desirable of the group.

Piggy has a hat, blue silky blouse, flowered jacket, matching skirt, and high-heels

Animal's got big black eyebrows and a wide-open mouth, brown pants, and a rope belt

Gonzo's wearing a white shirt with thin blue stripes, dark plaid sweater vest, and corduroy pants


Bean's wearing a red vest, and a light blue scarf

Fozzie's wearing his signature brown hat and bowtie

Kermit has an open mouth and plush eyes

Hasbro (1993)

Zing into Spring Dolls

Hasbro produced new versions of its 1992 dolls for a spring Target Stores promotion. Two different sizes of the dolls were released.

Kermit is wearing a gardeners' outfit with overalls and matching straw hat, and a yellow chick attached to a string on his pocket.

Piggy has the same multicolored polkadot fabric, trimmed with purple. She's wearing a matching hat with a flower in her hair, pink gloves and shoes.

Eden Toys (1993)

Eden Toys got the Muppet license in 1993, and produced some very nice toys for gift shops.

Kermit Body Puppet

The 20-inch Kermit body puppet has nice sewed eyes and his face is not stuffed. He's the perfect shade of Kermit. Along with the Igel Kermit puppet, he's the most realistic Kermit puppet to date.

Kermit Poseable Doll

The Kermit poseable doll is a fantastic likeness with poseable arms and legs. He's approximately 18-inches tall.

Miss Piggy Doll with Red Dress

The Miss Piggy doll is wearing a bright, satin, red dress with light red hat, with white scarf around neck, and one around her waist. There is also a rose on the neckline of her dress. She does have her signature purple gloves and string of pearls on.

Miss Piggy Doll with Red-and-White Spot Dress

Another version of the same doll was released with her in a red-with-white-spots dress. A lot of fans though, think that this doll isn't a good likeness.

Fozzie Bear Doll

The Fozzie is one of the best Fozzie dolls ever, a nice fuzzy plush doll with a cute expression. Fozzie is very huggable.

Kermit Christmas Doll with Plaid Scarf

The first Christmas doll is the same as the "normal" Kermit doll, except he is not possable and dressed in a red-and-green scarf and vest. It was sold at Macy's department store. 

Kermit Christmas Doll with Red-and-White Stripped Scarf

The second Christmas doll is more rare, and has Kermit in a red-and-white striped scarf with a red vest with gold buttons.

Eden Toys (1994)

Gonzo Doll

The Eden Gonzo doll spurs some debate. Some fans believe it is a fantastic likeness while other don't like it because they say that the nose is too large in reference to the face. Most agree though that Gonzo's flowered shirt, brown pants, and sneakers are very well done.

Large Kermit Doll

This is a huge, expensive, 4 foot version of Kermit.

1958-1969 1970-1979 1980-1989
1990-1994 1995-1999 2000-2009

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Section compiled by
Cindy Chapman, Artie Esposito, and Phillip Chapman

With contributions from
Chad Garner (Hasbro Classic Kermit)

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