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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Phillip, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. Joseph New Member

    Jackie and I also do not know what noodle head is saying.
  2. radionate New Member

    Just remember that I am the older twin, and therefore I am the ring leader. Grail, Chris, and everyone else has to follow in line behind me. We're the "Jets" :p
  3. Jackie New Member

  4. towels New Member

    So Testeverde or Pennington this year?
  5. Joseph New Member

  6. Jackie New Member

    Lol don't ask me, i just like the commercial!
  7. Crazy Harry New Member

    Why does Grail get to be infront of me?
  8. radionate New Member

    Alright, Chris, Grail, and anyone else. Happy?
  9. grail New Member

    *singing* when you're a jet, you're a jet all the way. from your first ciga...

    hey, wait a minute...i don't smoke!

    and if i'm gonna be behind chris, he's gotta put some pants on (of course the same goes if i'm in front of him...but for an ENTIRELY different reason)

    (btw, "mike" is good too...these usernames really only last so long)
  10. radionate New Member

    Thanks Mike, it's hard to remember everyone's names, but give me time, I'll remember! :D
  11. Crazy Harry New Member

    Why is everyone talking about jets?

    I am wearing pants.
  12. grail New Member

    because jets are fun! unless your name is "Leader-1" (10 geek points to whoever gets THAT reference), or "Benny"

    and thank goodness!
  13. Jakkie, you'll find out if you ever PIKK UP "MR. BELL"!


    I'm not gonna say anything on here kause I'm SIKK of Joe interseptin' all my messages! ARRRGH!

  14. Jackie New Member

    Sometimes he reads them before I do. :)
  15. Joseph New Member

    You are posting the messages for all to see. I can't help it if i read them.
  16. But you don't have to respond to 'em. Jakkie is perfektly kapable of doin' that herself.
  17. Jackie New Member

    Byron! What code???
  18. Joseph New Member

    Byron that is true but you have to realize that she is right there with me when I am responding to those.
  19. Joseph New Member

    Byron what code????
  20. Crazy Harry New Member

    Byron, what code???

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