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a weezer fan to a muppet fan

Discussion in 'Muppet Appearances' started by SinsterLinizter, Aug 13, 2002.

  1. hey, well i'll start of by saying my names lindsay, and im from the weezer.com board. you've probably gotten a lot of my "kind" here lately, but i thought it'd be cool to stop by. caution: this is going to be a long *** post... so beware :D i tend to not shut up when i talk about weezer. i didn't even knew a muppet board existed until a very rad boardie of yours came over to the weezer board and did exactly what im doing right now, only in reverse. this place is very cool. if im in the wrong forum for this, eek.. sorry. so many forums! we only have like 4 or 5!

    basically i just wanted to know what you guys think of keep fishin' as a song, of course you probably love the video because well, the muppets, and after all this IS a muppet board. the video rocks, its probably my favorite video, and would be my favorite video even if it wasn't my favorite bands video. thats a lot of favorites. anyway, keep fishin' is on weezers newest album called maladroit (you probably already know that). a lot of weezer fans argue that it, along with the green album (its actually self titled, released in 2001) don't live up to weezer's first two albums (self titled 1994, nicknamed "the blue album" and pinkerton, released in 1996). so, if you like keep fishin', i highly suggest you check out the blue album. it's an amazing album, and even more amazing that its weezer's debut. i've never heard one negative comment about it. it's what made me the weezer fan i am today.

    anyway, we were told by karl (runs weezer.com, does everything humanly possible for the fans and the band) awhile ago that something would happen on june 23. we were all anxious to see what it was, and when the day finally came, we got this picture, and this picture only:
    sooo... we all FREAKED out, and knew what was happening. we were so excited that the keep fishin' video(we already knew keep fishin' was the next single after dope nose cause it had radio play) was going to be with the muppets! we knew it would be as big, if not bigger, than buddy holly (weezers first smash hit video). i mean, two great things, weezer, and the muppets coming together in a music video. we waited... and waited... and waited... AAAND waited for the video to air. when we finally saw it, we realized it was better than what we imagined. also it was kind of strange since a message boarder by the name of ace claimed to be rivers (the cute one next to rowlf with the glasses), and told us he shaved. (he had a beard before the video shoot, and everyone hated it. i've never seen so many people get so riled up about hair before! sheesh.) a lot of people including myself already knew ace was rivers, but that proved it, 'cause the next day, we got that picture, so it was a shock.

    props to marcos siega for coming up with the idea for the video. a lot of people doubted him before this video. before weezers hiatus, all of the videos were directed by a very rad director by the name of spike jonze, you've probably heard of him. he directed being john malkovich (sp?). then, five years later they came back with the green album, with its first single hash pipe. the hash pipe video was directed by marcos, and a lot of people hated it. he also did the first shoot of island in the sun (spike did the second) and dope nose. those videos weren't too good, but kf video DEFINITELY makes up for them.

    well, yes, i know, im blabbering. just a few more things to say: if you have any questions at all about weezer, you can ask me. imo, they're an amazing and talented band that deserves recognition. whatever you hear about rivers in the media, ignore it. its most likely going to be negative. don't judge weezer on that. ive met him myself, and he is (along with the rest of the band, i didn't get to meet pat though) a very cool person. very shy, but cool nonetheless. he frequents the weezer board, so don't be shy and come on over. one more thing: i never knew there was so much to the muppets! this site is incredible.

    btw - one of my all-time favorite movies is muppet treasure island :)

    oh, ive read in previous threads that some of you don't have mtv2 and didn't get a chance to see the making the video. well, karl put it on the audio-video page on weezer.com. heres a link: http://www.weezer.com/audiovideo/index.html its there, along with the video. again, i apologize for such a long post!

    - Lindsay
  2. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Hey Lindsay,

    I just wanted to say welcome to the forum. You just got the prize for getting as many drug references in a message as possible ! LOL !

    I like the Weezer video and song - both are kinda funky and very mainstream like 'Buddy Holly'. I don't think either will beat that though because it's just sooooooooo good, but the Muppet video has Penguin tossing so that'll give them a head start !

    It's cool to see the actual Weezer band members on the Weezer forum. We actually had a few Muppet puppeteers on here but they kinda got mobbed and ran away. Though i'm sure they're probably lurking around here somewhere ! *eyes other people suspiciously*
  3. Jackie

    Jackie Well-Known Member

    Welcome Lindsay!

    Muppet Central is no ordinary forum. Muppet freaks galore here :) Glad you like Muppet Treasure Island, did ya know it's available on DVD? LOL!
  4. Joseph

    Joseph Well-Known Member

    The Blue album is definately my favorite. I do think there recent work is better than pinkerton though.
  5. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the insanity! Were hoping the Muppets do more media stuff with different bands so we can assimilate more of you in music land! bahwahahahwhahahwhahaha!
  6. yeah, most people who aren't that familiar with weezer can't stand pinkerton. it was a commercial failure, but it really is genius. its a masterpiece. it takes a few concentrated listens to love it. i listened to it for about a week when i first got it, and i honestly didn't like it at all, besides 'pink triangle', 'el scorcho', and 'the good life'. it took about a month before it was my favorite all-time album. the lyrics are mind-blowing.

    do you guys like keep fishin'? would you consider buying any weezer albums because of it? keep fishin' is a strong song, strong single imo. it could fit on any of the albums. in rivers' words, "i love the drums. they make me wanna stab somebody."

    animal was a good fill-in for pat! they should take him on tour with them ;p

    oh, and hello to zack the dog. he was the one who came over to weezer.com.
  7. Aerosmith

    Aerosmith Well-Known Member

    Welcome! =w= :D
  8. Cantus Rock

    Cantus Rock Well-Known Member

    Hello Lindsay, welcome to the MCForum. What part of Florida are you from? I hail from the south, in Miramar near Miami. Anyway, enjoy the company of the fine people on this board, they all do rock very hard. :D

  9. Aerosmith

    Aerosmith Well-Known Member

    Man how many people on here are from Florida? Im in Kissimmee.
  10. Cantus Rock

    Cantus Rock Well-Known Member

    Oh you are the lucky one aren't you. :) I'm up there all the time (were constantly at WDW), but it would be easier if we lived there. We live about 3 hours away.

  11. gymkatarules

    gymkatarules Well-Known Member

    Weezer is worthless. They've gone from legendary to the muck on the bottom of the music industry's shoes with little to no effort. It's really sad. Sorry to be so negative, but that's the way it is.

    Incidentally, I'm from Florida as well. Lake Mary to be more precise than just Orlando. Going to Busch Gardens on Friday. Yes!

  12. Cantus Rock

    Cantus Rock Well-Known Member

    Although I agree with you on Weezer Chris, I won't get into my opinions. They seem to spark more controversy than the Clinton adminestration (hehe).

    Enjoy Busch Gardens...me being a rollercoaster man, I loved Kumba...and if you get a chance, check out Kracken at Sea World! What an awesome coaster!!!:D

  13. SuperGrover

    SuperGrover Well-Known Member

    Helloooooooo, Lindsay!

    I like Keep Fishin'. Especially the part where Rivers looks at Kermit and sings, "Oh, Kermit, I'm in love with you!"

    Must be why they want Kermit on the cover of the single. Incidentally, what do you know about that, Lindsay?
  14. wow! lots of people from florida. im from ft. lauderdale.

    anyway, its actually "oh girl when im in love with you" not "oh kermit im in love with you" haha, that would be cute though. he wrote the song like a year or two before they even knew the video was going to have anything to do with muppets. shall i tell him to write a song about muppets?

    i understand why you think that about weezer. most people do. its just, there can't ever be anything better than the blue album or pinkerton. they made such extroadinary albums in their younger years, that when you come back 5 years later and try to give it a shot to come back again, its never going to be the same as it was before. do you understand what im saying? i think they overcame the erm... "bad music gap" thats been going on for about 2 years or so now (even though i, personally liked most of the stuff within the last two years, especially the summer songs in 2000), and they're back on track. the album 5 demos are amazing! you can check them out at www.weezerempire.com. my favorites are private message (old old old version), she who is militant (old lyrics, hes gonna change them back... i hope), and lullaby. its understandable that you don't like weezers music, but don't hate them as people... they're some of the coolest people ive ever met! scott and rivers are awesome.

    oh yeah... rollercoasters. hmm... im in love with the incredible hulk, been on it more times than i can count. i LOVE montu and kumba at busch gardens. all you guys should take a trip up to atlanta to go to six flags, that place rocks. supermans great, its a lying down rollercoaster. i went to six flags the day before i saw weezer... i had to go all the way up to atlanta cause they didn't make a stop down here :( oh well, next tour. but its DEFINITELY worth the trip up there, its like 10 times better than islands of adventure and busch gardens combined. islands of adventure still, somehow is my favorite park ;p
  15. FellowWLover

    FellowWLover Well-Known Member

    I think it is pretty cool that you came here to check out the Muppet end of "your group". It has been interesting to hear a non-muppet-fan's take on the video and to hear your opinions in general. Maybe we will grow on you (not unlike a fungus), and you will decide to stick around...

  16. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Whether it be outside fans here for the figures or weezer, its so good to get outside opinions!

    As far as weezer, I remember their big splash onto the mtv scene in 94/95, as well as all over the radio. And I loved the rentals. But Keep Fishin was the first I had heard of em in nearly 8 years!

    I do have an affection for nerdy emo indie rock ala weezer, aqua bats, pixies or 'pocket protector' stuff like devo, talking heads, s.p.o.c.k., and kraftwerk.

    I never thought growing up being nerdy would be considered hip, cool, and chic^_^

    Anyways, I hope to see mor epeople on the online Muppet community...just so strange there is barely 700 members on MC, while simpsons, etc have 20,000+ oh well, makes it that much more special.
  17. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member


    Keep in mind this new forum has only been on-line since April. We had thousands of members at our Delphi forum. Some of them weren't "regulars", but it just takes some time to build up to that number. There are a lot of guests lurking around too that haven't yet signed up for membership. We've been getting around 35-40 new members a week as of late.
  18. Joseph

    Joseph Well-Known Member

    All of those guests lurking about should be joining to take the full advantage of the forum.
  19. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member


    >>>Keep in mind this new forum has only been on-line since April. We had thousands of members at our Delphi forum. Some of them weren't "regulars", but it just takes some time to build up to that number. There are a lot of guests lurking around too that haven't yet signed up for membership. We've been getting around 35-40 new members a week as of late<<<

    Whoah, I didnt know there thousands on the old MC!
    Thats cool MC has been getting about 40 new members a week...though I wish yahoo or another big site would feature MC like kermitage.com, as I would one of these days like to see thousands on here.
  20. gymkatarules

    gymkatarules Well-Known Member

    The Hulk coaster is okay. Universal's not that great, in general. Nothing can beat Busch Garden's coasters for my money, man. Nothing. Although, the Kracken is pretty fantastic.

    Oh, yeah...Weezer. I think the Blue Album is fantastic, but I can't even listen to it anymore. It's makes me sad, thinking about what they've become. They should have stayed the legends they were. He should have started a different band. That's all there is to it. Rivers = loser.


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