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An Electric Mayhem Love Story

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by floyd<3janice, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Ah ha ha ha ha h ah ha ha ha ha ! Before I nag you to write more, I must say, nice job with "The Green man with the Pork Princess!" HA HA HA HA HA!

    Oh yeah. NAG! WRITE MORE!
  2. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    That was beautiful!:cry: Can u make a story about me and a certain saxophone player?:cool:
  3. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Thanks and maybe once I get the rest of my ideas and short stories under control
  4. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 11
    New beginnings and sad endings
    Janice woke up earlier than usual. She didn't know why until she heard a brisk knock on her door. Janice got out of bed and walked to her door. She was expecting Floyd but was surprised to find Zoot leaning against her doorframe. "Sorry for waking you up" he told her. Janice yawned and shook her head.
    "No it's fine. What's up?" she asked him.
    "Your parents were there last night. They came and talked to me. The want you back and they said if I didn't end it between you and Floyd they would and apparently we wouldn't agree with them ending it."
    Janice looked at Zoot in growing horror. Why now why were her parents so focused on ruining her life?
    "I know they were there but I didn't know that they... When's fake breakup day?" Janice asked.
    "I'd say ASAP the sooner the better" Zoot sighed. "I'm sorry Janice I can't do anything the only way is to pretend to break up with Floyd when they come to take you away tell them no"
    Janice listened she thought for a minute.
    "I like rully don't wanna have to do this but if it's the only way..." she stopped talking and leaned against the door.
    "Janice there is one more thing I came up with" Zoot said resting a hand on her slouching shoulder.
    "What is it?" she asked new hope shone in her eyes.
    "You'll hate it but. What if you fake broke up with Floyd and pretended to date someone they'd approve of" Zoot explained to her.
    "Like who?" she asked crossing her arms over her chest.
    Zoot sighed and looked down at her face and the puzzled expression she wore. "Well your parents seem fond of..."
    "No" Janice said she sighed and shifted her weight to her other foot. "Zoot, Floyd already wants to kill you for ever helping my parents in the first place. This plan, he would never agree to" Janice shook her head her expression was now somewhat hopeless.
    "Janice, can you ask him? Please explain the plan to him. Tell him that it would work better" Zoot struggled to get her to pay attention.
    "I'll talk to him but I'm not making any promises." She told him.
    Zoot nodded and backed back out into the hall.
    "Talk to you later" he said before disappearing.
    Floyd walked into Janice's room about a hour later. She was sitting on the floor looking out the window. Her back was resting against the side of her bed. "Hey babe" Floyd said. He walked over and sat beside her.
    "We need to talk." She said. Floyd looked over at her.
    "About what?" He finally asked.
    Janice sighed a covered her face with her hands. "About the plan." She told him. Floyd nodded he hated everything about the plan.
    "What about it" he asked her.
    She dropped her hands and turned so she sat facing him.
    "Zoot and I made some changes. Well Zoot did but I promised to run them by you first. But like anyways. We are still fake breaking up. But if we do that my parents will take me away. For no reason but to tare me away from you and the band. But if they saw that I was happy with someone they'd approve of. Maybe they'd let me stay." Janice explained.
    Floyd looked at her, he didn't understand who her parents would ever approve of.
    "Who?" he asked her. She frowned and stared at the floor as she spoke. "Well, don't get mad at me but Zoot would probably be the best choice." she sounded as though the last few words slipped out. Floyd stood up and leaned against the wall.
    "Why?" he asked her but he sounded like he was asking himself.
    "My parents trust Zoot. It might be the only way for me to stay. Floyd please do it for me?" she pleaded. She stood up and walked over to him placing both hands on his shoulders.
    "Jan, please" he said. She hated that he was upset but she wanted to stay with him she didn't want to be hiding from her parents forever.
    "Floyd, I love you and I want to be able to stay here with you and not have to worry about my parents always watching and trying to take me away" Janice told him.
    He lifted his head and stared at her. He didn't want to do it even if it was only for a day.
    "When?" he asked finally
    Janice shrugged "Zoot said the sooner the better so I guess whatever day we see them hanging around outside."
    Floyd nodded. "Fine" he said. Janice let out a sigh of relief and hugged him.
    "I promise Floyd it will be okay" she told him.

    Kermit was eating a surprisingly late breakfast when Johnny came in. "Kermit we were wondering if you could unlock the theatre early?" Johnny sat beside Kermit.
    "Sure Johnny actually here I'll give you the keys and you can unlock it and then bring the keys back with you" Kermit handed Johnny the ring of keys.
    "Great thanks Kermit we'll be back around noon" he said and walked out the door. Kermit returned to his breakfast, it seemed to him as though everyone had somewhere to be today but him. Which was surprising because usually Kermit always had somewhere to go or someone who wanted to see him.
    "Kermie, do you want to go to the park?" Piggy asked on her way to the door. She was wearing a frilly pink dress and a straw sunhat.
    Kermit sighed he wasn't that hungry anymore anyways. "Sure Piggy, I'll just put my plate in the kitchen." He returned a moment later and opened the door for Piggy.
    "After you" he said in an exaggerated formal tone.
    Piggy let out a shrill giggle and pranced out onto the sidewalk. "Merci Monsieur" She replied in an equally formal tone. He linked his arm through her's and they skipped down the street.
    The park was filled with summertime lush grass and was shaded by the enormous shadows of the trees above.
    "I've always admired the beauty of the park in the summer" Kermit mused.
    "It is very beautiful here" Piggy agreed cheerfully.
    "By the way Piggy I told the other couples to meet at the theatre at two" Kermit said looking up at the extensive branches over their heads.
    "I can't wait Kermie it will be so fun dancing together" Piggy told him staring into his eyes. He kissed her softly. Then they continued into the center of the park. A fountain spouted water from several places. There four stone benches on the outer edge of the fountain. Kermit and Piggy sat together on one of the benches. They admired the view of the park.
    "Excuse me" a man said his arm around a woman who must have been his wife said.
    "Are you Kermit the frog?" the woman asked.
    Kermit looked up the couple was middle aged and both graying blond.
    "Yes I am. Can I help you?" he asked.
    "Um yes actually you probably know our daughter. Her name is Janice"
    Kermit exchanged looks with Piggy. "Yes, I know Janice" Kermit said trying to keep his voice calm he'd heard about them following Janice.
    "Do you know where she is?" the man asked.
    "Um sorry I don't" Kermit replied. The couple thanked them for their time and walked away.
    "We're leaving" Piggy said pulling Kermit to his feet. They walked to the sidewalk in the opposite direction. They practically ran to the boarding house. Piggy scrambled up the stairs in her six inch heels and into Janice's room. Janice was on her laptop when she ran in. Floyd was on the edge of her bed strumming his bass.
    "Janice!" Piggy called.
    Janice spun in her chair to face Piggy. "Hi Piggy" she said cheerfully but frowned when she saw her face. "What's wrong" she asked. She stood up and walked over. Floyd had stopped playing and was watching both of them.
    "Your parents were at the park. They asked us where you were" Piggy said. Janice exchanged glances with Floyd. He stared at her both of them were motionless.
    "Are you sure they were there?" Janice asked. Her voice wavered. Piggy nodded and stared at the floor. "Thanks Piggy I need to find Zoot" Janice ran out of the room.
    Floyd put down his bass. "Well I guess that initiates plan fake breakup" he mused and stalked out the door. Piggy followed to go find Kermit.
    Janice found Zoot asleep in an armchair. She ran to his side and shook him awake.
    "What?" he said when he saw Janice.
    "It's time" she said
    Zoot stood up. "You sure?" he asked
    Janice nodded. "Come to the park with me?" she asked. Zoot nodded. Floyd was leaning in the doorway. Janice ran over to him.
    "You okay?" she asked. He nodded but didn't speak. She went to hug him but he held up his hands in protest. "Wouldn't wanna act outta character would ya" he said.
    "Shut up" Janice said and kissed him anyways.
    "I love you and I'll be back later." she said before pulling Zoot out the door.
    They walked hand in hand to the park. They walked in the perimeter of the park so they were in plain sight. Zoot pulled Janice closer he kissed her on the cheek and used the same motion to whisper in her ear. "They're watching over there" he said. Janice looked slightly and spotted the black van. She nodded her understanding.
    They got back to the house a few minutes later. Floyd was in the TV room. Janice walked over and sat beside him. "They were there" she told him. He took her hand and pulled her over to him. She leaned against him. "We'll have to go back out in about an hour." She explained to him. She felt him tense at the idea. She reached up and turned his face towards her.
    "You can come, just stay out of sight." Floyd didn't want to stay out of sight he wanted to be there with her. But he nodded anyways.
    Soon they had to go back out. Zoot and Janice went out the front doors and Floyd snuck out the back. He ran around the side of the house to watch.
    Janice and Zoot walked hand in hand for a minute then he spotted the van. They walked towards it. Floyd could tell Janice didn't want to be there. He moved closer as the couple got out. They met Zoot and Janice in the middle of the street which luckily was never really busy.
    "Zoot, Janice" her mother greeted.
    "It's great to see you again" her father added.
    Janice looked back and forth between them. "It's been awhile" Janice said.
    "Enough Janice we want you home with us. What do you say?" her mother asked.
    "No" Janice replied.
    "Janice come with us" her father said.
    Janice shook her head. "I'm not with...Floyd...anymore. So why can't you leave me alone. I'm with Zoot now"
    "You are?" her mother asked. She didn't look believing.
    "Yes. In fact I love him very much"
    Janice gripped Zoot's arm affectionately.
    "Well Janice it doesn't matter you don't need to be with another musician. You're young you need to find a lawyer or a doctor. Zoot doesn't seem too important to you do it shouldn't bother you to leave"
    Her father placed a hand on his daughter's shoulder.
    "He means a lot to me in fact. I just might marry Zoot one day"
    Janice chirped.
    "Is this true Zoot?" Janice's mother asked.
    "Yes" Zoot said.
    "I love your daughter very much" he said.
    "We don't see any rings" her father observed.
    Janice shot a pleading glance at Zoot he squeezed her hand.
    "We're not engaged yet" Zoot said. Janice was running out of ideas, in a panic she reached over and kissed him. He put him arms on her waist and Janice put her's behind his neck.
    Floyd had to grip the wall for support. This wasn't the plan. Janice said they would just talk to them not kiss Zoot. He started to shake with anger. He had never wanted to tear someone limb from limb so much in his life.
    When Janice and Zoot finally pulled back she faced her parents. "Engagement was just a thought for the future" she said.
    Her parents watched her with growing curiosity.
    "Are you sure Janice?" her mother asked. Janice nodded she took Zoot's hand again.
    "I'm sure. Please leave me alone I don't want to go with you and that's my final answer." she said her hand tightened in Zoot's and they backed up slowly. Her nodded and walked off Janice waited until her parents drove out of sight.
    "We did it!"Janice exclaimed she hugged Zoot and ran towards Floyd.
    he turned and stomped inside and up the stairs to his room. Janice ran after him.
    "Floyd! We did it aren't you happy?" she exclaimed.
    He spun on her. "How can I be happy? That wasn't the plan Janice!" he said louder than he intended.
    Janice flinched. "Floyd I was running out of ideas!" she shouted back.
    "There were plenty of other options!" he shot back. Janice was shocked she'd told him the plan she never gave any guidelines as to what might happen.
    "Floyd get over it! You overreact about every thing. You know I care about you! You're jealous, for some reason Floyd Pepper is suddenly all jealous! I'm done Floyd"
    "Fine Janice I don't understand why you didn't go with them. I would have preferred if you did!" Janice blinked back tears, she'd stayed for him.
    "You know what Floyd? I hate you!" she yelled at him.
    "I hate you too! Fake breakup? How about real breakup" he yelled.
    Janice started to cry and ran out of the room.
    Janice ran outside tears streamed down her face. She could barely breath. Her life had been perfect. She always thought she and Floyd would be together forever. But she was wrong they were done. She couldn't go on tour now not with two of her exes there and she couldn't to the couples dance with Floyd. She would have to skip practice which started in ten minutes. Floyd couldn't even comfort her now. What made it worse was she didn't want him to. What was wrong with Floyd? nothing ever bothered him. She had never seen him jealous before and he'd never yelled at her like that. After almost 36 why now? why would Floyd react like that over something he knew wasn't real?
    Floyd slammed his door after her and flopped onto his bed. Why was he such an idiot? Why had he acted like that. Then when she yelled at him he yelled back. She was right to yell at him. He was wrong he'd said he was fine with the plan then he betrayed her. He couldn't handle it. And then he'd broken up with her. He already wanted her back. But she'd never take him back not now anyway.

    Within the next few days Kermit was busy chasing everyone around. To get people practicing for the tour. He had a fit when he heard about Floyd and Janice because he'd have to find another act on short notice. Floyd's arm was finally good enough for him to play better. So he could practice with the band more. Kermit ran down the hall Floyd was on his bass when he walked in.
    "Floyd we are practicing the dance number. Grab Janice and come on" Kermit demanded. He'd finally had enough of people skipping out on their practices.
    "C'mon man I can't dance with her" Floyd complained.
    Kermit tapped his foot impatiently on the floor. "Floyd please. Just dance with her, it really can't be that bad" Kermit leaned against the door frame.
    Floyd laid down his bass and stood up. "Sorry man but can't this wait till Janice has calmed down?"
    Kermit rolled his eyes. "Okay Floyd if you go talk to Janice and at least ask her to dance. I'll let it go of she says no. If she says yes. I'll see you two at the theatre" Kermit turned and walked down the stairs. Piggy was waiting by the door.
    "Where's Floyd?" she asked.
    "He went to talk to Janice" Kermit replied. Piggy took his hand and they left for the theatre.

    Floyd walked down the hall. He'd never dreaded talking to Janice so much in his life. Her door was closed. The sound of her guitar filled the hall. Floyd hesitated he didn't know what to do. Did he knock? Should he walk in? Floyd sighed and knocked on the door.
    The guitar stopped. Janice opened the door. Her eyes narrowed when she saw him. "What do you want?" her voice was harsh.
    "Kermit asked me to tell you that dance practice starts in a few minutes we've missed it for the past few days." Floyd explained.
    Her eyes narrowed. "Well you can tell Kermit that he can find you a new dance partner cause I'm not doing it" she started to close the door but stopped. She looked up at Floyd.
    "So I take it you're not coming?" Floyd asked backing down the hall.
    "Exactly" Janice harshly said and closed the door.
    She ran to her bed she didn't want to be the one to cry but she couldn't help it. She felt something slide on her neck. She looked down and noticed that she was still wearing the guitar necklace. She pulled it off and held it in her palm. It brought new tears to her eyes. She hadn't taken it off since he gave it to her.
    Janice put it in her jewelry box and returned to her bed. She started to cry all over again it had just dawned on her that without Floyd she was practically alone in the world.
    Floyd returned to his room and his bass. He had never seen Janice so mad. She had never spoken to him like that. Just a few days ago they were happy together. Then they hated each other. He hadn't had a good conversation with her in almost a week. Floyd wasn't sure if he ever would again.

    Kermit walked in through the front doors and collapsed on an armchair. "That was the worst practice I've seen in awhile." Kermit told Piggy who was walking through the front doors after him.
    "We'll get better" she soothed. Kermit sighed and relaxed into the chair.
    "I hope so. Bill will freak if we don't"
    Piggy rolled her eyes and stalked out of the room.
    The Chef was stirring a bubbling substance that Piggy assumed was soup. She hurried over the the fridge took an apple and hurried back out. The afternoon sun beat down on her while she walked back down the sidewalk.
    There was a soft breeze but it was warm with the thick summer air.
    Piggy skipped down the sidewalk. Her hair was shinning with the summer sun. She wanted the tour to start Piggy wanted her life to be perfect.
    "C'mon" Janice mumbled to herself once again she'd messed up her notes. It was the first time in a long time where Janice messed up a song so many times. Especially a song she knew so well.
    She started again. "They're gonna put me in the..." she messed up again. She put down her guitar and fell backwards onto her bed with a sigh. Her mind quickly drifted back to Floyd. Janice thought of all the times they'd sang that song in the past, she missed him so much. Janice wanted Floyd back more than anything.
    Floyd sat on the couch in the tv room. He flipped between channels. He couldn't concentrate on the tv every few minutes his mind was invaded by memories of Janice. She was everywhere he went every time he tried to think of something else no matter where he was she still crept into his mind. Finally having enough Floyd turned off the tv and disappeared upstairs. Floyd found Kermit reading in an armchair when he came up. "Hey man" Floyd said and flopped into the other chair. "Hi Floyd" Kermit replied. He saw Floyd's face and frowned. "Still no luck with Janice I see" he said.
    Floyd nodded and closed his eyes. "She hates me man" Floyd replied.
    Kermit shook his head. "She doesn't hate you Floyd. She just needs time to herself to calm down"
    Floyd opened his eyes again. "She doesn't need to calm down. It's my fault. I got mad at her." Floyd sighed and stared at the floor.
    "Floyd if you think it's your fault why don't you just apologize to her?" Kermit asked he tried his best to cheer Floyd up.
    "I'm not apologizing cause I'm an idiot who can't talk to her." He continued to stare at the ground.
    "Floyd I know Janice and you probably know her better than anyone. I know that you know this too and that is that Janice doesn't hold a grudge. She'll come around we both know her and we both know that no matter how mad she is. She'll listen to you if you tell her you want to talk."
    Kermit told the depressed bass player.
    Floyd looked up. "I know she'll listen but I just don't know what to tell her man" Floyd complained.
    "Tell her the truth Floyd." Kermit said. "Just like I have to go tell Piggy the truth about her going over her shopping budget she and I came up with last month" Kermit shuddered and stood up.
    "Good luck man" Floyd said.
    "You too" Kermit replied and walked out the door.
    Floyd watched Kermit leave then waited a minute to think. He could go talk to Janice, but as far as he knew she didn't want to see him no matter what. Floyd sighed why had he said he hated her? Sure she'd said it to him but he didn't have to say it back. Then he'd said he'd rather her leave. Floyd wasn't mad at her anymore he was mad at himself. The whole thing could've been avoided if he hadn't reacted. It really was his fault. Janice had only wanted to keep them together. In the end Floyd had torn them apart. Floyd was still shaking with self anger when Zoot came in.
    "Floyd are you okay?" Zoot asked.
    Floyd looked up it took everything he had not to get up and tear Zoot apart. Floyd tried to remain calm.
    "Not really" he managed to say.
    Zoot didn't seem to notice the harshness in Floyd's voice. Instead of hearing of like a warning Zoot walked over and sat in the armchair Kermit had been in a few minutes before.
    "What's wrong?" Zoot asked.
    Floyd laughed to himself. Didn't Zoot know by now what had happened? How did he not care that it was partly his fault that Floyd and Janice had broken up?
    "A lot of things" Floyd replied darkly.
    Once again the calm sax player didn't seem to notice that Floyd was practically shaking with hatred for him at the moment.
    "Look man. About Janice." Finally Zoot said something meaningful.
    "I'm sorry bout what happened it wasn't my fault it was hers..." Zoot didn't finish. Floyd looked at him with a glare that made him shut up instantly.
    "It wasn't Janice's fault. It was partly yours. You didn't stop her"
    Floyd almost growled at him.
    Zoot shook his head. "I thought you two talked the plan over?" Zoot mumbled.
    "Not that" Floyd said and stood up. He needed to leave he wanted to get out of the room before he decided to attack Zoot. Floyd ran to his room and closed the door.
    Floyd almost expected Janice to be there she usually was.
    Floyd sat down. He wanted Janice back more than anything else it had been almost a week, and he still didn't have the nerve to talk to her.
    Piggy sat in the chair facing Kermit's desk in his office. Her feet taped the floor while he filled out a form.
    "Okay Piggy. We need to talk" Kermit said.
    Piggy looked up narrowed her eyes but quickly brightened up when she remembered her promise to change.
    "About was my sweet Kermie?" Piggy crooned in her sweet high voice.
    "Piggy you've nearly doubled the shopping budget we settled on last month. And that's the last two weeks."
    Piggy looked at the floor. "I'm sorry Kermie" Piggy chirped again.
    "Okay Piggy but if it happens again. I won't know what to do. I hate putting you on a budget like this but we just don't have the money right now. After the tour Piggy I'll buy you anything. Just don't do it again." Piggy nodded and stood up.
    "Okay Kermie" she told him. He kissed her and let her go. Then it was back to work for the busy frog.

    "You're so beautiful" Clifford mused in Skeeter's ear.
    "Oh Clifford, you're too sweet" she replied sweetly.
    Clifford kissed her, she held on to him tightly.
    "Cmon guys time to practice." Johnny said as he and Sal walked in.
    "Ya get a room or get practicing" he replied. Clifford stood up and helped Skeeter up with him.
    "Okay guys let's practice" Skeeter said taking Clifford's hand and pulling him followed by Johnny and Sal out of the room.

    Floyd walked into the tv room. He stopped at the end of the stairs. Janice was sitting on the couch watching tv alone. Floyd stood and watched her for a moment. "Go talk to her" he thought to himself. But he for some reason couldn't move. He was frozen to the spot. Floyd knew exactly what to say to her but he just couldn't bring himself to move. Finally deciding he turned around and walked back upstairs.

    Kermit hung up this was just what he needed. Bill was making a surprise visit tomorrow to watch all the acts for the tour. Kermit closed his eyes. He had no idea what to do Janice and Floyd couldn't perform not being together. That also ruined the whole couples dance number. Kermit needed to talk with the two of them together. But not right now first he needed a snack after a days work he was starving.
    Piggy stood in front of her mirror. Her dress sparkled in the warm sunlight. Her hair fell in curls halfway down her back. She demonstrated to herself a few slow twirls in the mirror the slipped her feet into her new eight inch heels. Piggy practiced a few wobbly steps then got the hang of it after a last minute clumsy twirl she wobbled out the door and carefully navigated the stairs.
    The sound of music lured her outside. Piggy opened the door her ears rang with the sound. She began to follow it, she rounded the corner and came to the front of a small shop. A little group of people were playing music for awareness for a disease Piggy had never heard of. Nonetheless Piggy reached into her purse and pulled out five dollars she tossed it into the open and quickly filling guitar case. The guitarist a balding middle aged man nodded his thanks and continued to play tapping his foot to the rhythm.
    Piggy smiled back at them and walked back inside to the boarding house.
    Janice sat upstairs at her desk. She typed furiously on her keyboard. She had already written several apologies to Floyd. Every time she'd reread it she'd erased it immediately. Nothing seemed to be good enough. Did Floyd even want her back? Janice felt her stomach constrict into a knot. She wanted Floyd back. Janice closed the computer and stood up she could only think of one place she wanted to be right now. Janice grabbed a sweater and ran downstairs.
    Floyd strummed his bass. It was the only way he could think right now. Floyd knew what he had to do. But he didn't know how to do it. Floyd set down his bass. He wished he had Janice here to comfort him. But of corse she would never come in here not now anyways. Floyd set down his bass and stood up, after organizing his thoughts he walked downstairs.
    It didn't take long for him to find her she was always here when she needed to think. Floyd opened the back door and walked out into the garden. Janice as sitting alone on a stone bench. From the hunch of her shoulders Floyd guessed that she was crying again.
    He walked slowly over to her.
    "Janice" he said as he approached her.
    He heard her gasp as she looked up at him. Tears streaked her cheeks and she sniffled softly.
    "What do you want Floyd?" she whimpered.
    Floyd sighed and sat beside her he itched to put his arms around her and pull her close. But Floyd didn't move.
    "Jan we need to talk" Floyd said.
    Janice looked up and faced him. "Fine, I'm sorry" she said and continued to cry. Floyd couldn't stop himself. He threw his arms around her and pulled her into his lap. She threw her arms around him and continued to cry harder than before.
    "Don't be sorry Janice please don't say you're sorry it was my fault." Floyd whispered to her.
    Janice shook her head. "Not Floyd don't say it was yours it was mine" Floyd hugged her.
    "Janice don't say it was yours it was my fault, I overreacted and it wasn't fair to you" Floyd held onto her, happy to have her in his arms again.
    Janice looked up at him. "Floyd, please take me back" she said. Floyd hugged her
    "Of course baby" Floyd kisses her soundly. Janice held onto him.
    When they finally broke apart Janice hugged him again.
    "I love you" she told him.
    "I love you too" Floyd replied.
    Janice smiled at him. "I hope this never happens again" Janice told him. Floyd nodded his agreement. Janice kissed him again. Both of them were happy to be together again.
    Piggy walked into Kermit's office.
    He was just standing up when she stumbled through the door.
    "Um Piggy are you alright?" Kermit asked nervously. Piggy straightened up and faced him.
    "Yes I'm fine dear, I just came to see if you needed help with anything?" Kermit raised an eyebrow. Piggy never volunteered for anything. Unless it was modeling or anything to gain her publicity.
    "Well Piggy you could spread the word that Bill is making a surprise visit tomorrow and all the acts need to be perfect."
    Piggy laughed. "Um Kermie we don't have our duet or dance number done yet"
    Kermit sighed he'd forgotten about that.
    "Don't worry I'll think of something. Can you just promote the news?" Piggy nodded kissed him and ran out of the room.
    The news of Bill's surprise visit soon spread like wildfire through the house.
    By morning everyone was ready to perform their best.
    "Alright guys this is it" Kermit said. Just as Bill's car parked at the curb of the street.
  5. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Oh jeez.....:sigh:
  6. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 12
    Kermit paced in the living room he saw Bill get out of his car and walk up the sidewalk.
    Everyone else was talking in hushed whispers.
    Bill's footsteps on the deck echoed throughout the house. Kermit glanced at Piggy she was sitting in an armchair staring at the door.
    Two knocks rang out. Kermit took a deep breath and walked towards the door.
    "Hi Bill" Kermit greeted as he opened the door.
    "Hello Kermit, are you all ready to perform your acts for me?" He questioned as he eyed each person in the room equally.
    "Yes everyone has practiced hard and we are ready to show you our um... Show"
    "Great well why don't we all head to the theatre and get started?" Bill asked gesturing outside.
    "Sure we'll be there right away." Kermit replied.
    Bill nodded and walked out to his car.
    "Let's go guys" Kermit said.
    Bill got out of his car again once everyone had reached the doors of the theatre.
    "Alright let's get set up and begin" Kermit said and led Bill followed by everyone else into the theatre.
    Kermit led Bill to the front row.
    "I'll be right back" Kermit said before he disappeared behind the curtains.
    A second later he reemerged with his mic
    "Okay let's get started" he said and ran behind the curtain again the curtains opened and the theme song began.
    Afterwards Kermit came back. He sat beside Bill with a clipboard.
    "Alright guys, first we have the Electric Mayhem." Kermit announced he nodded to Scooter a second later the curtains opened and the band started to play Can You Picture That. Bill seemed impressed than nodded to Kermit to signal the next act.
    Gonzo emerged and stood in the middle of the stage.
    "Alight ladies and gentleman. Tonight I Gonzo the great will show you something you've never seen before. I will do five backflips through hoops then hit that trampoline which will bounce me high enough to grab that hoola hoop then I will summersault down hit the trampoline again backflip off but before I land I'll go through the hoop"
    Kermit braced himself for the worst then nodded to Gonzo to begin.
    Gonzo flipped through the hoops perfectly he hit the trampoline but it didn't bounce him high enough he missed the hoop. He tumbled instead of summersaulting down. Gonzo hit the trampoline and went flying to the back wall of the stage right through the display.
    "I'm okay!" He called out after a moment of clanging.
    "Oh okay Gonzo" Kermit replied.
    The curtains closed. Beauregard hurried to clean up then reopened the curtains. Kermit nodded for the next act to begin. Floyd and Janice were doing their duet.
    Floyd started to play first then Janice joined in.
    As usual Floyd sang the first verse and Janice joined in for the chorus. Then Janice sang the second verse and so on.
    "Great job as usual guys" Kermit said when they were done. Next was At The Dance it went terrible everyone stepped on each other's feet or couples bumped into couples. When it was done Kermit shot an apologetic look at Bill who was shaking his head in horror.
    "That's one of our less practiced sketches" Kermit said. The sketch put Statler and Waldorf at a loss of words.
    Kermit signaled next and hoped it went smoother. It was Rowlf playing the piano while Sam and Fozzie sang along. Kermit was pleased to see Bill nod in approval. Next was the very under practiced couples dance number. Kermit nervously spun Piggy around for the routine Gonzo and Camilla missed several steps and due to their fight Floyd and Janice didn't know the routine as well. Kermit and Piggy also messed up a few times. Bill didn't look overly pleased when Kermit came back. Kermit gulped and sat down.
    Next was Pigs In Space followed by Veterinarians Hospital both went perfectly. The Lost Explanation did their song which was Don't Stop Believing. Kermit thought it went well as did Bill. Then the Swedish Chef cooked a terrible soup. Followed by Bunsen and Beaker. Once Beaker's head caught fire Kermit sank low in his seat.
    By the time Sam did a very long and boring speech on the importance of being American Kermit was petrified of the results.
    The mayhem did a few more songs and then there were a few sketches. Finally it was time for Kermit and Piggy to sing Rainbow Connection.

    Why are there so many songs about rainbows
    and what's on the other side?
    Rainbows are visions, but only illusions,
    and rainbows have nothing to hide.
    So we've been told and some choose to believe it.
    I know they're wrong, wait and see.
    Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection.
    The lovers, the dreamers and me.

    Who said that every wish would be heard
    and answered when wished on the morning star?
    Somebody thought of that and someone believed it.
    Look what it's done so far.
    What's so amazing that keeps us star gazing
    and what do we think we might see?
    Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection.
    The lovers, the dreamers and me.

    All of us under its spell. We know that it's probably magic.

    Have you been half asleep and have you heard voices?
    I've heard them calling my name.
    Is this the sweet sound that called the young sailors.
    The voice might be one and the same.
    I've heard it too many times to ignore it.
    It's something that I'm supposed to be.
    Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection.
    The lovers, the dreamers and me.
    Bill seemed very impressed. He wrote on his clipboard then stood up "I've seen all I need to see." he said.
    "But we're not done we have several..." Bill held up his hand.
    "I don't need to see anymore because I've liked everything I've seen I trust you that you chose the right acts. I know you chose the right people."
    "Thank you" Kermit said.
    Bill nodded "I'll talk to you soon." he shook Kermit's hand and hurried out the door.
    "We're done guys!" Kermit exclaimed. Everyone walked onstage.
    "But I didn't get to go" Fozzie complained.
    "That's okay!" everyone said.
    Fozzie sighed and everyone quieted down as Kermit spoke.
    "Several of our acts were terrible. Next week I will not be so lenient you will all practice and practice hard. Next time we do this I want NO mistakes. So do I have to ask if you understand me or can I assume you all do?" everyone nodded wordlessly.
    "Okay then" Kermit said and walked outside closing the door rather loudly behind him.
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    Oh.......yeah!!!!! Bring on Floyd and Janice, dud!:sing::flirt:
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    Chapter 13
    In the next few days everyone woke up early and ate breakfast then headed over to the theatre for practice.
    "Don't stop believing!" Skeeter and Clifford sang together one afternoon.
    "Whoa whoa guys!" Kermit interrupted they stopped singing and looked at him.
    "What's wrong?" they asked in unison.
    "Well I'm no expert but you're out of tune" Kermit said.
    "What? No we're not." Clifford said.
    "Teeth!" Kermit yelled to Dr. Teeth who was walking by.
    "Ya man?" he said walking over.
    "What did you think?" Kermit asked.
    "Sounded good to me" Teeth replied.
    "What?" Kermit said.
    "That was terrible" he continued.
    "Not to me" Teeth said as hurried away.
    Kermit groaned and turned back to Clifford and Skeeter.
    "Take a break" he told them sourly.
    He called Fozzie on next.
    "Waka waka" Fozzie said running onstage.
    "Okay Fozzie go ahead."
    "Alright Kermit, what do you get when you cross a... No wait there was a dog and it...oh that's wrong to um waka waka!" Kermit sighed.
    "Fozzie did you practice?"
    "Um no"
    "Go practice and come back later"
    Kermit ordered. This time he didn't call next but got up and left.
    "Well, that's a wrap" Teeth said and sat down.
    "What are we going to do?" Johnny asked.
    "No idea" Teeth replied.
    "I'm not sure about anyone else but Kermit's attitude is Fer sure rully bringing me down" Janice said. Floyd put his arm around her.
    "Ya what's up with him anyway didn't the agent guy give him good news?" Floyd asked.
    "Ya that's what I thought too" Gonzo said.
    "Maybe he's just stressed?" Skeeter suggested.
    "We should through him a surprise party!" Honeydew exclaimed.
    "Meep mo meep!" Beaker supposedly agreed.
    "PARTY PARTY!!!!" Animal shouted.
    "No by no means are we going to throw a party where everyone is acting like idiots!" Sam argued.
    "C'mon man chill" Floyd said.
    "Everyone needs to get involved hokay" Pepe said.
    "Ya we can work together or somethin" Rizzo added.
    "Ver vernado verani dermp de verp" The chef said.
    "What he said...I think" Sal said.
    Everyone agreed.
    "So when are we throwing this party?" Teeth asked.
    "Next week?" Floyd suggested.
    "That'll work" Janice said.
    "Great we've got a plan" Fozzie said.
    For the rest of the day everyone practiced. Though some people got distracted with plans for the party.
    "So we should all perform a rully good song" Janice said.
    "Ya that'd be cool" Rowlf said.
    "What song?" Floyd asked.
    "We'll think of something" Teeth added.
    "Wanna walk Animal with me?" Floyd asked Janice.
    "Um sure" She replied.
    "WALK WALK!!!" Animal shouted. They grabbed his chain and walked outside.
    Piggy sat suspiciously in the front row facing the stage. She had no idea why Kermit had over reacted like that. Usually he was very calm and laid back. But today was one of the very few times where Piggy along with everyone else had seen Kermit blow his top. She knew he was stressed but this was worse than she could imagine. If he had hair Piggy was sure it would be gray with stress by now.
    Everyone that she could see was back to doing their own thing instead of gawking at Kermit's outburst.
    She wished that there was something she could do but Kermit had strictly told her that organizing this tour was his and only his responsibility. Piggy let her mind wander she thought about the tour and how great it would be to go all around the world again. She missed the days when she couldn't walk out the door without someone begging her for an autograph.
    She wished that everything would be calm again for just a day. Finally coming to her senses she got up and went back to the boarding house to get Kermit.
    Skeeter ran backstage. Everyone was crowding around a figure on the ground she'd heard the crash and came to investigate. She gasped when she recognized Clifford on the floor.
    "What happened!" she cried as she dashed over.
    Johnny turned to face her.
    "He slipped on water" he said.
    "Where did the water come from?" Skeeter asked.
    "No idea" Johnny replied.
    Skeeter kneeled down beside him.
    Clifford opened his eyes.
    "What happened?" he groaned.
    "you slipped and fell" Skeeter replied
    "Oh" Clifford mumbled.
    "Are you alright?" she asked.
    "Ya I'm fine" Clifford said.
    Skeeter helped him up and led him over to sit down.
    He looked around.
    "What happened?" he said again.
    Skeeter concernedly looked at him.
    "Clifford you fell" she said again.
    "Who are you?" he asked sliding away from her on the bench.
    "Oh no, I think you have a concussion" Skeeter took his arm and dragged him towards the door.
    "Hey Teeth!" she called to Dr. Teeth who was walking by.
    "What's up?" he called back walking over.
    "I need to take Clifford to the hospital. He might have a concussion and or amnesia. Can you tell Johnny and Sal we're gone if you see them?"
    "Sure" Teeth replied.
    Skeeter dragged Clifford into the parking lot. He walked along under her grip mindlessly she had to steer him around several cars and after he asked her what they were each time she came to the conclusion that he had amnesia and a concussion.
    She wrestled him into the car and got in on the other side.
    She drove down every few seconds Clifford would ask her a stupid question like who she was who he was or where they were. Each time with growing frustration she'd answer him.
    Finally she parked and dragged him into the front doors of the hospital.
    They had to wait awhile. Clifford sat beside Skeeter and twirled her hair around his finger. She ignored him unable to find a good reason for him to stop he'd just do it again in a few minutes.
    She was thankful when a nurse a young woman with black hair called them in to see a doctor.
    Skeeter led Clifford down the hall and into a small examining room.
    The doctor came in a few minutes later. He shone a light in his eyes and asked him some questions. Then confirmed he had amnesia thankfully it would only be temporary. Then they led Clifford into another room where they did a bunch if scanning and testing on his head to only confirm he also had a concussion.
    Skeeter was happy to hear he could go home but he'd have to rest. She dragged him back outside and into the car.
    Johnny met her and Clifford at the doors of the theatre.
    "Is he okay?" he asked.
    "Concussion and amnesia but it's temporary and he needs to rest"
    "Great. Just great how do we preform now?"
    "I don't know" Skeeter said she dragged Clifford backstage and sat him down.
    "I'm going to get my stuff and take him back to the house"
    Skeeter walked to the dressing room she came back a few minutes later with her bag.
    "See you later" She said to Johnny and led Clifford back outside.
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  11. Whenever I find a thread from Floyd<3janice I like all of them before I read them because I LOVE all do them.
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    More please!!
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    oh my GLOB!

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