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An Unlikely Reunion (The Muppets)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by Powerstars, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Powerstars Active Member

    Okay, this is my first fanfic, so please give constructive criticism. Expect at least one chapter per week.

    Chapter One: A Rough Week.
    It had been a long week for Kermit The Frog. After the Muppets got back together,
    he had organized another show to follow the telethon. All the while, Miss Piggy wanted
    to go on a date, and when he had said no, Miss Piggy threatened to go back to Paris if he
    didn't take her on a fancy dinner that very night, Monday night, the night before the
    show. It wasn't even out of the planning stages yet. But Piggy had made up her mind.
    So, Kermit was forced to date Piggy, much to his dismay. And so the show was mostly ad-libbed.
    There were quite a few disasters that night, such as Muppet Labs. Bunsen had decided to
    build a different kind of teleportation device, without Kermit knowing, due to the
    disastrous nature of the last one. This time, it was an early prototype. A standard one
    as you would see in Sci-Fi films. One cylinder shaped device on one side, one on the other.
    But, Dr. Honeydew mistakenly left a previous Muppet Labs experiment in the device
    opposite Beaker: edible paperclips. So, Beaker became chewier, and more delicious
    looking somehow. And, unfortunately for Beaker, Bobo, the security guard, had not had lunch that day. They had to wait for nature to take it's course. On Wednesday, Kermit
    got some sort of cold, and took the day off. Unfortunately for him, a certain furry, blue salesman was looking to sell cold medicine. Kermit bought it, mainly to get Grover off
    his back, only to find out that it actually had a reverse effect: It made colds worse. So,
    on Thursday, Kermit was sick in bed all day. On Friday, when his cold didn't improve,
    he decided to go see a doctor. Little did he know that he had met this doctor somewhere before, and that he was also up to Grover's "Cold Medicine."
    TO BE CONTINUED...maybe even today...
  2. Powerstars Active Member

    Here we go again! In the same night, here comes Chapter 2!

    Chapter 2: The Surprise Of Your Life
    "Hi-Ho" said Kermit. "I've made an appointment."
    "Yes, Mister The Frog, I'll send you in right away," said the desk nurse, and with that, Kermit went to see the doctor. The familiar doctor. He'd seen him somewhere before. Kermit couldn't help but wonder where. For some reason, he reminded Kermit of when the Muppets first got together.
    "Hi-Ho, Doctor...um...Doctor..." The doctor could see Kermit was befuddled, so he helped him out.
    "Doctor...um...Doctor Hopper...yes, yes...uh...Doctor Hopper. I uh, love working with frogs..." The doctor let out a quiet little chuckle, which increased in volume by the second.
    "Oh, pleased to meet you Mister Hopper. My name is Kermit. Kermit The Frog. I came in because I seem to have come down with some sort of cold." Kermit decided to take the opportunity to see if he knew this person. "Say, have we met before, you, uh, seem sort of familiar."
    The doctor seemed panicked. "Oh, uh, no, no, uh, but, I've seen you on the TV before, Mister The Frog, yes, so, um, I'd be glad to help you out, um, in, uh, any, uh, anyway I can, yes."
    "Oh good." Kermit sneezed.
    "So," Doctor Hopper said in a strangely quiet voice, "shall we get started?"
    "Sure, Mister Hopper. Thank you." Kermit and Doctor Hopper walked into the room and, out of nowhere, Doctor Hopper slammed the door shut. It was a small room, or course, so Kermit was a bit frightened.
    "Alright," said Doctor Hopper, with an odd smirk on his face, "let's get started." "Before we check on your cold, we need to check your blood pressure and reflexes. Why don't we start with your reflexes...SHALL WE!?!?!" Kermit flinched. He was getting a bad vibe from this "Doctor Hopper." The not-so-good doctor took out the miniature hammer and hit Kermit's knee, perhaps a bit too hard. Kermit's flipper flipped up with an almost splash-like sound. Doctor Hopper hit the other and it did much of the same. "Your reflexes are alright, now we check your blood pressure." Doctor Hopper had trouble getting the device on Kermit's arm at first, but when he did, Kermit checked out alright. "So," asked the "doctor," "what sort of symptoms have you experienced with your cold.
    "Well, Doc, I, um..." Kermit stopped. Doc. Doctor Hopper. Doc. Doctor Doc? No, wait. Oh, it'll come to me later, thought Kermit. "It's mainly been a sore throat, and I haven't really been feeling like myself lately."
    "I see..."
    Same eyes, though Kermit, same face, almost that same grin...
    "...well, Kermit, I'd say you'd have a case of...," Doctor Hopper's voice rose suddenly and without warning "...MIND CONTROL!!!" Kermit whimpered a bit. "That's right, Frog, you're under my control now. You do know me. I'm DOC HOPPER!!!"


    Chapter 3 will be mainly Doc Hopper explaining how he got to this point, and we'll peek in on the other Muppets maybe.
  3. Powerstars Active Member

    Here we go again. This'll be finished pretty quick if I work this fast.

    Chapter 3: Saving Froggy Kermit

    "B-b-but how?" Kermit studdered in a loud, obivously frightened voice.
    "You see, FROG!!!" Kermit whimpered and inched back in his seat. "Since that furry friend of your's scared me off, I knew I couldn't confront you dead-on. So, I went into hiding with Max. But then, Max quit, and said I was doing the 'wrong thing'. I studied medicene for years, so I could get you to do my television commercial. Then, I found you, and stalked you for, oh, about a month now. I found that a furry, blue pain in the neck was constantly trying to sell you things. So I mixed some MIND CONTROL SYRUM!!! He still think I'm a NICE old man!!!" Doc Hopper was standing now, but still going on. "So, after all these years, I'm finally gonna sell some frog legs."
    Meanwhile, the Muppets were just getting home from the theater. The job was really a drag without Kermit. Rowlf, Gonzo, Fozzie, Piggy, Floyd, Animal, and Walter decided to give Kermit a "Get Well Soon" card. It was the least they could do. However, they were greeted with a note on his door, "Sorry, I cannot engage in buisness at this present time. I have a cold, and I've gone to the Doctor's. If it's urgent ("URGENT, URGENT!!!" echoed Animal), I should be back at 12, noon."
    "Oh, Kermit will be back at 12," said Fozzie, casually. "12!?!?! But, but, it's 1:00!!! What are we gonna do!?!?!"
    "My Kermie! Gone!?!?!" said You Know Who.
    "Desprite times call for desprite measures," said Floyd, calm and cool, "let's get the bus!"
    Floyd got the bus out quietly, because, if he hadn't, the rest of the band would've come, and, while he loved Janice, she and Dr. Teeth would be too loud for this sort of thing. So they drove off.
    "Uh, Floyd," asked Fozzie, "where are we going anyways?"
    "Well, where did the frog say he'd be?"
    "The doctor's, but..."
    "Then, that's where we're goin'," Floyd interupted. Then, he crashed through the front of the Doctor's Office.
    "Y'know," said Rowlf, all too calm for the situation at hand, "you could've just parked and then used the door." Floyd actually looked offended by this, as if it wasn't hip enough. All of a sudden, the gang heard a scream. A distinctly female scream.
    "Nice going, you hairy hipster," screeched Piggy, "you've wrecked moi's beautiful hair!"
    "Well, sor-ry, Miss In-Love-With-A-Frog!"
    Then, Gonzo spoke, "Guys."
    "What's that supposed to mean, you filthy hippy!?!? HUH!?!?!"
    Then Fozzie, "Guys?"
    "Well, you go flippers for him!" Floyd laughed at his own joke.
    Then Walter, "Guys!"
    "Hiiii-YAH!!!" And with that, Floyd went straight to the back of the bus, screaming all the while. Everyone was silent, even the desk nurse, since she had a heart attack. It was Animal who broke the silence.
    Then, Floyd got up, almost as if he had never been harmed. "What is it Animal?" Animal pointed to a particular square on the floor. No ordinary square, but one that said 'Trap Door.'
    "Oh," said Gonzo, "how conviniant. Kermit must be in there."
    "How do you know?" asked Fozzie, politely.
    "I don't, but imagine how much fun it would be to try it. I might even fracture a bone or two!"
    There was a collective facepalm.
    "Well," Walter hesitated, "we...we could try it."
    "I'm going with Walter! We have to save Kermit!" Fozzie cheered, "who's with us?"
    Everyone but Gonzo stepped back, "Well, it's great oppourtunity for a stunt!"
    Rowlf stepped forward, "I'm in."
    Animal stepped in, dragging Floyd with him, "ME TOO!!! ME TOO!!!"
    "Me three, I guess," Floyd said reluctantly.
    Then, Piggy stepped in, "Moi is in!"
    "Great, we can go right away!" trumpted Walter. Everyone started cheering.
    "Even if it means we could be killed!" celebrated Fozzie. Everyone stopped. "What?"
    So, they went to the trap door.
    "So, uh," started Rowlf, "how do we open it?"

  4. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Uh-oh! I hope the Muppets save Kermit. I am getting impatient and I am waiting for more story pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.
  5. Powerstars Active Member

    Sorry, I'll try and continue it later today. It would be nice if I could get feedback a bit more often, though.
  6. Powerstars Active Member

    Chapter 4: Wah Wah Waaaaah!

    The Muppets tried nearly everything to open the trap door, but it wouldn't budge. They even let Animal off of his leash and it did nothing. Eventually, an hour had gone by, and they still hadn't opened it . They were getting desperate.
    "Oh please!" said you-know-who. "Let moi show you how it's done." Miss Piggy walked towards the tile ever so slowly. And then her weight caused the tile to bust. She slid down a secret slide of some sort as the other Muppets followed.
    "No, no, no, you're doing it all wrong!" ranted a voice on another side of the hospital. "It goes like this 'Get Doc Hopper's French Fried Frog Legs. They're delicious and nutrious.' Then, I sing and you dance. You hear me, frog boy? DANCE!!!" Kermit flipped up his flippers againest his own free will. One frog's pain, is a another man's commercial. Eventually, Kermit kicked too high and hit himself in the face. Then, he snapped back to his senses, but he still felt weak.
    "Ouch," whimpered Kermit. Kermit heard a gasp, so he turned to the source of the sound. Then, he gasped himself. "IT'S DOC HOPPER!!!" This could be heard from an entirely different side of the hospital.
    "Did he say 'Flop Mopper?'"
    "No, no, no, he said 'Gobstoppers!'"
    "Wait!" This sudden screech came from Walter, and stopped any argument of what this mysterious voice was saying. "It doesn't matter what they said: It's who said it!" All the Muppets immediately knew what Walter meant, and simmeltaniously shouted.
    "Right! Now we have to go find him!"
    "Wait a minute," said Rowlf. "I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but, um...where did the sound come from?" And so, the Muppets were delayed by another argument.
    Kermit had retained all the knowledge of what Doc Hopper said to him before the mind control occoured, so he wasn't taking anymore "cold medicene." It was a chase now, and Kermit was feeling ill, so he had to rely on hiding...in the broom closet. Lucky for him, Doc Hopper isn't the brightest crayon in the box. So he continued going down the halls wildly, bumping into every passing by-stander. Kermit peered out the door, and when the oppourtunity was right, he bolted out the front, unseen.
    "So, this was where the voice was coming from, huh?" questioned Piggy, standing among the other Muppets in the room where Kermit had been only minutes before.
    "Well guys," said Walter, "we gotta keep looking. Kermit is in here somewhere."
  7. fictionalnice Active Member

    Aw poor kermit! Very nice story!
  8. Powerstars Active Member

    Ah! Thank you!
    muppetfan24/7 likes this.
  9. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    We are all welcome to read her at MC. BTW: More story soon! I am about to lose patient.
  10. miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Wow, I read all of this, and I'm hoping Kermit is alright. This story is going quite well.
    *Leaves banana muffin*
  11. Powerstars Active Member

    *Noms Banana Muffin*
    That's some motivation to continue, alright!
  12. Powerstars Active Member

    Chapter 5: An Almost Ironic Twist

    Kermit snuck off, and made it back to his house, so he could rest. He certainly wasn't taking any "medicine." If he was going to face Doc Hopper again, he was going to need a speech, and frogs can't prepare speeches without resting. It was getting late, so he'd better go to bed anyways. He'd had a long day. First, he made sure that all the doors and windows were locked. Then, he used some of his well-earned budget to order a fence, which would be delivered in the morning. Right now, Kermit didn't want to have anything to do with Doc Hopper.
    "Wait," exclaimed Walter, yet in a whisper, "is that who I think it is?"
    "Aah!" screamed Fozzie, all too loudly, "It is! It's Doc Hopper!"
    "AAAAH!!!" All the Muppets started screamed, and Doc Hopper had found them. It was silent for quite a while. For a good minute, Doc Hopper was staring coldly at the Muppets without making a movement, and vice versa. It was Scooter who broke the silence.
    "Awkward," he noted in a whisper.
    With that, chaos broke loose, and all the original Muppets were running with the newer ones following. It was Walter who did nothing.
    "Um, h-hello Mister Hopper, I've, uh, heard so...much.......about...........you?" Hopper's grisly hands were getting closer every second. Walter was dripping sweat like rain. Hopper's expression was uncomfortably happy and sinister. "Well, I, uh, I really m-must be going!" Walter attempted to run, but Hopper grabbed him by the back of his shirt.
    "You," Hopper loudly exhaled in Walter's ear, with an awful smell accompanying, "are my ticket to the frog. You're not goin' anywhere...." An indescribable laugh followed, causing Walter to shiver and squeal. Hopper slapped him. "Shut up!"
    "DON'T PLAY STUPID!!!" Hopper slapped him again, this time much harder. "Tell me where that frog is," Hopper was calming down, only to bring the sentence to an ear-shattering climax, "OR DIE!!!" Walter gulped. He had thought that Hopper had Kermit, but Hopper had no idea where Kermit was, nor did Walter? Well, all the previous times he was in a situation like this, telling the truth always worked, so he figured that he couldn't go wrong with that.
    "We thought you had Kermit, so we came to find him, but as I turns out, you think we had Kermit, which we don't. So basically, it's all just a bunch of mass confusion and..."
    Walter got another slap, followed by a furious scream.
    "YOU ARE..."
    "Uh, Mister Hopper?"
    "WHAT!?!? WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!?!"
    "You do realize that we're in a public hospital, right?"
    "Um, no, th-NO!!! PLEASE!!! NO!!! I WANNA FIND KERMIT!!! WAIT!!! NO!!!!"

  13. miss kermie Well-Known Member

    You MONSTER!
    But you should still write more.
  14. Powerstars Active Member

    Don't worry. I will. Thanks for the positive feedback, guys!
  15. Powerstars Active Member

    Chapter 6: Depression, Happiness, and Shock!

    The Muppets stood outside the hospital for quite some time. They had failed. Hopper had Kermit (They think) and now Walter. They no longer had a logical leader to take charge. They decided to go to bed, their heads full of sorrow and disappointment. They had agreed to go to Kermit's tomorrow, in memory of him. Then, Fozzie thought.
    "Wait a minute!" he exclaimed, "Doc Hopper wouldn't kill Kerm...oh wait. Well, uh, he didn't have any guns or anything when..." Fozzie's voice took a low, mumbly tone, "when we saw him without Kermit. THIS IS HOPELESS!!!"
    The Muppets all dreamed of Kermit, except Fozzie and Piggy, who couldn't sleep. Miss Piggy was thinking of "Kermie," her husband, and Fozzie was crying over his best friend. Fozzie held his teddy bear close as he mourned. Piggy held a picture of Kermit close. The Muppets were going to have each other soon, to keep them strong all the time. Arrangements were being made to move back into the Boarding House. It was only a few days until moving day. The night was long and hard, as all the Muppets wanted to set foot in Kermit's house one more time and salvage his possessions, before someone else moved in. After an unbearably long night, the Muppets woke and met at Kermit's. All of them from the previous day were there, with the subtraction of Walter and the addition of the Mayhem, Scooter, Clifford, Rizzo, Pepe, Beaker, Bunsen, and Robin. Clifford noticed something.
    "Yo Fozz, didn't you say that Kerm's door had some kinda note on it"
    Gonzo replied, not Fozzie, "Yeah! That means...!" He didn't even have to finish his sentence. The Muppets are barged in, cheering, with the only knocking being the door knocked down. Kermit awoke and screamed, as he was lifted into the air by these familiar faces.
    "Kermie, you're alive!"
    "KERMIT!!! KERMIT!!!"
    "Kermit! For a while, I thought I was going to have to launch myself out of a cannon without you introducing me!"
    "Kermit! Oh, I'm so happy, I could tell a joke!"
    "Uncle Kermit!"
    "Mee mo meep!"
    "Oh, Mister Kermit!"
    "Yo, little green dude!"
    "I was worried there for a minute, my little green buddie!"
    "ALRIGHT!!!" screamed Kermit, silencing all the Muppets, much unlike him. "I'm sorry guys, but you should've knocked. Why did you think I was dead anyways?"
    "Kermit," began Fozzie, "you won't believe this, but we saw Doc Hopper!"
    "I know. He's been in the neighborhood."
    "And, and, wait...what do you mean you know?"
    "He was at the hospital I went to. I managed to escape by hiding in a closet."
    "Wow!" cheered Gonzo, obviously impressed, "Did you also know that he kidnapped Walter and is probably going to do horrible things to him and then kill him!?!?"

  16. miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Ahhhhh, Kermit, I love when you get annoyed by sweetness! xD
  17. Powerstars Active Member

    New chapter should be tonight or tomorrow.
  18. Powerstars Active Member

    Chapter 7: The Break-In

    "Okay guys, it's settled, we have to save Walter," said Kermit. "But first, we should get the whole gang together."
    "How will that help?" asked Scooter.
    "Oh, more readers," replied Kermit.
    "Well," asked Kermit, "does anyone have anything to add?"
    "WAL-TER!!! WAL-TER!!!"
    And with that, the Muppets burst out the door to gather up more...well, Muppets. They needed BIG help, so they got Sweetums, Bobo, Thog, and, for some reason, Statler and Waldorf. Don't ask. So they set off to save Walter.
    "Wait a minute. Where IS Walter?" asked Kermit.
    "Well, uh," answered Fozzie with hesitation, "last time we saw him, he was standing in front of Doc Hopper."
    Kermit clarified, "So, you pretty much, have no idea where he is?"
    "Well, the frog and bear are clueless," began Statler.
    "They certainly better not be anything like that goat," finished Waldorf.
    "Doh ho ho ho ho ho!!!"
    "Good grief," said Kermit. "Barely anyone is going to get the reference anyways."
    "Kermin?" questioned Pepe, "aren't we suppose to find Walty, okay?"
    "Yes, Pepe, we are," answered Kermit. "Well, if he was in the hospital last, maybe that's where he is now. Come on guys! Let's go find Walter!"
    "But I keep telling you, I don't know where Kermit is!" screamed a captive Walter, riggling about.
    "You've told me that story a hundred times. Unfortunately, I don't want to hear stories! So," Doc Hopper pulled out a pistol, causing Walter to freak out, "you WILL tell me where the frog is." Walter was wiggling around like mad.
    "Kermit can't hear you in this sound-proof home" whispered Hopper, as he loaded the gun. "Speak," he said calmly before his voice rose, "SPEAK!!!" Walter was stuttering like crazy. "SPEAK!!! SPEAK!! SPEEEEEEEEAK!!! NOW!! NOOOOOOOOOOWW!!!" All of a sudden, Hopper heard a strange sound.
    "Bad man!"
    "EXCUSE ME!?!?!?" Hopper screamed at the sight of Animal who jumped on his face. "GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!" Eventually, Hopper did just that as the rest of the Muppets burst through the window.
    "Ya know," said Walter, all too calmly for the situation, "the door was open."
    "Oh," said the embarressed Kermit, "well, um, sorry Doc."
    "You know, Doc, you've wasted your life trying to find me. I think that, to follow your dream, work on your resteraunt to make it better. Add some more things to the menu so that you can attract a wider variety of customers. That way, you can accomplish your dream, and truly be happy. If you don't understand what I'm saying, go ahead and, uh, do what you will with me. If you have had a change a heart, you can go ahead and start up your chain again. If not, do what you will, and kill me if you choose. I'll stay right here until you make your choice, Mister Hopper."

  19. miss kermie Well-Known Member

  20. Powerstars Active Member

    I have a short chapter here, so....
    Chapter 8: Surprise!
    "Oh, you're dying alright," said Hopper, satisfied, "as well as all your friends. But, with all the pain you've caused me, you and your friends are dying slow painful deaths at the hands of a maniac." All the doors closed and locked automatically. The Muppets looked back suddenly, scared. "A man of science you could say." Hopper turned his head to what seemed like a random wall. "Phil!" The wall opened with a sudden explosion. All of a sudden, there was a figure in the wall. Dr. Phil Van Neuter. He had a strange machine behind him, with a breathy laugh accompining the sight of it. The machine had four doors, and many buttons in between them
    "AH!!! IT'S THE ALIEN!!!" Gonzo looked at himself.
    "Oh, me!?!?"
    "Well you're no prize yourself, buddy." Doc Hopper convinced Dr. Van Neuter that nothing cold happen to him.
    "Alright, come 'ere frog!" Kermit inched forward, ever so slightly. "First! I'm going to turn you, the alien, and the rat into one horrible abomination! The ones who caused me and the Doc here the most pain!" He grabbed Gonzo by the nose, and flung him, along with Kermit and Rizzo, into seperate doors and shut them quickly. Then he began pushing buttons. "Do do do do do!!!" There was an awful sound, then an awful laugh.
    "Kermie, no!"
    Then, Fozzie chimed in, "I can't watch!" Fozzie pulled his ears over his eyes, only to be stopped by the tremendous machinery that emerged from under Doc Hopper's floor. It forced all their eyes open in a tortuous manner. Doc Hopper and Dr. Phil Van Neuter were laughing crazily.
    "You know, Statler? There's something good coming out of this."
    "Really? What?"
    "No more Muppet Show!"
    "Do ho ho ho ho ho!"
    "Time to open the final door, Mister Boss Hopper, Boss....SIR!!!" said Van Neuter
    "Well then open it!!!" exclaimed Hopper, frustrated.
    Van Neuter panicked. "Oh, um, of course, yes, right away, right now, sir, yes, I'll open it now!!!" The fog was immense, and when it cleared, there was the sight of....

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