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Arms length puppets

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by fishbone, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Puppetplanet Member

  2. Show and Tell Member

    :eek: Got a bit of a temper don't ya.
  3. Show and Tell Member

    OK its been 1 day shy of a month since I ordered my videos and kit from ALP. Should be coming any day now.....I hope. I have just tried my bes to forget about it since the saying a watched pot never boils has been keeping me awake at night.:smirk:
  4. Puppetplanet Member

    Well, it hurt my puppet.... wont tolerate that! :mad:
  5. Show and Tell Member

    YAAAY!! I just got my kit! Checked it out and VERY nice indeed. It's too late to watch the videos so I'll wait for my day off. I was thinking of making my kit into a girl just because no one has yet that has posted but I need a skipper for sunday school in 2 weeks so since I need a new face I think I'm going to have to make him a guy puppet. I will make a girl one soon with this pattern.
  6. Show and Tell Member

    Urgh! the second video is messed up! Now what? :mad:
  7. trooper_trent New Member

    Cool! have fun! Make sure you REALLY play around with the positions of the eyes and nose if you are going to make it a girl. The orientation of the facial features could really sell the idea of it being female.
    I played around with mine for about an hour solid, making different faces. It was cool because Id move them a certain way and think "hmm, old man" then "hmm, young boy," then "wow, little girl" All with just the eyes and nose.
    Good luck.
  8. Show and Tell Member

    URGH! and not only is the second video messed up but I'm missing a few parts like the red material for the mouth, the carpet foam thumb cup liner, and the pattern page for the antron fleece neck. The spandex neck sleeve was cut wrong too. I think I got a slopped together kit :( This is not good! I needed this puppet for the following Sunday. I paid $15 for the shipping and I see it only cost him $7.50 to mail it to me so I hope he sends me the missing stuff fast.
  9. Puppetplanet Member

    This can easily be fixed in time for your deadline:

    Red Mouth Fabric- Very similar to red flannel sold at Joanns for about $3 if you purchase 1/4 of a yard.

    The cup liner: Is shammy fabric which is sold at car part stores like OneStop, Autozone, etc. Look in the area where they sell car wax and stuff to wash your car.

    To replace your antron fleece pattern, just trace the cut piece of fabric that was included in your kit.

    To fix the spandex neck sleeve, you can either reshape the current piece or buy a new piece of fabric for about $2 (less than 1/2 a yard) and use your pattern to replace it.

    As for shipping, it is clearly stated as shipping and handling. You are paying for his time and effort to package the box nicely as you received it with the items in neatly packed storage bags and his drive to the post office. It's not uncommon to pay handling charges.

    Hope the information helped!

    PS: I would be willing to make a copy of my 2nd video to replace your defective one..... Buck or Dpuppets, do you know if this is illegal or if David would mind? (only charge would be actual cost of tape & shipping)
  10. Show and Tell Member

    Sorry, I didn't mean to sound like such a whiner. It's just that I paid alot for this kit and it freaked me out to find problems with it. I sent Dave a letter letting him know about it and I'm sure he will take care of it as soon as he can. I wasn't implying that he was trying to rip me off. :)
  11. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    Well - like all unauthorized reproduction - it is *technically* copyright infringement but under the circumstances I'm sure David would not mind but Puppet Builder should try contacting David (which it sounds like he's done). I'm sure he'll be happy to replace or exchange the damaged video with a new one which would be a first generation dub and better quality than a tape made from a VHS copy.
  12. Puppetplanet Member

    I thought so..... he (she?) just sounded so desperate that I wanted to help. lol
  13. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    Yeah he (is puppet builder a she?) might want to take you up on your offer to save time...they should still try to get another copy of the tape though.
  14. Show and Tell Member

    I'm a guy people.....:rolleyes:
  15. Iron-Fan New Member

    prove it then....... :)
  16. Show and Tell Member

    What I may do is make another puppet with the patterns I have and just use cheap fleece. This would get me by for next Sunday. Then when Dave sends the rest of it I can make the one from the kit. I already have plenty of fleece and foam and I could use plexiglass for the mouthplates. Maybe take a trip to the dumpster for some carpet foam, buy some practice golfballs for the ethofoam palm grip and cut up my old basketball for the strap and little cresent moon thingy. Yep. I could make it work I think. This might actually work out to my advantage since I like the arms and hands of the foam book I could try them out on this cheaper version I make for Sunday School. I just couldn't bring myself to experiment on my kit.

    Iron_fan....I don't know what you had in mind for proof :p
  17. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    See I knew that...it's Puppet Planet - she's leading us all astray :p :zany:
  18. Puppetplanet Member

    Hey! It takes a moron to follow a moron! :crazy: :p :crazy:
  19. Iron-Fan New Member

    Well, maybey you could tell us football results in a deep voice or explain to me about car engines bhp or something....
    I wasnt asking for jpeg or nothing buddy! ewwwww :eek:
  20. Puppetplanet Member


    *Rolling on the floor laughing*

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