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Baby Ernestine

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Barry Lee, May 11, 2003.

  1. Clean Gultch

    Clean Gultch New Member

    Brad is Berts NEPHEW and Ernestine is Ernies NEICE. dont ask how i know this, i just do. try to catch a skit where they appear. B&E never refer to them as cousins.
  2. scarecroe

    scarecroe Active Member

  3. jeffkjoe

    jeffkjoe New Member

    Don't forget:

    Bert had a brother named Bart at one point too...

    Did Richard Hunt play Bart AND Ernestine??
  4. Clean Gultch

    Clean Gultch New Member

    Bart was played by Frank Oz. Dont get Bart and Brad mixed up. Alot of people do. Brad is Bert's nephew. Brad i think it played by Richard Hunt/
  5. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    How could Frank play Bert and Bart at the same time?
  6. scarecroe

    scarecroe Active Member

    Performers often doubled up on voices in one sketch in the early years.
  7. Clean Gultch

    Clean Gultch New Member

    Bert and Bart werent seen together so they werent performed at the same time. Bert went into the other room to get ready and then Bart came. I actually think its just the same puppet but different clothes.
  8. Cheebo

    Cheebo New Member

    Ernestine is making a comeback if you wish to know. SHe will be appearing on the econd season of Play With Me Sesame starting June 7th
  9. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Well, they look the same, but they are very different.

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