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Backstage romance

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by floyd<3janice, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 23
    Nothings better than a background story.
    Janice tossed and turned she couldn't believe Michael had come but most of all she couldn't believe what he wanted.
    She knew what had drove the family apart finally after years of them drifting it finally happened they all finally snapped.
    An image of an envelope flashed in her mind, rain hitting the window. She remembered it perfectly.
    Janice didn't want to remember, remembering would mean uncovering old wounds and painful memories she didn't want to think about. But the more she stayed awake the more she teetered on the edge of remembering or not. Janice found that the more exhausted she felt the more she teetered and finally she fell into the depths of her darkest memories.

    The rain pounded the windows sending vibrations through Janice's core.
    She wanted to stay asleep waking up would mean facing the growing depression downstairs.
    Janice laughed to herself the depression wasn't just downstairs it was the whole house. In the rooms, the walls, the furniture and most of all the houses inhabitants themselves.
    Now unfortunately Janice was fully awake so she pulled herself out of bed and lazily got dressed.
    Her parents were already downstairs sipping their coffee.
    Janice got her cereal and ate it in silence while remembering simpler times. Times when her mother and father would drink coffee across from each other with their arms outstretched and clasped together in the center of the tabletop.
    Simpler times when the house seemed brighter and dad would kiss the top of Janice's head and hug Michael before lovingly kissing her mother and running out the door to work.
    That was years ago. Janice's father read the newspaper while her mom finished her romance novel.
    Janice watched Michael walk downstairs and get waffles. Janice remembered when he'd leap downstairs and they'd tackle each other for the last waffle.
    "Janice there's a letter for you." Her mom surprised her by smiling.
    Janice got up and walked to the counter. A letter lay unopened. She picked it up and tore it open gasping in excitement.
    "I got in!" She exclaimed.
    Her father ignored her and her mother looked up for a second before returning to her book.
    "Hello like earth to mom and dad I got into music school!" She exclaimed again waving the letter around.
    Her dad stood up and slowly walked over. "You're not going"'He told her strictly.
    "But you know what it like means to dad" Janice said looking at her mom.
    Her dad stomped upstairs. He returned with a large suitcase.
    "Out" He said.
    Janice gaped at him.
    "Charles that's enough!" He mom yelled standing up.
    "Fine both of you out!" He screamed again his face turning red.
    Janice's mom Theresa shook her head slowly.
    "You've gone to far" She told him
    "Out right now!" Charles screamed making Janice flinch she took her mom's hand and they went upstairs.
    "Janice stop," Her mom told her watching her 17 year old daughter begin to pack.
    "Like it's fine I'll go live with one of the guys in the band." She told her mom.
    Janice zipped her suitcase.
    "Jannie no!" Michael yelled running to stop her. Her father stopped him "Sit Michael." He told his son.
    Michael who was 19 at the time sat in a chair and buried his face in his hands.
    Janice's mom stood in the doorway to the kitchen
    "So you're like not coming?" Janice asked her.
    Theresa shook her head "I'm sorry" She whispered.
    Janice blinked back tears and opened the door walking out into the pouring rain.
    Zoot was away on a vacation so Janice drove to the only other person's house she could think of.
    Floyd's parents had died in an accident a long time ago so he lived with his aunt and uncle.
    Janice pulled into the driveway and walked up to the door.
    Floyd was at the door before she could knock. How he always knew it was her she'd never know.
    He looked at her suitcase and her guitar case on her back and frowned.
    "What's wrong Jan?" He asked.
    Janice couldn't hold the tears back any longer she fell forward and cried Floyd caught her and held her letting her cry.
    When she was calmed down he finally talked to her.
    "What happened?" He asked. Janice sniffled and sighed wiping her eyes "They kicked me out because I got into the school." She told him.
    Floyd sighed that school was Janice's dream she'd wanted to go for as long as he'd known her.
    "It'll be okay" he told her.
    Janice shrugged and tried not to cry again "C'mon we'll call everyone else in the morning." He told her. Janice nodded and followed him inside.

    Now Janice was awake again. She knew she couldn't her father or Michael. He might've not been the one to kick her out but he didn't help he didn't stick up for her.
    Janice got out of bed and walked down the hall the floors were cool on her bare feet.
    She opened the door to Floyd's room and slipped inside. She touched his shoulder lightly, he was up in a second his hand around her wrist. "Hey" Janice said surprised at how choked up her voice was.
    Floyd must've noticed too because he pulled her down beside him and rested a hand on her cheek. "What's wrong?" He asked.
    "I just like with Michael…and my dad…memories" She choked out.
    Floyd sighed and sat up wrapping his arms around her.
    "It'll be okay Jan you're not going anywhere." He told her.
    Janice nodded and buried her face in his chest fisting her hands in his shirt.
    "Thank you." She whispered.
    Floyd's arms tightened around her "for what?" He asked.
    "For helping me all this time." She replied.
    Floyd kissed the top of her head and brushed the hair from her face.

    Kermit heard the first bang and woke up instantly as several more rang out through the house.
    He opened the door and slipped out into the hall. Gonzo's door flung open and he walked out. "What was that?" He asked.
    "I don't know" Kermit replied as another bang boomed making the floor vibrate.
    More doors opened as everyone wondered what was happening.
    "What's going on Uncle Kermit?" Robin asked with true fear in his eyes.
    "I'm about to find out." Kermit replied making his way down the stairs the bangs got more frequent they were coming from outside the front door as though something wanted in.
    Kermit opened the door and gave a confused look
    "How dare you lock me out! Do you know how heavy these bags are!" Miss Piggy shouted waving a hand weighed down by at least a dozen shopping bags at Kermit.
    "I'm sorry Miss Piggy I didn't realized you went shopping…" Kermit said as Miss Piggy karate chopped him across the room.
    "What are you looking at?" She asked Gonzo as she retreated to her room.
    Kermit got up to close the door he couldn't help but catch a glimpse of something right before a car went by and it was gone.

    Sorry for the short chapter but I was bored and this is the only thing I could think of to do
  2. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Tragedy, then a good laugh at the end! Good job!
    MissMusical12 likes this.
  3. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Wow! Being kick out of the home is very harsh for Janice. The ending was very ending. I bet Kermit forgot that she was running an errand. (laughs!) More story please!
  4. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 24
    Floyd woke up before Janice but he didn't go anywhere he knew perfectly well why she was upset and he didn't blame her one bit.
    He watched her as she slept soundly unaware of him watching her.
    It was hard to believe they hadn't been together much more than two months and their relationship had already been through a lot.
    He felt bad for her it was one thing after another, she was taking worse than he was first she almost lost him now her brother was back.
    He remembered those long days after she'd come to him in tears. She was lost even Zoot hadn't been able to help. Onstage they performed like everything was a joke and happy and okay. But the truth in the end was different they wen through everything. Just because they had a show it was expected of them to be happy and cheerful all the time. Floyd couldn't help but laugh softly that was a lie he was living proof that most of their lives were anything but happy.
    Janice stirred in her sleep but didn't wake up. Floyd felt his heart clench he had loved her before she was with Zoot. He had years to tell her but didn't because he knew that she thought of him as a friend, her eventually dating Zoot proved that but there was a time when Floyd thought she might've loved him too.
    That was the day she came to him after she'd been kicked out.
    Floyd thought he'd had a chance with her until Zoot came back and he'd lost her again.
    Now here he stood and had trouble remembering those days. The days of his life when he was the friend that she turned to only when she needed help. This was his life now thus time he knew she felt the same way even if he couldn't put into words how much he loved her he knew she loved him too and he'd do anything to keep her.
    Janice opened her eyes and looked around Floyd was at her side instantly brushing the hair from her face. "Hey honey." She said.
    Floyd kissed her cheek "You alright?" He asked her.
    Janice nodded and sat up wrapping her arms around his neck.
    Floyd rested his head on her shoulder and wrapped his arms around her waist. "You wanna go somewhere?" He asked.
    "Where?" She asked.
    Floyd shrugged "Where ever as long as it gets your mind off your brother." He said.
    A knock on the door made Janice get up. Floyd opened the door where Kermit was standing.
    "Hey green dude." Floyd said.
    "Hi Floyd is Janice in here?" Kermit asked.
    Janice walked over to the door
    "Like I Kermit what do you need?" She asked.
    "There's someone on the phone for you." Kermit said.
    Janice ran downstairs.
    He picked up the phone and walked towards Floyd until the cord stopped her.
    "hello?…what?…no…I don't know…bye." She hung up and walked towards Floyd crossing her arms over her chest.
    "What's wrong?" Floyd asked.
    "It was Michael he wants me to go like see him." Janice explained.
    "Are you?" Floyd replied.
    Janice shrugged "I rully don't know." she said.
    Floyd rested a hand on her shoulder "Its up to you babe." He told her.
    Janice nodded and took his hand. "Let's go for a walk." She told him walking to the door.

    Kermit looked at the article it was dated 1977 so it must've only been a few months old besides he wasn't interested in how old it was he wanted to know what it said.
    He skimmed it over only picking out the facts that stood out. He tossed the paper down and sighed he'd read it before and he'd read it again. It was the last review for the muppet show. There hadn't been one since last season which meant there'd be another one soon.
    Kermit jumped when Robin popped up next to him. "Hi Uncle Kermit." He said then noticed his uncle's stressed expression.
    "What's wrong?" He asked.
    Kermit looked at his nephew and sighed again "Nothings wrong Robin I'm just stressed." Kermit replied.
    "Stressssssed" Robin repeated trying out the word.
    "Ya, ya Robin I'm stressed." Kermit said.
    "What does it mean?" Robin asked.
    "Well it means I'm under a lot of pressure to get things done lately. And they keep piling up and I have not time to do it." Kermit explained as best he could.
    "Oh piling up." Robin said softly.
    "Ya piling up." Kermit repeated listing the things he still had to do in his head and feeling the stress get worse.

    Fozzie walked into the backyard where Gonzo was sitting on a bench.
    "Hi Gonzo." Fozzie said.
    "Hi" Gonzo replied.
    Beaker ran outside with his eyes whirling and sparks flying out of his hair. Bunsen followed looking frazzled but composed himself when he saw the pair watching him.
    "Im just trying out my new incredible hold hairspray unfortunately it's flammable in any lighting and causing eye irritations." Bunsen explained.
    Gonzo and Fozzie nodded in unison and watched Bunsen heard Beaker back inside.
    "Well that was…" Fozzie started.
    "Pretty much" Gonzo finished.

    Floyd sat on the roof and looked up at the stars as though he was expecting them to do something magical something other than…twinkle but that's all they did.
    Janice had gotten another call from Michael and was downstairs talking to him.
    Floyd didn't hear her walk out beside him.
    "Hey" She said softly.
    Floyd sat up and took her hand, she sat beside him and rested her head on his shoulder instantly he knew something was bothering her.
    "What is it?" He asked.
    "I um well I told Michael I'd go talk to my dad." She told him leaving him gaping at her
  5. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Crossed fingers for Jan!
  6. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 25
    A meeting with the Devil.
    Janice pulled into the unfamiliar driveway it had only been three years but Janice still wanted to run away in fear.
    She walked up to the door and knocked. On the door of her parent's house.
    Michael opened the door and smiled softly.
    "Hey Jannie." He said opening the door the rest of the way.
    Janice hesitantly stepped inside. Michael led her into the living room it looked the exact same. "Janice." He father walked over from his armchair.
    "You've come great I wanted to ask you something." he said walking very close to her.
    "What is it?" She asked.
    "I want you home Janice. I made a mistake three years ago and after seeing you gallivanting around on that joke of a show I realized what a mistake I made. You need to be here away from that and back to going forwards in your life to law school." He told her.
    "But I can't the show rully means a lot to me." Janice said.
    "Janice your mother is worried sick about you and it's not good for you to be wasting away with these talentless loser weirdos." Charles said.
    "But they're not weird they're all rully sweet and I have the band and it's fine. I have Floyd now." she said.
    "Are you talking about the same Floyd Pepper that you hung out with those years ago?" Charles asked.
    Janice nodded "He was there for me when you kicked me out." she said.
    Michael kept quiet in his seat but Janice saw him hide a snicker. Charles glared down at her "What will it be Janice are you coming home?" He asked.
    Janice shook her head "no" she said unable to stop her voice from cracking. She turned and walked out before he could stop her she was crying before she made it to the car.
    Floyd found Janice laying I'm her bed.
    "Jan?" He said softly.
    She lifted her head and looked at him. He ran over to her and pulled her into his arms.
    "What happened?" He asked.
    Janice sighed "He wanted me to like move back in a quit the show but I told him no." Janice replied. Floyd kissed the top of her head and held her tightly. "It's alright Jan, he can't make you go." He told her.
    "I know that but like he's still my dad and it was rully terrible having to leave him again." She said.
    Floyd nodded "Hey, he's already kicked you out once and you got over it. You can do it again if he can't accept you then you'll be an orphan like me." He told her.
    Janice wrapped an arm around his neck and rested her head against his chest.
    "Lets like go for a walk or something" Janice said standing up. Floyd got up after her still holding her hand.
    "Are you sure you're alright babe?" He asked.
    Janice nodded "Fer sure." She replied.

    Kermit walked down the street to the theatre his had felt it again the presence that he could never see. He stopped and looked behind him into nothing.
    A car drove by and Kermit continued walking.
    He could've sworn he heard footsteps behind him but when he looked over his shoulder nothing was there. Kermit gave a quick shake of his head to clear his head.
    I'm paranoid.
    He thought continuing on the theatre was only a few blocks away.
    Footsteps echoed and Kermit spun around again and this time the sidewalk wasn't empty.

    Sorry for the short chapter but I'll post more soon
  7. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Wow! Janice and Floyd do love each other.
    :flirt: Fer sure!

    :) Oh good! We have another chapter.
    Muppetfan: Yep! And I cam very curious about the part where the frog is walking alone. Hmmm! I wonder who was following him?
    Janice+Floyd<3 likes this.
  8. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 26
    Kermit turned so he was fully facing the stranger standing behind him on the sidewalk.
    She was tall and thin her hair was fire engine red and halfway down her back. She was tan and had green eyes and was wearing jeans and a sweater.
    "Hello Mr. Kermit The Frog my name is Mick we haven't met but I know who you are." She said her voice was high and quick like a fast paced song.
    "Um…hi Mick how can I help you?" Kermit asked awkwardly.
    "Yes you can help me very much. I come from a small group called COL Collection Of Leaders and I think you have potential to be a leader in our group." She stated.
    "Well Mick I'd certainly consider your group." Kermit told her.
    Mick smiled "Thank you Kermit. But I need to tell you that for you to be in the group I'll have to stay around and observe for a few more weeks just to prove and promote your leadership." She said.
    "Sure why not. How about tomorrow at ten you can stop by and spend the day?" Kermit suggested.
    "Great thanks again Mr. Kermit." Mick said before walking in the opposite direction down the side walk.

    "You like know what?" Janice asked walking along the shore
    "What?" Floyd replied.
    "Well like it just that even though my dad is a rull cruel heartless monster when I talked to him and he like begged me to come back. There was something…something in his eyes that said I'm sorry when the rest of him didn't." Janice explained.
    "Jan you know he's a monster." Floyd told her.
    "I know honey but maybe he feels sorry" Janice told him.
    Floyd took her hand and pulled her to a stop. "Are they going to leave you alone now?" He asked.
    Janice shrugged "I have no idea but I know that like they can't make me leave you." She told him.
    "Good and I wouldn't let them anyways" Floyd replied.
    "Oh honey I know." Janice laughed.

    Sorry that this chapter was so short but I had lots of homework -.-
  9. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm, o feel suspicious about col...
  10. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 27
    Kermit eyed Mick from the table she was hunched over a sheet and was scribbling frantically.
    "So what are you um observing?" Kermit asked awkwardly.
    "Oh everything." Mick replied without looking up.
    "Oh so if I move you write it down?" Kermit asked.
    "Not necessarily if you do something important like make a speech then I have to quote every singe word for future reference." Mick said.
    "Oh so does this COL have a building or office somewhere? A page in the encyclopedia or something?" Kermit asked.
    "We have a small office." Mick said.
    "Where is it?" Kermit asked.
    "Out of state." Mick replied.
    "Oh well I'm going to the theatre." Kermit mused.
    "Great is the band there?" Mick asked enthusiastically
    "I'm not sure I thought you were observing me?" Kermit replied.
    "I mean I am let's go shall we?" Mick said changing the subject.
    Kermit nodded and led the way outside.
    Mick followed behind him apparently she recorded the weather and his appearance that day. Which hadn't changed since yesterday.
    Kermit was welcomed at the theatre by Rowlf and Fozzie who cast Mick suspicious looks but didn't say anything.
    Kermit was busy reading over a script when Miss Piggy found him.
    "Kermie who's she?" Miss Piggy asked looking at Mick who was scribbling again on a notepad in the corner.
    "Oh that's Mick she's here to observe me." Kermit replied.
    Miss Piggy glared at Mick "Observe you? How?" She asked.
    "You know watch my every move sort of thing" Kermit replied.
    "I thought that was my job" Miss Piggy muttered.
    "What?" Kermit asked.
    "Nothing" Miss Piggy replied.
    Mick got up and walked over "I'm going for lunch." She said.
    "Okay Mick." Kermit replied.
    Mick walked off.
    "Hmmm observing huh well two can play at this game." Miss Piggy mumbled before marching off leaving Kermit shaking his head slowly on her wake.

    "No we did that a year ago." Dr. Teeth said.
    "Than I'm outta ideas man." Floyd replied.
    "Like I know how about we like go on stage and like fer sure ask the like audience what they like want us to like fer sure like totally play?" Janice suggested.
    "Did anyone get that?" Zoot asked waking from his nap.
    "Nope repeat it again babe and maybe in simpler terms honey" Floyd asked resting his head in her lap.
    "Okay so if we like went onstage and then like asked those little people in the audience what they like wanted us to play then we could like fer sure play that instead." Janice repeated slowly.
    "But what if its a bunch of opinions like someone could want a Beatles song and another could want a Led Zeppelin song." Floyd replied.
    "And in front of all those people there could be a whole lot of requests."Dr. Teeth added.
    There was a crash and the whole band turned in time to see Mick stumble out from behind a pile of boxes. She stopped and looked at the band looking at her for a second before backing up into the shadows. Floyd couldn't help but notice a walkie talkie in her hand before she disappeared.
    "Like who is that?" Janice asked.
    "No idea but did anyone else notice the walkie talkie she was holding?" Floyd asked.
    Everyone nodded in unison.
    "Isn't she Kermit's new lady stalker friend?" Dr. Teeth asked.
    "Ya her name's Vic or something like that" Zoot said.
    "Her stalking Kermit? The pigs gonna love that" Floyd said.
    Again everyone nodded in unison.
  11. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    I bet Miss Piggy karate chopped Mick out of the theatre. Sheesh! :)
  12. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Piggy's gonna murder her...

    I'll call her an ambulance...

    "Hey Mick, you're an ambulance!"
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  13. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 28
    Brother and sister.
    Michael met her in the darkness of the alley way. The boarding house was just down the street and inside was his sister.
    "why are you so concerned? you never cared until your father did" She asked crossing her arms over her chest
    "because up until my father cared she was safe. Know he wants her and it scares me to death." Michael replied.
    "It's stupid and so is this plan you know I love you but this is ridiculous." She told him.
    "Please a few more days that's all I need. I need to make sure she's safe." Michael pleaded.
    "Fine but then I'm done Michael." She told him
    "Alright just help me out a bit." Michael told her.
    "A few days that's it" She said.
    "Fine" he said.

    The sun shone brightly the next morning. Janice met the band outside and they made their way to the theatre.
    On the way Dr. Teeth grabbed a paper off the ground it was dated 1977 so it wasn't too old.
    "Look there's an opening at a a restaurant in town." Dr. Teeth said.
    "guys wait there's a phone call for Janice." Rowlf said running outside.
    Janice walked inside and picked up the phone walking as far as the cord would let her.
    Floyd waited in the doorframe. Janice walked back over with a perplexed look on her face.
    "What's up?" He asked.
    "It was Michael he wants to meet me down the road in ten minutes." Janice told him.
    "Are you going?" Floyd asked.
    "I probably should I'll be back soon." Janice hurried outside and down the street.
    Michael was leaning against a telephone pole on the corner.
    "Hi Jannie" he said smiling at his little sister.
    "Hey Mike" Janice replied feeling a pang of loss at the memory of the relationship she and her brother used to have.
    "Dad's really mad at you." Michael told her.
    "I rully don't care and you can tell him I said that."
    "Jannie do you remember the summer of 1973? That's exactly four years ago that was one of the best summers of my life." Michael told her.
    "That was summer we went to the lake. Me you mom dad and…no. That's not right. Oh my god!" Janice yelled covering her face in her hands.
    "Jannie I'm trying to help you." Was all he was able to say before Janice took off down the street.
    "Jan?" Floyd said watching Janice sprint into the house he followed her into the kitchen where Mick was sitting at the table talking to Kermit.
    "You!" Janice yelled grabbing everyone's attention.

    Sorry this was a short Janicey chapter but the next one will be more exciting I promise
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  14. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Hanging me by a thread again?
  15. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Uh-oh! It looks like Janice is going to rully have a serious talk either like by her boyfriend Floyd or her brother Micheal. :flirt:

    I would to have more details about Janice wants between her and Floyd. :sing: :flirt:
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  16. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Yup. I agree.
  17. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 29
    Floyd took Janice's hand and watched with her as Mick stood up and looked at Janice as innocently as possible.
    "Is there a problem Janice?" She asked.
    Janice sighed and calmed herself down before speaking. "You're the one. That went camping like with me and Michael for years ago." Janice said.
    Mick smiled "why are you rully here?" Janice asked.
    Mick looked at Kermit who was watching her with an expectant look on his face.
    "I'm not here to observe Kermit." She started the tension in the room growing. "I'm here to spy on Janice" She finished.
    Janice looked at her "but what I like don't get fer sure is who sent you to spy on me?" She asked.
    Mick sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "Your brother did" she answered.
    Janice looked at Floyd who was looking confused at Kermit who was staring at Mick who was looking at Janice.
    Pepe walked in "um sorry to um break the intensity and all but I need to get some food." He said slipping through everyone.
    Mick looked at the ground.
    "Michael sent you to like spy on me?" Janice asked.
    Mick nodded.
    "Why?" She asked.
    Mick looked up "two reasons one because he's worried about what your father might do and two he really does love you Janice." Mick told her.
    "How would you know?" Janice asked softly
    "Because" Mick continued.
    "I'm his wife."
    Janice took a step back and walked straight into Floyd who wrapped an arm around her waist to steady her.
    "Mike doesn't have a wife" Janice said.
    "How would you know you haven't seen him in three years." Mick retorted.
    "I can totally take care of myself tell Michael I don't need his help fer sure." Janice said.
    "I'm outta here" Mick said. She pushed past everyone and through the door.
    Janice leaned back against Floyd and sighed.
    "I rully need to talk to Mike" She said spinning around ready to follow Mick out. But Floyd caught her hand and pulled her back "leave it you can talk to him tomorrow" he told her.
    Janice sighed and nodded then smiled. "C'mon" she said leading him upstairs.
    She opened the window and stepped out onto the roof pulling Floyd behind her. "I'm tired of all this drama" Floyd said wrapping an arm around her waist.
    "Me too honey but like once I talk to Michael it'll be all over." Janice said.
    The next morning Dr. Teeth and Zoot headed out towards the theatre. They were deep in conversation and weren't looking where they were going.
    "Whoa!" Someone yelled and Dr. Teeth fell.
    "Sorry" he mumble before sitting up. A women with long brown hair and blue eyes was sitting across from him picking up her purse.
    "Here" Zoot held out his hands and helped them both up.
    "I'm sorry about that" Dr. Teeth apologized again not listening to what he was saying.
    "It's okay. I'm um Anna." She said.
    "Dr. Teeth" Dr. Teeth replied grinning at her.
    Zoot rolled his eyes behind his glasses.
    "So um you from around here?" He asked.
    "Um ya but I moved a few years ago and just moved back." Anna replied.
    "Cool so what do you do?" Dr. Teeth asked.
    "Oh I just work at a dinner right now but I'm hoping to do something better soon." Anna explained.
    "I just work in a band" Dr. Teeth replied.
    "Oh cool are you any good?" She asked.
    "We're okay" Dr. Teeth said.
    "Nice well maybe you could tell me more over coffee sometime?" She suggested with a grin.
    "Sure when do get off work tomorrow?" Dr. Teeth asked.
    "Five" she replied.
    "Well I'll see you then." Dr. Teeth said.
    "Okay" Anna said.

    Michael was still on the corner of the street when Mick found him.
    "She knows and doesn't want your help." Mick said.
    "I told you to explain it to her more.
    "I'm sorry we'll deal with it soon."
    "Promise" Mick replied.
  18. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Oh my GONZO! Mick married Micheal? Yikes! DUM! DUM! DUM! How is Janice going to handle her Michael if he mariied a woman.

    So, Mick was there to spy on Janice? Tsk! I do not like the sounf of that.

    Hmmmm! I hope Janice keeps her strength up even if Michael or Mick want her to do something else instead of like hanging out with Floyd.
  19. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 30
    Kermit watched suspiciously as Miss Piggy crept down the sidewalk to where Mick was walking.
    "Oh no" he said to himself just as Miss Piggy leapt and tackled Mick to the ground.
    "What does vous want with my frog?" Piggy asked.
    "Nothing" Mick replied trying to throw the pig off her.
    "Ya right you you fire truck!" Piggy yelled.
    Mick stopped struggling and looked at her.
    "Fire truck?" She asked like she was testing the word.
    "Ya you fire truck with your red hair and all" Piggy explained rolling her eyes.
    Mick nodded slightly and Miss Piggy got off her looking at the passerby's looking at her with a confused and scared expression.
    "Stay away" Miss Piggy warned before walking away.
    "No problem" Mick mumbled walking in the opposite direction.
    "Good grief" Kermit said walking off shaking his head.
    Kermit walked into the theatre and was nearly tackled by Gonzo who came running over.
    "Kermit I have an idea for an act." Gonzo panted.
    "What is it?" Kermit asked a little apprehensively.
    "Dancing chickens" Gonzo said enthusiastically
    Kermit sighed "dancing chickens really Gonzo?" Kermit asked.
    "Ya you see I'll audition chickens and then they'll dance!" Gonzo said smiling.
    "I don't know Gonzo" Kermit said.
    "Please just give it a chance" Gonzo pleaded.
    "Oh fine a chance but if this goes wrong."
    "It won't" Gonzo said and ran off smiling.
    Kermit shook his head.

    "Hey Rowlf!" Janice yelled and ran over to the dog by the stage.
    "Hey hippy lady what's up?" He asked.
    "We have Vet's hospital and I can't find Fozzie he's like the patient thus week fer sure and he's like rully important so we like need him." Janice explained.
    "Great I'll go find Fozzie you go find Miss Piggy." Rowlf replied.
    "Fer sure." Janice said hurrying off.
    Miss Piggy was in her dressing room going over her usual out of style clothing list while absently brushing Foo Foo with one hand.
    "Foo Foo baby what do you think of this dress?" Piggy asked holding a white puffy dress up.
    Foo Foo looked away and didn't pay the dress any attention.
    "Out of style" Piggy said throwing it in the growing pile.
    She hand a purple glove hand through her loose hair and sighed turning her blue eyes on her mirror.
    A knock sounded throughout the room breaking her self concentration.
    "Come in" she chirped.
    Janice walked in and smiled. "Hey Miss Piggy. Rowlf and I were going to like go practice you wanna come?" She asked.
    "Okay moi will be there in a minute." Piggy replied.
    Janice nodded and left quietly Floyd was leaning against the wall Janice took his hands and pulled him up in front of her wrapping her arms around his waist.
    "Where's the rest of the band?" She asked looking around.
    "I don't know around here somewhere." He replied.
    Janice sighed and stepped back walking to the other side of the hall.
    "What are ya doing with the pork queen?" Floyd asked.
    "We need to practice Vets hospital" Janice replied. Miss Piggy stepped suddenly out of her dressing room.
    "Alright moi is ready." She declared.
    "Fer sure awesome" Janice smiled.
    She kissed Floyd quickly before walking with Miss Piggy down the hall.

    Robin walked beside Bunsen and Beaker to the theatre.
    "So what are you inventing now Dr. Honeydew?" Robin asked.
    "Well it's a new substance that will make you a great dancer." Bunsen replied.
    "Are you sure it will work?" Robin asked.
    "Well not yet its not finished but when it is it'll work wonderfully." Bunsen said.
    "Mee mo meep meep mo," Beaker said softly looking down.
    Robin walked into the theatre and left Bunsen and Beaker to their inventing and went in search of Kermit.
    "Hey Uncle Kermit" Robin said cheerfully.
    "Hi Robin" Kermit said. Resting his head against a closed door.
    "What are you doing?" Robin asked.
    "Listening to Gonzo audition dancing chickens" Kermit replied.
    "Do like how strange everything is here?" Robin asked surprising Kermit and making him look down
    "Well it certainly makes everyday interesting. But I like it I've met some very interesting people." Kermit replied.
    "Oh" Robin said.
    "Do you want to go for ice cream?" Kermit asked knowingly.
    "Yes oh please uncle Kermit." Robin said.
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  20. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    I LOVE this!

    The Piggy & Foo Foo scene was pretty amazing.
    Gonzo auditioning real (chickens) creatures. (laughs) That is so silly!
    The Kermit & Robin part was very sweet with a cherry on top. Like uncle, like nephew!

    I would love to find out how the Vet's hospital sketch goes with Fozzie as their patient.

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