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Bad Muppet Rumors

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by PopoverFroggy, Nov 17, 2002.

  1. PopoverFroggy

    PopoverFroggy Member

    Inside sources have provided me with bad rumors about the state of the Muppets...

    Rumor has it that the Saban deal has fallen through, which on the surface sounds like good news. However, EMTV has allegedly decided to stop paying for storage of the Henson archives, and thus trash it. A few things have been saved by folks but it could be very bad indeed. Worse case scenario -- the Muppets become a property owned by the bank and only the library would be kept.
    The Archives and other Henson artifacts would be destroyed.

    I am really hoping these are just rumors.
  2. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member


    Thanks for letting us know your thoughts. It is indeed a monumental time right now for Henson.

    Things appear very good on the surface with everything going on, but the current state of ownership is quickly coming to a boil.
  3. Bean Bunny

    Bean Bunny Well-Known Member


    It would appear that the Saban talks might be over, there has not been a word about it since October. Let hope this rumor not true and someone will come through epspecially, umm. guess.:D
  4. SuprGro78

    SuprGro78 Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine who used to intern at the henson studios told me that the Hensons (or at least Lisa and Brian) actually own the old charlie chaplin studio lot and EMTV pays them rent. (Which I believe is a brilliant Idea) I don't see any reason why the stuff there (which is pretty cool BTW) would be destroyed or why more things couldn't be stored there.
  5. PopoverFroggy

    PopoverFroggy Member

    From what I understand it's the stuff in storage in New York
    that's been affected. One of the reasons there's no Henson Puppetry Festival this year is that the Henson Foundation had no office, as EMTV closed it to save money. So I wouldn't put it past them to do irrational things like the rumors indicate.

    I don't think Disney is in the running anymore -- Eisner's bought too much lately for the board to approve a Muppet purchase.

    Feeling like showing up over there in a big truck labelled
    "Puppet Disposal Service"
  6. murgatoad

    murgatoad Well-Known Member

    Can I nominate which puppet should be disposed of first?

    (Hint: He's green and has been known to soil leather furniture in response to human females in a pathetic attempt to appeal to an "adult" audience)
  7. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member


    I think that now Companys know Henson are going down, They will just wait until they are the cheapest they will get.

    Maybe even bankrupt ?

    And then buy em...
    Its logical.

    See ya
  8. tomahawk

    tomahawk Well-Known Member

    well, we are all adults, right?
  9. murgatoad

    murgatoad Well-Known Member

    Yes, but this adult doesn't find such behavior appealing. FWIW.
  10. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    If they were distroyed i would tie whoever was responsable's colen in a knot! pardent my French, but couldn't they just be moved or donated to a musem/musems maybe even sell them to make money, i don't know, better then being distroyed.

    Zack)Rowlf the, i was diging in my local dump yard and i foundy really nice puppets of kermit,piggy,fozzie,grover,cookie monster and oscar! Only i left oscar because he told me he was happy there...then he tolf me to scram...;-)j/kDog.
  11. Muppets1985

    Muppets1985 Well-Known Member

    ??? WHAT ??!!!

    Saban Is out?? YESSSSSSSSS!!! lol

    Disney what are you thinking!! come on do IT IF your readying this!!
  12. tomahawk

    tomahawk Well-Known Member

    thats what the remote is for. personally i found the kilborn interview hilarious, especially the snoop segment. finally we get the truth that it wasn't time but was actually finger pointing by people who have way to much time with nothing better to do. just what we need, more martyrs.
  13. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    After this is ALLLLL over, let's gang up on the jerks in charge of EMTV and punch them in the stomach!!!!
  14. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    Yesi highly doubt that the snoop scene's and others taken out will be on the DVD when it comes out.:mad:

    ,Kermit was only kidding with that, it was late night tv, he wouldn't say something like that on te big sreen or tv muppet specail, at least i wouldn't think so.

  15. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    Yesi highly doubt that the snoop scene's and others taken out will be on the DVD when it comes out.:mad:

    Kermit was only kidding with that, it was late night tv, he wouldn't say something like that on the big sreen or tv muppet specail, at least i wouldn't think so.

  16. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Uh... Zach the Dog... did you post that twice, or do I need to see someone.....?

    I sure hope nothing terrible happens to the Muppets. Maybe if we can ALLLLLLL dig in and have everyone on this board, the Fraggle Board, the Palisades board, and the TP board and have all their friends that are fans of the Muppets contribute 10 dollars maybe...just maybe we can save the Muppets!!!
  17. GWGumby

    GWGumby Well-Known Member

    Yes, but you saw what happened when Bart, Milhouse, and Martin all pooled their money to buy that comic book. I mean once we all bought it, how would we decide who gets to keep the Muppets on which days?
  18. murgatoad

    murgatoad Well-Known Member

    Well, DUH. Of course it was the controversy that got Snoop cut out. A lot is riding on this upcoming special/film/whatever. You can bet that it had nothing to do with a sudden attack of conscience up at the Henson Co. ;)
  19. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Well, I was thinking we could hold a Save Henson Telethon. For every 20 dollar pledge, you get a Muppet Mayheim Membership, for a pledge of 30 dollars, you get a small Muppet Plush of your choice, for 50 bucks you get two action figures of your chaoice...etc. etc. like PBS, only important!
  20. tomahawk

    tomahawk Well-Known Member

    its a sad, sad world.

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