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Biff and Sully on the Radio

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by minor muppetz, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Enjoy this new fan fic.

    Chapter 1

    Biff and Sully were at work one day, doing their usual job.

    “Alright, Sully”, said Biff, “let’s get to work!”

    Biff started his jackhammer, but it went out of control.


    Biff ended up crashing into a lamppost.

    “Oh, that hurt”, said Biff.

    Sully was about to speak but then the lunch whistle went off.

    “Well, it’s lunchtime”, said Biff, “let’s go eat.”

    Biff and Sully got out their lunch.

    “So, Sully, what did you bring for lunch?”, asked Biff.

    Sully tried to tell him.

    “Huh?”, interrupted Biff, “Huh? Huh? Huh?”

    Sully just got out his sandwich.

    “Oh, a sandwich!”, said Biff, “I brought a sandwich as well!”

    Their boss, Mr. Moosh, came by.

    “Biff! Sully! How are you?”, asked Mr. Moosh.

    “Oh, we’re just fine, Mr. Moosh”, said Biff, “Right, Sully?”

    Biff nodded.

    “Well, I’ve got a proposition for you”, said Mr. Moosh, “My company is sponsoring a radio program, and they can’t get anybody to be the DJs. So I decided, why not have some of my best construction workers be the DJs?”

    “Why don’t you have some of your best construction workers be the DJs?”, said Biff.

    “That’s where you two come in”, said Mr. Moosh, “How would you two like to be radio DJs?”

    “Well, Sully and I will talk it over”, said Biff, turning his head over to Sully, “So how’s about it, huh? Huh? Huh?”

    Biff turned his head over to Mr. Moosh before Sully could say anything.

    “We’ll do it!”, said Biff.

    “Wonderful!”, said Mr. Moosh, “You start tomorrow morning at six.”

    “But that’s earlier than we come here”, said Biff.

    “Fine”, said Mr. Moosh, “I’ll have the radio station move your show up to 2.”

    “That’ll do”, said Biff.

    Mr. Moosh left.

    “Oh boy, Sully”, said Biff, “we’re going to be DJs!”

    Sully nodded in agreement, warming up to the thought.
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  2. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Hey is it me or do I hear Sully's personality from Richard Hunt. Oh, I forgot today was his birthday. Why can't I keep track of every puppeteer's birthday or remebering the day the passed away from us? Well, happy birthday Richard! Great minor muppetz! More please!
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  3. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 2

    Biff and Sully were in the radio booth, ready for their first show.

    “Okay, you two will be on in thirty seconds”, said the director.

    “Oh, this is so much fun!”, said Biff.

    Sully was about to speak..

    “Aren’t you excited?”, interrupted Biff.

    Sully nodded his head.

    “Okay”, said the director, “you’re on in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, and ACTION!”

    “Welcome to Biff and Sully’s Radio Hour”, said Biff, “I’m Biff…”

    Sully was about to introduce himself.

    “…and this is my buddy, Sully”, interrupted Biff, “We’re here to entertain you!”

    “Take some calls”, said the director.

    “Okay, we’ve got a call”, said Biff, “Hello, Biff and Sully’s Radio Show. How may we help you?”

    “Yes, can you play song about COOKIES????”, said Cookie Monster.

    “Okay, sure”, said Biff, “Do we have any songs about cookies?”

    “We have songs about everything”, said the directors.

    “Well, I didn’t ask if we had songs about everything”, said Biff.

    Sully tried to say something but as usual got interrupted by Biff.

    “…I asked if we had any songs about cookies.”

    Sully tapped Biff.

    “What is it, Sully?”

    Sully showed Biff a record.

    “Oh, a song about cookies”, said Biff, “Well, for your listening pleasure, here’s the disco classic ‘Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco’!”

    “Ohhhh, me sung that song!”, said Cookie Monster.

    They played it. Afterwards….

    “Okay, next caller, please”, said Biff.

    “Hello, I’d like for you to play my favorite song”, said Forgetful Jones.

    “Alright, what’s your favorite song?”

    “I forget!”

    “Okay, I’ll see if we have that song.”

    “I mean I forget what my favorite song is.”

    Sully was about to comment.

    “How unfortunate”, interrupted Biff, “well, cal back when you remember. And if you remember, maybe you should write it down.”

    “Of COURSE!”, said Forgetful with happiness, “The song is called Write It Down!”

    “Well, then here’s “Write it Down””, said Biff.

    Soon, it was near the end of the show, and Sully once again tried and failed to talk.

    “Well, our show is almost over”, interrupted Biff, “we have time for one more song request!”

    “Yes, can you play something from Little Jerry and the Monotones?”, asked Gina.

    “Sure”, said Biff, “here’s Little Jerry and the Monotones with, uh… One of their great songs!”

    Sully ended up playing “With Every Beat of my Heart”.

    During the song…

    “Well I’ve had fun today”, said Biff as he took off his headphones, “Are you enjoying it, Sully?”

    Sully made an “I’m not sure” glance.

    “I know what you mean”, said Biff, “we’re the first construction workers to host a radio show, it’ll take awhile before it catches on.”

    Sully tried to speak…

    “Oh, the song’s ending”, interrupted Biff, “let’s get our headphones back on!”

    They put their headphones back on.

    “That was Little Jerry and the Monotones”, said Biff, “one of your favorite bands! Well, anyway, I’m Biff, this is Sully, and we’re Biff and Sully! We hope to see you tomorrow for another great show!”

    The show ended, Biff and Sully took their headphones off, put their helmets back on, and left the room.

    “Well, that was great”, said Biff.

    A radio executive approached them.

    “Well, guys”, said the executive, “The ratings are already in, and everybody loves your show.”

    “Did you hear that, Sully?”, asked Biff.

    “You’ll be radio superstars in no time”, said the executive, “your ratings were higher than even Howard Stern!”

    “Who?”, asked Biff.
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  4. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Wow! Minor Muppetz! I know why Sully can't talk. He has no voice I guess.

    BTW: Uh...who's Howard Stern?
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  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I don't know whether he's still popular or still on the air, but he is/was a radio DJ, who also had a TV show on the E! network (not sure if it was video recordings of what happened during the radio broadcasts or if they were completely seperate), whose humor was very vulgar. He also starred in a movie, Private Parts, where I think he played himself. He is one of a number of celebrities whose physical appearance is similar to Weird Al Yankovic.

    I debated over whether to make the joke about Howard Stern or Dr. Demento (Demento hosts a radio show specializing in comedy music and has played recordings sent in by listeners. In fact, Weird Al Yankovic got his first public exposure by sending in tapes he recorded to Dr. Demento). The joke was supposed to be that Biff didn't know who Howard Stern is (of course, as I mentioned earlier, I'm not sure whether Stern is still popular).
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  6. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Okay! Thank you and more story, but it is kind of sad that I am always the one who replies while everybody else just views your fanfics.
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  7. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 3

    Over the first week, Biff and Sully were a worldwide success.

    “Hello, you’re on the air”, said Biff.

    The caller was the Two-Headed Monster, who argued over what song to play, “Eensy Weensy Spider” or “Old MacDonald”.

    “Hold it!”, said Biff, “I’ll play both!”

    “YAY!”, shouted the Two-Headed Monster.

    “Play Eensy Weensy Spider first”, said the right head.

    “No, no, no, play Old MacDonald first”, said the left head.

    “No, no, no”, said the right head.

    And the monster continued arguing.

    “Being a DJ isn’t as easy as it seems”, said Biff to Sully.

    Sully nodded in agreement.

    “Listen, I’ll pick the order myself”, said Biff, who proceeded to play “Eensy Weensy Spider” first.


    “I have a question for Sully”, said a listener.

    “Well, go ahead and ask Sully”, said Biff.

    “Sully, how did you get such a lovely voice?”

    Sully tried to answer.

    “Years of practice”, interrupted Biff.

    Sully started to make pouty gestures with his fist, which Biff was oblivious to.

    “Someday he’ll reach my level”, said Biff.

    Sully shook his head angrily.

    After the show was over, the executive approached them again.

    “What a great first week!”, said the executive, “we’ve arranged for you two to do a live outdoor show and sign autographs.”

    “Hey, that sounds like fun!”, said Biff.

    Sully nodded in agreement.

    “But you two don’t have the right look for DJs”, said the executive.

    “We don’?”, asked Biff.

    “Well, you two look too much like a couple of average schmoes”, said the executive.

    “So are you going to have people stand-in for us and lip-synch to our recordings?”, asked Biff.

    “No, no, no”, said the executive, “I’m just going to have you two dress up like DJs.”

    “What’s wrong with how we dress?”, asked Biff.

    “Well, for one, the construction worker helmets have got to go”, said the executive, taking their helmets off their heads and throwing them across the hallway.

    “Hey, we worked hard to get those helmets”, said Biff, “they’ve protected our heads for years!”

    Sully nodded.

    “I don’t think the public will like those jackets, either”, said the executive, “I know…”

    And before you know it they were dressed in white T-shirts with the logo “WBNS” on their shirts.

    “Hey, what classy shirts!”, said Biff.

    “Still”, said the network executive, “don’t flashy enough.”

    Sully was about to ask something, when Biff interrupted.

    “Why does it have to be flashy?”, asked Biff.

    “That’s how all the cool DJs dress”, said the executive, “these days, it’s not about how you sound, it’s how you dress.”

    Sully gave a puzzled look on his face.

    And before you know it, they were once again re-dressed, now in flashy blue and purple jackets with a “Biff and Sully’s Radio Show” logo on the back of their jackets, Biff wearing sunglasses and a backwards baseball cap, and Sully wearing a gold chain and a sideways baseball cap.

    “Wow, look at us”, said Biff, “we look a little weird…”

    Sully nodded in agreement.

    “…but we still look cool!”

    Sully gave a sideways glance.

    “You two look perfect!”, said the executive.
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  8. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 4

    Biff and Sully were out at the live event.

    “Wow, look at all those people cheering for us”, said Biff, “it looks like a lot!”

    Sully nodded.

    “Well, let’s go to our podium and start the show”, said Biff.

    They started.

    “Welcome to Biff and Sully’s Radio Show LIVE!”, said Biff.

    The crowd cheered.

    “I’m Biff, and this is Sully!”

    “They look better than I imagined!”, said a crowd member.

    “I agree”, said another person in the crowd.

    “Let’s start the show”, said Biff, “do we have any requests from the audience?”

    “How about ‘Rubber Duckie’?”, asked Ernie.

    The crowd cheered in agreement.

    “Alright”, said Biff, “here’s Rubber Duckie!”

    They played the song.


    “Okay, it’s time for a meet-and-greet”, said Biff, “you can meet us and we’ll sign autographs!”

    “Oh, oh, I am such a big fan of you two!”, said the first fan.

    “Oh, thanks”, said Biff.

    “Sully, you have such a great voice!”, said the fan.

    “I know he does”, said Biff, interrupting Sully before he could say anything.

    The next fan came up.

    “Is it true that you two used to be construction workers?”, asked the next fan.

    “Why, yes it is”, said Biff, “in fact the company we worked for sponsors us.”

    Sully then started thinking, looking at himself in a nearby mirror, and then looking down, at a picture he had with him of him in his old construction worker attire. He looked back and forth, at the mirror and the picture.

    “Sully! Sully!”, shouted Biff, who then tapped him a bit hard.

    Sully snapped out of it.

    “Hey, Sully, this guy wants your autograph.

    Sully gave an “oh…” facial expression and signed, and then walked away.

    “Hey, Sully, where you going?”, asked Biff.

    Sully came back, dressed in his construction worker clothes.

    “Hey, what are you dressed like that for?”, asked Biff.

    Sully tried to speak.

    “You’re not a construction worker anymore, you’re a DJ, like me”, interrupted Biff.

    Sully tried to speak.

    “You can’t be a DJ dressed like that”, interrupted Biff, “we learned the hard way. Our boss forced us to dress like this.”

    The network executive showed up.

    “Well, Biff”, said the executive, “Sully gave me his two-minute notice. It seems he wants to be a construction worker again.”

    “But… But then who’ll be a DJ with me?”, asked Biff.

    “For now you’ll be DJ-ing on your own”, said the executive.

    “Will Sully still sign my poster for me?”, said a fan.

    Sully shook his head.

    “If Sully isn’t one of the DJs, then I’ll quit listening!”, said a fan.

    “Me, too”, said another fan.

    “Woe is me”, said Biff.
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  9. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Awww! Poor Biff! And Poor Sully! I liked when he gestures. Well, that does tell us why he can't speak. I can tell you, it;s not easy bein' a DJ, Biff. More please!
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  10. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 5

    “It will be hard to adjust to working alone”, said the executive, “but we’ll make it work.”

    “Now that you don’t have to pay for two DJs can I have a raise?”, asked Biff.

    “No”, said the executive, coldly, “but something’s got to be done about your name.”

    “What’s wrong with my name?”, said Biff.

    “It’s just not a radio name”, said the executive, “we’ve got to give you something with better kick.”

    “Well, I’ve always wanted to be called Tannen, or maybe even McFly”, said Biff.

    “No, no, no”, said the executive, “we’ll call you Johnny B.”

    “I don’t like that name”, said Biff.

    “Well, too bad”, said the executive, “I don’t care if you’re not under contract, if you’re going to be on our station, you’re gonna have to follow my rules.”

    The executive then turned Biff around and pulled the logo off the back of his jacket.

    “You’ll need a new logo”, said the executive, who then patched on a “Johnny B’s Radio ‘Travaganza” logo on the back of his jacket.

    “Perfect!”, said the executive.

    Sully was in the arbor area, sitting behind a crate, surrounded by his friends.

    “So you really quit your job, Sully?”, asked Big Bird.

    Sully nodded.

    “That must have been hard to do”, said Herry.

    “I’ll say”, said Roxy Marie.

    Biff then came by.

    “Hello, friends”, said Biff, “hello, Sully.”

    Sully turned his head.

    “You really ruined my show, Sully”, said Biff.

    Sully gave a confused look on his face.

    “How’d he ruin your show, Uncle Biff?”, asked Roxy.

    “The name’s not Biff anymore”, said Biff, “it’s Johnny B.”

    “Well, Uncle Johnny, it’s not Sully’s fault if he wasn’t happy with the show.”

    “We were a team”, said Biff, “How could you leave me behind?”

    Sully tried to talk.

    “Huh? Huh? Huh?”, interrupted Biff, “oh, forget it!”

    “Hey, Biff”, said Big Bird, “just because Sully left the show doesn’t mean you two still can’t be friends.”

    Sully nodded.

    “No, Big Bird, because he quit, the ratings have dropped down”, said Biff, “I need job security.”

    Sully started to talk.

    “If my show fails, what can I possibly do?”, interrupted Biff, “I’ve got to get back to the station, quickly!”

    Biff left.

    “He could just go back to being a construction worker”, said Herry.

    Sully nodded in agreement.
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  11. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Ohhhhh! Poor Sully! I bet his gesturing was silly though. More please!
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  12. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 6

    Biff was back in the studio, hosting another show.

    “You’re listening to Johnny B, the disc jockey formerly known as Biff. And now we’ll take another call!”

    “Hello, Johnny, can you play a song by poison?”

    “Oh, you don’t want poison”, said Biff, “Poison is very dangerous. It’ll make you very, very sick.”

    “Will you just play this album????”, said an annoyed executive, handing Biff a “Poison” album.

    “Oh, there’s a group called Poison”, said Biff, “Okay, let’s play the song!”

    Biff played it. And as he played it…

    “That doesn’t sound good at all”, thought Biff.

    Sully was listening to the radio while at work, and just shook his head in disbelief.

    “Well, if you’d like to talk to me, Johnny B, just call the studio. You can request a song or ask a question or….”

    The phone rang. Biff picke di tup.

    “Hello, this is I, the DJ formerly known as Biff, yours very own truly, Johnny B! What can I do for you? Speak up, time is money! This is a very important call, I wager…”

    Of course on the other line was Sully, unable to speak because of Biff interrupting him.

    “Would you like to hear a great song? Or maybe you’d like to ask a question. Well, why are you calling? Maybe you’d like to sponsor our show! Or perhaps you’re calling to ask about my former partner, Sully! Well, Sully had better things to do!”

    Sully then stood there, mouth open, with a loss for words.

    “He was a great partner, and then he left for better things! I cannot believe how Sully deserted me like….”

    But then Biff was at a loss for words.

    “I can’t go on like this”, said Biff, “Thanks for the call!”

    Biff then hung up the phone, hung up his headphones, and walked out of the room.

    “Hey, you’ve still got another four minutes!”, said the network executive.

    “Play some music or commercials!”, said Biff, “I quit!”

    “You can’t quit, Johnny B!”, said the executive.

    “The name’s Biff!”

    Biff took off his hat and sunglasses, handed them to the executive, and left.

    “How will this show end?”, wondered the network executive, then looking at the hat and sunglasses he was handed, “I can be a DJ now!”

    The network executive walked into the recording room and started acting like a DJ.

    “Well, Biff, the disc jockey formerly known as Johnny B who was formerly and is currently known as Biff, is no longer with us. You’re listening to, oh, call me Ishmael P!”

    Soon, Biff was back in his construction worker attire and back to the construction site he had worked at.

    “Hey, Mr. Moosh”, said Biff, “I’d like my old job back!”

    “I knew this day would come”, sighed Mr. Moosh, “Okay, you go that way and start working!”

    Biff ran to his work site and encountered Sully.

    “Hey, Sully!”

    Sully acted happy to see Biff, but Biff quickly hugged Sully and as usual wouldn’t let Sully talk.

    “Oh, it’s so good to see you again!”, said Biff, “Being a DJ was fun at first, but then I let the success go to my head. Oh, but I’m so happy to be here again. Without you the ratings went down and they put on demands that I couldn’t cope with.”

    Biff picked up a sledge hammer and started hitting at things.

    “You know, Sully, I wasn’t sure if I’d feel happy with my old job again, but this feels right. A lot better and more right than me being a disc jockey. And another thing….”

    The End
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