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Can the MR Gonzo be converted to a puppet?

Discussion in 'Muppet Replicas' started by Noteasybingreen, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Noteasybingreen

    Noteasybingreen New Member

    Hi there,

    Just received my MR Gonzo in the post today and he is absolutely brilliant! However, I have a collection of 'muppet puppets' consisting of Kermit, Miss Piggy and Animal and was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to convert Gonzo into a working puppet himself? Also, how would you go about doing this and are there any puppet building experts around to give me some advice on this, it would be greatly appreciated?

    Thanks a lot! :)
  2. Gelfling Girl

    Gelfling Girl Well-Known Member

    I'm not really sure about Gonzo, but according to some of the people on another thread, Kermit can't be turned into a puppet.

    Of course, I don't own any of the photo puppets.
  3. muppetperson

    muppetperson Well-Known Member

    Trying to unpick, and separate glued foam to wire is going to leave a destroyed pile of mess!
  4. I have made mine into a puppet.

    I used a seam ripper to cut the back seam out without damaging the fur. I removed all the wires except the ones in his hands. I had to break a few of the wires by bending them over and over in the same spots (like at the wrist).

    The body foam had to get hollowed out a bit to make room for my arm.

    I still have to line the body cavity because the foam crumbles a bit and leaves white bits on my arm every time I take it in and out. I also have to sew up the back, but it's doable.
  5. Frogpuppeteer

    Frogpuppeteer Well-Known Member

    you should post pics
  6. rtgentry

    rtgentry Well-Known Member

    pics and video
  7. wembleyfraggle

    wembleyfraggle Well-Known Member

    How hard is the head to convert? :concern:

    Picture and or video?
  8. luther962

    luther962 Active Member

    Hi there,

    I converted mine to a working puppet in about 4 hours time. It is not that hard to do (my son said it was kinda like cleaning a fish). The hardest part is the head seeing as the skull and the nose are all one peice and you have to carve out a space for your hand. Maybe it is because I don't know any better, but it seemed easy enough. As for the body foam and plastic sternum, I just removed those completely and replaced it with my own foam.
    Good luck!
  9. wembleyfraggle

    wembleyfraggle Well-Known Member

    Do you have photos? I know all those wanting to do it want to see what it looks like after.
  10. luther962

    luther962 Active Member

    Hi there, I am new to this forum and not sure how to attach a photo (where's the paperclip?). Iwould be happy to take some pics of my Gonzo puppet and post it here, I just need to find out how to do it.
  11. dmoss

    dmoss Well-Known Member

    Howdy, Luther! A lot of times it will be easiest to upload the picture (or pictures) to someplace like PhotoBucket.com, and then send us a link to the pictures that way. :)

    I'd love to see your pictures! Can't wait to see some of your handy work.
  12. muppet baby

    muppet baby Well-Known Member

    I can not wait to see the pics of the Gonzo converted puppets i have this same MR Gonzo replica i am not planing on making a puppet though i am not brave enough .
  13. luther962

    luther962 Active Member

    Gonzo Pics

    If anyone wants to see the pics of the Gonzo puppet email me and I will will email you the pics i have. Just remember I am not a puppet builder, never claimed to be an expert, nor "my" way is the only way of doing it. I am sure that there are 100's of better Gonzo puppets out there, but mine works great for our puppet ministry and I am happy with it and the kids just love him!
  14. luther962

    luther962 Active Member

    Hi there!

    Ok! I figured out how to upload pics to Photo bucket (I think) if anyone wants to see some really quick grab shots of Gonzo just follow the link below:

    If anyone wants details, and if it is allowed to publish them here, let me know. When I modify the next one, I will take pics along the way so you can see what I am talking about.

  15. dmoss

    dmoss Well-Known Member

    Very good work, Luther! He looks just how I imagined him to look, although I don't know why I wasn't expecting him to be half-body...he'd almost have to be after a good "gutting"...!
  16. TML

    TML Well-Known Member

    Did you take the wire out of his mouth? How easy is it to open & close it?
  17. luther962

    luther962 Active Member

    The wires in the mouth are secured by a plastic retainer on both mouth plates which can simply be unscrewed with a small philips screw driver (4x screws per). The mouth actually had a double hinge, and it opens and closes real easy ( obviously not as easy ad a sock puppet, but easier than a What Not).
  18. TML

    TML Well-Known Member

    How'd you get the wires out of his arms?
  19. luther962

    luther962 Active Member

    The arm wires are connected to a plastic "sternum" via the same type of plastic wire retainer clip and 4 screws. The arm wires are attached to his hands the same way. You can make a small incision to unscrew the retainer, buti just kept bending the wires at his wrist until the wires broke and then just pulled them out. I kept the "straws" that provide his elbow joint, retaped them and put them back in his arms so he still has an elbow joint in each arm so I can use arm rods. Hope this helps!
  20. TML

    TML Well-Known Member

    I wonder if the same thing could be done to an Animal poser? I'm kind of afraid to dissect Gonzo. Were you afraid to ruin him?

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