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Can the MR Gonzo be converted to a puppet?

Discussion in 'Muppet Replicas' started by Noteasybingreen, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. luther962

    luther962 Active Member

    I only Paid like $80.00 for him, whichis almost 1/2 the cost of a Mupet What Not, so I was not too afraid to tear into him. I have the animal poser as well, but have not yet figured out how I would go about converting him? My biggest concern is the diameter of his neck, I am not sure even a petite hand would fit?
  2. luther962

    luther962 Active Member

    I am taking some careful measurements on the Animal poser, and it looks like it might just be doable to convert him as well. I am going to wait and see how good the animal FP Animal puppet I just got on E-b** looks in person, if it doesn't meet the same standard as our other puppets, I will convert the MR poser ( I will take pics throughout the process this time and post a link if anyone is interested).
  3. luther962

    luther962 Active Member

    I am half way done converting the MR Animal poser into a working puppet. It is actually alot easier than Gonzo (it might also be it is my second MR Conversion). Right now I am building a device to actuate his eyebrows. I have taken pics all the way through and will post on another thread. BTW, I am real happy with the results so far!
  4. ohtherain

    ohtherain Well-Known Member

    Great job, Luther! Can't wait to see how Animal turns out!
  5. dmoss

    dmoss Well-Known Member

    Wow! Cool to hear; can't wait to see the photos! :halo:
  6. Hotgolf

    Hotgolf New Member

    Well, my first post, so I better say 'hiya' first, although I've been creeping about for a while now.
    I had to add a comment here as reading this post made me go out and try and make my first puppet from a replica.

    I picked up a Gonze off the bay last week for £68 posted(the bay.uk), and within 3 hours of having him I had a pretty decent puppet, although it's not finished yet ;)

    Undressing him made me realise my sewing isn't upto scratch. The seams are faultless and you can't see the joins. The only way I I managed to undo the back, from but to the top of his head was to cut the thread inbetween the 'Muppets' logo on the back, then follow it along.

    The main body is a piece of foam joined.glued down the middle. In the middle of this is like a spinal board with fixture points for all the wires. Getting this apart was easy, as was removing the wires from the arms and legs(again I bent them back and fourth until they broke) I was going to open the hands and feet, but again, I was petrifide that my sewing would let me down badly, so left them be. I refitted the plastic arm and leg tubes to give a bit of substance and to stop them just flopping about and not having any shape, but good enough to not give the impression that there's anything in there.

    With the insides now out, you can pull the material up to half way above his head. I didn't go further as it meant you'd start to pull the material away from where it's glued around the mouth. From here you can remove the main wires from the head and his mouth. The wires here hold both his mouth and his neck/head in place. Lower mouth piece was easy, top was potchy as it's difficult to get access to the wore clamp, so it meant a fair bit of fiddling.
    The foam around the mouth(upper mainly) needs to be re-shaped to get your hand in there as it's quite a tight fit. I find putting my thumb under the lower foam between the mouthpiece and the material works the mouth action better.

    From here I hollowed out the body and glued it together. I wanted to make a full body puppet so I cut a fist size hole near his rear end and removed the neck support, so I was left with a sort of baked bean shape. As it stands the body is quite flimsy so it will need to be glued to the body material to keep it's shape a little better. I removed the neck area(like a bottle neck) as it'll allow better movement of the head and mouth. Plus it stopped my hands going through lol.

    Anyway, that where it stands at the mo. I need to glue the body in, sew up the rear, add some control wires and alter the back of the clothes.

    It's not a hard conversion, but you need to take your time to see how it all works, and more importantly how it goes back together. Now, where's my thimble and thread ;)
  7. luther962

    luther962 Active Member

    Good luck with the conversion! It isn't that hard, you just have to take your time, I hope you will post a couple of pics so we all can see your work!
  8. unheard

    unheard Well-Known Member

    Is there any way to make gonzo a full body puppet ?
    As I have just hot my replica today I am very happy with him
  9. paplooo

    paplooo Member

    i did this with mine today and looks great !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill post a video soon

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