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Contest: Design art for Fraggle Rock 30th anniversary merchandise

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Phillip, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Yoda Man

    Yoda Man Well-Known Member

    Aren't you the one that said my entry couldn't qualify and that I should vote for you instead?
  2. Foodie

    Foodie Well-Known Member

    Thanks. You've been trying to contact me? I wonder if I keep missing. Do you have a Deviant Art account? I hang out there all the time. :smirk:
  3. Foodie

    Foodie Well-Known Member

    1174 votes????? I thought it was 1115! :smirk:
  4. Tom Fraggle

    Tom Fraggle Well-Known Member

    Hmmm.. somehow I must have mistyped. UGH! Sorry about that.

    1115 sounds about right.
    Foodie likes this.
  5. theSHE124

    theSHE124 Well-Known Member

    Actually, Yoda Man, I read how the design has to include 1:Fraggles 2: Doozers 3: Gorgs 4:Traveling Matt and 5: Sprocket. This is a requirement, right? I started working on my entry the day they improved the rules. :smirk:
    I am totally sorry if I offended you in anyway! :oops:
  6. theSHE124

    theSHE124 Well-Known Member

    No, I don't have a Deviant Art account. I don't wanna waste my time having more than 10 accounts in different places(not telling where else)! :attitude:
    Tell you what, my Talenthouse portfolio has an adjacent project to my entry called the Fraggle Five. (look in http://www.talenthouse.com/littlewobbler124) I can add your present as a new picture for it and, automatically, it will never be used for any invites whatsoever! What'dya say? :zany:
  7. Foodie

    Foodie Well-Known Member

    Hee hee. :smirk:
  8. Foodie

    Foodie Well-Known Member

    Okay. Send me a link and hopefully I'll find it. :smirk:
  9. theSHE124

    theSHE124 Well-Known Member

    First of all, Foodie, you do have the link in your reply! Second, you need to scroll with the blue arrows to find the right project. I put the surprise as top pic in 'the Fraggle Five', so you can't miss it! ;)
  10. theSHE124

    theSHE124 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have a prediction of how the lucky winner's trip to the party will be?

    Okay, I had this idea for quite some time, and I wanna share it to y'all now.
    Consider this: if the performers with the puppets are to show at Fraggle Rock's 30th Anniversary party, I imagine that Gobo's friends will be waiting for him after they show up. From there, they reminisce about the times they had with him.
    :coy: Wembley starts off singing "Follow Me", as he is often willing to follow his best friend Gobo. (1st episode) Everyone catches on and begins smiling about it.
    :dreamy: Always admiring his dedication to help others, Mokey begins picking up "Shine on Me" (season 2)
    :excited: But after that, Red decides to turn it around with "(Take What You Want and) Get Goin' " (season 3) She too can prove that she's leadership material!
    :sigh: Yet when it's Boober's turn, he suddenly makes it bittersweet with "Petals of a Rose" (final episode) The first three can have partial bits, but I would want the other two songs to be wholely done. The lights begins to fade on them.
    Why next two songs? Just when you think the medley's over, the lights then shine on Gobo, sitting down playing his guitar. :smirk: Unlike the others, he actually sings an original Jerry Nelson song, my pick, "Tides". (Plus, it reminds me of some of those drawn tributes of Gobo wading on the water, very neat ones!) Whichever performer can nail this one, I would so want him to do Gobo from now on; 'cause the spirit of Roll'n'Roll is calling to him!!! :sing:

    I know, sounds a little bit radical, but isn't that the Muppets are about? Don't hesitate to reply, just gimme your honest opinions.
    In memordium, Mr. Nelson's voice will truly be missed. :batty:
  11. theSHE124

    theSHE124 Well-Known Member

    One week to go...I'm not sure if I can win this one I intended to be in all along. :( They may not remember who I am, but...it feels like I was meant for this. Meant for the Muppets, period! How else do you think I decided to be in this Forum? Still, I don't wanna be as old as my friend Debbie (let alone, Jerry Nelson) to achieve a life-long dream! That doesn't sound like me!:mad:
  12. theSHE124

    theSHE124 Well-Known Member

    Well, today's the day. They'll be announcing the winner anytime now...:concern:
    I'm actually afraid of what'll happen next! I got into Talenthouse solely to win this one, and I don't know what to do if otherwise comes around.
  13. theSHE124

    theSHE124 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, are you here? They announced the results, but I'm too scared to look at who! :eek:
  14. Kermieuk

    Kermieuk Well-Known Member

    Just read this on their website......

    Hello Talenthouse Artists,

    The winner announcement for this Creative Invite will be delayed until further notice.

    The representatives for Fraggle Rock are absolutely ecstatic about the quality of your submissions.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    The Talenthouse Team
  15. theSHE124

    theSHE124 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the notice. I really thought they have already completed the Invite! :cool:
  16. Yoda Man

    Yoda Man Well-Known Member

    Hmm... what happened? When I checked an hour ago they definitely had a winner and the 8 finalists announced. Did they change their mind? The winning design only had 257 views, so I was a little confused as to why they would go with a design that very few people voted on. I wonder what the deal is?

    Edited to add: FYI, when I check it stated the winner was Inbal Hoffman

    For finalists, it listed:
    Jake Myler
    Kenny Durkin
    Anthony Wallace
    Pupi Herrera
    Aaron Zenz
    Sarah Kamada
    David Moscati
    and one other that I can't find right now
  17. charlietheowl

    charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    That's very curious. Maybe they put the wrong names up by accident?
  18. jvcarroll

    jvcarroll Well-Known Member

    Maybe they have to contact every individual winner before officially posting. Contracts signed etc. The listed assortment seems about right. The unlisted one must be Foodie's since he got the highest number of votes.
  19. theSHE124

    theSHE124 Well-Known Member

    I don't understand that list. I've spent two weeks working on my design: one for planning, and the other for formatting. Specific orders were given while I was still working on mine and I worked even harder than before! (That was the first time I've drawn Doozers. :busy:) I even witnessed a non Top-10 entry won an Invite by the host choice, but...I really did the best I've done, didn't I? :confused:
  20. jvcarroll

    jvcarroll Well-Known Member

    The selections are subjective. Same goes for the voting. This has no bearing on your entry. It's adorable! They must have been looking for something not found in either of our compositions, but that doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with them. Who knows if these are the real selections, however if they are it's important to feel proud of participating and put that energy into your next piece. There are many contests out there. :excited:

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