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Counting cartoon with race cars and spies

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by mikealan, May 17, 2003.

  1. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    Hi there. With all of our talks of the falling baker, the cartoon pinball machine, the cartoon circus tamer and the number painter, let's have a talk of the counting series with the race cars and the spies. They're very old and are so similar to the pinball machine, but they taught us to count to 10. They feature the race cars in the beginning and the spies at the end that open their coats to reveal the numbers 1-10. The voice off-screen that sang the numbers was Grace Slick of the Jefferson Planes, but nobody beleives that she sang the numbers on the series. My memories of these series was that I watched "3", "4", "6", "9" and "10" on the 1987-90 shows and "8" on the Hebrew Sesame show on tape when I was in preschool. Now, I watched "2" on the premiere and on #536, and I can watch it many times any Friday on Retromedia.tv!

    Anybody remember these old and classic counting cartoon series from the early days with the race cars and the spies?
  2. ssetta

    ssetta Well-Known Member

    I think most of us do.
  3. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    I think you're right. I forgot to tell you that the series that end with the spies did reveal the numbers 1-10 as Grace Slick sings "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-niiiiinnee-teeeeennnnn!" off-screen that all numbers grow all over the screen! That's a cool ending! I'd love to watch the race cars/spies sketch of #2 again on the site I'm watching it. The site you can see this is on...

    (the site that features many TV clips from the early days)
  4. jeffkjoe

    jeffkjoe Well-Known Member

    I think most of us are also thinking:

    What were these people smoking when they came up with these psychedelic images on the racecar/spies cartoons?

    I mean, these skits are the most outdated feature on the old SESAME STREET clips, and are sooooo 60's-ish.
  5. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    Well, I'll tell all of you how they went:

    It starts where an athlete player or whatever come to you that has the sponsored number. Then, jazz music plays off-screen as the numbers 1-10 flash on any jazzy background twice before we see ten fingers counting up to ten as Grace Slick sings and counts to ten. Then, jazz numbers flash twice again before we fade to see ten numbered race cars pull up as Grace Slick sings and counts to ten again. After that, we pull back to see the sponsored number part (for example like two elevator doors on #2 and the octopus with the xylophone on #8). Then, jazzy numbers 1-10 flash again twice until we see ten spies opening their coats one at a time to reveal the numbers 1-10 as Grace Slick sings, "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-niiiiinnee-teeeeeennn!" Finally, as the spies fade away, all of the numbers float all over the screen.

    That does not feature smoking scenes!
  6. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    Here are all of the number versions they did for the race cars/spies series of Sesame Street:

    1-they actually never did 'one'
    2-the cyclist with the number on his shirt rides on the bike to the camera
    3-the Indy-type race car with the number rides to the camera
    4-the hockey player with the number on his shirt comes to the camera
    5-the football player with the number on his shirt comes to the camera
    6-the train with the number rides to the camera
    7-the marathon jogger with the number on his shirt comes to the camera
    8-the 8-ball comes riding to the camera after you hear a click from the other balls
    9-the man hits the tooter-topper and we see the number on screen
    10-the man is holding a flag with the number then the camera pays close attention to the number on the flag
  7. jeffkjoe

    jeffkjoe Well-Known Member

    I love those cartoons, because it shows how the 1960's were.

    This was THE signature cartoon of


    The street wasn't bent yet.
    Orange Oscar.
    Goofy, clumsy Big Bird.
    Beehive-hairdo Susan.
    Brown Grover.
    Different shirt Ernie.
    Very present Kermit the Frog.
    "Good morning, sunshine"- crooning Bob.
    Mutton chops, long sideburns Gordon.
    Still-alive Mr. Hooper.

    And psychedelic racecars/spies number cartoon.

    Almost makes you want to light up a joint and flash the peace sign.
  8. rjschex

    rjschex Well-Known Member

    What's a "tooter-topper"?

    I'm a collector of SS animation and clips; I have almost all in this series.
    Number 7 and Number 9 are the only ones I don't have yet. I've seen a description of #7 on another webpage in the past; I don't remember #9 at all.
    (Also, I'm looking for a better quality copy of #8; on mine, the opening is partially chopped off.) Anyone out there have #7 or #9 on videotape?

    Something else in this series to watch out for:
    In the #10 spot, the characters seen in the stands are all from the other installations of the series:

    #2--twin Washington statuettes
    #3--the juggler
    #4--the elephant (looks much different)
    #5--the crocodile (as his mouth opens and closes, a "5" is seen inside
    #6--the mosquito (with a "6" pennant)
    #7--the wizard with a pointed hat
    #8--the octopus
    #9--some light-colored critter with a "9" on top of his head
  9. jeffkjoe

    jeffkjoe Well-Known Member

    If you guys want to see more of the JAZZY SPIES/RACECARS cartoons,
    then, I suggest you go on Ebay and do a search for:

    THE SESAME STREET BOOK OF NUMBERS, copyright 1970 from Time Life Books.

    basically, this was part of a really old 5-book series of psychedelic 1969 Sesame Street shows (the others were PUZZLERS, SHAPES, LETTERS, and PEOPLE AND THINGS) and

    for the NUMBERS one, all the images and pictures come from the JAZZY SPIES cartoons.


    Do a search on Ebay for the old Fisher Price Movie Viewer (they had cartridges for Six Million Dollar Man, Star Wars, Disney shorts, and Sesame Street), and the one entitled NUMBERS had the JAZZY SPIES cartoon on it in BEAUTIFUL 16mm film.

    You can find it really cheap.

    But regardless, you can find memorabilia on Ebay featuring this ultra-drug-influenced, pyschedelic 1960's, weird-as-funk cartoon.
  10. Smy Guiley

    Smy Guiley Well-Known Member

    Is everyone sure this is Grace Slick? That's so cool, as I was actually wondering that over the last few days. That is as neat a cameo as the Pointer Sisters doing Pinball Number Count!
  11. Splurge

    Splurge Well-Known Member

    According to the "Sesame Street Unpaved" special in 1999, a segment of this was aired with a caption that it was indeed Grace Slick with Jefferson Airplane.
  12. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I just downloaded it!! Hah hah hah!!! Man, that was cool! Thanks for sharing it with us, Mike!
  13. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    No problem, Dr. Tooth. A couple of weeks ago, I got two Star Wars episodes from Boober Gorg, and I certainly have the #4 of the race cars/spies with the hockey player and the airplanes in one of them. I know that #2 was seen on the premiere episode, but where can I find the other number versions besides 2 and 4?
  14. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I have 6 in Hebrew some where... Too scared to dig it up, and I bet the tape is seriously warped or old or something...

    As for the site, I just love the tag line the guy wrote

  15. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Well-Known Member

    Dunno about #9, but #7 was seen on #1090, which some people taped from Noggin.
  16. matthewxel

    matthewxel Well-Known Member

    I like how in #10 the racecars FINALLY go!! :excited:
    I saw the 2 George Washinton busts
    The juggler from 3 blowing into a party noise-maker
    The elephant from 4
    The crocodile with a 5 in his mouth that the Jackson 5 guys were riding on
    The 6-legged bug holding a flag with a 6 on it
    The wizard from 7 guestering his pointed hat
    The purple gooled-eyed octopus from 8
    The white creature from 9 in which it was a dog with a 9 on its head all in a stand that had a gold metal in front with a large #10 on it hanging from a red, white, and blue ribbon!!

    Check out those 10 blue acrobat dogs that get knocked over by a peacock with tail feathers that are all made out of bananas. The peacock somehow gets chased by some of the racecars!! COOL!! :cool:
    I got all this from the SSU special from 1999 on TV land. But after the banana peacock got chased by the racecars, what happened after that, anyway?
  17. Soul H

    Soul H Well-Known Member

    In Jazzy Spies 10, who won the race?
  18. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    I think Race Car#10
  19. superfan

    superfan Well-Known Member

    I have the SS book of numbers that was mentioned earlier! For my daughter's third birthday, I'm going to make placemats out of the the number three and the cool design behind it. Also plan to make place cards as a Jazzy Spy with the number three on it, when you open his coat, the child's name will be written in it.
    Great skit.
  20. Soul H

    Soul H Well-Known Member

    What do I do for retromemedia.tv to show Jazzy Spies 2?


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