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Creepy New Show On Nick Junior

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by ravagefrackle, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. buckshot

    buckshot New Member

  2. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle New Member

    that explains it, its the eurpean stuff, personally not my cup of tea. it looked like that band aqua, (shuddders), cant get that barbie song out of my head now, :cry:
  3. thatonekid

    thatonekid New Member

    that was THE scariest thing i've ever seen :(
  4. PaulyPuppets

    PaulyPuppets New Member

    I auditioned for them as a puppeteer, at Nick Studios in NYC. It was a high paying gig, but I would have had to move to Iceland for 6 months. The puppet that they gave me to audition with was an earlier version of one of the ones on now, and it was in horrible shape. It was all latex and frightening to say the least. All I can say is, it was a blessing in disguise not getting the gig. I would have hated to leave my little girl for such a long period and so far away. But I watched the show with my 8 year old, and she said, "Daddy, this is crap". Of course I told her, "Honey, that's not very nice", and she apologized. But I hate to admit that when she left the room, I couldn't help but laugh a bit to myself and think, "Out of the mouths of babes", eh?​
  5. Treelo

    Treelo Member

    I don't quite know what to make of the show. My first reaction was negative - it made me think of Bjork, actually. Then I watched it a second time, and it grew on me just a bit. I'm not really a fan of it, but it'll be interesting to see if the show finds an audience.

    I really disliked the puppets, though. Whenever that style of "semi-realistic" puppet is used, I always wonder why they didn't just go with actual people instead. The puppets don't really add anything to the show, and they don't have much visual appeal. :smirk:
  6. froggiegirl18

    froggiegirl18 New Member

    I watched a few episodes this past summer..yeah I agree as well..Those puppets are freaky!The puppets remind me of those off of cousin skeeter(I MISS The Show!!) but cousin skeeter was more entertaining. :)
  7. thatonekid

    thatonekid New Member

    you know... that show reminds me alot of "floop" on spykids
  8. gfarkwort

    gfarkwort Member

  9. Iokitek

    Iokitek New Member

  10. Hays

    Hays New Member

    Reminds me of Sid & Marty Kroft shows

    Not so much in puppets (though in a way the style isn't that far off, except for materials) but more in the writing style: good kid is surrounded by people with bad ideas, superhero comes in and as he teaches everyone the right way, the villain falls into his own trap.

    My kid loves it - but won't get off the couch while watching, so I think overall it's not achieving it's goal.
  11. Iokitek

    Iokitek New Member

    I've read various different erxperiences people have had with the show. Some really don't like it. And their kids don't either (coincidence?) But some kids adore the show and their parents also love it. I heard it got aired at about 10am or something so that doesn't make too much sense. If they want kids to go out and play after the show then they should air it after school. So they can get some ideas for games to play through the show and then go out.

    I really like the whole concept of the show. Too bad it doesn't work that well for everyone.
  12. homerthegreat

    homerthegreat Member

  13. Buck-Beaver

    Buck-Beaver Well-Known Member

    I was in New York for some meetings with Nick-affliated people when they were auditioning; I heard about the puppet problems too. I was supposed to audition, but couldn't make it back down to New York because of a scheduling problem. It's too bad because it was a good gig (money-wise) and hey, six months in Iceland would be fun.

    I haven't seen an episode of it yet. Any word if they are doing a season two?
  14. GelflingWaldo

    GelflingWaldo New Member

    LazyTown has been around since 1995 (almost ten years), but has not been big in the United States untill recently when Nick Jr. picked up the show. It is a show aimed at an audience of children.

    The show LazyTown is dedicated to creating pro-health and pro-social messages in an entertaining and nonviolent way. Founded in 1995 in Reykjavik, Iceland, LazyTown has enjoyed continuous growth and has attracted an ever-expanding fan base around the globe.

    The philosophy of LazyTown is to activate children and inspire them to live a healthy life. This philosophy has already been widely spread in Iceland and shows how well the property is adapted to children. In the form of a TV series the television can be turned into a part of the solution to children’s obesity and lack of physical activity.

    LazyTown uses humor, music and high-quality production and strong values to enable children to make positive choices for their physical and social well being. This is a key issue that separates LazyTown from other contemporary children’s programs.
    LazyTown is a comedic, fresh show that blends movement, music, comedy and great storytelling in a colorful, fast-paced upside-down world.

    The basic concept is that Stephanie came to LazyTown from the outside world and meets a zany mix of kids and grownups, including the world’s laziest super-villain, Robbie Rotten. Fortunately for Stephanie, LazyTown is also home to Sportacus, an athletic super-hero who jumps, leaps and flips his way across LazyTown while helping Stephanie navigate between healthy lifestyle choices and easy but unhealthy ones. In each episode Stephanie (and the viewers) learn about making healthy decisions in what they do, and eat.

    The unique look of LazyTown combines the worlds of CGI, puppets and live characters. The puppets used in the show are a lot different than the puppets of other shows, and are quite amazing looking and acting.The stories are lively and entertaining, with solid values. LazyTown may have the laziest name on Earth, but it’s jam-packed with action, energy and a powerful message that tells all kids they have the will to succeed.

    Researchers say that obesity due to poor diet and lack of exercise will be the leading cause of preventable death for this generation of children. LazyTown wants to prove them wrong!

    For more information visit: http://www.lazytown.com/
  15. muppetmayhem

    muppetmayhem Member


  16. muppetmayhem

    muppetmayhem Member

    what is that supposed to mean? :concern:
  17. Doctor Teeth

    Doctor Teeth New Member

    HOLY CRAP! That's horrible... I'd rather have animal eat my keyboard again than have to sit through that junk...
  18. Smy Guiley

    Smy Guiley New Member

    Well it's too bad seeing everyone react to the show this way. All I know is, my little girl found their videos on the Nick Jr. website and has played them so many times that she can do the dance routines (she's almost 4 years old). Now, it would seem that this is what the show is for...getting kids moving. So, it appears to be doing its job. I've only taped one episode for her so far, as (believe it or not) it's only on once a week, compared to the three-times-a-day type of schedule that most kids shows have these days.

    I'm amazed that people who consider themselves Henson fans have such a narrow view of puppetry, since Henson's puppets themselves were radically different in the 50's when he started!! Besides, they kind of remind me of one of my favourite muppets....Digit!!!

  19. Buck-Beaver

    Buck-Beaver Well-Known Member

    I've always been baffled by TV producers attempting to make kids more active through TV shows. If they really want children to get more exercise and be more active perhaps making a TV show is the wrong approach.

    Sorry, but someone had to say it.
  20. GelflingWaldo

    GelflingWaldo New Member

    LazyTown uses their show as a way to educate about excersize and a healthy diet. The 1/2-hour kids watch LazyTown is not going to ruin them (they should still be able to be entertained sometimes). The show does teaches them to be active and turn off the TV (and not to become a couch patoto).

    I know watching a TV Show is not the best way to be active, but I would rather have kids that are watching TV to watch a show educating them rather than just another fun show about nothing. No matter what something will be on the TV for kids to watch, why not make it something educational on an issue kids (and even adults) need educating?

    I would rather have kids sitting at home and learn to eat right and get active and turn off the tv, than have the sitting at home watching crazy creatures running around doing nothing.

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