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Dearth/Alex's Customs and Dioramas v2

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Dearth, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Muppetaz

    Muppetaz Member

    cool! I love the muppet show theme part
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  2. j3h

    j3h Active Member

    I just unearthed my previous iPhone which had pics from SDCC 2010...
    hey Alex, know this guy hanging around the EFX booth? ;)


  3. Dearth

    Dearth Active Member

    Never seen those! Neat!

    He's got a few details on the helmet looking off-model, and the body proportions could be better, but I gotta give him points on using an egg slicer for the chest box.

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  4. Muppetaz

    Muppetaz Member

    hey Dearth, do you remember the toy story figure I mentioned, I got another one there really detailed, almost as cool as the muppet figures ( quailty wise)

    heres another photo with an improved backdrop

    LGM #1 and LGM#2 (I need to find names for them)
  5. GonzoLover85

    GonzoLover85 Member

    Hey Muppetaz, if you put [img ] and [/img ] (without the spacing) around your link.. the photos should just appear here in the forum...;)
  6. Muppetaz

    Muppetaz Member

  7. Dearth

    Dearth Active Member

    Once they're uploaded, just cut and paste the image, that works too.

    I like ToyStory-- in fact I like most Disney movies and pretty much all of the Pixar ones.

    Most of my Disney collection, though, centers around the theme park exclusives. I've got complete collections of the Haunted Mansion figures, Pirates of the Caribbean (ride) figures, and lots of PVC sets and figure sets of various attractions. I have a set for Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, for example.

    Right now, I'm nearly going broke on the new Star Tours merchandise. I have a buddy in Anaheim who gets me most of it with his discount, so it's a little easier to justify financially. And I can't wait for the figure-scaled StarSpeeder 1000 playset or the Muppets-as-Star-Wars figures come this fall.

    So knowing my obsessive tendencies, and how many toy lines I collect, I felt it best not to buy any Toy Story 3 figures for fear I wouldn't stop until I had them all!

    Alas, most of our Disney collection is boxed at the moment, to keep it safe during some minor home repairs, but I hope to begin displaying it again eventually.

  8. Muppetaz

    Muppetaz Member

    cool, I used to have a bunch of pvc figures but when I started to collect the muppets I decided I would only buy good quality toys with ariculation, so now I just have muppets, star wars, and toy story. I prefer toy story one and two, than three, so I'm not buying any toy story 3 characters.

    let me try one more time with the photo
  9. Muppetaz

    Muppetaz Member


    thanks Dearth.
  10. Dearth

    Dearth Active Member

    I had this idea two nights ago at work, and it keeps nibbling around the edges of my consciousness...

    I want to make a custom Snake Walker action figure!


    So, I'm thinking he needs to be at minimum about 6.5" tall, but he could be a little bigger.

    My first thought was an old Gabriel "Lone Ranger" collection Butch Cavendish figure, since he's already got the black pants, black shirt, and black boots. But those were about 10" tall, and I think that may be too big.

    Any suggestions for a good-scale human figure to use? Preferably one with a fedora? I looked at some wrestling figures at Target last night, but they all seemed too muscular. The 7" Disney Indiana Jones also popped to mind.

  11. Muppetaz

    Muppetaz Member

    I'll keep an eye out, but why not also try to make a doc hopper?
  12. Dearth

    Dearth Active Member

    Snake just seems like such a broad character, almost a living cartoon or a human Muppet himself. With Doc Hopper, I'd be worried about finding a good likeness of Charles Durning.

    Another dream project of mine is a set of Manhattan Melodies customs. I just found this image in Jim Henson: The Works... has anybody got a larger, crisper version of this pic?

  13. Dearth

    Dearth Active Member

    I was on the phone with a friend earlier and described the Snake Walker costume to him, he suggested this figure from the Shadowrun line, although it's only about 5" tall.

    [​IMG]This is the Street Deacon Vigilante.

    And wouldn't you just know it... my buddy had one last week but just sold it on eBay!

  14. Muppetaz

    Muppetaz Member

    That ones perfect for Snake.
  15. Muppetaz

    Muppetaz Member

    Hey Dearth, I'm going to need more toy story figures. Can you make toy story customs?
  16. Muppetaz

    Muppetaz Member

    I'm going to be collecting the whole toy story cast in 6" scale for a big stop motion project, also because I'm a huge toy story fan. Dearth, could you make the following customs?

    Robot 4 1/2"


    Wheezy 3"

    Mr. Mic 5 1/2"

    Trokias 3" (bigest one, others
    slightly smaller untill last one,
    should open and fit inside each
  17. Muppetaz

    Muppetaz Member

    Mr. Spell 5 1/2"

    Rolly Polly Clown 4"

    Mr. Potato Head 4"
    (parts should be removeable
    with two mouths, one open and
    one closed to create the illusion of

    Bo Peep 6"

    RC 2" High 5" Long

    Hockey Puck 3"

    Could you make these?
    How much would you charge per figure?
    Thanks, Muppetaz
  18. Dearth

    Dearth Active Member

    Sorry, I've got no experience making Toy Story stuff, and frankly no inclination. See, I used to customize Star Wars figures, but I kept getting burned by Hasbro. I'd get this inspiration for a really obscure character, I'd buy the two or three donor figures who I needed for parts, spend hours cutting and glueing and sculpting and painting... and then walk into Wal-Mart a few months later, and there would be the same character, costing a fraction of what I'd put into mine.

    That's one of the reasons I enjoy customizing Muppets... precisely because Palisades is so truly and irreversibly defunct! I can create art for myself simply to satisfy my soul, without any worry of being undercut by a corporation.

    To me, customizing Toy Story would be about like customizing the little Mattel characters from Cars 2... my guy says sooner or later they're gonna get to them all. And when they do, they make them in several different scales all at once. Just keep searching, eventually you'll probably find them.

    But if you really want customs of those characters, why not see if you can find someone who already does Toy Story customs?

    I want to say I saw a custom Mr. Potato Head once... it wasn't the smaller size like you want, though. It was made using a regular MPH body, but the customizer had made separate eyes like in the movie. (A real MPH has the eyes as one joined piece, and they attach into one hole in the potato, not two.)

    I may have seen it over at Rebelscum's forums, or possibly Micechat's? Look around, use Google, see if you can find someone who has already done some Toy Story customs, and that would be the best person to ask. For instance, look at the bottom of your last pic... who is "Emma in Candyland"? Where did she get that Hockey Puck figure? A little detective work there might yield you some good results.

    Oh, and as for the nesting dolls... my first wife once bought a set of blank wooden 'troikas' and painted them as Star Wars characters. This was like in the early 90's, and that store doesn't exist anymore, but there's got to be somewhere to find the blank ones nowadays. I don't think they'd be as small as you want, and from what I recall, the paint eventually flaked off of them, sorry to say. But I bet if you found some blank ones, you could paint them yourself and be far more proud of the results than if you got someone else to do it anyway.

    Also, feel free to use my e-mail address for any future off-topic (i.e. non-Muppets) questions. Ploovo241@aol.com

    Getting back to the Muppets... I have a very large custom in the works that I hope to get to soon. It's not a canon Muppet character, but it is something that folks requested to see after they saw certain of my Muppet movie parody figures.

    I've had the body ready to go for a while now, and I finally have the head. Anyone care to guess what it is? I'll give you a hint... the character is implied in a photo posted on the first page of this v2 thread, but not seen directly.

  19. Muppetaz

    Muppetaz Member

    my guess is either minster pig or the announcer.

    also I saw this guy on Pixar Planet, (another fourm) make awesome toy story customs scaled to the large toy story guys, I'll try there.
  20. Dearth

    Dearth Active Member

    Ooh, two good guesses, but not the project I had in mind!


    Notice the shadow in this pic?

    Heh heh heh!


    By the way, I should have uploaded this back in April, right after the play was over, but I finally got around to it:



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