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Did Bear ever "sniff" you out?

Discussion in 'Bear in the Big Blue House' started by teddyObear, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    I don't think Bear ever sniffed me out. But that never mattered to me, I still love Bear!
  2. mimitchi33

    mimitchi33 Well-Known Member

    I think so, but I don't remember...
  3. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    LOL! I guess so... :smirk:
    It may be my breakfast when I was younger.
  4. muppet fan girl

    muppet fan girl Well-Known Member

    My sister and I got 'sniffed' out once when we were younger, we'd been stuck inside all morning since it was raining and we'd been coloring, at some point we'd stopped to watch Bear and he said we smelled good like we'd been drawing or coloring, he might have said we smelled like crayons (I can't remember), but we were thrilled. :D
    MikaelaMuppet and Bridget like this.
  5. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    Wow, that is certainly interesting!
  6. Luke kun

    Luke kun Well-Known Member

  7. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    I have lots of tapes of Bear in the Big Blue house, and after my shower I like to change into my pajamas and watch a movie. One day I got some new ones at a sale at the library and popped one in, and Bear asks if I just changed into my pajamas, and I stared laughing. That's the only time, but it's only interesting, because I hadn't watched it before then!
  8. Eyeball

    Eyeball Well-Known Member

    I'd find that incredibly scary, I think I'd be paranoid that he was watching me in some kinda Rockwell video esque manner lol, but back on topic, nah it never happened to me whilst watching.
    SesamePlace19 likes this.
  9. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    LOL, good one Conor.
    Eyeball likes this.
  10. Luke kun

    Luke kun Well-Known Member

    I remember me and Reimu invited everyone for a party at the Hakurei Shrine, and the morning after the party, I turned on BITBBH and the "Sniff" segment came on, and he said "You smell like cake" and I actually had to leave the room in shock because we ate cake at the party.
  11. FraggleFrick

    FraggleFrick Well-Known Member

    This was the funniest story ever. When I was eating an apple, Bear sniffed me and said, "Wow! You smell like... um... what's the word... that fruit... red on the outside and white on the inside? And it grows on apple trees? Me and my family found this as the funniest thing ever!
    ConsummateVs likes this.
  12. Luke kun

    Luke kun Well-Known Member

    At least he never said "You smell like whiskey and vicodin." @Vic Romano that goes to you.
    ConsummateVs and SesamePlace19 like this.
  13. ConsummateVs

    ConsummateVs Well-Known Member


    Bear never sniffed me out when I was younger, CAUSE I WOULD ALWAYS RUN AWAY WHEN HE SNIFFED THE SCREEN! It always scared me to death when he did that! I eventually got over it, though.

    However he did sniff me out once. I was watching an episode of BitBBH on YouTube, and I was in my bed wrapped up in my blanket. When Bear sniffed the screen, he said "You smell like you're wrapped up in a warm fuzzy blanket!" It kinda freaked me out, but I was also amazed that he knew exactly what I smelled like!
    Muppetman115 and MikaelaMuppet like this.
  14. ErinAardvark

    ErinAardvark Well-Known Member

    Well, I only saw part of one episode of this show (not my cup of tea), and on that day, he sniffed out oranges. I don't eat oranges, and I don't care much for orange juice, but my dad drinks orange juice daily. Does that count?
  15. TheWoodringman

    TheWoodringman Well-Known Member

    I remember when I watched a tape of Bear in The Big Blue House, bear sniffed and asked if I had washed my hands because my hands smelled soapy, I paused the video, went to the bathroom to wash my hands, and restarted the video at that part.
    FraggleFrick likes this.
  16. LittleJerry92

    LittleJerry92 Well-Known Member

    To be honest, I actually always found it kind of odd whenever he stuck his nose at me when I watched it as a kid and claimed I smelled like something. I was always like "Eh?".

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