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Ernie and Bert on Conan

Discussion in 'Sesame Appearances' started by AndyWan Kenobi, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets New Member

  2. DanDanStrawberry

    DanDanStrawberry Active Member

    Oops, I've been misnderstood again!

    Apparently what I said has been misunderstood, so I shall re-explain myself. I think its bad that people automatically assume that they are gay. What I meant by my comment was that girlfriends would certainly settle the argument. Bert and Ernie are my favourite Sesame Street characters And as a bisexual myself I certainly wasnt being discriminative!!

    :p :(

    (luv 'em really!!)
  3. McFraggle

    McFraggle Active Member

    It sounds like Conan is going to be re-run during the early evenings on CNBC. :excited:
  4. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets New Member

    i know ernie and bert aren't gay and i think it's wrong to assume they are, but i have laughed at, and even made, ernie & bert gay jokes. i'm a huge fan of satire and parody in all forms, so i don't see anything wrong with those jokes...but that's just me.
  5. SesameKermie

    SesameKermie Member

    Ok, I know Sesame Workshop got the restraining order, and really cracks down on this but does anyone know where I might find a copy of Ernest and Bertram? Just for my own personal use?
  6. McFraggle

    McFraggle Active Member

    I agree with you. :)

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