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Everybody Has a Song

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by mostlikemokey, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Well-Known Member

    This is a fanfiction I posted on fanfiction.net. I'm not sure how to add additional chapters to the same thread, so if a moniter could tell me how, that would be great:D

    Disclaimer: I do not own Fraggle Rock. I do this for pleasure, not profit.

    Everybody Has a Song

    Chapter 1

    “Today’s the day!” Mokey said.
    Wembley yawned, stretched, and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Gobo looked irritated.
    “Why’d you have to get us up in the middle of the night, eh?”
    “Because Cantus is coming!” Mokey said, eyes aglow.
    “She’s been tracking his visits on a calendar,” said Red, rolling her eyes.
    “Yes,” said Mokey, “and Boober’s been helping me.”
    Three heads swiveled in Mokey’s direction. “HUH?"
    “He’s probably noting the best time to avoid the Great Hall, “ said Red.
    Gobo nodded. “Yeah, probably. I just wish he’d lighten up a little. You know, spend less time doing laundry and more time having fun.”
    Gobo’s friends nodded in agreement, though Mokey looked unsure. “But, Boober’s Boober. I mean, if he weren’t around, who would cook or do laundry? It’d be a disaster. All Fraggles have a place, and Boober fits his perfectly.”
    Wembley tugged on Mokey’s sleeve. “But Boober’s always going to be around, right?”“Right,” said Red. “So let’s stop worrying about Boober and get ready to welcome Cantus.”
    The four friends turned and walked out the entrance to the Great Hall.

    Boober was feeling unusually gleefull. There was an extra large load of laundry to do, a new recipe to try, and for once, nobody was trying to make him join the Medley.
    “I guess leaving early did the trick,” Boober said, “although I will deliver the cake. Let’s see, for Radish Von Rouge, I’ll need-“
    He was interrupted by a grunt from behind him. He turned to see a speckled creature with thick, black eyebrows and a funnel for a nose.
    “It’s a Blustering Bellowpane Monster!” Boober cried. He ran as though his legs were on fire. The monster followed, honking like a bicycle horn. Boober sprinted a few yards and doubled back, panting with exhaustion and fear. “Maybe I can lose him,” Boober huffed.
    Boober didn’t notice the hole until he was halfway to the bottom of it. He barely had time to gasp before he plunged into a pool of half-frozen water. Boober waded his way out of the pool and began to shiver. He was no warmer than he had been when he was in the water, even after he had dried himself with his scarf.
    “Maybe- I- can- climb- back- up-“ Boober grunted as he clawed his way up the inside of the hole. It was a fruitless effort; the surface was smooth and slick with ice crystals.
    He was trapped in nowhere.
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hi... In order to add more chapters, you just post them like you would a normal reply to the thread itself.

    Not sure if this is exactly the same for you, but after the last post in a given thread, there's a link labeled "Post Reply" preceeded by an empty edit field box. You simply write up your chapter/text in an alternate writing document application like Wordpad or Word, cut it, and then paste it in that edit box, then press the Post Reply link and voila.
    Hope this helps and have fun exploring the rest of the forums here at MC.
  3. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Well-Known Member

    Hello, this is mostlikemokey again, posting chapter 2 of my fanfic, this time with spaces between paragraphs for easier reading. I want to thank everyone who viewed this story, and the count for his awesome help. This chapter is more interesting than the first, and the story really picks up around chapter 4.;)

    Here goes...

    Disclaimer: I don’t own Fraggle Rock. I do this for pleasure, not profit.

    Everybody Has a Song

    Chapter 2

    After an hour of partying, Boober still hadn’t appeared.

    “He’s going to wait until the medley is over,” said Red when she noticed Gobo glancing at the entrance to the Great Hall. “Hey, the Doozer Sticks are delicious today. Want one?”

    “I don’t know, Red. He was going to make Radish von Rouge for the medley. Wouldn’t he at least have delivered the cake?”

    Red frowned. “Maybe you’re right. He does like to show off his cooking.”

    “Where could he be hiding, though, if he wanted to skip the medley?” said Mokey. “It’s not like Boober to make us worry.”

    The four friends sat together in silent puzzlement. Suddenly Cantus, who had been whispering to the other Minstrels a few yards away, stood up abruptly and walked over to them.

    “Boober seems to be missing, is he,” said Cantus. His voice seemed grim and flat, with a certainty that made it not a question, but a statement.

    “How can you tell?” said Wembley.

    “His song seems far away,” Cantus said, “Although I cannot be sure. The ability to hear other’s songs is strongest in Fraggles younger than I.”

    “Can we hear his song?” asked Wembley, who was chewing nervously on a Doozer stick.

    “Most Fraggles require ample training to hear the songs of others. A few are born with the ability. The youngest within my recollection is Lana Fraggle, Boober’s cousin.”

    “Cousin?” said Gobo. Boober doesn’t have a cousin.”

    Cantus sighed. “Yes he does.”

    “How come he never told us?” cried Mokey indignantly.

    Mokey, are you okay?’ asked Gobo

    “It is not a happy tale,” said Cantus, “nor is this the only secret he has kept from you.”
    When Red spoke, her voice was just a whisper. “Where did you hear this?”

    “From Lana herself. Go now and find Boober. The medley will not start without him.”


    Boober coughed as he stumbled through the frozen underground. Was it his imagination, or was he colder than before?

    “I’m sick,” Boober muttered hoarsely. “I’ll probably perish down here.”
    He registered, with some surprise, that the thought did not scare him. He was calm; the inevitable had come at last.

    “I guess if I’m going to die,” he said, “It won’t hurt to lie down for a while.” Boober shivered as cold slate met him where he lay.
  4. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Well-Known Member

    Here goes again. This is chapter 3 of the fanfic, and I really appreciate those who took the time to view it. What do you think of it? Good? Bad? I have yet to get an actual review...

    Disclaimer: Yet again, I do not own Fraggle Rock. I do this for pleasure, not profit.

    Lana slowly eased herself out of bed, grabbed her walking stick, and went over to the kitchen to make herself a breakfast of avocado meal. As she pounded the avocado to a pulp with her pestle, she recalled the nightmare she had had the night before.

    Lana turned away from the burning house, looking at Boober, who was rooted to the spot, tears making his soot-covered face wet and streaky. “Boober, come on!” she yelled, but Boober wouldn’t move. He was calling out for his mother in the darkness. Lana envied him. As ridiculous as it was to be jealous now, she envied him for the family he was so desperate to find. Hers was gone.

    “Boober, I’ll carry you if you just move!”

    “Mom,” said Boober.

    Lana sighed as that day’s memory came back to her, its bright imagery invading her thoughts. She and Boober had walked through the snow for seven days until they had reached Fraggle Rock. As far as Lana knew, he was still there, paranoid, afraid, and friendless.

    Suddenly, she heard a knock at her door. Leaning on her stick, she walked to her door, scrunching up her face in concentration in order to catch a few notes of her visitor’s song.
    Instead of just one, four melodies greeted her heart, songs filled with joy and hope, true songs.

    “Fraggle Rock Fraggles. They must be,” she said.

    Curiosity flooded her mind and the brightness of the songs swirled around her. She opened the door.

    “What can I do for you?” said Lana. She looked out at the Fraggles, who seemed unusually solemn.

    Maybe they’re not Fraggle Rock Fraggles after all, she thought.

    “We’re friends of Boober’s,” said the Fraggle in the front, who was wearing a cardigan, “And we need your help.”


    Boober felt his strength slowly going away. He felt incredibly cold, horribly thirsty. He tried to crawl closer to the pond, but moving more than an inch made him dizzy.
    His vision began to blur, going in and out of focus like a reflection on a pond. During the moments when his vision was blurry, he thought he could see a magenta Fraggle wearing a scraggly, blue-feathered hat.

    “Mom?” Boober’s voice reverberated through the darkness.
  5. charlietheowl

    charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    Your story's off to a good start. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
  6. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Well-Known Member

    Thanks, charlietheowl! I'm glad you like it! I'm doing my best. Be patient as you wait for posts, though, because I type slow.
  7. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Well-Known Member

    A note from the author: please review! I have no idea if this is good unless you do!

    Everyone has a Sng

    Chapter four

    “I hope you don’t mind tea,” said Lana as she passed a steaming purple mug to each Fraggle. “I haven’t had a reason to make much else lately: I don’t usually get guests.” She smiled at Wembley, who was slurping his tea enthusiastically. He was the only one even touching his drink. She wondered if she’d made it too bitter.

    “Boober,” said Mokey, and burst into tears.

    Gobo looked at Mokey concernedly. Ever since Boober had gone missing, she had become, well…strained. She seemed to be slowly losing her calm and her light and her… Mokeyness.

    The things that made her so beautiful…

    The thought came to his mind unannounced. What was that, he wondered, and turned his attention back to Lana.

    “…Estranged, really, Boober and I,” she was saying, “He hates me.”

    “Why?” asked Wembley.

    “We had an argument,” said Lana, “And he made me swear the Oath of the Grove- “

    “The Oath of the Grove?” asked Red, confused.

    “Yes, the- wait, you don’t know?”

    The Fraggles slowly shook their heads.

    “If you don’t know where Boober came from, then I can’t say,” murmured Lana. “This is his business. It’s not up to me to decide whom to tell. Look, I’ll tell you where Boober is, but I refuse to stick my nose into this. You’re on your own there.”

    She closed her eyes, her red and blue striped dress fanning out as she stood and plodded to the center of the room.
    She began to speak in an intense, focused voice.

    “He’s under the rock, in a cavern untouched by the warmth of the Great Bell.” She opened her eyes. “What’s the Great Bell?”

    The Fraggles looked at each other, deaf to Lana’s question, and Gobo, in a voice that leaked pure liquid fear, “The Undergrounds of Eternal Ice.”


    Mom?” Boober’s vision didn’t clear. “Mom?’

    “Sweetheart.” Glenda’s voice rang, but her figure was still blurry.

    “Prepare for the refugees, honey. I love you,”

    “Mom, don’t leave!”

    Boober closed his eyes in disbelief and pain. Was he just imagining this?

    “I never left.”

    Boober opened his eyes and found himself alone.

    “Noooo…” he sobbed, and a blanket of sweet unconsciousness enveloped him.
  8. charlietheowl

    charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    Poor Boober! It seems like he's in a lot of trouble.
  9. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Well-Known Member

    Yes he is... but don't worry, I'll bring him home safe. *laughs* I love Boober, and rest assured that this will be good for him in the end.
    We Got Us likes this.
  10. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Well-Known Member

    I will not be updating this until after Christmas due to a need to rewrite chapter 5. Happy Holidays, everyone!
  11. We Got Us

    We Got Us Well-Known Member

    Oh wow!! How come barely anyone has reviewed this! This is amazing!! You have some skiillzz there mostlikemokey! I mean it! I was captivated from paragraph 1!! This is really, really good and moving...I love well-done Boober stories....his cousin and mother was a great twist, I hope there's more soon?! I'm hooked!
  12. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Well-Known Member

    Oh thanks! Sorry I haven't posted, chapter 5 is being stubborn:laugh:
    But hopefully more soon. If you like it, tell others to read it- I need all the feedback I can get! Thanks!
  13. We Got Us

    We Got Us Well-Known Member

    I will....recommendation coming!!
  14. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been:busy:
    Is anyone still interested in reading this when I do get around to posting? Just making sure I still have an audience after all this time:D
  15. We Got Us

    We Got Us Well-Known Member

    Ah! That is an insanely well-timed question, because I was just walking over witht he nagging stick. ;) Me and my sis are both reading (she doesn't have an account yet) and can't wait for more!! Definitely still interested, and don't worry if you don't get that many people right away...there are a LOT of new fics up for the holidays I think people are trying to finish. I'll keep recommending, but you MUST keep posting! We're dying here! :) In a good way! Poor Boober....
  16. charlietheowl

    charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    Yeah, definitely keep posting. I'd really like to see how your story turns out. Don't leave Boober stuck!
  17. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Well-Known Member

    Here it is! the long-awaited fifth chapter! Thanks for all the encouragement.

    Everybody has a song
    Chapter 5


    “Oh, no, any place but that!”

    “What are you talking about? What is the Great Bell? Why are you all acting so funny? What’s going on?” Lana no longer seemed distant or careless; she read the panic in the other Fraggles’ voices and her knees threatened to buckle when she heard it.

    Gobo quickly explained how the Great Bell kept everyone in the Rock alive. “The Undergrounds are so deep and dark that the warmth of the Bell can’t reach it,” he said. “But couldn’t you use Boober’s song to help us find him?”

    Lana’s face was filled with a sad longing of an expression, but she only said, “I don’t think so.”

    “Why not?” Red erupted. “Are you saying you don’t care about your own cousin?”

    “ I do care about him! I just think it would be better for him if I wasn’t around.”

    “Well, wembling about it won’t help him,” said Gobo, “And neither will you not being around. You can find him. Please.” Gobo was almost pleading now.

    Lana stared at him. “You guys really do love him, don’t you?”

    Red was defensive. “Why shouldn’t we?”

    “You don’t understand. When we first came here, Boober was afraid of everything. Absolutely everything. I thought friends for him would be…impossible.” She paused. “I guess I’m going down there with you after all.”


    Several minutes later, a wagon borrowed from Lou was piled high with remedies, lamps, blankets, and whatever else the Fraggles could find.

    “He didn’t take his winter clothes with him,” whispered Mokey. “We have less time than we thought.” She held up one of his scarves. Lana’s eyes grew wide, then teary.

    “I made that for him.” She walked over to the scarf and stroked it gently. “ I made that for him and he kept it.”

    The Fraggles paused as if in reverence, and then began the long trek to the Undergrounds.

    A little later, after many sharp turns and Lana’s calls of, “Left! Right!” They found the hole Boober had fallen through. Gobo saw that if they jumped, they would land in water, so Lana held a rope as the others climbed down. As she held it, a day came back to her, clear in it’s ugliness…

    “Boober, you look pale. Are you all right?”

    “This Fraggle asked me who I was. She knows, Lana.”

    “How could she possibly? The World’s oldest Fraggle promised to keep our past a secret."

    “Don’t you see? We can’t trust him, he’s senile.”

    “Boober, you’re being paranoid and rude. You’re too wrapped up in the past…”

    “We’re coming up!” Gobo yelled, “And we’ve got Boober!”

    Lana started. “Alive?”

    Gobo sighed. “Barely.”

    Don’t worry, Boober, Lana silently vowed, relief spreading through her. Whatever happens, I will do whatever it takes to make things right.
    We Got Us likes this.
  18. We Got Us

    We Got Us Well-Known Member

    >heart pounding< Finally! Hooray! And oh, poor Boober...

    Sounds cold. I'm cold right now, so I sympathize.

    Wondering what on earth happened that destroyed their relationship...:sympathy:

    Wonderful Red line. She doesn't want to say anything ushy-gushy, so she resorts to defensiveness. SO very Red.You write all of them so well, I can hear their voices. Good job!

    Oh...>chokes up< So that explains the scarf. Maybe the hat is a memento of someone else, or maybe he just doesn't like seeing all the scary stuff in the world? Or maybe he just has uncontrollable hair? Anyway, again, aww...

    Who, who, who, WHO?!?!
    >>:sigh:Of relief<< >hugs imaginary Boober plush she doesn't even own< Man, I need me one of those.
    >hugs Lana< >hugs motslikemokey for writing another gorgeous, scary, sad and wonderful chapter< The Boober lovers of the world thank you!! Keep it up!! MOORRREEE.....!!! :D;)
  19. charlietheowl

    charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    I'm glad they found Boober and I can't wait to learn more of Boober's secret family history. Thanks for posting!
  20. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Well-Known Member

    Yes, I will try to post in a more timely fashion, but my schedule will be packed after winter break. Hooray for weekends!
    Even though I'm thrilled you like my story, I hope you understand I can't spend all my time online. If you need a powerful Boober moment before the next post, watch "The River of Life" Or, "Pebble Pox Blues." Again though, I will try to post in a more timely fashion.

    I need a Boober plushie, too. Thanks again for all the help!

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