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FanFic: A Grand Adventure In Life!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ReneeLouvier, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    This is a new story, not really connected to my Four Previous stories. This will concern everyone, and the time that pulls at everyone.

  2. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member


    Two humans stood beside an odd-looking car. The older man was tinkering with it, trying to reattach some odd looking piece of machinery back to it.

    "Come on, Doc. We've gotta get back to 1985!" He looked around, pacing a bit. The wind was biting and cold, and his jacket didn't keep it out very well. He tapped the car, and looked closely at what Doc was working on.

    "We're in the year 2006! This isn't all that bad!" He kept tinkering with the car, which was a very weird looking DeLorean, and he grabbed some trash from a can sitting beside a row of townhouses, when something green grabbed his hand.

    "HEY! Get your hands outta my trash ya bum!" The green thing exclaimed at the older man.

    "GREAT SCOTT! What is that!?" He peered closer to the thing, and it huffed at him.

    "I am a grouch, you crazy looking old man, now get outta my trash, you want some? Go find another trashcan!" He slammed down the trashcan lid, and it became suddenly silent on that small street.

    Marty was gripping the car door, staring at it; his eyes bugged out a bit. He knew what...or who that was. "Uh..Doc....I don't think we're in Hill Valley anymore..."
  3. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter One

    Doc looked back at Marty, who was staring behind him. He was ready to hop into the DeLorean in a skinny minute. Doc, otherwise known as Doctor Emmett Lathrop Brown, noted scientist and tinkerer of things he shouldn't actually tinker with. He had been to the future, and all the way to the 1880's.

    He had never seen anything like this in his life.

    "Hi there!" A tall yellow bird exclaimed, while two adults were gently holding onto his hand. They smiled from around the bird's enormous girth, patting him behind them both.

    "Hello there, I'm Susan. And this is my husband Gordon. Are you two lost?" The slightly chubby black woman asked Doc Brown.

    He stammered, his eyes glued to that huge yellow bird. Marty leapt over the car, and seemed to glare at it. "Yeah...yeah, we're lost! Isn't this Hill Valley?"

    Gordon shook his head. "I've never heard of Hill Valley before. It is somewhere in New York?"

    "Great Scott! We're in NEW YORK!!?!" Doctor Brown dashed to the car, and sat down, analyzing the readout on the small computer screen. It was broken, and fitzing out. "What year is it?"

    Susan stifled a small laugh, and she gently placed her hand on the car, while keeping herself in front of Big Bird. "You're in the year 2006, and this is Sesame Street, New York."

    He sat there, and looked around. "So this is the year 2006? Hmm...we've just ended up in a different location, Marty. That shouldn't be so hard to fix!"

    A loud noise happened, not a noise; but an action, and that action was the Mr. Fusion part of the car exploding. No one was hurt, but Big Bird was terrifed of the car now, he was trying to hide behind Gordon, which is quite hard to do, when you're a 6-foot tall yellow bird.

    Gordon lost his cool calm demenor when the end of the car exploded. He saw Big Bird's expression, and he turned on Doctor Brown. "What in the world is that contraption!? And what are you doing here on our street in the middle of the night!"

    Susan grabbed Gordon's arm, and she patted it, looking up at him. "But he's our neighbor, honey. We need to treat him with respect." She was saying that through gritted teeth, she knew they had to keep calm, because they didnt' want to teach Big Bird bad things. He looked over at her, and he grabbed her hand.

    "Get Big Bird back to his nest, Susan. I'll make sure our....neighbors....leave with their car intact and fixed up." He smiled towards the two, and watched as Susan walked Big Bird back to his nest.

    "I don't think you can help me with the DeLeoran, Mr. Gordon. I'm the only one who knows how to fix it..." He was stammering, watching Gordon. He saw him look from side to side, making sure no children or monsters or the like were around.

    "Oh...I said your car will be intact...but I didn't say you two would be!" With that, he picked up both Doc and Marty and carried them down to the end of the street, and he threw them out onto the highway. With a little bit of muster, he also walked back and pushed the car up to the edge of the highway beside where those two were.

    "Now I don't want to see you or that car back here on Sesame Street, ever again! You may be our neighbors....but you are our FAR AWAY neighbors that we never get to visit! Got that?!"

    Marty stood up, brushing his jacket off. He looked quite angry. "What did WE do?"

    "You just about scared poor Big Bird to death that's what you did. And with that stupid car you could have injured him and Susan! Now, if you come back without that car, yeah you can stay, but I definately dont' want to see that....that deathtrap around here anymore."

    They both nodded. And they saw the empty expanse of the highway in front of them. The long road of pushing and struggling was up ahead for them then.
  4. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Wow! Back to the Future and Sesame Street? What a neat combination! It's really cool! I've only ever seen the first Back to the Future movie, but I still am a fan, so this will be really neat to read. Will it just involve SS or will other Muppets be involved? You know what, I should just sit back and read, I'm sure you will answer that shortly. Anyway, great start, looking forward to more.
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    As Beth said... Great start to another vonderful story.

    Only nitpick... Big Bird's height. You said "6 foot tall".
    6 is Big Bird's age. His height is, as stated by SW, 8 feet and 2 inches.
    Although, on an episode where Gina's still trying to become a vet, she measures some kids and then measures Big B at 93 inches. That'd end up making him 7 feet and 9 inches tall.
    Oh well, sure hope we get more story as soon as you can make it.
  6. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Whoopsie. XD I knew he was 6 years old as well, but I guess I just made him 6 ft tall as well. XD
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    S'okay... Good night guys and gals.
  8. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    G'Night Ed!! Hope the bats bite!!
  9. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Two

    They finally got the car pushed up off of the hill, and they stood against it. Looking out over the town, it was quite small, but not without it's people. A few stopped and looked at the two men, but other then that, nobody really paid attention to the crazy looking car and the crazy looking old man. Marty leaned against the car, and rifled through his pockets. He found a small slip of paper. Doc was already checking out the town through his biocunclers.

    "We're supposed to be in Hill Valley, Marty! You seemed to recoginize that large bird back there. And those people too." He looked over at Marty, and set the specs down on the car's hood. Marty was silent, looking over the small slip of paper. It was actually a folded up letter he had gotten in the mail a while back.

    "Uh...yeah. I did recoginize them, Doc. But...they shouldn't be real. None of this should be real. That place, was called Sesame Street. It's supposed to be just a recording lot in New York. Not a real place."

    Doc listened to him, and he sat back inside the car, and checked a few readouts. The small computer inside was still busted, but the GPS was still activated. "I see. Apperently we've created a time flux with differential spatial coordinates!"

    He stood up suddenly, and waved his hand out towards the small town, and he stopped with his gesture, when he saw in the dimming light of dusk, the muppet theatre's sign light up from bottom to top. He saw a small man, clad in a green jacket walk out from the theatre, followed by a smaller green frog, and a brightly dressed pig.

    "Great....scott. What are those?" He was staring at them, through the binoculars again, they didn't notice the car at all, because it was partly hidden behind some shrubbery.

    "Uh..." Marty gulped a little, looking back at the letter. "Those are Muppets, Doc."

    "Muppets? But...those arn't real! They're fabric and foam, with plasticicne parts and..." He looked back again, gasping. "They're walking...and they can talk! They have no performers!"

    "That's because we're not in Hill Valley Doc!" He shoved a letter towards Doc, who started to read it intently.

    "Why didn't you tell me this BEFORE we got into the DeLorean! This is probably what caused the spatial time flux!!"

    "THE WHAT? What on Earth are you talking about, Doc! English, please!"

    "We're not in our dimension, I believe. At least to some degree."

    At that point, they heard a soft metallic knocking, they both looked over and saw an orange hand rapping softly on the car's hood.

    "You two lost?" The young man...er muppet asked them. The pig parted the bushes, and then ripped two of them away, so they could see them clearly.
    "They're weirdoes, Scooter. Just leave them be." Piggy snorted, starting to pull on his jacket's back. He pulled away from her.

    "They look like they need help, Miss Piggy. Let's see if we can help them, it's not that safe being out here after dark, you know."

    Kermit patted Piggy's arm, and she sighed. "Do you two need any help?" She sounded quite annoyed.

    Doc Brown started to shake his head no, until Marty stepped forward, smiling. "Yeah, we could use some help. Know any place we could stay at around here? And a place we could push our car too?"

    Piggy opened her eyes a little bit more, she would have raised an eyebrow if she had any. "Push? Your car is broken down?"

    "Why yes, um....you know you're quite beautiful for the porcine affilation. If we could get some help pushing this car out of these bushes, that would be greatly appreatiated!" Doc somewhat announced.

    Piggy heard 'porcine' and she didnt' realize what he said was a compliment, so she got a bit angry. "What did you call me?"

    "I said you're quite beautiful...for a pig." He smiled, not realizing what he said to her, and what it meant. He stepped forward, and extended his hand to her, graciously. He wanted to thank her and her friends for helping them out.

    Piggy grabbed his hand, and flipped him over her back quite easily. She stood on his chest, and peered down into the man's shocked face. "Say that again, and you'll get a fist in your face."

    "It was a saying...a compliment!!" He was waving his arms, and he grabbed her around her middle, and pushed her off of him. He stood up brushing his lab coat and shirt off, and motioned for Marty. "Goodness, you have got quite a temper, pig."

    "That's Miss Piggy to you bub. And...what is your name's anyways?" She stood a little closer to Kermit and Scooter, although she knew she could handle them, she was a little wary of them. That older man just looked way to weird to her.

    Marty shrugged a little, and smiled at them. "Uh. I'm Marty. Marty McFly." He got slapped on the back by Doc, who spun him around, to speak with him.

    "Are you crazy! You shouldn't use your real name, Marty!"

    "Why not! These are muppets! Where we come from, you said it yourself, they aren't real! So, we're probably not in our timeline at all to begin with!!" He was getting a bit flustered, he just wanted to go to sleep somewhere, he was so tired of pushing that car up the slippery icy hill. Doc nodded a bit, and he turned back to them, smiling broadly.

    "I'm Doctor Emmett Lathrop Brown. And you are?" He looked at them, still somewhat curious at how they could walk and talk, compared to what little he had seen of them back in their own time.

    "I'm Kermit the Frog, this is Miss Piggy, and he's Scooter Grosse. Our boarding house is just a bit away up the street, we could help push your car up there, and we'd just have to leave it in the yard though."

    Marty laughed a bit. "That's not a problem at all, we've got a cover for it. Thanks so much for the help, Kermit."

    "You're welcome Marty." Kermit smiled, and then all five of them, except for Piggy, who was sitting in the front seat; pushed the car up the hill. Miss Piggy had elected to be the one who steered it while they pushed.

    They finally got to the boarding house, and Kermit showed them a guest room that they had. Marty went immediately to sleep, while Doc decided against his own judgement that he would go snoop around the house. He really wondered what was different about them. How they simply were...
  10. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    This is great! I can tell it's going to be quite humorous already! I loved the dialogue between Doc and Miss Piggy, really funny stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes next!
  11. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Thanks yeah. I've been watching the trilogy all weekend, and I just was itching to start a story. Compared to the other's this will definately go slower, and be much more humorous. And it'll probably be a short story as well.

    Like less then 20 chapters short. XD
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, yeah! More story please.

    Good stuff here, the interaction was well done. Doc flat on his back... A nice change of pace from the usual karate chop.
    So, they'll be staying at the boarding house... Well, seeing as how they got kicked out of Sesame Street...

    Post when ready...
  13. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Three

    As Doc crept around the house, late that night, he was quite astonished at what he had found.

    They were living like normal people. They ate food, they bathed, they clothed themselves...except for the frog, but that was another matter entirely he thought. They were normal. He had for a very short time, back in his own dimension...or timeline, worked as a set designer for some muppet show. He had helped when a few actors that had worked on Star Wars had come to the show. He remembered the preformer for that small orange muppet, Scooter.

    "What was his name again?" He asked himself softly, as he was prying through the cabinets in the kitchen. "I can't believe I don't remember him at all...he was quite the engaging fellow. Always kept me laughing.."

    A female orange muppet stood in the doorway, although he didn't notice her at all. She held a frying pan in one hand, and was wearing a bright green bathrobe on, her flaming red hair was in rollers, with a blue face mask on. Her glasses were glinting in the soft moonlight that poured through the kitchen window.

    "Hm. I don't remember you at all." The icy female voice pierced the relative darkness of the kitchen. Doc flattened himself against the counter, turning around slowly. He saw the woman standing there in the doorway, balancing the pan in her hands. It was cast iron, and quite heavy he noted mentally.

    "Ah...h-hello there....I'm...I'm Doctor..." He was quite nervous, trying to be polite, but he was very worried about where he was and everything, he had intended to leave as soon as possible the next day.

    "...You're a snoop and a thief. Get out of this kitchen and out of this house, before you say hello to this pan!" She hissed, lifting the heavy pan above her head, while walking towards him. "I'm giving you 5 seconds to get out of this house!"

    He couldn't move at all. He was rooted to the spot.

    "Okay, times up buster!" She yelled as ran towards him, ready to swing the pan against his head. She saw him as an intruder, as Kermit had brought them inside late that night, when everyone was still asleep.

    He grabbed the nearest thing to him, which was the toaster and held it in front of him as she swung towards him. Pan collided with toaster, and she dropped the pan, which hit his foot with a loud thunk.

    "EEEEYOOOOWWWWW!!!" He yelled, leaping up onto the countertop, if the female's scream hadn't woken everyone up, certainly his did. She dashed backwards from him, before the toaster hit her. And she ran out of the kitchen, only to run into Dr. Teeth.

    "There's a thief in the kitchen! I tried to run him off, but he wouldn't leave! He was....he was....rifling through the cabinets and everything!" She was saying to everyone, as Dr. Teeth picked her up gently, and helped her to stand up.

    Kermit walked into the kitchen, only to find Doc Brown sitting on the counter top, one of his loafers off, and examining his now-broken foot, while wincing. He flipped the light on, and sighed.

    "Sadie, you just hurt our guest! This is Doctor Emmett Brown!" Kermit exclaimed as he walked over to Doc, and looked at his foot as well. His toes, as well as a few inches up his instep were already a little swollen and bruised.

    Sadie looked down, feeling quite ashamed of it. Then she looked Kermit straight in the face, angry. "You should have told us we had guests, Kermit!"

    "At 11 pm at night!? Everyone was sleeping when they came in!"

    "He should have stayed in his guest room then, he shouldn't have been sneaking around the kitchen, poking his nose in all our of stuff! He could have poisoned us and we wouldn't have known!"

    Doc looked at her, his eyes wide. He was a little shocked she would say something like that. "Poison you? Why would I do something like that?" He asked, quite innocently.

    He stepped down from the counter, and ended up putting pressure on his broken foot; he bit his lip to keep from cussing and yelling. He awkardly hopped over to the island counter, and held onto it, so he could keep his balance. Marty stepped through the throng of muppets and glared at him.

    "Doc...why were you in here? I thought you had gone to sleep in the guest room with me!" He looked outright tired, and frustrated.

    "I....I wondered how they lived, that's all. A little scientific research." He nodded, shoving his free hand into his pocket, while keeping his broken foot above the ground.

    Marty sighed, and shook his head. "You could have done all that, when everyone was AWAKE, Doc. Kermit...he probably wouldn't have minded it, would you have?"

    Kermit shook his head a little. "He's right, Emmett. I wouldn't have minded. You could snoop all you want, just do it when we're awake. You're a guest anyways...it's kinda rude to do that." He looked down at Doc's foot which was absolutely purple now.

    "Yes, before anyone asks, it is broken." He sighed a bit, and started to hop over to the doorway slowly. "I've got a med kit in the DeLeoran, I'll just get that, and I'll be fine!"

    Piggy watched him as he started for the door, she didnt' get in his way; but this was a little more then weird. "How can a med kit help with a broken foot?"

    Doc stopped, he didn't want to say what kind of technology he had, it was from their future and he had kept it for emergencies like this. "Uh....um....I've got one of those foot things, like the hospital has! This should just heal up normally, I believe." He coughed a few times, and with Marty's help went out to the car.

    He sat in the driver's seat, while Marty leaned against the car. "I really hope you do have that, Doc. Cause they will be asking a world of questions if you don't."

    Doc pulled out a small pen-like device, with a small washcloth rolled up between his teeth. He closed his eyes, and turned the device on. A small blue light emitted from it, and his bones in his feet reset themselves, and healed almost instantly. The price was you could feel every bone, intensely. Marty could hear Doc's heavy breathing through the washcloth.

    He figured without it, Doc would probably be yelling again from the pain that it caused. Looking closer, he saw a thin tear stream on his cheeks. Doc put the device away, and took the washcloth out of his mouth. He sighed deeply, rubbing his foot gently.

    "Great scott, what you pay for for instant healing, Marty." He reached behind him, and grabbed a small blue foot supporter. He slipped it on his foot, then slid his foot with the support into his loafer.

    "That'll work, don't you think? They won't ask at all." He smiled, quite proud of all the devices he had to cover up and disguise the results of futuristic items.

    "Yeah, I hope so. Just tell them it's a slimline foot support, and I don't think anyone would care. Just make sure it dosn't look like you're putting full weight on it, and don't run."

    Doc stood up, and walked slowly back to the house, he foot was still hurting though. "I can't walk fast anyways, Marty. That thing only heals bones, not tendons and muscles. They still hurt like everything!"

    Marty nodded, as the two went back inside the house, and to finally go back to sleep again. The next morning, Doc figured, he'd really get a good look at the house.

    At least the women won't be assulting him anymore then.
  14. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    *laughs some more* This is just great! I loved Sadie coming up behind Doc with a frying pan! That's funny, although it's too bad she broke his foot! I know she didn't mean to though. Anyway, this really is great, I've often times had trouble getting into stories people write where the Muppets cross over with something else (it's not that they aren't good, I just usually don't always know much about the crossover) but I'm really enjoying this so far!
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Again... You manage to keep us smiling as we read. The whole bit with the kitchen raid, priceless...

    But the best part was this I think...
    "At least the women wouldn't be assaulting him."
  16. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    So I'm doing well? I'm glad to hear this! :D I'm taking great care to keep this quite well, and true. Re-read the last part, it isn't really broken anymore. XD
  17. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Four

    The next morning the sun came up, and the toaster was sitting on the countertop, with a few tools around it. Kermit was trying in vain to fix it. Doc Brown limped into the kitchen, and grabbed the plate of breakfast that Sadie handed him. She wouldn't look at him at all.

    He smiled softly, tapping her on the shoulder. "Dear lady, I know you saw me as an unwelcome intruder last night...er...eariler this morning."

    She kept stirring the pot of oatmeal that was in front of her, and she turned off the heat, and set the pan where she had cooked the meat in into the sink. She didn't say anything, but she sighed. She felt so horrible for hurting him.

    "I know you didn't mean it. Perhaps...you could make it up by driving me to the local hardware store around here?" He asked her, as he ate the breakfast while leaning against the countertop.

    Marty watched by the doorway, smirking a little bit. Scooter stopped and looked up at him. Marty smiled a bit. "Doc...man he won't admit it, but he's a sucker for sweet women.."

    "That's my mother he's talking too in there." Scooter just simply stated. Marty blanched a little bit.

    "That's your mother?" He looked back into the kitchen, he could see Doc attempting to actually flirt with a little bit, Doc had changed since he had come here. Perhaps he felt sorry for how she seemed to act towards her or something. He gulped, he wondered why he never noticed it before, this guys mother looked really similar to him actually.

    Skeeter stepped up beside Scooter, and looked into the kitchen as well, she saw her mom protesting that she didn't have a car or anything like that. While Doc was then asking her where it was at least. He looked smitten with her.

    "He's trying to make a pass at Mom, Scooter! What is that guy doing?" She exclaimed, looking at her twin, then at their mother.

    Marty just watched them start arguing over weather or not he was making a pass at her, when at least to him, he wasn't. He did seem to like him, but to him it seemed to be out of pity or something like that. "Uh, I think he's just asking her where the hardware shop is. We need to fix up our car, so we can leave."

    Beauregard was walking behind them, sweeping up the floor. He stopped and listened to them for a moment, then he tapped Marty on the shoulder. "I cleaned up your car for you, guys. It looks all nice and shiny now. I took off some of those metally parts that was on it too. You guys must've gotten in a bad wreck or something...they were really hard to get off."

    He walked past them, while Marty just stood there, silent now. Doc had stopped talking, hearing that large brown muppet talk about the car. He looked at Marty for a moment, his face pale. Doc started towards the outside door, pushing aside the twins. He stopped, when he saw the entire outside of the DeLorean stripped off it's parts. They were in a very neat pile beside the car on the lawn, the cover was folded up, and beside that.

    "Great...scott....t-the car...." He passed out cold on the floor, as Marty, Skeeter and Scooter ran over to him.

    "I think the car looks better then it did this morning..." Skeeter retorted, as Marty ran outside and opened the door, looking inside.
  18. G-MAN

    G-MAN Well-Known Member

    This is really funny, I especially liked Beuregard "fixing" the car, lol
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Well... The DeLorean did need fixing after all...
    Few small nitpicks.

    The line where Marty's looking in on Doc and Sadie in the kitchen... The pronouns are a bit misleading as to who's doing what, needs a touch-up.
    And Doc flirting with Sadie Grosse? Didn't he end up marrying Ms. Clara Clayton and the father of Jules and Verne towards the end of the third movie?
    Other than that... Good interactions between the cast.

    Kermit trying to fix a toaster in vain... Hee, maybe he should take it to María. The Fix-It-Shop's no longer there, but maybe as a favor to an old froggy friend...
  20. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Loved it! Especially Beauregard "fixing" the car. And I loved Skeeter's line at the end! This is just so much fun!

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