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Favorite Cookie Monster Moments

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by TravellingMatt, Aug 17, 2002.

  1. Dantecat

    Dantecat Active Member

    I remembered those skits. :)
  2. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. Let's see there were a lot. I especially liked...

    "If Moon Were Cookie." I also liked "Healthy Food" and "Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco." (Actually, I don't think I've ever really seen that sketch, but I have the audio downloaded on my computer) Let's see what else was there. Hmmm. His appearances in "Ernie presents," "Monsterpiece Theater, etc." I'll probably think of more later on.
  3. rjschex

    rjschex New Member

    Remember this one, from the 70's?

    Cookie Monster, while blindfolded, is waiting for a baker to arrive with cookies. He feels something large and round, and takes a bite into it. POP! Sssssss! A little girl muppet says that he just bit into her inner tube. (Yuch! You bake rubbery cookie!)
  4. mikebennidict

    mikebennidict New Member

    i'm sure the one with cookie going to the bakery to have a birthday cookie made for him was mentioned. but here's something to think about. we saw hoe he was imagining the cookie the baker was discribing. while we could see it. the baker i'm sure couldn't. so all see would see was cookie eating nothing but air.
  5. Klonoa

    Klonoa New Member

    Anyone remember the series of skits where Cookie spends the night at Ernie's and has nightmares about cookies? The singing cookies torturing him in his nightmare looked like Pac-Man.

  6. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    I don't remember that one, but I do remember a skit where The Count spent the night at Ernie's and slept in Bert's bed. (I'm not sure where Bert had gone off to. Maybe he was visiting his brother Bart!)
    Anyway, The Count kept Ernie up all night counting imaginary sheep and in the morning Ernie looked really freaky, with zombie eyes.

    Anyway, I'm sure a lot of these have already been said, but some of my favorite Cookie Monster moments include the sketches he did with Kermit in trying to introduce letters, numbers and concepts to children. I also love the "If Moon Were Cookie" song, "C is for Cookie", "Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco" (I've only heard this song, I'd love to see the actual video), The song where he sings about a friend being someone you give up last cookie for (that was awesome!), "Healthy Food" (hey, it actually made me want to eat vegetables and fruit), and Cookie Monster's scenes in "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street" were great too. Has anyone ever seen the 1991 PBS fundraiser special "Big Bird's Birthday"? There's some great Cookie Monster moments in there, wherein Cookie Monster eats half of Sesame Street!!! We're talking tables, chairs, the tire or tyre swing, lamppost, Sesame Street sign, everything! It was great.

    And I can't forget "The Ballad of Casey McPhee". I loved that song as a child. (Ok, I still do. I listen to it on my "Platinum" albums. If anyone wants some classic Sesame Street songs on cassette tape or compact disc, pick those albums up!) (sorry, I don't think any 8 tracks or LPs were made. Not even 45s!)

  7. Teankun

    Teankun New Member

    I remember the nightmare skit. I loved the ending. After Cookie wakes up, Ernie offers him a plate full of cookies. Cookie Monster screams and runs through the wall.
    Ernie is confused, "Cookie Monster afraid of cookies? I don't believe it."
    Cookie Monster returns. "Me no believe it either. Let me at them. Cookies!!" And digs in.

    I also like skit where Maria offers him some healthy treats such as apples and carrot sticks. He was reluctant at first, but loved them all. aer they were done Maria starts to clear the dishes

    I liked the skit where he is about to eat a cookie, then a sad violin plays and poor, shaw-covered, sad-eyed girl muppet shows up. She looked so pathetic, of course he shrugged, and decided to share.

    Liked coat skit, especially when his arms go around the lady.

    I loved "The Ballad of Casey McPhee" especially his comment on avalanch taste.

    My favorites are probably were "I do anything for cookie," including shrinking, smashing a safe, and ringing a bell with a hammer.

    But one obscure skit, probably before he was the Cookie Monster, was were Little Bird was next to a radiator, then a window, then a boy muppet. Cookie Monster shows up, boy takes off (some freind). Cookie Monster takes Little Bird in a big bear hug. "Hello, freind"
  8. HarveyK

    HarveyK New Member


    We can't even mention the 39 stairs in our house because my 2 year old will be in tears it frightens her so much!
    I remember messing with our tv in the seventies because I thought it would make the monsters in the background come in better during the C is for Cookie skit.
    My favorite is when he is driving a train and there is a song that goes something like "Through, through, through, he got the train through...."
    Anyone recall?
  9. CaptainYoda

    CaptainYoda New Member

    That is one of my favorites as well. Does anybody know if thats available either on DVD or at least the song on a CD????
  10. Dantecat

    Dantecat Active Member

    It's On The 1995 CD:C Is For Cookie(Cookie's Favorite Songs)! ;)
  11. SesameMike

    SesameMike Member

    My all-time favorite Cookie Monster moment was from a street scene, one which had multiple parts. It had to be from one of the first two seasons.
    If I could get a recording of just one scene from Sesame Street's early seasons, this would be it.

    What happens is a (implied?) delivery truck parks opposite Mr. Hooper's store -- a truck that was delivering cookies. Cookie Monster had been anticipating this delivery, and Mr. Hooper casually asked CM how many cookies he'd like. CM excitedly said "3 cookies", and Hooper repeated his words and wrote something on his clipboard. Then CM said "no, 6 cookies" and Hooper wrote something again. Mr. Hooper walked off camera to the left in the direction of the truck, and CM kept escalating his order to higher and higher numbers. His last words before the scene ended was "150 COOKIES!".

    There may have been a scene of delivery men carrying the cookie cartons, but the next scene I remember showed Cookie Monster inside or next to Mr. Hooper's store surrounded by a couple dozen brown cardboard boxes full of cookies. CM is excitedly rambling about how many cookies there must be, getting into higher numbers, then finally yells:
    Cookie Monster then devours the entire contents of the cookie box immediately in front of him. The scenes that followed showed CM expressing regret that he ate so many cookies, something about a tummy ache. This even extended into the closing credits, which CM narrated. The ending went like this: "Sesame Street is a production of, the Children's Television Workshop. I think I'll go lie down."
    Another street scene with Cookie Monster that stands out in my mind is one where CM decides to bake a batch of cookies for Oscar. He actually brings the ingredients and utensils right in front of Oscar's can. Of course, making something sweet is not exactly Oscar's forte, so he protests the whole time.

    CM: (with measuring cup full of raisins) How many raisins do you want Oscar, one or two?
    CM: All right, whole thing. (pours entire cup of raisins into mixing bowl. Hey CM, was that supposed to be a rhetorical question?)

    Oscar's last words in that scene were "Cookies? I think I'm going to be sick."
    Still another street scene, whose details are sketchy, is where an adult holds up a large box of cookies before CM. He asks CM: "How many cookies do you want, one or two?" CM answers "ALL OF THEM" and eats the entire contents against the protests of the adult. I distinctly remember seeing CM toss aside a paper/cardboard "layer" from out of the box; presumably it was like those layered candy boxes, where you steal the chocolates from the lower tier in hopes of not being discovered.
  12. SesameMike

    SesameMike Member

    Was this the one where Cookie Monster diagnosed Ernie with the ailment "Cucamonga-phobia"? I seem to recall the cure for that disorder was to avoid eating cookies. That of course, gave CM license for confiscating Ernie's cookies, and subsequently consuming them.

    I think the TV special "Out to Lunch" from the 70s that someone mentioned had Cookie Monster referring to the "Cucamonga Kid". In-joke?
  13. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    That one I remember. I believe he diagnoased Ernie with COOKAMUNGAPHOBIA!
  14. SesameMike

    SesameMike Member

    That action music (one of the tunes that plays when adults are trying to assemble a large letter in a fast-motion, stop-action sequence) started playing as Cookie Monster kept changing his mind over and over. "But I don't eat apples I eat cookies", "But apple red and juicy I eat", "But I don't want to spoil my dinner". At the very end of the skit, when the music stopped, CM asked "do you got cantaloupe?".
  15. SesameMike

    SesameMike Member

    Does anyone remember these Cookie Monster moments that involved cookie-related contraptions?

    Kermit has a plate of cookes in an upright machine with a glass panel, sort of
    like one of those vending machines with rotating coils where your bag of potato chips gets stuck and you have to shake it down. This machine has 3 levers. One lever shakes a hammer over the cookies, which, as Kermit says, can smash the cookie into smithereens. The second lever sends a water jet at the cookie. The third lever lifts the glass panel, making it possible to access the cookies. Cookie Monster comes by, so Kermit hides as he watches to see if CM is smart enough to figure out what to do to get the cookies. First, CM figures out what each lever does. Then CM deliberately pulls levers 1 and 2, crunching and soaking the cookie. When he lifted the panel with lever 3 (or did he just break the glass), he said "and now me have, COOKIE SOUP!!!"

    Herbert Birdsfoot set up a giant M-shaped network of pulleys and ropes attached to the translucent cover over a plate of cookies. HB wanted to see if Cookie Monster was smart enough to figure out how to get the cookies. CM wandered by, and gradually figured out the
    mechanism. CM was proud of himself for figuring it all out by himself, as was HB who was hiding behind a curtain and nodding at us. But then CM said "Monster think, better way to get cookies.
    HEYY....YAGGH!!" as he smashed the cover with his fist and consumed the cookies.

    This next skit was a similar cookie-related demonstration, but actually did not involve the Cookie Monster. Ernie is showing off this plate of cookies with a cylindrical cover over it, similar to the kind you might see on the counter at a diner. Ernie was explaining to Bert that in order to get the cookies, you had to "lift the cover". Then, when you "lift the cover", you can have a cookie. And just to prove his point, Ernie ate a cookie. Well, Ernie was quite enthusiatic about this demonstration. He repeated the demo several times, each time lifting and lowering the cover -- and eating a cookie. IIRC, at the end Bert said it was time for dinner, and Ernie said he wasn't hungry, for some inexplicable reason.
  16. SesameMike

    SesameMike Member

    Adding is putting together

    Anyone remember a song where an anything Muppet taught us addition by placing cookies on the wall? That is, until Cookie Monster decided to teach us something different.

    "Adding, is putting, together, hmmmm.
    Adding, is <something, something>
    If you had one cookie, and I had one cookie
    The answer will always be two"

    One cookie and one cookie is two, cookies.
    One, and one is two."

    He repeated the song, modified, adding one cookie at a time until there were I think four on the wall. The words that I could not remember must have varied with each verse to rhyme with the final number.

    Then Cookie Monster came by and decided that they should now sing about subtraction instead. CM sang:

    "Subtraction, is taking, away from, oho-o-o-o-o
    Subtraction, is my kind of fun
    If you had 4 cookies, and I took 4 cookies
    The answer would always be none."

    Of course CM did subtract from the cookies on the wall -- by adding them to his tummy. Ahh, what CM won't do to confiscate the cookies.
  17. maxdrive

    maxdrive New Member

    one its not realyl a cookie mosnter moment but he is mentioned thoughout the thing is the alphabet sketch with kermet and the little girl
    c is for cookie of course

    cookie talking abotu a baby eating a very cocholate messy cookie mainly because he is trying to take the cookie though the whole thing

    cookie singing abotu what if the moon was a big cookie how he want to eat it but relises that it wouldnt be good to eat it.
  18. Mickey Moose

    Mickey Moose New Member

    I just remembered another one. I don't know when it aired, but CM brought a cookie to the Fix-It Shop for Maria to fix. It was broken in half and he wanted Maria to make it whole again(for some reason, he didn't want to eat a broken cookie). Maria tried to tell him that this was something she couldn't fix, but he wouldn't take no for an answer, so he left the broken cookie with Maria.

    Maria then went to Hooper's store and bought an identical whole cookie for CM. When he came back, Maria gave him the whole cookie and he was so impressed, he brought a whole bag of broken cookies for Maria to fix again(much to Maria's chagrin).

    Another one I recall, wasn't really CM himself, but Candice Bergen came to the Fix-It Shop and asked Maria if her radio/tape player was fixed. She wanted to test it out, so she put in a tape of "C Is For Cookie" and proceeded to dance and act out the song, and at the end, ate a cookie in CM fashion. It looks funnier that it actually sounds.
  19. goob

    goob New Member

    That's one of my most favorite skits ever... that chocolate cookie looked so digusting, yet somehow so appealing. I like those old classic ones with the really little kids, like the alphabet one where they hug at the end... that was kermit though, wasn't it? I like seeing little kids hugging muppets.
  20. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    Check out the bottom picture:

    And an mp3:

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