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Favorite Ernie & Bert Moments

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by TravellingMatt, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. Sesame Skates

    Sesame Skates Member

    Ernie to Bert: "You ate [eight] the sandbox? How'd it taste?" :D
  2. clutch123

    clutch123 New Member

    I am suprised nobody mentioned this Bert and Ernie sketch:

    Ernie counts sheep, fire engines and balloons -

    Ernie can't sleep, so Bert tells him to count sheep. Ernie tries to count sheep, but it's dull -- so Ernie starts counting fire engines. The noise from the imaginary fire engine wakes Bert up. So Bert tells Ernie to count something quieter. So Ernie counts a balloon -- but the balloon gets bigger and bigger, finally bursting with a huge explosion that wakes Bert.

    This sketch makes me laugh everytime; especially Bert's reactions to Ernie's imagination.

    Too funny!
  3. HeyButtahfly

    HeyButtahfly Well-Known Member

    Good one! This was one of my favorites as a kid.
  4. clutch123

    clutch123 New Member

    Here's another couple that were really good:

    Ernie breaks the cookie jar: It cracks me up how Ernie keeps going in and out carrying different things one by one; to show bert is so funny. And the look on Berts face throughout this sketch is even funnier.

    The "Q" game: The ending to this sketch is so funny:

    Bert: "10 Q"
    Ernie: "What's that's Bert?"
    Bert: "10 Q! 10 Q!"
    Ernie: "Your welcome Bert!"
  5. erniefan1

    erniefan1 New Member

    :pMy favorite Ernie and Bert moments are when they go to the movies and a lady with a tall hat sits in front of Ernie and Ernie tries to figure out a way to see the film such as trying to sit on Bert's lap or trade sits with Bert! I just died laughing at that scene! I also liked when they went camping and Ernie kept waking Bert up wondering about all the different sounds that they hear. FUNNY!
  6. clutch123

    clutch123 New Member

    Now here's a remarkable sketch:

    Bert is sitting in his favorite chair reading a book. Ernie enters the apartment with a suprise and wants Bert to guess what it is.

    Bert guesses, but eventually gives up and Ernie shows Bert the suprise; a puppy.

    The puppy looked nervous in Ernie's hands, but who wouldn't?

    Jim Henson had the best ideas for these two!
  7. TelephoneRock

    TelephoneRock New Member

    I liked the sketch with the puppy, too. I also liked "But I Like You", the banana in Ernie's ear, and when Ernie sang "O Solo Mio" out the window, just to see what time it was! :)

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