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Figmental's Collection and Customs

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by figmental, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    Inspired by the threads of Dearth and J3h, here's some photos showing my (current) collection and some customs (for now, only the stage).

    The Band. Lotta extra space for Animal, Zoot, Lips and Janice. (SOMEDAY)

    The Stage with Kermit, Jim and Fozzie. I'm in the process of sprucing it up with posters and other accessories. I have some Indiana Jones accesories and random wooden boxes back there. It's kinda poorly put together... because the walls are a brick layout scrapbooking paper taped onto cardboard. Yup. The base, however, is styrofoam with dollhouse hardwood floor glued on. I'm eventually gonna give it a roof and maybe some lights... and maybe even replace the walls with styrofoam and that neat vinyl bricksheet everyone's been using.

    The Kitchen. It's kinda dark on that shelf... but keep in mind these pictures were taken with a cell phone. Maybe I'll break out the digital camera and take some new ones. BTW theres another penguin behind that counter, with the singing foodstuff I have on the island.

    Newsman with Popeye's pipe to make him look more news anchor-ey.

    More pics to come.
  2. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    Muppet Labs (or should I say Lab). This playset is kinda lame and pretty crowded with only 3 figures (and one of them isn't touching the ground.) Once again this shelf is pretty dark with the cell phone camera.

    The rest of the guys on the Muppet Labs shelf. You got Rizzo, the Robo-Rabbit on the table thing, Patrol Bear, and the hard to see because he's behind Patrol Bear Invisible Fozzie (Well, he is invisible....) I kinda want to move Patrol Bear somewhere else and get a small figure (like Pepe) to go where he currently is. Or I could just move Crazy Harry there.

    The random/outdoors-ish shelf. On this side is the Frog Scouts, with Sam Arrow and Captain Smollet in the back. This shelf is pretty dark, so I shined a light in there to make it easier to see.

    The other half with the Rainbow Connection set and Rizzo, Gonzo, and Polly. I kinda like how Rizzo is sitting on a PoTC cannon. This shelf could use some more... I'm thinking an Adventure Kermit if I can get my hands on one.

    :eek: I kinda ran out of figures for here.... but just got a Steppin' Out Uncle Deadly so he might take up some space. Here we got Piggy, Harry, Scooter, Tux Kermit, Stunt Gonzo, and Beau. This is my makeshift "backstage" because there's no way I'm getting the playset.

    So, any suggestions as to what I could change, or what figures I could consider adding to my collection?

    Also, isn't it weird that I have some pretty rare figures (Jim, Rainbow Connection, Frog Scout Kermit, Rowlf) but I'm lacking some common-ish figures? I'm appalled that I've never gotten Animal.
  3. Dearth

    Dearth Well-Known Member

    Anchor-ey? Ha! I love it.

    I like the little pieces of news bulletins that he's got on the desk in front of him, too.

  4. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the comments, Dearth. I'll probably post some updated stage pics tonight.
  5. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    Anyone care to comment?
  6. Sam's Ghost

    Sam's Ghost Member

    Nice collection! I wish the backstage playset wasn't so expensive. It's the only one I'd really want.
  7. Telly

    Telly Well-Known Member

    I like seeing other's collections
  8. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I kinda am thinking that I'd trade half my figures for a MIB Backstage playset.

    Also, I put up the stage right wall for my stage, expect pics soon.
  9. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

  10. GonzoLover85

    GonzoLover85 Well-Known Member

    Looks great Figgy....

    Personally, to make it more Muppety, I would put the posters at odd angles, to look more messy and thrown together....
    But otherwise, I love your stage set!
    I can't wait to see completed pictures!
  11. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    It doesn't already? :D

    I have another pic to post in a second.

    Thanks for the comments!
  12. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

  13. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    I kinda made that stage to show how you can make one with such a low budget (mine was about 20 bucks) with:

    -wood dollhouse floor- $9.99
    -Styrofoam base- $5
    -Brick scrapbook paper- $.50 a piece

    Then some tape, crazy glue, printed posters, and cardboad.

    I still want a few vinyl bricksheets, however.
  14. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    Scored a Pepe off of Ebay for 11 bucks... it seems like a bargain compared to what he's going for these days... $40-60 for the regular and vacation version. :rolleyes:
  15. HamHock

    HamHock Well-Known Member

    Hi figmetal, I luv your work!

    I rully luv your stage! Im hoping to make one when I get some more figs ( there really expensive ).

    Keep posting,

  16. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    Has anyone ever wondered about buying a Model Studebaker for a Muppet Movie diorama?

    I know I've considered it, and definitely looking into it...
  17. GonzoLover85

    GonzoLover85 Well-Known Member

    I looked into it. But I couldn't find anything that was to scale with the Palisades line.
    Also, when I looked into it, I didn't have any other PVC figures that I could've used.
    I'm pretty sure there's a 1:18 scale Studebaker made at some point...
  18. Dearth

    Dearth Well-Known Member

    Cool idea... but I don't think my painting skills are up to Dr. Teeth's, and a pre-camouflage Studebaker wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

  19. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    True, very true.

    So, Gonzolover, none of them are in scale? That's to bad...
  20. GonzoLover85

    GonzoLover85 Well-Known Member

    No, nothing to scale.... not that I could find anyway.

    The car would have to be roughly 20'' - 24" in length to fit a Palisades Fozzie, Kermit and gang in there.
    I'm sure there'd be someone with the time and willingness to custom create one somewhere online.

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