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Figmental's Collection and Customs

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by figmental, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    How about our very own Dearth....?
  2. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

  3. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    Props goes to the person who can name the most recurring prop in all the pictures.
  4. Dearth

    Dearth Well-Known Member

    Props for the prop, eh?

    Looks to me like it's the skateboard to Scooter. But I could be wrong.

  5. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    It's actually cannons. There's.... 5.

    Close... there are three skateboards.
  6. LamangoNumber2

    LamangoNumber2 Well-Known Member

    .... I like how the picture with the penguin flying through mid air gains NO ATTENTION FROM THE PRESENT MUPPETS. It's like...A normal Tuesday for them.
  7. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    That's the Muppets for ya!
  8. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    Pepe showed up today, and I have to say, I would've paid ten bucks for the accessories. The deck chair is amazing.
  9. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

  10. LamangoNumber2

    LamangoNumber2 Well-Known Member

  11. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    I hate that figure. I need a new Gonzo.
  12. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    Some new pics I've been meaning to post for a while:

    The best things come in small packages.

    My new Vinylmations!

    Not sure if Fozzie is more shocked to see himself in a Police Uniform or that ghost.

    The scourge of the Palisades line... S1 Piggy.

    A redone stage set.


    Robin sits on a stool amongst a sea of Muppet props.

    And Beau cleans up the joint.

    My only two EM members. Notice the Dr. Teeth semi custom... I lost his plastic blue feather so I found a real purple one and attached it to his hat. It looks nice.

    Rowlf in his little corner.

    The musicians.

    Kermit takes center stage with his frog choir.

    My new Muppet Labs setup.

    Props to anyone that gets the glasses-on-the-bust reference.

    Stay tuned for more pictures soon.... I just scored a Swinetrek playset for 8 bucks... I plan to add my SW Muppet figures to that...
  13. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    And I'm also working on a custom Dearth Nadir figure for the Swinetrek. I'm basically doing what Dearth did, with the S2 Gonzo Body/Nose and DV Pez Head.
  14. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member


    -Beauregard rolls a drum across the stage-

    Me: Beau!
    Beau: Sorry!

    Anyway, I'm proud to post pictures of my first ever Muppet Figure custom.... DEARTH NADIR!

    A sith lord (or Sick Lord) in progress.

    A cape that schnazzy could only belong to a scourge of the galaxy.

    Not pictured, but Grand Moff Tarkin (portrayed by Johnny Fiama) is being force choked.

    Profile shot!

    No more pictures, please!

    Hope you like him!
  15. Dearth

    Dearth Well-Known Member

    It's very interesting to see how someone else approaches the same project and then makes different artistic decisions along the way.

    I had forgotten this until I saw yours, but I originally tried to dye the Gonzo cape black, only to discover that the lame' material would not take the dye. In the end, I made a cape from shiny black cloth, two layers of it stitch-witched together so it would prevent fraying better. And then for the loop that goes around his neck, I hotglued some black elastic there.

    Painting the D N letters on the back is a very original approach.

    What were you using to sculpt on the belt, sleeves, and chest-box? The reason I ask is, the gap at the back of the helmet kinda screams "Pez dispenser", so you might someday want to smooth over that with whatever sculpting compound you were using.

    I see you also went with a more Darth Vader-style chestbox. I think it's hilarious that Dearth Nadir has a black egg-slicer on his chest, so I sculpted that shape by pressing something spherical into the Sculpey for the egg depression (either the ball at the end of a big sewing pin or the tip of a worn-down pencil eraser, I forget which) and then used my X-acto knife for the parallel grooves of the slicer.

    Just some memories your version evoked. I'm not saying it's the only way to do something. I look forward to seeing your next customs.

    By the way, I know Figmental already knows this, but in case anyone else is reading this thread yet missed the other one, Disney is making a Dearth Nadir figure soon, and it too will have the classic Vader chestbox and other details, but it will be smaller than Palisades' scale.

  16. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    Oh, I didn't even notice the back of his helmet! I'll probably do something about that.

    I used modeling clay. Probably not the best idea for customizing figures but he's really only going to be displayed.
  17. HamHock

    HamHock Well-Known Member

    Nice custom, Figmental

    By the way, Awesome Fantastic 4 figs in the back
  18. Dearth

    Dearth Well-Known Member

    Yeah, be careful how you handle him, or he'll have thumbprints in all those details.

    I recommend investing in some Super Sculpey. It's as easy to work with as most modelling clay, but you can boil it or bake it (I recommend boiling) and it turns to a hard resin. Then it's sandable, paintable, whatever.

  19. figmental

    figmental Well-Known Member

    You boil it with the figure.... or the piece itself then attach it to the figure? This stuff sounds interesting....

    But yeah, I may revisit Dearth one of these days. Next I might do a plain Robin.
  20. GonzoLover85

    GonzoLover85 Well-Known Member

    You boil it with the figure. This is also ideal for making customs as it softens up the plastic of the boiled figure when heated making it easier to remove joints, such as arms and heads. I would recommend doing the same for reattaching.

    Best of luck with your nude Robin!

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